The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, September 11, 1903, Image 3

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    ante—that is the chief
sation. No matter how
pet of age to new ‘white
Shires face is called “burnt
|g is acquired by skillful “dip
48, and your dressmaker
: Bo doubt undertake to render new
the desired “burnt ivory shade.”
biscuit,” "burnt straw” hats
nga” yelver we have
— comes a fresh
f the work of conflagration
ing soft white lace to the de
oft, yellowish Ivory shade. Oil
would be a betler name for it,
the purnt™ Jabet | bas caught pop-
| vogue of
As regards shape, it is seriously 3 LS
i netted that high crowns are among the
| possibilities of |
{ Some recent Paris hats have surprise
the coming seasen.
ingly high crowns, and those who catef
to the peaple who set the styles are
selling more Ligh than low crowns
‘Most of the novelties produced at the
| present time. Nowever are mere feel
ers, put forth to test the humor of the
‘Judging from millinery seen at As
cot an English observer predicts the
pink for the fall. The
Princess of Wales wore a pink toque
on the opening day, and several other
{| women displayed similar shades in
headdress gear, while an the stand
Hroyal” day there was quite an
forescence of pink. from the patent
rose to & full orchid pink
There are 269 girls and married wom.
en devoting themselves to the study
of philosophy within the ¥rails of the
Viensa University.
Ada Cawsardine, a graduate of a
Lomdon teatoiug school for nurses, ia
in charge of the only hospital on the
Labrador coast line,
One of the most futeresting and ver
satile duchesses is her grace of Suther.
land. Politics and Hterature clafin the
greatest part of her graces injerest
fhe has been writing since she be
came of age, when she told the world
of how she spent ber twentieth year.
Mrs. Cadwallader Guild, to whon
Congress has given s $3000 commission
for a bust of the late President Me
Ries, has had cousiderabie recogni
i jg Eurgpe. Two of Ler grofips,
wa. and “Electricity,” bate been
office in Berlin, Fan
Mrs, McRae, of Chicage. is emplayed
as station landscape gardener Ly five
rallroads in Ulinols and Wisconsin, and
is paid something lie $1000 a year by
each of them. Mr. MoBae has full
{power to arrange everything cotinected
with new stations and grounds all
| slong these rullrond lives,
Women now have a fad for dainty
gardening tools. Rome of the spoon
8 shaped trowels have porcelain handles,
| hr iy da be
over the vintage,
: caving ca g crivus in —~
» through the season, the
faster ns the dancers
io doubt that proposals are |
ng rarer every day, and the
mother does tiot sit up plight
ight and attend ball after ball,
y to give her daughters a good
she is apt to grow disa-
e as July nears the end, and re
¢ al episodes of her youth
benest of her dhly chastened
for the dearth of mar-
ig from a London season,
dancing man has Hterally
Way into society, and as
8 well grootaed and present
he is tolemted. and hostesses
in order to propitiate him
thelr davghters wall flow.
body inquires what his mother
ters are like, and it 1s only when
the impertinence to propose tn
res that be meets with a rebuff,
was really worth the adic.
her it might not be as well
jo retire at once from active and fruft-
less matchmakiog.”
sne thing that seems to bo
1 thout the hats of the fall is
they will be trimmed with feath-
and plumage of all kind. Never,
sald, have so many birds been used
be used this season. Birds
flat with outstretched wings
re seen on the newes: hats, and the
fe will prevail during the fall
: "Tois Necomiton is often placed fiat
Mi low crowns, which it covers com-
iy, and the bird Is sometimes set
: the Bptumel brim of a =mall
among the most fashiotiable!
$ of the fall The Siamage)
y an oy Toa. bat to the fees,
Bat 3 bg dpe fen
omens in i wll
‘others are finished (nn burnished plekel
and copper. Tools made to order bear
simple ornamentation on that part of
the blade where it Joins the handle or
as 8 finish to itself,
One of the favorite occupations of
Mary Anderson Navarro fs chicken
{ raising. 8be spends hours (nn the com-
pany of these pets, and has designed
her own runs sud coops. Khe does not
sell ber eggs nod chickens, but gives
to her friends and to the poor what
she dors not require for her own table,
Mrs. Navarro's home Is in Drondway,
Yirginia Pope, of New York, three
yenrs ago chanced upon a nove] way of
making a living by opening 8 boarding.
house and hospital for sick birds. Last
sumimer 500 pets were placed {8 her
charge by owners leaving town, Miss
Pope makes the interesting assertion
that birds are peculiarly subject to
various forms of heart disease, thelr
nerves being easily shocked.
An English paper speaks of Miss
Florence Hayward as a talented Amer.
fran who may clahn distinetion on vari.
ous gecounts, Perhaps the most totes
worthy incident of her career ia to be
found in the faet that by ber appoint.
ment as special commissioner for the
forthcoming world's fair at St. Louls
«he has created a precedent for her
2X, no wonsaft having previously held
a similar appointment.
Halr bows have rather given way to
White straw bats burn a dirty
The white washable stock fa the
vogue in neckwear,
Biack wool laces gteadily grow in
favor for trimming.
Bash bows at the back are slender
aud upstanding,
Hall-yard long ends are noted on
tulle hat strings.
Blossom bows are just as pretty as
if they were new,
‘A winlet strive rolling-brim zailor is
suart with white or violet gowns.
Festoon bows are a part of the trime
ming on sole dainty gauzy gowns
White tulle and a while breast trim
very preity white shire waist hats,
Runple wiite mull hints are not suited
to all faces, especialiy those no longer
| young.
Dotted veils fre to have wide vogue
for autumn, partienincly i clustered
Rilke showing small self-colored or.
mure designs ure very styiish for the
separate blouse of white
Wash hats of duck, broad brimmed
and very simply trimmed, are quite
popular at the summer resorts,
Pompadour flares are noted, and
while not pew, no more becoming hat
118 to be seen on some women,
Black India silk is the favored gown
for utility wear for mourning. Black
organdy makes a chaning afternoon
Ombres constitute the ultra-ovelty
{design in ribbons. Among the most
i striking colorings are Tuscan beauja-
nls, the coior of the famious Tuscany
placed on the facade of the pew post
the owner's monogram or have some |
marked feature of the season and are
to be noted upon miodt of the latest
and smartest gowns. The May Manton
designs here gv on offer a wide vari oy
and are all gracefol sd smarl
addition 10 being ornaminial they san
often be made 10 serve the double snl
come siightly passe,
refted open to give the
dered effect demanded hy fashion.
and falls in deep points
No. & Je vireglar snd eloagsted al
in soft ripples ®t is lower edge
lace, finiabed
fancy stitehed,
jo batuds of
terials are epuaily appropriate
front and bark.
at the fron? as i
front. No 3 cio
i will
{the fall
{ nothingness at the froot.
| REY.
{fort at
of modernizing a bodice that bas be.
as they can be
brio bmhiand
Ne. 1 is made in handkerchief style
the fullness
forming folds which give an efest of |
fe and bdaok wit
the front to form the stales that are so fo
much liked, and is extended over thy
3 Is simply circular and fails
As Hinstrated, they are all made from
put various other ma
No. 1
fo cut th Iwo pleces and can be made
to ¢lose At the shoulders or at both
| 3 2 closes at the!
{and ls
New York « ity. -- Berthas make 8 ping clus and similar occasions. The
Chip yoke and the habit hack loom op
prominently among the fall stylea, ao
cording to so good an authority as
Cearand's Cloak Journal, which is also
respotisibie for the prediction that
rotgh effects, such as Hoglish and
Reotely suiting, will have the cali, and
thar broadelath In other colors thas
black Ix passe for Women's wear,
Shoulder Adoraments Doomed.
Ladies’ tailors prophesy that the abe
amd all shonlder adornments
have met thelr Waterloo by
and that on ouler garments
fodut collars will be redoced to &
band At the back, fading into
Nigevou, they
will show less of the pouch ef.
the wrist and more faliness
at the shoulder, For fallor made gar
print of the severe sivie the plain,
Coded fad
car The wets with 8 narrow tan back
150 or
bg £3
tne) mont sheeves: Anisbed
# oop rows of stiteling will he de
To put x fussy, dressy slveve
gu otherwise plain garpweut fe an
fir mistake
Faney Border Umbrella.
The fapey border pamibreila 8 moeh
more favored this year than for several
peasone past. The now feature ix He
Lars hes Thess famiy borders
fi sei? Border. Taf
in all posniar shades,
borders, are fiso much
ta mmhreiias
with satin seid
Waman's Blonse Wallet,
Ploase walels oreale gn aver increas
ing demand. They are greatly in
vaghie both for the entire gown and
the separate bodice aml show almost
endless tarkety, This May Manton
ane Gs made of white hatiste unlined,
with tiny pearl battons ss trimming
charming, but the design can be
lustrated. bur can be wale to cious
at the front if preferred,
The quantity of material required Bi
for No. 1, ope yapt olghtesn inches
wide, or ope yard twenty-one
wide: for Neo 2. threcquarter yas
eighteen inches wide er threequartiy
yard twenty one inches wide for Ne
8. one yard elghtesn inches wile of
three-quarter yard Dwenry-ole
Can iio
Russian Cont With Lox Pleats.
Long coats wine ln vogue and
gat favor with each socending well
The May Maton one ui in thel
drawing Is made
ix well adapeed both fo the
and the general Wrap
nude of hiaek wen
viartleedit bat all wad
materials both 1K amd wool ay
i» appropriaie
The ¢
that ix
fn Husson
aft consists of a
ade with
rant and back and
af shyaider stad
and the skiry wiloeh |
thereto beneath hig
includes fg; 18 bd
tinnous 1
back, Foe b provide graoed
The right froz i _ 1aps Cre
closes 18 Joab ¢ i
the edge of (he
box pigated from thas
shoulders, so provhliug
riuired by bast
bo Hitesd
Hgbn that fory
§ ® havery
Elina Lo
fashion, fad
hed by fare cuffs
the medium size (5 six amd 2a
yards twenty-seven inches wide,
yards forty-four inches wide or
yards fifty-two inches wide
Pleated Skirts For Fall Wear.
cessful for a season or two,
skirts will be relegated more and mom
for formal and dress oceasions, while
the Just-off-the-ground skirt will he!
adopted for matinee, walking. shop
: reno ne
fruecbors ©
weal srk o
Liles ROriANg.
spnpederairin |
Sy vs gv 0
snug 1]
puffs at the wrists whore they sre 83.)
The quantity of materidl required for |
hair |
Pleated skirta will be popuiar for
fall wear, and with thems will be warn |
the long coat which bas been so sue: |
wl in Bay of the season's ma-
nd later will be admirable for
iy wool and IK walatings when ihe
Preed ning will se found desirable
The walar conslets of the foundation,
that i8 srooethly ftted and closes at the
centre f from the fronts amd the back.
The bxek fs tneked In groups that eX-
tend tor ite entire lepgth and give
ring Hoes to the fowre, the fronts
Barre tueks at
Again at the shoulders, whens ey
axiom Hh voke depth, with wi ier teks
between the two which serve fo out.
line the centre abd give 3 vest feet
snug shave the
with straight
with a
wr BF
je Ride Yes dre Iw
grad fall
At thie nek
in ewpienl
TH sar kL
Tale JA asY
#5 Rw
a stock
sigs te four ar
ey THe
a guar
four 1%
ter yards twentywope inches while,
three and three-quarter yards twenty.
seven inches wile or two and threes
grarter yunds forty-four inches wile
amount of green peppers.
centre and i
Sargueriies '$ I the name given ton
dainty sweetment that is easily made
at home by 8 girl of average cleverness,
With one-half cupfal of water and ong
eupful of confectioner's sugnr make a
boiled feing. bolling until ft strings In
colt water. Beat in the stifffy beaten
yolk*of an egg. add a cop of dried cure:
rants and kx cup of chopped almonds |
or other nuts. Spread the mixtors |
which should be a suff paste, on crack.
ers that have no sweetness In them,
and brown in the oven for a minute,
The nuts should be blanched before
they ars added. and the corrants should
be carefully pioked over, washed ad
dried 16 a clean towel,
Batier thick slices of stale bread and
ent into half-inch dice. For a quart of |
bread allow a heaping cupful of fresh
grated cocoanut, a pint of milk, a hair
enplal of sugar, the yolks of four eggx.
and the whites of two. the juice of |
Half an orange and a saltspoon of salt,
Butter a deep haking dish and pot In
alternate jayers of the bread and the
grated put, Separate the eggs, reservy.
ing two of the whites for the meringnn,
Beat the yolks with the two whiten
add the milk, sugar, salt and orange
juice. mix well and pour over the conic
tents of the baking dish, Bake In #
roderate oven notil set fa the centrs,
~ * 3 ant tee [water, hut it should be thoroughly
|done. The restlting solution is placed
Whip the remnining whites of the agus
to a4 stil froth with a wire beaten
Add two tablespoonfauls of sugar and
A little of the orange juice saved out
for that purpose. Spread over the top
of the pudding and feturn to the oven,
which should be cooled down for the
purpose until the meringue rises,
stiffeny and fakes on a golden yellow
color. Berve very ¢ cold.
Cut off the peel from large cucum: |
bers, trim the ends evenly, and make |
the curumbers smooth snd of uniforms
shape. Cut them through the middie |
jengthwise and carefully scoop out the
part containing the seeds. If the seeds
are large, pick them out, and put the
cucumber pulp with the sallowing mo
grodients: Use equal parts of ripe
tomatoes, freed from juice and send,
and fresh bread crombs and Balt the
and mix thoroughly; add melted butter |
to mobsten and a little salt. Pack the |
mixtore in the cucambers, rounding
| fr slightly. Arrange them in a granite |
pan. well buttered, add a little bolling |
water and bake tn a hot oven until] the
cuenmber is tender. Have ready some
long pleces of bread cut to tt the
cucumbers, dip them in beaten egg di-
inted with mie and slightly salred
‘none cop of wik to one oR). and
fenwn them delicately In hot batter
fake up the encumber with a long
knife, lay one on each plece of tout,
and derve tery hots
Tived chamois skin makes an ep
cetient mat for a polished table. 0
Files will not settle on windows that
have Deen washad in water mixed with
a little kerose
Onion salt laa esinl addition to the
list of savory salts. It comes put up In
i shaker bottles or cans.
The addition of a litte borax to the
water in whirna clothes are washed fin
the place of washing fluid) will make
ther white,
Brush the bottom ernst of ple with
white of egg before putting In the
fruit, to prevent the julees being b=
goriwil amd the crust soggy.
To psenote the agueak from a wicker
or sattle chalk the parts upan
hich the friction falls. Thesame ad}
vice holds good with willow hampers
are Inclined to fade when washed]
sanbl be spaked in sall water befare
washed in seapsads.
the water the more likely the material
fe to bab Hs color.
“Try vou stil sprinkle your clothes
with old water?” asked the verter
housewife, pitviagly, of the five. weed |
behkde. “Then let me toll you some
thing, Use hot water, It will dampen
the clothes more evenly, and they will
Le renaly for ironing ssoper”
That wild the grandmothers of the
save saul to a boom that taside
It has arrived. Upon pe
the Gandle a tube is disclosed
iw dled with water and iy
ap iw used the water slowly
works through the spilats » ars Hie
for the frst process, apd soft. diy
id papers for the last. IT the
are very much soiled, wind
«, for instance. put ammonia ir
the water, Boap sbould never be used
at all
[f china or other washable silk walsty
ave DLecume very oweh soiled, the
worst spots might better be rieuosd
with bengine before the waist Is
washed. The use of beusine, however
is attended with so much danger that
its use is recommended only when ab
solutely necessary.
To prevent the cracking of glass fruit
Iars or jelly glasses, when pouring the
jelly & | sympathetically, “and ain't we sorry
{or you." ~The (Jucen,
boiling fruit or jelly in them, place a
silver spoon In each before you pour
the bot substance in. No previow
heating of the glass ig required. am
after many years of canning 1 haw {|
yet to break the first glass, and ani
vasd Do other method,
Ni inknowsn, and though proof of its i
| fertionunese—~ and therefore presump
The sajtive
The electric crane haw |
f placed the ordirary hand and steams
apparatos on German steamships sod
in German docks The largest crane
of this kind in the world was recently
installed at the harbor of Kiel It is
placed so that two of the largest ves
sels may He, one on euch side of It. for
the peerpose of unloading or exchang-
ig cargoes.
Experiments recently made on the
North River, at New York City, de
monstrated the practicability of tele
phoning by the wirelens method be
tween two moving beasts. In these
experiments each boat carried a tele
phone In its pllot-house, connected
with spparatus attached 10 the flay
staff, and copper plates dipped in the
water. Messages were Jd stinetly
henrd from one boat to another pass.
Ing at a distance of 300 feet. The Ine
'ventor believes that the range can be
greatly Incressed. though that is
hardly necessary, as the object of his
device 8 to serve vessols at compara.
tively close quarters in order to pre
tent collisions,
The Lancet gives the following for
movil for an effective eg preservative:
One pound of water glass, siliente of
soda dwhich can be obtained from the
plesrnineints, should be dissolved In 8
gallon of cold water. It will take some
time to mix the syrap silicate with the
dn an earthen jar. and the eggs put
point downward (a it, sare being taken
thir avery egx Is entirely covered by
Bull Any loss caused by sraporation
Pedy he “made good’ by simply sdding
pacers ‘water, Eggs placed in this solu.
tion will keep “perfectly fresh” for &
your or more. Just before boiling the
shell should be pierced, otherwise the
egit may burst,
The new form of coal cars have
swinging steel bottoms opening length.
Wise from end fo end over the trucks,
will tarry from sixty fo seventy tons
their own weight, and doubles the
weight earried by old stile cars, the
dole tacks being made of steel. Thess
irs are of the usual length and height
for lasirge capacity. ‘Che largest share
of increased capacity is at the bottom,
wlhers It Is most needed; and because
hye contre of gravity is lower, the care
thle more steadily and can stand Ine ©
framed weight. A safety locking de
vie at the end of the ear instantly
1x loose the ongitadioal doors ex
etiding from end to end below the beds
Irina of the car, and in lees than 8
minute | after the car is in place. t 9
Mo prove the prediction hint scoess
ible ¢avnses may viebl to radium comes
we report froin Vienna of the eure of
[wenty-two cases of this terrible dis
rape. Cancer is definitely and rapidly
the ncredse ia all elvilizsed coun
Ita causation is still absolutely
{lem that it sn due to 3 germ—is
steadily accumulating, the morbifle
agent fv as ver wafound The fired
mph in the cure of cancer—however iff
he enased-wan parked when the
Bontgen rays, sonws years age, cured
it rodent ulcer. That eure is Dow »
rmmonpiace, The characteristic of
the rodent aloer la that {& fs the mont
superficial form of cancer, and hopes
that Rontgen rays might be cansed to
penetrate to other forms naforts
nazely far more comiman. have bes
atterly falsified,
Righted the Decard.
The following incident la related n
VY. €. 2a having ocenrrsd In South
Africs: One of the soldiers who had
been reportad killed in a certain battle,
nd aguinst whose name In the regs
auenral (moks 4 gete to that effect bad
Thevn made. afterward turned up and
Prive and other colored fabrics that
peportest Bimself. Then the Sergeant
made another note in the book. “Died
by mistake” The msn was placed In
the hospital and a few wedks Inter
pucetiaibed to the injuries Be had re
lvl. This fact was communicated
hs the Sergeant ihrough the Colonel
af the regiment. and then a third note
mis made “Reddied by order of the
Cittanel "--New York Tribune,
BM a.
Whaure Indian's Diamonds Were Made.
The geology of Kalabhandi Stare, in
the omiral provinces of India is de
soribhadt by Dre T. Lo Walker, who says:
“Ihe vatice Mate Is made tp of on
fansilifervus rocks, mainly crystalline
selilsts, with acessions!l masses of Inte
feito, which cap the bromd hills in the
suutlicastern part of the State. The
of graphite. which may be
s€ eccenpmercial lnapertance. is notiesd,
nal Bt bs remarked that the graphite
bearing rocks way become diamond.
fearing in places wheres they have
beet wabiectid to intense pressure. In
sands from the streams pear Boudisor
minute crystals, regarded as diamonds,
Gave been Jeteetind,™
Uv nenper tad Sympathy.
A lady from Belgrave square, ad
ifressing a workiog girls’ clab down at
Bow the other evening in regard te
gener! deportmint, mentioned that im
der grade of society girls would never
Rink of conversing with any young
man Yo whem they fad not been for
(mally introduced. “Don't we know it,
mums" replied ome of the awlience,
ma ie
Visitors i» Niagara Falls,
The pwnber of visitors ro Niagars
Pills averages three-fourths of 3 mille
ion a. year. In the year of th Bnffaie
ment 1 there Were theee wi lvnm
of either coal or coke—thres times