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Sunday, June 10, 2012
Joe Butkiewicz
The Dallas Post
Community Newspaper Group
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Diane McGee
Dotty Martin
Reader disagrees with vet
Dear Editor:
Regarding your recent article
“Poultry presentation is an egg-
citing one” whereby veterinar-
ian Doug Ayers hosted a pre-
sentation at Hillside Farms on
how to raise chickens in your
backyard, I was shocked that,
after singing accolades of the
benefits of raising chickens and
how they, according to Dr.
Ayers, are like having pets, the
article ends with “Ayers keeps
chickens for about two years, as
long as they're laying eggs, and
turns them into soup soon af-
Perhaps Doug Ayers should
put the soup ladle down long
enough to re-read the Veterin-
arian Oath he took so many
years ago. Due to his affiliation
with The Lands, I will no longer
be supporting Hillside Farms.
Janet M. Haueisen
Ten-year-old Morgan Patla, a student at Lake-Lehman, will dis-
play her art work at the Back Mountain Memorial Library in July.
The Back Mountain Memorial Library will display the art work
of 10-year old Morgan Patla, a student at Lake-Lehman, during
the month of July.
Morgan began painting when she was 5 years old. She said she
got started with art because, “art is fun and it relaxes me." She
has taken lessons with Heather Radel and also learns on her own
by working on her paintings.
Morgan paints with watercolors, pastels, colored pencils and
markers but her favorite medium to work in is watercolor. Her
works have been displayed at local businesses, including Ber-
nie's Pizza in Dallas and also af the Junior Leadership Achieve-
ment building in Pittston Township.
The two pieces she likes best are the deer painting and her
dandelion painting. This summer, Morgan plans to take art les-
sons again when school ends.
Morgan also enjoys riding horses and singing in the Gate of
Heaven Church Choir.
Morgan lives in Harveys Lake with her brother, Nathaniel; her
sister, Kaitlynne; and their parents, Ed and Krista Patla.
The History Channel
* On June 11,1509, King
Henry VIII of England marries
Catherine of Aragon, the first
of six wives he will have in his
lifetime. When Catherine failed
to produce a male heir, Henry
divorced her against the will of
the Roman Catholic Church.
* On June 15,1877, Henry
Ossian Flipper, born a slave in
Thomasville, Ga., in 1856, be-
comes the first black cadet to
graduate from the United
States Military Academy at
West Point, N.Y. Flipper was
never spoken to by a white
cadet during his four years at
West Point.
* On June 16,1884, the first
roller coaster in America
opens at Coney Island, in
Brooklyn, N.Y. Known as a
switchback railway, it traveled
approximately 6 mph and cost
a nickel to ride.
your spac
The lilac trees outside the front
door of Deno Pantelakos’ house
on ldlewood Drive in Dallas are
ready to bloom. Deno says this
was his first attempt at macro
photography. i
"YOUR SPACE" is reserved
| specifically for Dallas Post reads
ers who have something they'd
like to share with fellow readers.
Submitted items may include
photographs or short stories and
should be sent via e-mail to, by fax
to 675-3650 or by mail to The
Dallas Post, 15 N. Main St., Wilkes
Barre, PA 18711.
Information must include the
submitting person's name, adi
dress and telephone number in
the event we have questions.
Readers wishing to have their
photos returned should include a
self-addressed/stamped enve-
lope. Items will be published in
the order in which they are re-
The editor of The Dallas Post
reserves the right to reject any
items submitted for publication.
20 YEARS AGO -1992
Dallas Middle School sixth
grade students under the in-
struction of Mrs. Catherine We-
ga recently participated in Latin
American Day. Classes sampled
Latin American foods, tried local
dances, examined regional
crafts and
animals and
listened to
music from
can coun-
tries. Stu-
dent partici-
pants included Sarah Hadzor,
Denae Husband, Jamie Spears,
Charles Scott and Holly Neiman.
Dallas Elementary School stu-
dents recently earned a pizza
party from Pizza Hut by reading
books and writing book reports.
Some of the students involved
included: Kristen Allardyce,
Danny Smith, Joe Liparela,
Megan Bump, Annie Savage,
Christine Cobleigh, Ryan Grys-
kevicz, Justin Steele, Russell
Kalnoskas, Camille Valvano, Jer-
 emy Mahle and Joshua Thomas.
30 YEARS AGO -1982
Dallas Junior High School art
students have chosen the work
- of seventh grader Beth Scott as
Best in Show in the annual
spring art show. Beth’s painting
of her pet cat “Chatsy” was se-
lected as the students’ favorite
Members of the Dallas Lion-
esses presented Dallas High
School Senior Lance Gardner
with their annual Book Scholar-
ship last week at the school.
Lance plans to attend Penn State
Main Campus to pursue a degree
in chemical engineering.
40 YEARS AGO -1972
Jackson Township Cub Pack
225 recently held a “Rocket
Race” at Jackson Township Fire
Hall. Winner of the first prize for
the race was Bradley Wright.
Second prize went to Eddie
Chesnovitch and third prize was
awarded to David Penkrat.
Top honor students in the se-
nior class at Lake-Lehman High
School have been announced by
Anthony Marchakitus, princi-
pal. The title of valedictorian
goes to David Marshall Haines;
salutatorian is Gail Cornell.
50 YEARS AGO -1962
Mrs. James F. Besecker Jr. is
chairman and Mrs. John Kulp Jr.
co-chairman of the annual June
dinner of the Dallas Junior Wom-
an’s Club to be held at Continen-
tal Inn.
Cub Scout Pack 233 visited
The Dallas Post on Thursday af-
ternoon, Den Mother, Mrs. Alex
Covert, was assisted by Mr. and
Mrs. Warren Boyes, and Mrs. Ge-
orge Shaver. Cubs attending
were Alan Shaver, Warren
Boyes, Robert Dymond, Paul
Dymond, Kevin Covert, Neal
Stetson, Ricky Their, Jimmy Go-
sart, Mike Precone and Paul Det-
60 YEARS AGO -1952
Mrs. T.M.B. Hicks, Associate
Editor of The Dallas Post and
grandmother of seventeen, re-
ceived the top award for a fea-
ture story at the annual meeting
of Pennsylvania Women’s Press
Association held last Friday and
Saturday at Pennsylvania State
College in connection with the
annual meeting of the Pennsyl-
vania Publisher’s Association.
Mrs. Hick’s feature, which ap-
peared in her June 15, 1951 Pillar
to Post column not only took
first place in its own division,
one of five classifications judged,
but was also selected as the best
piece of writing submitted in all
classifications by Pennsylvania
women journalists.
Alta Lou Hall received the Girl
Scout’s silver medal for life-sav-
ing Tuesday night in recognition
of her having saved the life of a
schoolmate, Joyce Edwards, at
Camp Acahela last summer. Alta
Lou, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Calvin Hall, Shavertown, res-
cued her friend when she slipped
into deep water and a stro
rent while wading.
70 YEARS AGO -1942
Fernbrook Girl Scouts closed
out the year with a Badges and
Awards Party Thursday after-
noon at the home of Katie Wil-
son, East Dallas. At the party,
they entertained committeewo-
men“and mothers at a covered
dish supper. Readings were giv-
en by Anna Marie Cullen, Phyllis
Moore, Joann Russell and Jean
Wesley. Theresa Cullen sand
and Margaret Martin gave a clar-
inet solo.
Mrs. L.E. Haymaker has bga-
named general chairman -@
Father and Son Dinner to ®o¢
sponsored by the W.S.C.S. of the
Shavertown Methodist Church.
Information for “Only Yester-
day” is taken from past issues of
The Dallas Post which is 122
vears old. The information is
printed here exactly as i ap-
peared wn the newspaper vears
By Samantha Weaver
e |t was celebrated physicist
Albert Einstein who made the
following sage observation:
“Anyone who has never made a
mistake has never tried anything
 |t was in 1917 when one Dr.
Walter G. Walford wrote an arti-
cle warning readers of the perils
of tight collars and ties, claiming
that such constricting neckwear
caused illness by retarding the
flow of blood to the brain.
e |t's fairly well known that
seahorses are monogamous,
staying with the same mate until
death. Many people don't realize,
however, that these fish are so
devoted that every day they
reaffirm their union with a morn-
ing greeting dance.
* When Ronald Reagan's
daughter, Patti, got married,
there were more security person-
nel than guests in attendance.
* America got its first paved
street back in 1647. It was, un-
surprisingly, in New York City.
® The fastest known star is
traveling through space at a rate
of 3.5 million miles per hour.
* The figure on the Heisman
trophy was sculpted from a real
person. Warren Mulrey played
football for Fordham University
when John Heisman chose him
to be the model for the new
e |f you're like the average
American, you use two gallons
of water every time you brush
your teeth. So turn off that
faucet while you brush!
* |f you like squash, corn,
beans, pecans, chili peppers,
pumpkins, maple syrup or cran-
berries, you have Native Amer-
icans to thank - they're the ones
who taught Europeans to gather
and use these foods. In fact, by
the end of the past century, fully
one-third of all crops grown in
the United States were of Native
American origin.
* |t's not easy to contemplate,
but before there was toilet paper,
American colonists used corn-
“Get out of the area,
get out of the state.
The government here
is weak since the coal
baron days and there
is no opportunity.”
Jim Hazeltine
“Stay in school; don't
slack off. There's a lot
of temptation out
there. Be tough.”
Pebbles Whalen
“I know it's a hard
time to graduate now.
There are no jobs.
Hang in there - some-
thing will come up.”
Alberta Steltz
“Just to move forward
and stay motivated as
much as possible.”
Fran Dennis
“Have some faith and
have charity and love
for one another.”
Joan Winklbauer
“Get what knowledge
you can and stay in
Jim Otten
N J ¥
{ v Y