The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, October 16, 1903, Image 3

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    ne ol
lold Roman empire where vo traveler
; felire rer t mide
A butlred milion |
of thin have been
sold In the United
Bates In a single
Yen, Every Hikess
omarch if may ba safely ne
ies randitian of i
ele eo Know etn
bv of them, AL st
Bn. The fivecent parkage 8
Sor a nh oditary ae maton, pod
fmanare your domed
Stomach Cleanser
ents Foaitao hos,
Leu, Gonstizatiing,
AV INSgis, Boe. and B11,
or By wail Doan
tion kills mo
freee fering, Mo matter what ails you, start a.
never get wall and ste ‘well until you get your bowsis
mou digmaticn, pimp
r skin god dirziness. When your bowels don't move
‘modern times has boon: that there
ancient towns which no tourist has
seen, temples and towers that no Jovs
er of classic architecturs has dedght-
od In, inseripilonz In ancient (reek
that no savant has es vet deciphored |
while regions, in fact full of anti
for which no Bawdeker has
been written, and which are not shown
pon the Tatest mais savs Howerd
Crosby Budde In the Century. There
fire regions within our tempore
gone whrra muzlorn European foes
has tried, cp fr 88 we are abie to tell
~upepdony | wire the alviiization of
Greece and Rome conve Sonrishel, and
where fing monanenis of classic art,
wl of ga unfieniisr wet thal sap
Eplanted the clssaic waste their bean |
tien wpbn the lerosant sight of Ball
eivilirel nomsls.
Ta veaiize the trath of thig one
wide only te coms Ue ranges of
monntsing that rin parallel to the
sedtern const of the Mediterranean,
re Bll raravan routes, josie
opdtently abosit the barren
that les hotweun these
EY is urd the Euphratis Hero
ary wideh, though not whol
iy unexplored, fs full of nest wonder
ful surprives. Hore gre cities and
towns long desorted, mt so great or
© imposing, perhaps, as Paimym bhi
Tar better preserved than the city of
Zenobln, and giving a much truer ple
ture of the Ule of the ancient Inhabl-
tants than one oan draw from thosn
Fnots rains. These towns ars nod
hnriodd, Mke the great citios of the Me
sopolamian plains, nor have thelr
| sites been bull upon in modern nies,
ax those of the classic cities of
I OQreoce have been; they stand ont
against the sky upon Lich ridges or
He shyilersd [ao seguestersd yailays,
presenting to the view of tha travel
Br ns be approaches then Yory much
the same aspect that they did In the
Aourth century of oar era, when in
habitat lo the prosperous, cuith
yafed and happy poegde, or when oo
sorta By thes inbabitantas sone
1.300 Ybor ago.
Lave and Reason.
An pid tire writer bolls Tarh thas
ertertainingly In Jove and ream:
“iacry the Jess thet bas the cow
wan the adviee of An old gentivmes to
8 inddis who osonenited Bim on the ade
jot of a ehiloe hebwoen a girl wiih
A cow. ard ene thar had nu thing bit
# pretty face. Che far as helt bd
comierned, Yen is 1 no 1h fi orcas
aol 8 vow beligaon ans WER i
hover, though he 1x :
IR Ha marry tho mn wie. wii
’ ai to ud
vanis whi is
secnomical: got on
an a Gon fiehanl pak
all the hotter abd be
it vnited with al) ths
the tagt wnartibilo
Pont tearey for money, mersivi.
Poors is neither love por pogson dn
teal 3 may buy many Bos thing
but It won't Say bappiness, and with
out that a man I & pour orealare
Money is no objection, It may be. in
geod, an fmportant oblect, but every
other consideration bends to the Joint
«f buing msiched as well as paired,
whet ove and reason join hands”
A Bory ix going the rovnds of the
NMissourl press regarding a farmer
whi Bs greatly trembled with absent
minduess, On the way how from
own sn the story runs, the thought
i dil CUR pate
came to him that he had forgoates
something. He took out his notebook,
went over every lor, «wothal 4 on
aud saw that he had made all the pur
chases he had intendi<d. Am he drove
68 he could not put aside the focling
‘that there was something missing. He
took out his notebook aud checked off
every item again, but sill} found no
mistake He did this several times
Lut could pot demise the idea that he
must have forgotten something, When
he arrived at homs and drove ap te
the Louse, his deughtor ocadne oil to
pect hia, and, with a look of surprise
Why, where is maw?y’
Te people than ali cther diseases together, It
absolute | Sutraatee re
ve seid in Bulk. Sea
yor Mow York
Influences able men ji ail
By Frederick Breithut.
UR young men hate advice. When yon chnsider the amenns of
it which they have to swallow, you ean hardly blame them
Ag things stand teday, a boy ix tsoght as muelr a8 van be
expected in school, We doubt whether as ouch can be said for
Fe Egy,
Be thot ag ton
:, the ? South i® thraiwn upon he Werkd
Bnawhsdoe of |
Natarally, be meakes mistakes
bety, realizing Us weakotss In wot Preparing him in a better
fa nner, in wittiy forgives the young man on the ground
that Leo ls sow ing Ble wild bate”
poopie. seping where things dre wrong ry fa help the young
gv: phi may ee, JThey hope 0 thls way to do the work
rears of
i ie young man dees no forgive wiviely at readily ag sacisty forgives
hore fhe {aadt Hes pod resenta he
dlagssr, Muorenver he often feels that
Sing the advising in po way superior to blibwdf,
Despdie sll this we are doing to give advies, Dur young man, we are not
going th prenchy a fuvcess sermioneite of the geist arder,
We dati't care whether sou save ten (ents a dy or not. We dart think
ft makes pach dfference, We Hott fare whether you Tia & worldly sues
cess ur nb. We Knew it dons rot pike any Gilferene
In these days of maramoen ¥ weliip it Is dapgerens to fry to got a young
man ty bell thao any vr Blahey than gamed, Awd the oun man wha sol
out with higher Meals than the alialomong of wesith [3 ordipnsily regarded
gg either a foo) or a freak 10 ig that soning man we want to faik to,
But aur words sre feeble, Lot ws satser listen to what a powerfal man
Bail to say on this tople Jal Buskin's wards follow
1 bave to patience with people wh talk shout the “thonghtl jegupess of
Feral indalzently. I bad infinitely ratlwr hear of thoughtless old age and
be indulgence (ne to that, When a man has dene bis weak and nothing can
shy way be materially nlleredd da Jos file, Jed him forget hia toll and Jest
with his fate” if he will: hut what excise ean you find for wiifuiness of
Brought at the very the when every crisis of fatars fortune Bangs off your
Jevlrlons? A youth thoughtless! when sll the happiness of his home forsver
Geprads on the chanoes, or the passions, of sn hour! A youth thooehitiess!
when the career of all hin dass depends oa the opoortnnlly of 8 moment! A
sonth theurhtless! whey his every sel i ox 8 torch to the jaid train of Ditare
et and everd domination a Ant B31 of Jife or death! De thoughiless
foney after yours rather thin paw —thovel, deed there ja on iy one place
where a man pay I nobly thoughtless hiv deathbed, Xo thinking shionid SYLT
bee oft toe hie dite there ™
There Is htt aed te added in thin
Young mar, stick to your deals! Try to minke them real, no matter what
your frends thlak abent thm Yeu know your work letter than they do
You ean ger sway from thelr dewnise hap Fou oanbol get Away
So ddouht comteree 2 a great thingy. Bat It 8 net svervthing To flace
ideal in un demoralizing Infuenee the resgits of
pernicious ~ New York Evening Journal
£7 ©’
ie a recent gathering of Lis
sireoted futive gireslh 1 he
OOmeRt Americans Oo her Wore
prapsriead, in tae morning, Whether
iil of a servant, of by halt eat
#0 Lin every roo:
We thet on thie, »
GIs seamnoternr in, Lani aoss al eats, sonsntan
Rian the groonnt of filme 1h ta tennire Lowel Sioaing the next engthoe
Pent gecordingly, Often we soladlivide tis time, and note Ly our walche
Fxuotly how bag we Can discues a subiect,
This is wo sxageeration of the American habit, Even such breaks fn work
fs are eompelled Gy the need of physical refreshment are brought within thos
mits, We ont an the Jush ga wa franesot all sor huaeiness on thine If the
typienl American were to be depleted in his most characteristic atibtade, if
westld be porciau! on a stool Boa “quick lunch counter,” consuming his mig
day mead In seven minates at the putulde.
Doabtiess punctuslity is a virine. Donbilesa also the practice of doing
things exactly on tite has won for us, as a people, a large measure of [ido
tried sneeexe. Hut carried to an extreme ass {often 8 0 1% wearing fn hie
tndivideal. The people whose perves brisk down from exbanstion ledent
to overwork are not often pol so mueh the victims of overwork an of thes habit
of compressing every bit of work within prearranged lmits of time, Let
Ruyolis try the experiment of doltiy a glen plese of work freadily and w 54
By wh cui, Lat without poticlng by his watch or a cloek exactly how nee
thine Ne 8 consmaing, and he wil be amazed to find how Much eas) oy if wt
ie ofr than when le lg thang himself, and scheming 10 bring the prescribed
task within a fixed number of mlpotes.
We know a great deal mare abont an tary matters than our fathers and
graudfathers knew, We Lave hunted down leveled) We have eapeaited
sering. Diseases sehich were ones regarded as vialtatlons of Provideoen we
raw Know to be preventable and we take suitable nwnos of preventing hem,
All thesp Jdiweoverios and new remedies anzlit to diminish the death rate aud
to promote longevity, They have td Cape 50. as a matier of fast: poriiaps 4
ties pight do so If they had a falr chitnce. The trouble Is thar along wih |
these devices for lengthening He we are sdontlug praciioes hich t2ad to
shorten it. One of the most woaring of these Is the Babi of br tging all th
details of our work within exact time Hubia
e 2 <
he Eccentric Husband.
By Helen Oldfleld.
BRERVERS miay experiences varied emotions at the yagi
} aud the blunders of genlus—rrgret, indienation, sear 1h
pay even feel a secret satisfaction that, after all, the be drved
if the gods are in supe respects inferior to everyday thor.
nls, but nothing they many do can excite surprise,
But the Latitude aimed to genius does not cover the
sage blunder on the part of those who sre men of talest
level headed and shrewd in every relation of We except ia
that of marriage
The usual explanation thet ney gre enrried away by infartpation, theisigh
true sometimes, x not always so, ond when it te it loess not snfieionst y ardoling
for the why and wherefore thst wea wun pride theonselyes uron thelr insight
inte character, wen who rarely if ever make a mistake in the wen wisn {hey
geiect as thelr lemtenants, who ehooss thelr rienda with discretion. wen
remarkable for good Judgment and strong como SFRe, go so far satay
when 1 comes 0 choosing the power next the throne, the ote friend of a
Neither fs accident a sufficient. rerson, It ja not held as a valid ey iice |
when a man bas appointed an Incompetent agen toa swindling atletasy ur a
dishonest cashivr. There must be sasethilng which, to quote the ol) say
ing, “pulls the wool over mel's eyes” where Women are concerned sud abe
secures the clearest judgioen?,
This something undoubtedly exists and Is almost invarislly one of two
things, perhaps caprice, that mental fnpulse which takes no counsel wih
reason, bait goes ftw own gait, ushesding and blindly rerurdiess of waning,
rn impulse which with uh wired hag sppdrently ors to da with
Ld sv eX al
OL a companion for Hie ti Hil any olber goegsan, Why #t
12 08 of the mysteries but it does, ad the reason may be that
casian it wakes up in unusual
Caprice, under (he guise of fapole: lependonse of opinion,
; masrtiage when reinfores
guil by the subitle sltractd some! ry ogoverns then
It this be the reason, eaprice 8 the eduse af many mere
suspected and becotes patent ouly whey the upsuits
4 plainly kpown 10 every one.
Next to this comes the headsironyr almost preposterons ;
which makes a wan eertals Ip bis own eonvelt that if he Fanti 4 woah he
piiderstands her and will be able to shape her to his wishes,
Oppesition only confirms him in his opinion. Even sensible and praecticalq
§ men exhibit this propensity, a fedling as unreasonable in its Wiy 8s the
ancient rule of chivalry which obliged each true asd dowghty knlghe to
fight to the death iu support of his ladylove's claims to preeminence In
beauty above all her sex,
There is an inherent vanity In most men, usually kept down by experience
and good sense, as to their own sound judgment upon points where the
world holds accuraey of judgment a sign of intellectual power, aud when the
#8oles of 2 wite ls to be made this YaRAY Fises up full grows,
Al b bis life he’ 5 bean a kicker;
Rois ed &% Tite
E YEN ie
Saudent hat. mroafedins, how did
roan defend hosel had
oS Tufesser = Rofore men had arma
or fought with their Saw” :
Flowiit iret mast have a groagh
fst yas. He sald he waukl give
it fy ing GUT ghiae day
Jovrst "0h, he only Ny : f hat from
foran of habiz he's an nadortdker™
“What I HR" sald Wilts Washinge
fon, ig 8 rood, seneibly giz)” :
ey Gen’ pout propose to due’?
CWhat ia tbe vse? 1 she Were wife
ghee phd sap gel =Washingion Bun
“Yin sey that Jong-haired planist
gave a fAnished porformianes” sald
the Theatrical Thur “Well, 1 oplad
be finished hi ‘finished performance’
before he Sahel pel Baltimore
“Deak bor, ln it true that you have |
aise barged sour vier”
TXiea + fhe deonipdrel! Wie
Tent weithy the He weangsed §
penne think be wie {he fri
was the man, bikw Joye”
"What the world needs
Vhe thers ava #n
that they can barely
Jon posh LX ¢
as Bis, wmf Ge op
BA ee
iit. Ne
A ET ho
: 8,
“You'll he furs to tall Mins Bn Fine
that 1 called while she wae out?
an sex She'll be delighitsd to hear
Me XNew York Journal
ES r—
“This offer of your hore sod hand Is
vere sudden, sail the summer glel
“hot Twill tale 22.0
“ART gasped the swell diy goods |
clerk, badly aattied, “will you ¥ it
with you, or kiall 1 send it hoe lew
Philndeiplia Public Ledger,
Teme, Aust what wanld you wiv,
it 1 were to tell you you were not a
stleman »~
Frostices -- “1 woul! fmmediatily |
reaclh the econcluslon that you and I
really had more 13 eomdion than 1 had
theught we bod."--Baltisere Xmerh
“Is Rlunpeonn the tombstons fnager,
e sod business man
“lod? 1 should say he i) Why, |
that man's husliness foresioht fs sim
ply wonderful. He has ag ‘started a
autel-lonch restaurant. by way of ex
tending his operations.” —Baltisoocs
Mra. Wosdb ye Ther
ere eye ation
exvinsivae wooly,
ed ton to the palves
fie §7 our Hunde
Mrs Met
hotter at eoilege,
Philadelphia Press.
Bde ream Tht you
Wii is
Wageshy «Yes, Slinknm bad og coset
eripclpal civreer neti his own careless
pess Lrouglit it to gu untimely end”
Naggsby--"How was that?
Waggsby "All went well with him
until he attempted to take the gold
filling from the teeth of one of his
holdup victims. That was where hel
: struck a snag." ~Baltimore Awerlcan, |
patients !
two sous who died of
FTTparmanentiy sured. Xo Mtaor 5
pos altar Arst ay's use of Dr, Rita's Greet ;
Nervalmitorer, riatnottie and t po
DrRH, Kriz, Jad. bd Arsh se, | Phila.
It is yowivle ta rawr a check withoud
the aid of a derrick.
Mrs. Winsion' s Sasthing Ferap for shildren
tet hing solien the game, rada or25 a bottle
Hon alu 3 pata cares wind aaife, Be,
The educat of rome x people is more
ornamsial than useful
son pl FA
bis Cure for A ———— is an fa
meditee for o> Jaghs and a
Bowens, (hrean & Grove N. J. Fab, . 17, 199,
AH dn GRA EA og
The fellow who haw mos ¥ to burn is
generslly sure of meeting his match.
Minit SRA 5 SASS, HBO, Er
Presay FAoroess Dyes produce the
brighiest and fastest solors,
A pan may be mach wight after, even
though bi he a fugit soe fron Justice.
Yall in Birth Kate.
The hest ealoniation that ean Pe
made shows that the average nunber
of ehilldren In the white native family
8 century ago fn the United States
was pore than six; in IRSO ft pad
fallen to fess than five: in 1990 to jenn
than four; in 1872 to less than three; In
1000, arhong the “upper classes” I
Boston, fo lids than two.
T Mow's This?
Wea afler Ons Handed Dolisre Boward top
any name of Catareh that sasnot bu cured ip :
Hails (interes Cure,
Ener & Un, Toledo, O,
Wa, thaanderignsd, navn known P. 7.00.
Bey 107 Lh inet 15 yomrs, and baifere his
jects Banorable tn sti fasiness
Wank iy ahis 10 carey out an; a A
Hons made by tisie ira, r =
Was 4 Tauay, Wimiaasin Draggists, Tolede,
Wavorea, Ke Rorwaxd Manvix, Whomsale Drage
uy Lata,
faire arais taken internaily, sobs
Spon thy blood aad nmasogs ate
vata Testimonials sent Jee,
Prise, oy per butte. Bold by wil
Hails Fa iy Fills are the vent,
- Wealth of Langunges,
The Ergli«h language, according to 8
Geran statistician who has made 8
stady of the comparative wenith of
sagunges, beads the lst with the
Enero s vost alary of 00.000 wore:
German eonies next, with $0000
word; then Italian, with 75.0005
Froned, with 30,000; Turkish, ~ith 23
S00, and Spanish, with 2 20408,
Az the Pa i of “much prinstak
ny frovest! el SVE the xiEtence has
oon doamonstirated of 8 clase of 39
Ban beings csded more] imbeciies
tial characteristic Ix com
Seth moral lasensibility, revealed by
v total ghesnoe of rejuEnancs to the
praeestion of rrime bofore the deed,
The Unlied Biated has granted 3.300
The weary, worn
Out, ail « tires] feel
ings come to every.
body who tates the
kidneys, When the
kikioeys are overs
worked they £10 to
perform tiie duties
Baars Law provided
for them to do,
When the kidoess
fall dangercus dis
eaves gulckly fol
low, urinary disor.
ders, diabetes, droge
i RY, rlieutnatism,
Bright's disense. man's
enre all kidney and bladder His Read
the following rave:
Veteran Joshua Heller, of 708 South
Witlnut street. Urbana Hi, says:
“In fall of 1500 after getting
Doan's Kidney Pills at Cunningham
Bros’ (drug store in Champaign sod
taking & course of treatment | told the
readers of the paper that they bad re
LUeved me of kidney trouble. disposed
of a lime hark with pain seross my
loins and beneath the shoulder blades
During the lnterval which bad elapwed
I have bad oevuxion to resort to Doan's
Kidney Pills when | soticed warnings
of attack. ,Om exch and every occasion
the resiiin obtained were just as satis
factory as when the plils were frst
brought to my notice, | just as ems
phatieally hudorse the Prepurytion toe
day as | did over two years ag
A Pare Triat of this at khlney
medicine which cwred Mr. Heller will
be mailed on application ta sny part
of the Unites] States. Medical advice
free: strictly conBidentinl Sdidress Foss
ter-Milbors Co, Iluals. N.Y. Foe
sale by all droggists, price 39 cents
per box.
More than 524.048 aeres of land in
the Indian jou. walins of Great Bre
tain are devated to the cwitivation of
toa blake of the aren being 18
Assam and PBeuagal, Production 19
cofflelally estimated at 191.250.0009
samuel WW, Twombly of Winchester,
» Maan, who ls over fourscore years of
oc Age, and recently cslebrated his ith
cr wedding amaiversary, is a candidate
| for anther torm to represent his dis
trict In the Legislature
Dizzy ? Headache? Fain
back of your eyes? It's your
liver! Use Ayer’s Pills.
Want your moustache or beard a
beautiful brow or rich black ? Use
Ba Sn SLR » Mali & Co. Nashus. NM