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VOL. XII.—NO. 41.
$1.00 PER YEAR
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It Will Connect Altoona With
This Place.
Will Pass Through that Borough and Ash-
* wille—Pittaburg Capitalists are Back of the
Project—A Spur to the Wopsononock Park
Will be Built First.
Patton is to have another trolley
line. It will be built by the Blair and
Cambria Street Railway Co., which
will make application for a charter on
the 28th inst., and will run from Al-
toona to Patton, passing through Ash-
ville and Chest Springs, The com-
pany also proposes to build a line to
‘Wopsononock Park.
The persons interested in the new
road and who will make application for
a charter, are: Ex-Postmaster H. P.
Wilson, F. D. Wray, W. 8. Lee, W. B.
Douglass, F. J. Thompson, James P..
Malone and F. G. Patterson, all of Al-
The Blair and Cambria - Street Rail-
way Co. is backed by Pittsburg capijt-
alists, who have gone over the pro-
posed route, and after sizing up the sit-
uation, consider it one of the best sec-
tions of the state to be opened up by
an electric railway. The line will have
its terminal at Thirteenth avenue and
Eighteenth street in Altoona and will
run along Eighteenth street to Fif-
teenth avenue, to Nineteenth street, to
the city line, from which it will pass in
a northwesterly direction along the
public highway and private right of
way to the Buckhorn, to Ashville, to
Chest Springs, thence to Patton, wher=
the terminal will be located within a
short distance of the railroad station.
The line will be about 14} miles in
The power plant of the new road will
be located on Clearfield creek, midway
between Patton and Altoona and it
will be up-to-date in every detail. The
company proposes to re-open Wopso-
nonock as a park. It is to be made one
of the finest in the state. An excursion
house is to be erected on the cliff at the
“Lookout” and will be fitted up in an
attractive manner for the pleasure and
convenience of the people on pleasure
The company will build a line from
the Buckhorn to Wopsononock along
the top of the mountain and the route
will give the passengers a delightful
panoramic view of all the surrounding
‘Special Session Held for the Transaction of
Regular Business.
A special meeting of the Patton bor-
ough council for the transaction of
regular business was held Monday
night with President Lingle, Secretary
Moore and Councilmen Berkey, An-
statt and Emigh in attendance.
Frank Anderson and Paul Biller ap-
peared in behalf of Patton Fire Co. No.
1 and asked for a thousand more feet of
‘fire hose, stating that there was but
250 feet in the possession of the firemen
that was in good condition. The fire
and police committee will look into the
Special Officer Lyons reported that
he had collected $15.50 from fines and
licenses from August 7th to date and
was authorized to issue licenses in the
. absence of Chief Burgess Donnelly.
Patton Fire Co. No. 1 was exonerated
from paying taxes for 1904 and 1905 to
the amount of about $5.
The following bills
Joseph Karlheim $5.40, Charles Ben-
der $5.40, Victor Lauer $2.27, Peter
Harrington $11.02, George McCreary
$16.46, Gilbert Bishop $17.10, Thomas
Bishop $41.17, William Gill $60, Ed S.
Moore $5, Patton Clay Mfg. Co. $4.50,
W. J. Donnelly & Co. $47.61, George S.
Good Electric Light Co. $102.50, Chas.
were ordered
Record of the Patton Club for
the Past Season.
Locals Had the Game Won up to the Eighth
Inning—St. Boniface Defeated Barnesboro
¥or a Hundred Dollar Purse in a Fast
Game at Athletic Park.
On Monday evening the Patton Ath-
letic Association held a meeting and
decided to disband the Patton base ball
team for the season. On account of
the difficulty in securing games, most
of the strong independent clubs having
dispanded, this was deemed the proper
thing to do, and to devote all their en-
ergies to securing and keeping a still
stronger nine next year.
Manager Gilliece has given the local
fans the very best quality of base ball
this season that Patton has ever had,
and while the home club has not won
all the games, it must be remembered
that the vast majority of the clubs
played with are among the strongest
in the state, and the management de-
voted as much and more energy in se-
curing clubs that could play fast ball
and guarantee good contests than it
did in getting clubs that could be de-
All of the Patton players were hired
by the month and all of them dia faith-
ful and consciencious work. There
were 68 games played. Of these,Patton
won 44, lost 23 and one was forfeited.
The complete list of games with scores
and where played is appended as a mat-
ter of record and interest:
Patton 16, Spangler 1, at home.
* 5, Benedict 0, at Benedict.
« 6, Loretto 2, at home.
14, Benedict 0, at home.
9, Altoona 1, at home.
23, Millville 3, at home.
1, Punx’y 2, at home.
3, Punx’y 6, at home.
23, Altoona 3, at home.
5, Punx’y 7, at Punx’y,
2, Punx’y 6, at Punx’y.
8, Lewistown 10, at home.
2, Lewistown 6, at home.
8, Glen Campbell 4, at home.
3, Br'k’’n Giants 2, at home.
3, Osceola 2, at home.
4, Osceola 3, at home.
, Punx’y 8, at home.
, Punx’y 0, at home.
, Lewistown 3, at L’w’st’n.
, Lewistown 5, at L’w’st’n.
9, Johnstown 0, at home.
2, Braddock 1, at home.
0, Braddock 1, at home.
11, Br’k’’n Giants 10,at home. |
9, Br'k’’n Giants 3, at home.
8, Coalport 1, at home.
5, C’mb’rl’d 19, at C’mb’rl’d.
7, Osceola 9, at Osceola.
9, Osceola 3, at Osceola.
4, Shamokin 9, at Shamokin.
3, Lewistown 7, at Lewist’n. |
2, Indiana 11, at Indiana.
4, Indiana 0, at Indiana.
5, Germantown 2, at home.
3, Germantown 7, at home.
7, Mt. Union 1,at Mt. Union.
2, Altoona 0, at home.
13, Coalport 2, at Ooalport.
9, Houtzdale 4, at Houtzdale,
10, Morrisdale 3, at M’r’sdale.
7, Philipsburg 11, at Ph’sb’g.
10, Wilkinsburg 1, at home.
4, Indiana 2, at home.
2, Indiana 3, at home.
4, Lewistown 9, at home.
10, Lewistown 3, at home.
1, Punx’y 2, at Punx’y.
10, St. Boniface 0, at home.
10, North Cambria 1,at home.
11, North Cambria 0,at home.
9, Philipsburg 1,at Ph’l’sb’g.
9, Philipsburg 3,at Ph’l’sb’g.
5, Osceola 4, at Osceola.
7, Osceola 2, at Osceola.
8, Philipsburg 1,at Ph'V’sb’g. 5
0, Osceola 1, at home.
14, Osceola 1, at home.
2, Punx’y 3, at home,
5, Punx’y 0,at home.
| A Dastardly Affair in Clear-
field Township.
Mrs, Jacob Smithbower Held up on the
Public Highway by a Brute Who At-
tempted to Ravish Her—Followed to Pat-
ton and Apprehended.
Charged with intent to commit rape,
| pointing fire arms, assault and battery
| and shooting with intent to kill, Char-
{les Mays and William Edwards, the
latter known as *‘Billy the Bum,” were
committed to jail at Ebensburg Mon-
'day morning by Justice of the Peace
Boone in default of bail.
Both of the men reside at Glasgow,
in this county, and Saturday evening
they drove to Patton in a rig owned by
the latter's wife. It is alleged that in
coming here they stopped at Nagle’s
school house in Olearfleld township,
{about two miles from town. Mrs.
Jacob Smithbower passed them at this
point on her way home from Patton.
Mays left the rig and followed her,
passing Jesse Nagle, the Clearfield
township constable, who was going in
the opposite direction. He caught up
| with the woman and making an insult-
ling remark attempted to throw her to
| the ground. She screamed and Mays
[clapped his hand over her mouth, at
| the same time taking a revelver from
| his pocket and telling her that if she
| made any further outcry he would
{shoot her.
This did not deter the woman, how-
| ever, and her cries for help were heard
i by Nagle, who ran .to her assistance.
{ Mays released the woman, who went
| bome, and fired five shots with his re-
volver at the constable, none of them
| fortunately taking effect. He then ran
| up the hill, where Edwards was stand-
|ing guard, and getting in the rig with |
| the latter whipped up the horse and
| drove post haste to Patton.
| Nagle followed, swore out a warrant
| before Justice of the Peace Boone and
| arrested them in front of the Windsor |
| hotel, deputizing George Iddings, of!
| this place, to assist him. Mays at-
| tempted to shoot Iddings, but the lat- |
| ter used the butt of a revolver on
| May’s cranium with such force that he |
| needed the services of a surgeon. Both |
| Edwards and Mays spent Sunday in!
| the lock-up and were taken to Ebens-
| burg Monday morning to stand trial at
| court. Both of the men bear a bad rep- |
| utation in the community in which
| they live.
Mrs. Smithbower, who is sixty-six
| years of age and the mother of a num-
ber of grown up sons and daughters,
{ was not injured by the occurrence out-
| side of a natural nervousness, and will
| be on hand at court to testify against
{| the men,
The arrest of the men in Patton
created considerable excitement on the
street and some ugly talk was indulged
in until they were safely behind the
Excellent Program for the one to be Given
Saturday Evening.
The organ recital to be held in the
M. E. church Saturday evening by Mr.
Roscoe Huff, assisted by Mrs. Blanche
Derr Bubb, soprano, promises to be
one that music lovers cannot afford to
miss, as the following excellent pro-
gram will amply testify:
Sonata in C minor Mendelssohn
Grave and Adagio,
1 | Allegro Maetoso e Vivace
Fuga, .
Movement Musical in F minor..... Schubert
| Offertoire in D (St. Cecelia) Batiste
2 My Dreams... Tosti
Se ubb,
Preludeand Fugue in ¢ minor............ Bach
Spring Song..
Andante in G
| On the Coast.
{Thy Beaming
| Serenade,
Mendelssohn |
What has Been Going on at
September Term.
Case in Which Officials of tbe United Mine
Workers Figured—Carroll Township Young
Man in Trouble—School Directors are Re-
quired to Show Cause.
A rather peculiar case, involving the
financial relationship between mem-
bers of the United Mine Workers and
their elected officers was tried Satur-
day. It was an action in which Thomas
Currie tried to recover from the bank
committee at the Cymbria mine wages
alleged to be due him as an elected
The facts in the case as brought out
in testimony submitted by the plaintiff
are these: In December, 1904, Thomas
Currie was elected by the men check-
weighman at the COymbria mines.
About a month later some dissatisfac-
tion arose over the method of this
election, and another man was chosen
in his stead. Carrie, however, elaiming
that he had never been discharged,
continued to work with the new man,
and later applied to the bank commit-
| tee for an order on the sub-district sec-
| retary-treasurer for his pay,amounting
[to something like $86. The committee
| refused the order, and suit was brought
| to recover from the members of the
| committee, collectively ahd individ-
When the case for the plaintiff had
| been concluded, the council for the
| defendants moved for a compulsory
nom-suit on the grounds that it was
absurd to hold this committee, and not |
i some of the executive committee of the |
| United Mine Workers, responsible for |
| the debt, if it existed. The court re-
fused the motion, but directed the jury
to bring in a verdict for the defendant.
Judge O’Connor refrained, however,
from the issuance of formal binding
instructions to the jury and is reserv-
ing the case for farther consideration.
Benjamin Yeckley, a young man
| twenty.two years of age, from Carroll
| township, was charged with statutary
A Sale is now in pro-
gress on all goods in
order to make room
for Fall Stock.
Next Door to Bank. PATTON, PA.
When you need a drop of good whiskey in the house,
especially during the fall and winter.
Of Course
You want it pure and wholesome, whether used as a
beverage or for medicine. We deal in High-Grade Liquors
only, and sell them at the minimum for standard goods.
Piel and Duquesne—the Beers Par Excellence. Order a
case or a keg by ,phone, postal card or in person and it will
be delivered promptly.
rape and f. &b. by Ellen Miller, a fif-
teen-year old girl, who also resides in
Carroll township. This case consumed |
noon, a number of witnesses appearing |
! on each side.
The young man in question intro-
duced two young ladies and several of |
his boy friends to prove an alibi. The |
| mitted either on the last Sunday in
| June or the first Sunday in August.
| The witnesses produced by the defense
| testified that young Yeckley was in
| their company, miles from the scene of
the alleged assault. An attempt was
| also made to prove that the girl was
| morally very loose.
The court made an impartial charge
| to the jury, pointed out the seriousness
| of the offense, which is a felony accord-
ing toan act of the legislature, and
said also that the matter should be
carefully considered under all the testi-
mony submitted before a decision
should be rendered.
During the trial District Attorney
Leech established a dramatic precedent
in evidence by taking the baby in the
case and, holding it in his arms, placed
its face against that of the alleged
father. The resemblance was marked,
{and the jury lost little time in reaching
a verdict. Before Yeckley could be
sentenced, Attorney P. J. Little, for the
defendant, moved for a new trial. He
made an earnest objection to Leech’s
comparison of man and babe, and it is
| said that the case may figure in the
| superior court.
The jury brought in a verdict of not
offense was alleged to have been com- |
the time of the court Monday after- ii
Bell and Local "Phones. PATTON, PA.
Everything Goes.
After this month summer goods will
be a drug on the market. We must
dispose of them within the next thirty
below cost and Summer Clothing
cheaper than the cheapest. Summer
Outing Suits reduced from $10 to $6
days. Hats at half-price,
and all other goods in proportion.
Come quick and get your first pick
of the bargains.
| guilty on the first charge, but guilty of
the second.
A. C. Parker; the Johnstown cigar
| salesman, charged by Bissinger Bros., |
Beautifies and preserves the complexion.
This powder pur-
t. Dale F. Pitt .65, Patton Water Co. $40, John Mrs,
(d. Gagliardi $12.45 0, Punx’y 7, at Punx’y. ( Nightpiece in I op. 23 Schumann | Of Pittsburg, with embezzling $200 of |: ’ : so: :
+20. | Nig op. 23........ ol 5 ’ I Pa fies 2Serves 3 y1v -
x & - 4, Punx’y 2, at Punx’y. 5 | Gavotte from “ Mi ...Thomas | that firm’s accounts, came into Tae and preserves the skin, giving to it a soft and velvety
lovers Sunday School Jnetinte, 6, Altoona 2, at Clearfield. | | [inet i chumann | and entered bail in the sum of $500 for complexion.
I ap A Sunday school institute will be 5, Altoona 2, at Clearfield, Lily n ; 4 Ar Gatiimant | his appearance at the next term of|
: : 3 24 A e Rosary .. RA Nevin | Th. : 4 re . . . .
jon 3 held in thie M. E. church next Tuesday 3 Dabok forfeited. {be Roa i GHaNeYin | court. This was done to give Parker | A positive relief for offensive perpiration, chafing, sun-
P. afternoon and evening under the di- 10, Philipsburg 2, at home. s. Bubb, | an opportunity to settle the matter out | - Hicti +11
nk rection of Charles Roads, D. D., gen- 6, Philipsburg 3, at home. 7 Overture, “William Tell” Rossini of court. bus n and all afflictions of the skin.
He bas been in jail since
eral field worker of the Sunday School 2, DuBois 4, at DuBois. | August 10th. |
Base Ball League,
Union. At 2:30 p. m. there will be an
address by Dr. Roads and conference
on primary plans for teachers, mothers |
After having the game won up to |
the eighth inning last Friday, the Pat-| Cambria county towns should get |
ton team ‘“‘went up in the air’? and al- | UP @ league for next season. Cresson,
John Simonisas, an Italian miner of]
Hastings, pleaded guilty to the larceny |
Delightful After Bathing.
A Luxury After Shaving.
| of a miner’s auger and was sentenced
and pastors. At 4 p. m. Dr. Roads will | lowed the DuBois Interstate league |Xbensburg, South Fork, Scalp Level, | to pay the costs of prosecution, $10 fine, |
address the children with blackboard | club to make three runs in that inning |Patton, Hastings, Barnesboro, Span- | make restitution and serve thirty days
and candle sermon. In the evening at and win the game. gler and Gallitzin, not to mention Car- | jn jail.
oy on 7:46 o'clock for Sunday school workers | The locals are too true sportsmen to |rollbown and others, can put good | The Wednesday evening session of
livers and the public in general an address by | complain about the contest or make | teams in the field, especially with the | court was devoted to the case of the |
NI Dr. Roads on “Short Steps to Sunday | any excuses for its outcome, although | stimulus to the game occasioned by | school directors of Carroll township, |
mob School Ideals,” followed by an open |they might do so without it effecting |Johnstown’s fine work in the Tri-State. | who are alleged to have been lax in}
‘Ladies can have samples for the asking.
. Sup-
to go
— Additional local news on the last
their reputation for fairness and sports-
manship, if all the stories relative to
—Johnstown Tribune, the matter of quarantines. The court
A variety of interesting local news |® few days ago granted a rule to have
will be found on the eighth page. CONTINUED ON PAGH 8,