The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, November 23, 1906, Image 3

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efers at,
. has been renominated for the office and
| owned by James Kerr and several
~Vol.[IV, No. 1.
~The OURIER is 13 years old to-day. |
~Nex{hursday will be Thanksgiv-
ing day.
—0Ohas F. Lehman was visiting
friends ifLock Haven this week.
EB. WOowher, of this place, is a
candidatéor mercantile appraiser of
QOambria bunty.
Two per, which were shot by
menbers d the Patton Hunting Clab in
Olinton cinty, were received in town
— A nuber of borough ordinances
apportionig the cost of the recent
street pawg in Patton will be found
in this issp.
—Jay Snpson witnessed the foot |
ball gameat Williamsport Saturday
between fate and Dickinson colleges.
The formr won by a score of 6 to 0.
—It isjstated that Ed. Knee, ab |
present th county detective, will be |
the deply under Webster Griffith, |
after the atter is sworn in as sheriff.
—John Laner and E. W. Cowher
were appated by the court tq appraise
the assigrd estate of George 0. Brady.
They coipleted the task on Wed-
— Rembandt Peale, who has extensive
coal intessts in this section, has just
closed a deal for an additional 1,000
acres of loal land in East Mahoning
townshipIndiauna county.
—T. A.Delozier has purchased the
Hastings hotel at Hastings and will
assume carge as soon as the license
can be trpsferred. The consideration
in the ded has not been made public.
The Jentral Pennsylvania confer-
ence of ti: Methodist Episcopal church
will convoe in Tyrone on March 20.
Its delibeations will be presided over
by Bishoj W. F. McDowell, of Chicago.
—The (uaker basket ball team of
Johnstown will play two games in
Patton @m Thanksgiving day. The
first will Je in the afternoon and an-
other gane will be played in the even-
ing. i
—Jose)h Fabian, a surveyor in the
mines atBarnesboro, was seriously in-
jared on Monday afternoon, by being
ernshed between two mine cars. He
is forty years of age and married. He
resides in Barnesboro.
—W. fH. Moudy, the manager of the
United Realty Co., has purchased the
site of the Wirtner photograph gallery
on Magee avenue and will erect a brick
building thereon 14, 16 and 20 feet
wide and 70 feet long.
— Announcement has been made that
baggage rates will be reduced from 18
to 12 per cent of the passenger fares.
This change is to become effective at
once and will affect all lines in the Cen-
tral Passenger Association territory.
—Rev. 1. D. Houghwout, the father
of Rev. L. M. A. Houghwout, a former
rector of the Patton Episcopal church
and a retired clergyman of the
Presbyterian church, died at the
Presbyterian hospital in Philadelphia
_A. OC. Harrington, who has con-
ducted a 5and 10-cent store in the
building adjacent to the post office
for some time past, has decided to
quit business and will dispose of his
entire stock at auction. See advertise-
ment in this issue.
__«All aboard” is now official. The
Pennsylvania railroad company has
ijgsued an order that all brakemen,
Pullman conductors and porters must
‘call out these words in a distinct voice,
~tly two minutes before the train
P%es a division terminal station.
'_All doubts as to whether President
Mitchell intends continuing as pres-
jdent of the United Mine Workers of
America or notrhave been set at rest by
the annoucement that Mr. Mitchell
that he will permit his nomination to
—An editor of a western exchange
recently began worrying about how he
would get his shirt on over his wings
after reaching paradise. An envious
contemporary sarcastically observed
that his difficulty woul: likely be in
finding out how he could get his hat on
over his horns.
—The annual ballof the local di-
vision of the A. O. H. will be held in the
Miners’ Hall Thanksgiving eve. The
Encore orchestra will furnish the music.
The committee on arrangements is
composed of Chas. Crowell, Thos. Gib-
son, Jas. Mitchell, Chas. Cordell and
Patrick Sullivan.
— Nominations have closed for the
election of officers by the United
Mine Workers of America. John
Mitchell for president, T. L. Lewis for
vice president, and W.B. Wilson for
gecretary-treasurer, have no opposition.
The annual convention will be held in
Indianapolis January 15. ;
—The Clearfield powder mill, two
miles east of there, blew up Wednesday
afternoon. The mill, which was
New Yorkers, is a total loss. Charles
W. Mills, of New York, had leased the
mill and had charge at the time of the
explosion. He was severely burned.
Four employes were slightly burned.
stone, .
i the asterisk.
’ -
| out of life than a miser does.
The Knox hat agency ab the Key-
Fame usually costs more than it is
Foot balls at Kinkead’s Stationery
Among other literary stars we find
Postal views of Patton at Kinkead’s
Stationery Store.
R. F. D. Boxes for sale at Kinkead’s
Stationery Store.
Kleptomania is the highest type of
the art of stealing.
Some men are born leaders and most
woman are born drivers.
The man who will not waste his love
always wastes his life.
A pauper gets more real enjoyment
He can not be a light to others who is
unwilling to be consumed himself.
It’s easy to have large ideas of lib-
erality with other people’s money.
The heart that is hot with passion
may have an icy face for the poor.
Many a woman trusts her husband
because she doesn’t know as much as
she might. ,
Before an old man makes a marrying
fool of himself he begins to argue that
he is not so old.
Everyone naturally dislikes those
people who are so good they suggest
the top line in a copy.
This may be the land of the free, but
anything worth having is seldom
offered to us that way.
For Sale—A second hand cook stove
as good as new. Call onor address
Ed. A. Mellon, Patton, Pa.
Many aman is in the bachelar class
to-day because the girl in the case had
been taught to say “No.”
Every time a man files an applica-
tion for a patent he imagines he is
going to revolutionize things.
Which brings worse luck ? To break a
mirror or to spend a lot of time every
day standing in front of one?
No soap bubbles on Duquesne beer.
The ‘collar’ is pure cream. Ask for
it at the bars and get the best.
It isa good plan to listen to every
mother you meet in order that you may
find out who is the smartest child in
When a man asks a girl to let him
call her by her first name it means he
thinks her last name ought to be
If you want the best call for Du-
quesne Beer. Nota headache in a car-
load of it. Cool, sgarkling and re-
When a woman takes her sewing to
the back room ‘“for quiet,” the truth is
that she is trying to get used to her
first glasses.
Probably the easiest task a business
man is ever called upon to accomplish
is to induce an employe to accept an
increase in salary.
Tact in a married woman consists in
refusing to remind her husbond in his
cross moments of what he used to say
to her when he was in love.
Wanted—News agent for trains 30
and 37 B. C. R. R.
Union News Co.,
Williamsport, Pa.
Backache before and during the
menstrual period promptly relieved by
Wood’s Kidney and backache pills.
Price 50 cents a bbx at Wolf’s pharm-
Will sell or exchange fine residence
property on Fifth avenue with all mod-
ern improvements for business lot on
Magee avenite. Inquire of Dr. Mor-
For Sale-Good $35 Waterloo sleigh
and good set of single harness will be
sold gheap for cash. For further partic-
ulars call on or address Chas. Crowell,
Patton, Pa.
For Sale—An 11-room house and lot
in a desireable location in Patton.
Good cellar and plastered throughout.
Will be sold at a bargain. Also other
properties for sale. Inquire of George
Breathe Hyomei and Get Relief and Cure—
Sold Under Guarantee.
If you have Catarrh with its many
unpleasant symptoms, you should begin
to use the healing Hyomei at once.
Hyomei is made from nature’s sooth-
ing oils and balsams, and contains the
germ killing properties of the pine for-
ests. Its medication is taken in with
the air your breathe, so that it reaches
the most remote cells of the respiratory
organs, killing all catarrhal germs and
soothing any irritation there may be in
the mucus membrane. :
A complete Hyomei outfits cost but
$1, extra bottles, if needed, 50 cents,
and O. F. Wolf gives his personal guar"
antee with every package that money
will be refunded unless the treatment
Card of Thanks,
The family of the late John E. Evans
wish to extend their sincere thanks to
the Masons, Odd Fellows and many
friends of the family in and near Pat-
ton, who in many ways done so mnch
and showed their respect during his
A ——————————
a LL
Closing Out.
Two Thousand Dollars’ Worth of
(Goods Will be Sold.
Consisting of Tinware, Enameled Ware, Shelf Hardware, China and Glass-
ware, Crockery, Woodenware, Lamps and Lamp Fixtures, Toys, Notions, Fancy
Goods, Etc.
Nothing Reserved---
Everything Must Go.
Room Must be Vacated by Dec. 5th, 1906.
Sale Commences Monday Evening, Nov. 26th, 1906, and
Continues Every Evening Until Entire Stock is Sold . . . .
- Patton, Pa.
Next to Postoffice, - -
One Hundred
New Hats
Patton, Pa. |
First National Bank
Organized Opole 10, 1893.
Capital—fully paid - - $100,000 00
Surplus - - - - 40,000 00
Stockholders’ liability - - - 100,000 OO
Total Assets - - - 850,000 00
Geo. S. Good, James Kerr, A. G. Palmer, E. C. Brown, Chas. Anna, H. J.
Patton, W. C. Lingle, Geo. EF. Prindible, Wm. H. Sandford.
A general Banking Business transacted.
Interest paid on time deposits.
Banking by mails a specialty.
We pay four per cent per annum on deposits in our Savings Department,
compounded semi-annually. Why send your money to institutions in dis-
tant cities, strangers to you, when you ean do fully as well at home? Call or
write for full information.
You should have one or more «f our Savings Banks in your home. It will
teach practical lessons in economy.
Saved wages become wage earners for the saver.
“Not, what you get, but what you hold,
Eases life’s burdens when you’re old.”
Don't fail to come and see our stock.
F. R. MELLON, ‘Violin, Mandolin, Gui-
Dentist. tar and Banjo :
Fifth Avenue, PATTON, PA.
Opposite M. E. Chuarh,
rr.MORRISON |Reuel Somerville,
Office in Good Building, formerly
occupied by H. A. Seitz.
7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
The loss will be about §30,000.
sickness and death.
| Office hours:—S8 a. m. to 12 m.
Office in Brady Building. Office in the Good Building. 1 p. m. to 3:30 p. m.