The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, January 05, 1906, Image 5

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|. 25.
_ John 8. Jones, of Hastings.
—Ed A. Mellon is in Pittsburg this
: week on business,
~—Almost time to make nominations
for borough offices.
. —The attendance at the Sunday
schools is decreasing.
— Frank Lingle spent Christmas with
Philipsburg friends.
~The Republican state convention
will be held on June 6th.
— Ed Hunter was taking in the sights
in Philadelphia last week.
—John R. Manion attended a horse
gale in Altoona Thursday.
—Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Wolf spent the
holiday season in Pittsburg.
Miss Marie Dietrick, of Altoona,
is visiting relatives in town.
—Mrs. W. O. Lingle was visiting
relatives in Windber this week.
J. Lawrence Dole visited his
mother in Philipsburg over Christmas.
—1If you got on the water wagon the
first of the new year, be careful you
don’t drop the whip.
—Jos. CO. Hamer, formerly a Patton
baker, now employed in Philadelphia,
was in town this week.
— Alex Mitchell, who is studying
pharmacy in Philadelphia, was home
for the holiday vacation.
—The new year was ushered in at |
Patton by the blowing of whistles and |
booming of guns and dynamite. |
William A. Evans, who is studying |
medicine at Jefferson college, was |
home from Philadelphia for the holi-
—Rev. M. E. Swartz was in Altoona |
this week assisting in the revival ser- !
vices at the Eighth avenue Methodist
—_Watch services were held in the M.
E. church Sunday night beginning at
10 o'clock and continuing until the |
new year.
_.A team of bowlers from Patton de-
feated the Carrolltown team at the lat- |
ter place Tuesday evening by a score |
of 1946 to 1893.
—George S. Good, of Lock Haven, |
and R. Emerson Good, of New York,
were looking after business interests in |
town this week.
— Wm. M. Simpson has resigned his |
position as manager of the Patton |
Brewing Co. and is succeeded by Will
Stibich, of Johnstown. |
The Huntingdon & Clearfield Tele-
phone Co. made a Christmas present |
to each of the young lady operators i
in its employ of a $2.50 gold piece. |
__Rev. J. H. Fairlie delivered an able
and instructive sermon at Trinity
Episcopal church Sunday evening to
the members of the Masonic fraternity |
in Patton. |
(Charles P. Miller, one of the bright
young men who gradnated from the
Patton high school last term, but now
located at Bellefonte, was renewing
acquaintances in town this week.
—The County Commissioners have
decided to meet in their offices at Eb-
ensburg every Monday morning at 11
o'clock, at which time they can be con-
sulted by citizens who desire confer-
__ Miss Rachel Sandford, a student at
Oberlin college, and Duncan W. Sand- |
ford, employed in the New York office
of the Beech Creek Coal & Coke Co.,
spent the holiday season at their home
__Bx-County Commissioner Sheehan
i bensburg Monday serving as a | apy : > -
was in Bbe 8 : g house. For further particulars call on |
juror in the inquisition into the affairs
of A. W. Glosser, of Barnesboro, who
has been sent to the insane asylum at
__Tt takes the entire eighth page of
the COURIER this week to teil of the big
Clean Sweep sale to be inangurated at |
the Mirkin Guarantee Clothing store
Saturday, which will continue for fif- |
teen days. Read the advertisement
and note the money saving prices
_A. O. Brown, proprietor of the
Commercial Hotel at Cresson, has been
returned for selling liquor to minors
and to persons of known intemperate
habits, as charged by Constable E. R. |
Brolley of that place. Mr. Brown en-
tered bail for his appearance at court
to answer to the charge.
—Upon petition of the inhabitants of |
Elder township, the court has ap-|
pointed viewers to lay out a public
road from Charles Quist’s farm in El-
der township to Geo. Baker’s place in
the same township. J. L. Elder, Jo-
"geph Lantzy and H. M. McAlarney |
were appointed viewers.
—Deputy Attorney General Fleitz
decided, in an official opinion delivered
“to State Commission Hunter, that all
townships in Pennsylvania desiring to |
receive 15 per cent of the amount of
their road tax from the state next year
must vote affirmatively on this propo-
sition at the coming February election.
__An examining board for the tenth
bituminous district of Pennsylvania
was appointed Monday by J udge Mar-
tin Bell, being constituted as follows:
~ Mine Inspector Joseph Williams,
Altoona; Coal Operator J. H. Walls,
of Philadelphia, and Mine Foreman
They will
~ gerve for four years.
| leges that on one occasion Priam de-
| No soap bubbles on Duquesne beer.
— Mrs. Mike Stefus, who resides near
the Ashcroft mine, was the victim of
a peculiar accident Friday. In sbut-
ting down a window, the resultant jar
knocked a revolver to the floor that
was laying back of a picture, with the
result that the weapon was discharged
and the ball entered Mrs. Stefus’ left
leg near the knee and lodged near the
hip joint. Tt was extracted Sanday.
—Nicholas Logue, of Altoona, was
killed by a passenger train, at Cresson
Monday afternoon while he and his
family were returning home from
spending the holiday with friends at
Qarrolltown. Mr, Logue was talking
with a friend when his train started to
move. He ran after it, slipped and fell
ander the wheels, The accident was
witnessed by his wife and son. Logue
was 35 years old.
—The supreme court has reversed
the jndgment of the court below in the
case of Maines vs. Harbison-Walker
company. Maines was employed at
the defendant’s plant in Blandburg,
Reade township, where he was maimed
by his arm being caught mn a belt. He
brought suit and Judge O'Connor
granted a non-suit. The supreme
court’s order means that the case must
be proceeded with in the usual order.
—An action in trespass has been
entered on behalf of Mrs. Elizabeth
Kassay, wife of John Kassay, of Car-
roll township, asking $5,000 damages
from John Priam. The statement al-
nounced the plaintiff to her husband as
a woman of ill repute in the presence
of a number of witnesses, and that as a
result of his slanderous words she has
suffered in both material and mental
things and is entitled to redress.
— Thirty-eight applications for liquor
licenses have been filed at Indiana for
hearing at the regular license court to
be held on January 15. This is four
applications less than were filed last
year. Eight of the applicants are from
Indiana borough; four from Creekside, |
three from Arcadia and Glen Campbell
and two from Richmond and Dixon-
ville. The remainder of the applica-
tions come from various new coal
towns which have sprung up in the
county during the past-year.
Go to Sauter for the lowest prices.
Oyster shells for chickens at Binder
| & Starrett’s.
Black bass and trout every Friday at
| the City Restaurant.
| Girl Wanted—Good girl wanted for
general house work. Small family.
Address Box 145, Patton, Pa.
For sale—A nice lot of eighteen-inch
pine shingles. Call on or address
Miles Wrigley, Mahaffey, Pa.
The ‘‘collar” is pure cream. Ask for
it at the bars and get the best.
Wanted—News agent for trains be- |
| tween Patton and Williamsport. Ap-|
| ply to Union News Co., Williamsport,
| Pa.
1. W. Harper whiskey strengthens
| you and helps resists cold and disease-
| better than the doctor-try it. Sold by
| L. B. Daly.
| If you want the best call for Du-
| quesne Beer. Not a headache in a car-
{load of it. Cool, sparkling and re- |
| freshing.
Wanted—Men to work on repairs of
freight cars. Apply to W. F. Eberly,
{ general foreman, Pennsylyania rail-
| road car shops, Altoona, Pa.
| For BSale—An eleven-room house
| ( four down and seven up ) situated on
| Palmer avenue, suitable for boarding
avenue one |
| Jas. Mellon, Patton, Pa.
| For Sale—On Linwood
| house containing five rooms with far-
nished attic; well water and all neces-
sary outbuildings. For further infor-
mation call on or address F. P. Ivory,
| Patton, Pa.
If you intend to purchase a standard
and reliable piano call on Sue Wentz, |
| representative of The §S. Hamilton
| Piano Company, of Pittsburg. This is |
one of the most trustworthy musical |
firms in the country. All their pianos |
are warranted for their tone, quality |
{and durability, and are sold at the
| lowest possible price, because: the firm
buys large quantities for cash, which
enables them to sell cheaper and better
instruments for less money than other |
| firms who buy small quantities. Often
people pay too much for the name of a
piano, which is insignificent in itself.
All pianos are guaranteed by the com-
pany. Sve WENTZ
Pride of Patton Temple, No. 68,
Ladies of the Golden Eagle, has elected |
officers to serve for the ensuing term
as follows: Past Templar, Mrs. Sarah
| Chapman; Noble Templar, Mrs. Mag-
our customers.
or Overcoat before Christmas.
Read the prices carefully and you will know that we have not juggled with
them in any way.
On all Suits, Overcoats and
Heavy Woolen Goods.
In spite of the open winter weather we had a good season, for which we thank
But, we have a lot too many Suits and Overcoats and are going to
offer you a chance to save a few dollars—we are not going to give away goods at
less than cost, neither are we going to give you all the profit, but we are going to
give a lot of men a chance to save some dollars who could not buy their Suit
All Men’s $20 oo Overcoats cut to $17 00
Boys’ and Children’s Overcoats cut as follows:
All Boys’ $10 oo Overcoats cut to $8 50
18 :
4 “ . 00 i ; 1500 All Men’s $20 oo Suits cut to $17 oo
10 OO yi 14 00 “ «
il “ I 00 ol < 18 00 16 oo
: 5 13 00 “ 16 50 $ 15 00
14 50 i #* 12 00 « 15 00 « 12.20
“ ol 10 00 i“ 8 « 3 5
° 50 : 12 50 i 10 00
4 10 00 " 8 50
i ’ 3% * ’ 6 50 All $10 00 Suits cut to $7 50
i 00 . : 4 50 ‘ 8 50 # 6 00
5 00 4 00 i 5 00 4 3 QO
$i see “0328 “i 400: 325
oo 30 * ¢ 2 25 ® 300 “ 2 50
Men’s Suits as follows:
Boys’ and Children’s Suits as follows:
Men’s Dress Pants cut as follows:
All $5 00 Pants cut to $4 oo
| pense of his health.
EET —— * 4 50 ’ 3 50 eee
oT —— * 400 ¢# 3 00 Sh —————
cid Am
3 00 4 2 50
This Sale will last 30 days and we want you to come in at once and see what
we have to offer you. Best up-to-date stock in Northern Cambria.
2 Good Stores 2
Directly Opposite Bank, Magee Avenue, Patton, Pa.
But they do make a man feel better and 3
put up a better appearance it they are well”
of the best dressed men
are tailors to most
in Northern Cam-
bria county—they are the best advertisement
fitting and in style.
Sovyei Shir
A Tender Pol nt
with many people is their writing ma-
terials, Pen, ink and paper must be
just so or it isn’t up to their standard.
Stationery sold here is just so and it
we have. We keep abreast of the times in
EE ale both style and goods and our prices are as
stomach. The digestion-destroying pro-
cess is gradual, often unnoticed at first.
But it is only a short time until the liver would be hard to find any better. Of
balks, the digestive organs give way, and | course we carry a great variety. Dif-
almost countless ills assail the man who | ferent grades and different styles to
endeavors to economize time at the ex- | suit different requirements,but in every
case tre quality is very good and prices
Box paper 10c to $2 per
low as is consistent with good sartorial work.
Let us make your next suit, overcoat or
trousers and be convinced of this truth.
(A torpid liver causes a quarantine of the "reasonable.
entire system. It locks in the diseased | box. Tablets 5c to 35c. Pens 50c to
germs and body poisons and affords them | §1.50 per gross. Inks, mucilage, paste,
full play, inviting some serious illness.
{In families where August Flower is used,
Wilson; Vice Templar, Mrs. Re-
‘becca Nashwinter;
Finance, Mrs. Elizabeth Ross; Guar-
| dian of Exchequer, Mrs. Rosa Beck-
| with; Guardian of Records, Mrs.
| Maude Richards; Guardian of Music,
Miss Emma Emigh; Guardian of Inner
| Portal, Mrs. Jane Peters; Prophetess,
| Miss Minnie Beckwith; Priestess, Mrs.
Lydia Crowell; Guardian of Outer
of | Portal, Miss Nellie Cramer; Trustees,
Mrs. Lydia Crowell, Mrs. Sara Rouns-
ley, Mrs. Rebecca Nashwinter; Repre-
sentative to Grand Temple, Mrs. Lydia
Marshal of Cere-|
monies, Mrs. Eliza Lloyd; Guardian of |
ete., ete. |
a sluggish liver and constipation are un-
| known, so are all stomach ailments, as
well as indigestion, dyspepsia, heartburn,
| headaches and kidney and blader affec-
| tions. No well-regulated family should STATI 0 N E RY
be Dthout tats pi ay ? o STO R E.
| Two sizes, 25¢ and 75¢c. All druggists. . -
For sale by DR: H. W. BHILEY,
Dentist! |
Room 16, Good Building. | FIRE, LIFE AND
Patton, - - -
Office in Good Building, formerly
occupied by H. A. Seitz.
8a. mn. to 12 m.
1 p. mh. to 5:30 p. m.
Tp. mM. to8 p.m,
Parnell, Cowher & Co
—Agents for— |
| Reuel Somerville,
Office Hours—8 to 12 a. m., 1to5 p,, m. Gto8
Office in the Good Building.
p. m.
Office hours:
Read your own COURIER. , Good Building, Pat "Phone No, 9.