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Sunday, January 29, 2012
Joe Butkiewicz
The Dallas Post
Community Newspaper Group
15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 18711 ® 570-675-521
Diane McGee
Dotty Martin
Only in Dallas
Dear Editor:
“Only in Dallas” has one man
dedicated 27 years of his life to
teaching the game of football to
hundreds of young men.
“Only in Dallas” has one man
given up countless hours with
his own family and friends to
make sure that his players were
prepared for their upcoming op-
“Only in Dallas” has one man,
with the help of the best assist-
ants around, built a football pro-
gram from the ground up.
“Only in Dallas” has one man
put Dallas Football on the map.
On the other hand...
“Only in Dallas” can certain
school officials who have only
been involved with the district
for a few short years find a way
to rid a man of a job he held and
was successful at for close to
three decades of his life.
“Only in Dallas” can the small-
est faction of critics have enough
influence on the right people to
get a man fired.
“Only in Dallas” can the future
of a man’s job rest in the hands of
individuals who can’t seem to
find the time to attend a Dallas
football game but somehow find
themselves qualified enough to
vote to fire the head coach.
“Only in Dallas” can a school
board ignore and vote against
the hundreds of members of the
tax-paying community who
crammed into an elementary
school cafeteria to demonstrate
(yet again) their unwavering
support and loyalty to not only a
great football coach, but more
importantly, a great man. A man
who affected each and every one
of the attendees lives in a posi-
tive way and a man who rightful
ly deserved his job back.
Looking ahead to the 2012
Dallas football season I will not
feel sorry for my dad or his
coaching staff because although
they may not be on the sidelines
for the first time in 27 years at
Dallas, they are not going to be
the ones suffering the most.
Instead, it will be the upcom-
ing players who are going to be
most severely affected and that
is with whom all my sympathy
lies. I feel bad that you will start
and finish your high school foot-
ball “glory days” never knowing
what it was like to play for a
coach like Ted Jackson. I feel bad
that you will miss out on not on-
ly the football knowledge he has
to offer, but also the life lessons
he teaches and the character he
instills within each of his play-
I feel bad that you, the players,
were not heard when you asked
for your coach to be retained and
now you, the players, will be the
ones who suffer the most.
Jill Jackson
Basic computer course
returns to BMT library
Due to popular demand, the Back Mountain Memorial
Library will once again offer Basic Computer courses. If
you are a beginner and tired of staring at your monitor in
frustration, you may want to register for these foundation
Space is very limited and pre-registration is required.
Names will also be taken for a waiting list.
Once registered, you will have the choice to use library
computers or to bring your own laptop.
The classes will be offered on a monthly basis with the
first session set for 4:30 to 6 p.m. on Feb. 6, 7 and 8. Total
cost of the three-day session is $15.
Registration is also now open for the following Winter /
Spring Storytimes:
To register for either the computer classes or any of the
Storytimes, call the library at 675-1182.
"YOUR SPACE" is reserved specifically
for Dallas Post readers who have something
they'd like to share with fellow readers.
Submitted items may include photo-
graphs or short stories and should be sent
via e-mail to, by
Blue Jays may be one of the nosiest birds alive but they are one of the prettiest feathered friends. Photographer Pat Giordano, of Harveys
Lake, claims to always hear the blue jays before she sees them.
fax to 675-3650 or by mail to The Dallas
Post, 15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711.
Information must include the submitting
person's name, address and telephone num-
ber in the event we have questions. Readers
wishing to have their photos returned
should include a self-addressed/stamped
der in which they are received.
The editor of The Dallas Post reserves the
right to reject any items submitted for publi-
Items will be published in the or-
20 YEARS AGO -1992
Alyssa Askew, four year old
daughter of Cory and Peggy
Askew of Dallas, was crowned
Baby Miss Talent Olympics, af-
ter placing first in the modeling
division of competition. Alyssa
competed in the party dress,
and bathing
suit catego-
ries in the
held recent-
ly at the
Laurel Inn,
in the Pocono Mountains.
Who's that girl? If you ask that
question while looking at the lat-
est full-page ad for Chef Boyar-
dee products, the answer could
be that it’s your neighbor. For 15-
year-old Becky Mathers of
Trucksville, an initiative taken
five years ago has finally paid off.
The ninth grade student at the
Dallas Middle School is appear-
ing in a Chef Boyardee advertise-
ment in the February issues of
six national magazines.
30 YEARS AGO - 1982
Tri-captains of the Dallas
Mountaineers football team re-
cently presented the team’s
Wyoming Valley Conference Di-
vision AA tri-champ trophy for
display at the school. Captains
are: Andy Manusky, Kurt Goer-
inger and Norm Bordley.
Tracy Turner was presented a
game ball during the Lake Leh-
man girls’ basketball games
against GAR. The ball, present-
ed by Coach Joe Martini, com-
memorated her 1,000th point
scored as a Lady Knight.
40 YEARS AGO -1972
The Dr. Henry M. Laing Fire
Company of Dallas recently held
its annual election and installa-
tion of officers after which its
members had dinner at the
Brothers 4. Bob Richardson was
reelected as president of the vol-
unteer organization. Also reelec-
ted to offices were: Henry Peter-
son, vice president, and Bill Bak-
er, secretary. Paul LaBar took of-
fice as treasurer.
Admirals and captains have
been named to chair the Dallas
Rotary Club’s annual turkey din-
ner to be held Feb. 26. The din-
ner “bosses” include William
Dierolf, John Casner, Earl Phil-
lips, Francis Ambrose, Ed Dela-
ney, Perry Karnofsky, Walter
Mohr, Dan Chapman and Peter
50 YEARS AGO -1962
The first meeting of the newly
organized United Presbyterian
Women’s Association of the
United Presbyterian Fellowship
in the Back Mountain area was
held Monday at Back Mountain
Library Annex. Mrs. Thomas
Bobo was installed as president.
Other officers are: Vice Presi-
dent, Mrs. Ronald Woolcock;
Secretary, Mrs. John Corke;
Treasurer, Mrs. Evelyn Hauck;
Fellowship, Mrs. Thomas Long-
more; World Service, Mrs. Rob-
ert Ziegler; and Program, Mrs.
R.R. Carmon.
The Outlet Free Methodist
Women’s Missionary Society
met Monday night for a Quilting
Bee. Participants were Mrs. Em-
ery Stokes, Amy and Gennie
Gray, Gertrude Moy, Gertrude
Crispell, Laura Kocher, Vivian
Moyer, Lena Traver and Rose
60 YEARS AGO -1952
Mrs. Mitchell Jenkins will
head Back Mountain Library
Book Club for the coming year,
with Mrs. Herbert A. Smith Jr. as
vice president. Mrs. John Girvan
is the new secretary, and Mrs.
Williams Thomas, treasurer.
Shavertown Methodist Men’s
Club held their regular meeting
Tuesday evening in the church
parlors and elected the following
officers for 1952: Lreoy Dourand,
president; Ralph Gearhart, vice
president; James Eckerd, trea-
surer; and A.G. Eddinger, secre-
70 YEARS AGO -1952
Mrs. E.B. Schooley, Dallas, has
been appointed District Chair-
man for the Girl Scout cookie
sale. She will be assisted by Mrs.
Raymond Garinger, Harvey's
Lake; Mrs. Jacob Beline, Trucks-
ville; Mrs. Claude Cooke, Fern-
brook; Mrs. Howard Tinsel}
Dallas; Mrs. John Wardell
Miss Marjorie Prynn, Carverton;
Mrs. Fred Dodson, Kunkle; and
Mrs. C.H. Yarbrough, Dallas.
Mrs. Leslie Warhola enter-
tained members of her bridge
club at her home on Church
Street Friday evening. Present
were: Mrs. Floyd Chamberlain,
Mrs. John Yaple, Mrs. Homer
Paltridge, Mrs. Kenneth Oliver,
Mrs. Arthur Culver, Mrs. Milford
Shaver, Mrs. Carl Kuehn, Mrs.
Florence Phillips, Miss Gertrude
Wilson, Mrs. Herbert Lundy and
Mrs. Harvey McCarthy.
Information for “Only Yes
day” is taken from past issue
The Dallas Post which is 122
vears old. The wnformation is
printed here exactly as it ap-
peared in the newspaper years
The History Channel
e On Feb. 6,1952, King George
VI of Great Britain and Northern
Ireland dies in his sleep at the roy-
al estate at Sandringham. Prin-
cess Elizabeth, the oldest of the
king’s two daughters and next in
line to succeed him, was crowned
Queen Elizabeth II on June 2,
1953, at age 27.
® On Feb. 10, 1962, Francis Ga-
ry Powers, an American who was
shot down over the Soviet Union
while flying a CIA spy plane in
1960, is released by the Soviets in
exchange for the U.S. release of a
Russian spy. On May 1,1960, Pow-
ers’ U-2 had been shot down by a
Soviet missile. Although Powers
was supposed to engage the
plane’s self-destruct system (and
commit suicide with poison fur-
nished by the CIA), he and much
of the plane were captured.
® OnFeb.9,1971, pitcher Leroy
“Satchel” Paige becomes the first
Negro League veteran to be nomi-
nated for the Baseball Hall of
Fame. He was inducted in August
of that year. Joe DiMaggio once
called Paige “the best and fastest
pitcher I've ever faced.”
“I'd take a hit from
Ray Lewis of the Balti-
more Ravens.”
Cole Barbacci
Harveys Lake
"Sky diving - because
I'm afraid of it.”
John Gibbons
“Visit dangerous
countries around the
world like Iran to see
the culture and peo-
Caitlyn Boyle
. i
“Climb Mount Everest
because I'm so afraid
of heights.”
Erin McGreal
“Sky diving. Relatives
of mine have done it
and survived so | wish
| could.”
Keith Roberts
“Hang out with the
gorillas in the zoo.
Wrestle them and ho
right in there with
Drew Groblewski
Sweet Valley
RE ——————— ii LL i. LS L,I le