The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, December 21, 1906, Image 5

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, DECEMBER 11, 1906.
Patton Courier.
~-Mrs. 8. N. Hewlett is visiting rela-
tives in Brisbin.
—A. 0, Lansbery, Jr, had business
in Johnstown last week.
—Mr. and Mrs. W. C, Shiffer, of Ex-
pedit, were in town Sunday.
Harry Scheid, of DuBois, was in
town several days this week.
~@eorge Boone had business in Coal-
port and Westover this week.
~Don’t forget your poor and less
fortunate neighbor on Christmas
. <The next issue of the COURIER will
bear date of Friday, January 4, 1907.
~The meat market 1 the Bazaar
building has been closed and the stock
disposed of.
—~Three white deer were killed in
Olinton county during the season which
recently closed.
~The thermometer registered 15 de
grees below zero in Patton early Wed-
nesday morning.
—Edward Link was a member of the
jury in the Matee murder trial at Eb-
ensburg last week.
—A new advertisement of special in-
terest to Christmas shoppers is that of
the Bon Ton store on this page.
—The frugal Patton boy is adding to
his holiday spending money by cut- | appeal to the superior court. The first | throw it over t
| verdict was for $12,000 and the second |
ting and selling Christmas trees.
—The Patton public schools will close
to-day for the holiday vaction and will
re-open on Wednesday, January 2.
certain where to go for the most relia-
ble and cheapest standard goods.
~After January 1st, 1907, the New
York Central, following the example
of the Pennsylvania Railroad com-
pany, will pay for all advertising in
cash and will abolish passes, editorial
mileage, ete,
—8. K. Rank, of Glen Oampbell, the
state manager of the American Cen-
tral Life Insarance Co., was in town
Tuesday and gave Mrs. Lucinda Cole a
check for $2,000, being the amount of
her husband, William
in the company
insurance late
Cole, carried
Otis Clymer, the former Patton
base ball player, now on the Pittsburg
team, is not to be traded by Manager
Fred lark. He will likely be found in
the outer garden of the Pirates when
the gong is sounded in the spring to
lay ball. Clark thinks well of Clymer
and has assured him that he is to be re-
tained by the Pittsburg club. Boston
and Cincinnati both wanted Clymer.
In court at Ebensburg Saturday the
jury in the case Mrs. Catherine
Burns against the Pennsylvania Rail-
road company brought in a verdict of
$14,480 damages for Mrs. Burns.
is the third time a jury has brought in
a verdict against this corporation, the
other two having been set aside on an
for $12,537.
—Henry Ager, constable at Spangler,
| has entered suit against that borough |
~If you haven’t done all of your hol-
iday shopping yet, consult the adver-
| tising columns of the COURIER to as-
This |
The Knox hat agency at the Key-
Box candy for Chiistmas presents at
the Acopon
Best stock
The Keystone
Count your joys and yon will dis.
feount your rorrows
of shoes and robbers ut
Heaven won't be exelosive
| to suit some people,
Lay & Morris neckwear 256 and 50
cents at The Keystone,
Cluett’s full dress shirts with side |
flaps $1.50 at The Keystone.
If a man can
else he
tmake good at anything
is apt to make good excuses
We carry pajamas and wool night
shirts, Tue KRYsSTONE
want to be kissed the more willing she
| is.
Most of a man’s friends are willing
to become his enemies on the slightest
The more a girl pretends she dos
All the high grade chocolates and |
fancy candies, nuts, ete., for Christmas
at the Acopon. *
The pen is mightier than the sword
| when it comes to making an obese bank
| balance look like 30 cents.
No man in real life ever made love
| like a lover on the stage.
| Some people borrow trouble and
| some others wait for the neighbors to
he back fence.
The “collar” is pure cream. Ask for
| it at the bars and get the best.
When a married man has occasion to
No soap bubbles on Duquesne beer. |
| Notice is hereby given that the un-
dersigned viewers, appointed by the
court of common pleas of Cambria |
county, to view and assess the COSLS |
and expenses of grading, paving and
curbing o! Magee avenue between
| Fifth avenue and the bridge crossing
Little Chest oreck in the borough of |
Parton, to the property owners bene-
fitted according to the benefits if suffic-
lent can be found; if not then the defie-
ieney, when ascertained, shall be paid
by the borough of Patton. That the |
viewers so appointed will meet on the |
line of improvement on Thursday, the |
27th day of December, A. D. 1906, at |
m., when and where all
persons interested are requested to be
present and heard relative to the mat-
ters to be submitted for our considera-
10 o’clock a.
Viewers, |
Patton, Pa., Dec. 13, 1906.
| TON. |
| The annual meeting of the share. |
| holders of this bank, for the election of
directors for the ensuing year and the |
transaction of such other business as
may be brought before it, will be held
at its banking house in the borough of |
Patton, Pa., on the second Tuesday of |
January next, between the hours of 10
a. m. and 4 p. m. o’clock.
M. D. BEARER, Cashier.
| Patton, Pa., Nov. 30, 1906.
Notice of Shareholders’ Meeting.
Buy sensibly!
more to put their money into useful Christ
Each year people arc learninu more
as presents.
We believe
but we also |
in toys and nick nacs too,
live there 1s a limit to it.
Our suits, overcoats, house coats. smoking
coats, neckwear, fur caps, cloth caps, Tam
of all kinds—we carry the largest stock of
up to date goods in this section—ask any |
rs, jewelry, gloves, slippers, shoes
one it we don't.
: a
—Saturday will be pay day for the for the sum of $170.83, which he claims | talk in his sleep he always says things |
Is : Elon . og) There came to the premises of the
employes of the Beech Creek Coal & is due him for services rendered as that his wife is unable to understand.
| undersigned in Chest township on the
The reduced prices prevail
Qoke company —a three weeks’ pay.
The residence of Miles McNamara
has been quarantined on account of|
diphtheria. A little daughter is the |
—Ebensburg has granted a franchise
to two trolley companies,but the street
cars have not made their appearance
as yet. ,
—The next national convention of
the United Mine Workers of America
will be held at Indianapolis on January
185, 1907.
~—Lent will begin early next year,
starting on Ash Wednesday, February
18. Easter Sunday will be observed
March 31st.
—Judge Francis J. O’Connor will
sit on criminal cases in Allegheny
county court at Pittsburg during the
fourth week of January.
—Both Republicans and Democrats
will hold their ward conventions on
Saturday, January 26th. Almost time
to be talking up candidates.
—A new rural mail route has been es-
tablished out of Ashville, serving 113
_ families and 450 people. The new route
out of Flinton will serve a population
of 470 in 94 families.
| health officer.
Ager says he was ap-
pointed health officer for the borough
oan June 1, 1903, with a salary of $75 a
year. He was paid for the first year,
but since that time has not received a
cent. He claims interest from the 1st
of June, 1905.
—The district laid waste at Gallitzin
by the big fire of Thanksgiving week
will nearly all be rebuilt as soon as pos-
sible, with the exception of the opera
house. Shilling & Dawson will rebuild
at once and the Mountain Supply Co.
will erect a three-story building. It is
said that Joseph Bengele will also re-
build and the Pennsylvania Railroad
company is ready to start to rebuild
their dwelling houses.
—The Depot Hotel at Blandburg,
owned and conducted by Joseph W.
Wilt for the past eight or ten years, was
sold by him last week to Frank Russell,
the consideration being $12,000. The
sale included the hotel property and a
livery stable with 24 stalls. Mr. Wilt
is negotiating for the. purchase of the
Commercial Hotel at Cresson, owned
by A. O. Brown. The property con-
sists of the hotel, several adjoining
buildings and considerable ground.
The price asked is $50,000.
If you want the best call for Du-|15th day of October, 1906, a red steer,
quesne Beer. Not a headache in a car- | part Jersey breed, withnno distinguish-
load of it. Cool, sparkling and re-|ing marks. Owner will come forward
freshing. | and pay all charges or the same will be
A full line of hand painted imported | disposed of according to law.
china ware at the | DANIEL GILL.
Barnesboro, Pa. NOTICE,
Watches, clocks, jewelry, diamonds, | My wife, Mrs. Julie Urbain, having
silver ware, rich cut glass, toilet sets | q fy bod and’ board withont Just
and all kinds of fancy goods at the | cause or provocation, all persons are
LUXENBERG JEWELRY Co., | hereby forbidden to trust or harber her
Barnesboro, Pa. | on my account.
Do not select your gifts before look- FRANK URBAIN,
ing at our beautiful display. You may| Patton, Pa., Dec. 8, 1906.
like them better. | - - —
LUXENBERG JEWELRY Co., Reduced Rates to State College, Pa.,
Barnesboro, Pa. | Via Pennsylvania railroad, account
For Sale—An 11-room house and lot | Farmers’ Congress of Pennsylvania.
in a desireable location in Patton. | Tickets sold Dec. 26, 27 and 28,good re-
Good cellar and plastered throughout, | turning Jan. 4, inclusive, from all sta-
Will be sold at a bargain, Also other | tions in Pennsylvania. Consult nearest
properties for sale. Inquire of George | Hioket agent, -
Boone. | Good energetic agent wanted to sell
Lost—A lady’s hunting case gold | our high grade tea and coffee, baking
watch, with fob, on Wednesday after- | powder, extract and spices. Splendid
noon between the Lehman property on | inducement to a good man. Position
Palmer avenue and the Good building. | permanent. For particulars write or
Finder will please leave same at Tozer’s | call on The Great Atlantic & Pacific
jewelry store and receive reward. Tea Co., 1311 11th avenue, Altoona, Pa.
Dec. 14, 1906.
on all Children’s and Men's
Suits. -
Thanking all our friends for libera
patronage the past year and wishing you 2
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yea
we remain
Yours very truly,
Directly Opposite the First National Bank,
Patton, Pa.
Santa Claus will make his headquarters here from now until Christmas and
can be seen in our large show window between the hours of 5 and 6 and\7
and 8 p. m. Bring the children t
all complete, 19¢!
Toy Iron Ranges,
worth 25c, special at
Tin Hitchen, complete with pans
and pots, 25c Kind, for
Blow Toys, 5c Kind, Be. :
Dressed Dolls, sleepers, extra
quality, worth $1.50, for
Dressed Dolls, 15¢ Kind, for 10c.
25¢ Japanese Heads 19¢ cach.
39c Fancy Boxes 25c¢ each.
15¢ Wooly Dogs 10¢ each.
10¢ Mechanical Fish 7c each. TC
25¢ Iron Trains 17¢ cach.
4%c Iron Trains 35c each.
FURS REDUCED---Muffs, Scarfs and
Boas, Children’s Sets, Etc.
The Store will be open every
evening until 10 o'clock. Saturday
and, Monday evenings, December 22
and 84, until 11 o'clock.
The¥Won Ton Store,
atton, Pa.
o see a real live Santa Claus.
25¢c Steam Engines 170 each,
25c Sail Boats 17¢ cach.
10c Sail Boats 7c each.
25¢ Mechanical Boats 17c each. “ym
Handkerchiefs in plain, embroidered, initia
cambric, linen and silk. ]
Cambric HandKerchiefs for men a
women 5 to 10c.
Embroidered Handkerchiefs for m
and women 5 to 50c.
Linen HandKerchiefs
women 10 to 25c.
Silk HandKerchiefs for men and ¥
25c to 49c.
Extra showing of Umbrellas‘and othe
useful things for Christmas presents. Som
special bargains.
for me