The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, June 08, 1906, Image 2

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Patton Courier.
Roy Eaton Decker,
One copy, une year, in advance, « « = §1,0
No papers discontinued until all arvéar
ages are pald, unless at the option of the
Entered at the Postoffice at Patton a4 second-
class mail matter,
Legal notices $1 per inch for three insertions,
Card of thanks be per line,
Resolutions 5¢ per line,
Poetry be per line,
Business locals be per line,
Display ads 10c per inch flat,
Foreign advertising must be paid for invar-
fably in advance. No commission paid to
advertising agents,
These are “best” rates—no others go,
The Barnesboro Star last week,always
willing to ‘knock’ a more progressive
borough, contained some very unjust
strictures against the Patton base ball
club anent Sunday base ball playing.
That blanket sheet asserted without
equivocation that the team here had
commenced to play Sunday base ball
and had played a Suuday game with
Oarrolltown the week previous, and
then proceeded to preach one of the ser-
mons for which Editor Miller, the fore-
most exponent of morality and right liv-
ing in the county, is famous.
All of which was untrue and unjust.
The Star luminary was in Carrolltown
the day mentioned, as will be seen by
a very interesting item in another col-
umn, and either wilfully prevaricated
or else was so wrapped up in other
matters that he did not have time to
inquire what teams were playing. Car-
rolltown and Hastings played at Car-
rolltown on the Sunday in question,
but Patton never,
The Star editor owes an apology to
the Patton base ball team and to the
Sabbath observing people of this place
for his unjust, untrue and malicious
attempt to besmirch the people of the
North Star and injure the attendance
at the week day games of the club,
which are the only contests they par-
ticipate in.
Court Proceedings of Interest to the People
of This Section.
Court convened at Ebensburg Mon-
day and at the time the COURIER went
to press the following business of in-
terest to this section had been trans-
Attorney Somerville, of Patton, sub-
« mitted a report of the viewersin the
proceedings for a public road to begin
at a public road in Patton borough
and extend to the Reilly mine in Car-
roll township. The viewers who rec-
ommended the opening were County
Surveyor Elder and H. S. Buck-and
Jesse E. Dale, of this place.
The court handed down an opinion
authorizing the incorporation of Cres-
son as a borough.
The following sheriff’s sales were
James McMullen’s interest in a lot in
Clearfield township, having erected
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————— — ne w—
ance, 81; per cent of attendance, 93,
win Biller, Hugo Blumberg, Wini
non. Fitzpatrick, *Earl Gill, Worrell
Jones, Homer Litzinger, William
ell, George Sumacs, Peter Tober,
*Pearl Anderson, Anna Mary Denlin-
ger, Elizabeth Haden, Isabel Medli-
cot, Ida Squires, Bernice Shunkwiler.
Number enrolled, 60; average attend.
ance, 56; per cent of attendance, 95.
Present every day: Raymond Biller,
Almer Danielson, *George Dubronsky,
Andrew Forse, James Fisher, Gerald
Manion, Andrew Mullin, Jacob Mirkin,
Irvin Peters, John Stasko, Frank Sun-
cera, Raymond Short, August Swede-
berg, Edwin Yeager, Violet Lees, Mar-
ion Blair, Edna Berguson, Tillie Choby,
Edna Chapman, Alice Cochran, Joseph-
ine Dinsmore, Annie Danzak, Linnea
Forsberg, Esther Howe, Celia McMa-
hon, Harriet Manuel, *Jennie O’Brien,
Leah Repsher, Annie Pochatilla, Phil
omena Sheehan,
Thomas, Mike Stasko.
Hazen C. PEARSON, Teacher.
ance, 54; per cent of attendance, 97.
Present every day: Louis Blomberg,
Ernest Commons, Wm. McMuldren,
James Wheeler, Russell Commons,
Thomas Buck, Thomas Graham, Fran-
ces Litzinger, John Kirk, James Cal-
houn, Harvey Mulligan, Mike Debron-
sky, Charles Swapkosky, Anthony
Goods, Ben Trinkley, Edwin Bortman,
George Brady, John Cochran, Jerry
Myers, Hiim Epstein, Mary Kane,
Bessie Kusner, Amanda Dahlof, Ella
Lundell, Stella Chapman, Alice Grad-
well, Mary Burkey, Virginia Cooper,
Ada Winslow, Angeline Thomas,
*Laura Hubbard, June Rhody, Mary
DoroTHY WAGNER, Teacher.
Number enrolled, 56; average attend-
ance, 52; per cent of attendance, 97.
Present every day: *Earl Campbell,
Edward Barnwell, Samuel Boyer, Mike
Koschock, Fred Montenero, Eddie
Merriman, Frank McTigue, Parks Mec-
Mullen, James McQuillan, Earl Peters,
Milton Reed, Frank Riggier, Nick Rig-
gier, *Warner Repsher, George Spence,
Stephen Smithbower, Harry Winslow,
David Waters, Ernest Wilson, *Edna
Beckwith, *Ethel Beckwith, Mary
Crook, Mary Ednie, Ella Flynn,
Helena Fitzpatrick, Bertha Forse, Mary
Figel, Marie Glass, Josephine Gagli-
ardi, Helen Hubbard, Mary Haluska,
Sara Kelsall, Ida Lunn, Mary Somics,
Sibyl Stull, Mike Dubronsky, John
Eva FLEMING, Teacher.
Number enrolled, 61; average attend-
ance, 58; per cent of attendance, 98.
Present every day: *Hugh Whiteford,
Robert Rogers, Willie Lloyd, Steven
Stusco, Robert Hunter, Henry Wil-
liams, *Joe Sadula, John Petrusky,
Edwin Powell, Blair Thomas, Mat
Dawson, Frank Walters, Logan Alli-
son, Peter Mitchell, Matilda Whiteford,
Ethel Lucas, Margaret Brown, Louise
Decker, Mary Leisko,Eva Goods, Mary
E. Myers, Clara Morey, Maggie Sadula,
Miriam Lilley, *Madeline McMullen,
Lula Shunkwiler,
Mary Stasko, *Larue Tarnbell, Laura
Number enrolled, 59; average attend-
thereon a frame dwelling house and
barn, taken in execution at the suit of
W. J. Buck. Sold to H. J. Eckenrode
for $115.
Otto Frank’s interest in a Reade
township parcel of land, having erect-
ed thereon an ice house and a stable,
taken in execution at the suit of Kate
Beidle and William Keyser, executors
.of Barbara Keyser. Sold to Anna
Frank for $100.
The transfer of the following liquor
licenses has been ordered:
Retail, granted to Schroth & Koch,
Carrolltown, to A. H. Sharbaugh.
Retail, granted to Andrew Lees, El-
mora, to Mike Sekarak.
Retail, granted to Lemuel Troxell,
Blandburg, to Joseph Frank.
Retail, granted to J. H. Zimmerman,
Clearfield township,to Jesse and Frank
Nagle. :
Retail, granted to J. H. Wheeler,
Reade township, to John M. Gorman.
Retail, granted to Theodore F. Ad- |
ams, Barnesboro, to C. P. Ramer and !
G. J. Smelko.
Soft Coal Strike Puts Sixteen Railroad
Crews out of Business,
Ten crews of New York Centra
railroad trainmen will do all the road
work until business picks up. This
was decided at a meeting of the train- |
Julia Palcho, Stella Quinn, Maretta
Reed, *Marie Sanker, Minnie Short,
| *Tillie Sheka, Mary Sheehan, George |
Formadley, Joseph Fletcher.
| | ance, 53; per cent of attendance, 94.
| Present every day: Joseph Biller,
| James Brown, Knut Forsberg, Willie |
{ Jenkins, Earl Ivory, Joseph Kelsall, |
Minnie Brown, Gladys Welty, Maggie
Kuhnley, Susie May, Mary Richards,
Esther Kerns, *Zelda Long, Elizabeth
Jenkins, Mary Stull, Rose Tate, Jose-
phine Quinn, Hazel Lansberry.
Number enrolled, 65; average attend-
ance, 61; per cent of attendance, 93.
Present every day: *Axel Anderson,
William Dahlof, David Danielson,
George Gillespie, *Telford Gill, *George
Lehman, Robert Matley, James Mitch-
ell, Frank Modjenski, Raymond Mec-
Masters, *Chester Rafferty, Curtis
Thomas, Barton Winslow, Bazil Weak-
land, Fred Wolf, Bertha Weakland,
Florence Bell, Harriet Astbury, Julia
Astbury, Hattie Boyer, Annie Boback,
Myrtle Brewer, *Mary Collins, *Mar-
garet Collins, Miriam Culp, Annie
Choby, Clara Johnson, Lizzie Kochis,
Katie McMahon, *Loretto Prindible,
ance, 43; per cent of attendance, 96,
Present every day: Ford Allison, Sam-
uel Brown, David Bloom, Eddie Blair,
John Callaghan, Francis Fitzpatrick,
Present every day: “John Baker, *Bd-1 john Gibbon, Seadie Gutwald, James | Jobn T. Welsh, the well known
Long, Joseph Lacava, Joseph Mirkin,
Borgerson, “Patrick Callahan, Simon | yr. 10 vijjes, ‘Orvis Shunkwiler, Eddie 800 of a circus that wiil trayel exclu:
Oherkowsky, John Dale, John Damyon, | yy, 4, Esther Blair, Dora Blumberg, | sively in automobiles,
Chester Airbart, Dennis Flynn, *Ban- | 10 nie Collins, Ruby Cowher, Susie having $200,000 capital has been formed
. Millie | in Philadelphia to finance the enter-
| Kuhnley, Margaret Litzinger, Kather- | Prise and special motor wagons will be
Mitchell, Joseph O'Leary, Harry Pow- line McMullen, Mabel Mellon, Ruth [built to haul the paraphernalia and an-
| Noonan, Bessie Williams, May Yeager,
| Droechock, Lavinia Ednie,
Geraldine Yerger.
Lorerro E. PRINDIBLE, Teacher.
Number enrolled, 46; average attend. |
lance, 40; per cent of attendance, 93,
| Present every day: Frances Bruneau,
[Thomas Fletcher, Adam Heist, Louis |
| Lloyd, Harry McNamara, James Mor-
| gan, William MeGrin, David Nelson,
John Somics, *Earl Woomer, Bert Wil-
liams, Wesley Williams, Mary Fitz.
patrick, Annie Flynn, Katie Flynn,
Rose Haden, Sara Long, Mary McMa-
hon, Hilda Mullin, Sara Rowland,
Mary Strasser, Laura Winslow, Lavinia
| Williams.
RENA B. LEwis, Teacher.
Number enrolled, 49; average attend-
ance, 46; per cent of attendance, 95.
Present every day: Marsella Biller,
Annie Fitzpatrick, Sophie Forse, Agnes
Gillespie, Beatrice Gould, Annie Goods,
Hilda Karlheim, May Lilley, “Gertrude
Lehman, Elizabeth Monteith, Margaret
Palcho, Katie Pursel, John Litzinger,
George Mitchell, John White, Maud
Shunkwiler, Roumayne Worrell, An-
drew Anderson, John Bell, John Boyer,
Harry Chapman, Albert Christoff, An-
thony Choby, Martin Goods, Joseph
Hubbard, Glen Humphrey, Lloyd
Johnson, Fred Kuhnley, Eddie Raf-
ferty, *Joseph Sunseri, *Wellwood
E. EpiTH EISENHART, Teacher.
Number enrolled, 40; average attend-
ance, 36; per cent of attendance, 96.
Present every day: Russell Barton,
Harvey Brown, Joseph Delozier, “Cyril
Fisher, Robert Lindbloom, William
McMuldren, John Tober, William
Whiteford, Irene Bortman, Mary Cal-
laghan, Violet Cornelius, Magdalena
Gagliardi, Bessie Gibbon, Martha Mec-
Masters, Annie Mirkin, Margaret
Morey, Mabel Pulles, Margaret Powell,
Irene Rhody, Minnie Rowland, *Bessie
Sheehan, Harriet Short, Elizabeth
Somerville, Mary Swapkosky, Annie
Thomas, Estella Watkins.
LypA PETEES, Teacher.
Number enrolled, 44; average attend-
ance, 40; per cent of attendance, 93.
Present every day: George Jones, John
Goods, John Morrison, Claire Smale,
Orlo Brown, Joseph Campbell, John
Lewis, Isaac Lloyd, *James White,
Howard Yerger, Romaine Smale,
Helen Bell, Hilda Bishop, Genevieve
McCormick, Gertrude McTigue, Helen
Monteith, Anna Nothnagel, Agnes
Number enrolled, 30; average attend-
ance, 28; per cent of attendance, 96.
Present every day: Willie Meehan,
Joseph Gagliardi, Gladys Morey, Janet
Bruneau, William H. Denlinger, Jr.,
Elizabeth Nelson, Dora Prescott, John
Sheehan, Bruce Bell, Mildred Lewis,
Zella Woomer, Esther Bishop, Ida
Forsberg, Myrtle Mulligan, Lucy Mel-
lon, Mary Hewlett, Harry Dunegan,
James Mullen, Rachel Haden, Bertha
B. I. Myers, teacher of physics, al-
gebra, grammar, U. 8. history and
physiology. W. M. Bosserman, teacher
of mathematics, German, civics, geog-
raphy and grammar. Mabel P. Wolff,
teacher of English, general history,
geography and Latin.
Number enrolled during month, 726;
average attendance, 667; per cent of
attendance, 95; present every day dur-
ing month, 419; total enrollment for
term, 876; average attendance for term,
711; average per cent of attendance for
term, 94. Present every day during |
term, 35.
Those marked (*) were present
every day during the term.
B. I. MYERS, Principal.
Fell From a Bridge.
Vernon Messiner, of Jersey Shore,
isin the Clearfield hospital suffering
from a broken knee cap, a fractured
JON. -NO. 8. : 4 . ? :
SPOONDARY-N0. 8 | fell a distance of 45 feet, landing in the | quired to be complied with before an
He was taken from the water | association shall be authorized to com-
mence the business of Banking.
Number enrolled, 57; average attend-
| hospital.
men’s orders and the division officials |
were requested to reduce the road
force to ten crews.
During the heavy traffic of the win-
ter 26 crews were employed. This
‘means that 16 crews will be retired
from the service until the strike is |
ended. Under the new order of things | Huber, :
| Mary Sunseri,
conductors who have been running |
trains for years will carry flags and |
brake. The engine crews have not
been reduced yet, and it is said that |
they probably will not be.j
ford, Thomas
| Waters, Mary Churella.
Blair Kelly, Richard Lloyd, Paul Me-|
Namara, Andrew Petrusky, Thomas known Ebensburg musician, was visit-
Powell, Wm. Radcliffe, Willis Ross, |ing friends in town this week. -8m ;
| Laurie Ross, Eddie Roundsley, Joseph | Stokes will leave the county seat in | Vania, is authorized to commence the
| Squires, Leo Thomas, Joseph White- | September for England and Germany, | business of Banking as provided in Sec- |
Wilkie, Allen Williams, | She will spend a month in the land of | tion Fifty One Hundred and Sixty-nine,
| Snyder Yerger, Maria Fisher, Matilda | John Bull before going to the realm ‘of | of the Revised Statutes of the United
Lottie Jones, Olive Manion, | the kaiser, where she will enter one of | States,
Ethel Wilson, Mary | the great conservatories at Leipsic to | * i
year in the perfection of her | Hand and Seal of Office this twenty-
fourth day of May, 1906.
| Number enrolled, 47; average attend- | paper.
| spend a
| art.
wrist and a slight fracture of the skull
as the result of falling from a New
York Central railroad bridge at Ma-
haffey on Saturday. Messiner, who
is a painter, 26 years old, and married,
Man Well Known in Patton Will Manage
One Next Sewson,
{showman is to be manager next sea-
A company
[imals, No horses will be used except
[those that take part in the perform-
| Tne cost of transportion by this
| unique method will be reduced to a
minimum, whereas the great expense
of traveling from town to town by rail,
{as well as the many delays occasioned
|and for extra railway cars and ad-
| ditional horses, make the plan indeed
look feasible. Twenty of the motor
cars will be built as cages for the men-
agerie, one for caliope and two for the
musicians. The remainder will be
{used for transporting the parapher-
nalia and the circus people. The entire
outfit, forty cars in all, will be so con-
structed that they can be turned into
tableau wagons for parade duty. The
advance brigade will also travel by
the same method. An especial feature
of the project which appeals to the
promoters is that inland towns that
are not near a railroad can be visited.
There are many such places in the
south, where railroad facilities are in-
adequate to handle a big show and
many exhibitions are missed as a con-
sequence. Winter quarters are to be
established ih Philadelphia and the
company will reconstruct the Welsh
Brothers show in every particular.
Bishop Garvey Deplores Fact that Worship-
ers do Not Respond,
Bishop Garvey, of this Roman Catho-
lic diocese, went on record Sunday as
favoring the entire congregation at
Catholic churches singing the re-
sponses. Perhaps it would be better to
|say that he deplored the fact that they
did not do so. The bishop confirmed a
large class at Altoona and afterward
made a few remarks to them. Among
other things he complimented them on
their singing, and told how inspiring
it was to hear the young folks raise
their sweet voices in songs of praise.
Then he added:
“It is unfortunate that the magnifi-
cent Gregorian music is not sung by
the congregation, instead of confining
it to a little box in the rear of the
church. In earlier days all responses
were sung by the worshippers.”’
Good Advice From 0. F. Wolt
as to How fo Create an
Rppetite. |
Any physician will tell you that it is
unwise to eat unless one is really
hungry. It is far better to miss a meal
than to eat without appetite.
Bat do not take a tonic, stimulant,
or appetizer to make you hungry. O.
F. Wolf says that the best way to create
an appetite is to restore the digestion
to health by the use of Mi-o-na stom-
ach tablets, a reliable remedy that he
sells with the best satisfaction.
When Mi-o-na is used the irritation
and inflammation of the stomach coat-
ing will be soothed, the gastric follicles |
will be strengthened so that they will
pour out the natural digestive fluids
with regularity, and the food you eat
will be perfectly digested without dis-
A large box of Mi-o-na stomach tab-
lets is sold for 50 cents by O. F. Wolf,
and it is so successful and reliable in
curing indigestion and other stomach
troubles, with the exception of cancer
of the stomach, that he sells it under a
guarantee that the money will be re-
funded unless it does all that is claimed
for it.
No. 8233.
Washington, D, C., May 24, 1906.
WHEREAS, by satisfactory evidence
presented to the undersigned, it has
been made to appear that
in the town of Patton, in the County
of Cambria, and State of Pennsylvania,
has complied with all the provisions of
the Statutes of the United States, re-
by his fellow workmen and sent to the |
Will Visit Europe,
Miss Katherine Stokes, the well- |
Miss |
Subscribe for and advertise in this
| Deputy and Acting Comptroller of the
| Currency do hereby certify that
{in the town of Patton, in the County
| of Cambria, and the State of Pennsyl-
Deputy and Acting Comptroller of the
NOW THEREFORE, I, Thomas P. Kane,
Second car " “
Northern Cambria Street Railway Comp
Schedule of Cars.
First ear leaves power house for Barnesboro at...... 4058 a,
Second ear leaves power house for Barnesboro at ba
Third “ # Bt. Benedict *
The “Third Car” makes connections with P. R, R. train at Spangler for Cresson,
First ear leaves Barnesboro for Patton at 5:16 a, m, and every 30 minutes thereafter
10:15 p. my, The 10:45 and 11:16 p, m, ears to power house and St, Benedict ONLY,
First car leaves Patton for Barnesboro and Carrolltown at 6:00 a, m, and every 50 minutes
The 11:00 p. m, ear to power house ONLY,
thereafter until 10:30 p, m.
nection on this trip,
First car leaves power house at 5:00 a, m, for Carrolitown,
This ear then remains on the
Branch and connects with all Main Line cars at Carrolltown Junction,
First car leaves Carrolltown for Patton at 5:30 a. m, and every 30 minutes thereafter until
8, 4th street to Barnesboro + 5
First 4g “ Patton
“ “100 4
No Carrolltown con-
10:30 p.m,
First car leaves Carrolltown for Barnesboro at 6:00 a. m. and every 30 minutes thereafter
{until 10:50 p. m, The 10:30 p, m, car will be the last scheduled car for Carrolltown unless they
{ receive passengers from Main Line cars at the Junction at 10:44 p, m. when they willl eave
again at 11:00 p, m, for the power house ONLY,
First ear Victor No, 9 to Barnesboro at..... 50lam
Second ear Victor No, 9 to Barneshoro at...5 27 a m and every 30 mins, thereafter until 10 57 pm
First car Brandon Hotel, Spangler,
Baggage and packages carried on all cars,
Special cars can be arranged for.
" “ Victor No.9 + = “ “ tN.
“ ‘power house * " Ld “" “ “. 1083 ©
“ Foxberg “ " “" * 10.88
¢ St. Benediet © « “ “ “ “ ‘ 1034 +
“ CarrittnJet «4 « “ “ . h “ “ 04"
i “ X Roads “ “ “ “ " “ 1046 «
* “ Asheroft “ “ " “ “ 1048 “
‘ “ Columbia “ “ “ " “ “1050
“ “ “ “ “ “ ‘ “o1088 “
" “ Asheroft " “ “ " . “ 1040
. “ X Roads “ “ “ ho “ “ 1042 ©
* ¢ Carr'lvn Jet + , i" “ . “1044
*" ‘St. Benedict ¢ i “ . “ 1080 -*
“ “ Foxberg “ , se » “ ‘ $1050
. ‘power house * «622 M o ” “ 1052
First car leaving Barnesboro at 5:15 a. m. will connect with the N. Y, C. & H. R. R. R. train
leaving Patton at 6:10 a. m. for Mahaffey, Clearfield, Philipsburg and Williamsport.
J. L. McNELIS, Supt.
consists simply in pre-
senting before the people
the goods you have to sell
in an intelligent manner,
returns than any other
extant. The merchants
of this section long ago
declared that better re-
sults were obtained by
using the COURIER than
is read every week by
by any other means.
hundreds of families and
(Pennsylvania Division.)
Beech Creek District.
Condensed Time Table.
whether it is a house and | Reaa ap Read down
. Exp Mail In effect Nov. 5, '05 Exp Mail
lot or a pair of shoes. It |NoF Tos Nod) Nos
. . 920 150 Patt Iv 16 10 +305
1S too late at this day to 900 12° Weaver y 30 3
$30 100 ar Monat Iv 700 389
. . 8 8 ar Mal ay 700 3
expatiate on the merits of 757 1228 v Foarar ani 497
. 757 32 3 azn 4 3
757 1212 ar err ; 729 435
advertising. That has 752 1207 New Millport 731 410
745 1202 Olanta 740 447
been demonstrated so of- 737 1155 Mitchells 746 453
701112 ylearfield 821 52
ten that iteration is futile. ; Wola on 500 608
6 Morrisdale Mines 910 el
{ Munso 18 62
Everybody now days am Philipsburg 2 645
ie 45 W 855 532
knows that advertising 554 Munson 02 62%
29 Ww inhime 927 630
. . 582 954 es 947 65
pays. The main question 313 9: Gilliniown 1004 710
5 93 Snow Shoe 1009 715
is, what medium to use? 113 841 Beech Creek 1057 809
) ! 0 8% Mill Hall 1109 822
. 354 81 :k Hav 1116 830
Advertising experts long 336 800 “Avis 13 83
326 752 Jersey Shore 1145 904
ago settled it by declar pa 7 ty Williamsport arl220 935
- n am
: Bm a n Pris gs Reading RR > n P
225 650 ar illiamsport lv $12 29%11 30
ing that newspaper adver- 83*11301v Philadelphia nr 730 650
“i. am pm pm am
- 14 00 lv. NY via Tax a ¢ 10 40
tising was by far the most 1425 27301lv NY Via Phila ar 1040 19 02
* : am pm Pm am
effective and brings better *Daily. {Week days. #7 p m Sunday. $11 00
am Sunday
Connections—At Williamsport with Phila-
deiniis and Reading Railway: at Jersey Shore
with the Fall Brook District; at Mill Hall
with Central Railroad of Pennsylvania; at
Philipsburg with Pennsvigetin railroad and
N Yand P C RR; at Clearfield with the Buf-
falo, Rochester and Pittsburg railway; at Ma-
haffey and Patton with Cambria and Clearfield
division of the Pennsyvania road; at Ma-
haffey with the a and North-
western railway.
J. F. Fairlamb,
Gen’l Pass. Agt.,
New York,
W. H. Northrup,
Gen. Agent,
Williamsport, Pa.
goes into the homes of the
majority of the people of
Northern Cambria county.
he rates are low, just
and equitable—one price :
to all and the small ad-
vertiser gets just as good
a rate as the large one.
If your business needs
a tonic, come in and let
us talk the matter over
with you or send us word
and we will have a repre-
sentative call on you and
explain everything about
You do
business without adver-
our plan. may
tising, but you are certain
to do more by advertising.
Are The One to Suffer
by the “penny-wise poundfool-
ish” policy of mixing your own
Buy Lawrence Ready
Mixed Paint—prepared from
the best pigment and the purest
linseed oil—with scientific accu-
racy. Guaranteed by the maker.
RR Ready
Sold by
Binder & Starrett,
It is an investment that
will repay you an hun-
dred fold.
Patton, Pa.
Estate ot Richard Rowland, Deceased.
Letters testamentary on the above estate
having been granted to the undersigned, all
the Currency.
We will prepare your
persons indebted to said estate are requested
copy and take complete to make payment, and those having claims to
5 : present the same without delay, to
charge of your advertis- RICHARD ROWLAND, Executor,
! Patioh, Pa.
ing campaign, however May 2nd, 1906.
large or small, without,
extra cost.
The Courier,
Patton, Pa.
Whose paper are you reading ?
Patronize the home print shop.
We are better prepared than ever to
turn out commercial printing of all
kinds and at prices that can’t be dupli-
cated for good work.
— Bi
in Ho!
ing in
in Phi
ity of
will si
into ef
in Pat
other t
was st
by the
J. Gor
the cot
here nt
of the
R. Wir
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