The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 15, 1903, Image 4

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    X. Cap!” There was more
ian a shade of annoyance
in the tones of Delcective
Borgeant Brannan, and tie
Capiain looked up, “Jin
CMP'd forgot bis tine was
1 1 aw Lili down the Sow ery
pL anil b's out Tor Wielnees ”
: at ai he a Ir Asked tie
fk 5 the Captat a asked, with
: oe He bad 5 record be
a Headgusiters: and ye
m rs regular #0ery holiday
: Ance 1
n tim aon , and poi the CONE
of Sney
im ov 1%
siess 15 Brae :
Captain. “WwW
Bp Bd fan
why * Hmmy the Lire"
se his arduous fase
nts the salder of
cn So gid
al erat.
A brie
1 to find
h teaiutes of Dietostive,
nignty above
® “Simmr
paced in ale
dal nat wih
io parigd
that th
“hie in ba neeR
is to bo snus
Foil of bills into his walsteont
ter paying his fare
hello, Bary ge Thera was
ent of pléasuee in "Jeimy's
though It 1s io be feared that
8 expressed someting else,
Br weather, ant 17°
3 but Hl people ain't strong
I'L 10 be out in IL.” Bran.
fund of sarcasm when nee
Jimmy” felt that he was
t's unkind.” he sald scoth-
ou know 1 slot doing a
anyway, the Captain wants to
ted Bravoan, a remark
ttle rown for discussion.
it sufficiently exident to
intended be
when Brannan ‘began.
= 3
2 Proiie a Cie
old man, tut I ean't help
Al that Pravcen wenld sa
ptaln’s waniad you bad all
dg Lord! What he does be want
I sln’t dove neibing” Bat
pan would only elapse into desper
s mitch for “Jimmy” to
it when be got 10 the Central
lust. He knew the place well
had been there many tives, but
had been treated in Just tha
lat marked bis reception in|
tapce. There was & marked
mong those who had deal
i such ne he had never
mpioyed toward « a niece
Then the Captain » wa Eed out |
at Bim in silence and then |
en out and dowa into the
1 locked in one of the
Lord, what is U7" he nekpd
sa Bragnan icoked all
I tO see that it was seeurs
Bat there was nothing in it whieh
t be used to ald in escape or any-
out in the morning.” wag |
rasan would say, as he
and gave the policeman [n
Metions to keep Lis oye ou |
my” wat on hi i® cot away ate
f the night, his shifty eve
tre themselves on or
cell and his thoughts try. |
collect themselvas Into sows
lous condition. It did not des |
wonder any whon his jaller
gel a dinner ns he had |
® enjoyed in prison and ro |
Iy with wmiysterious silence
tired to ask questions.
bed at last, but his ming
nd thera wore but few
mit for Auern k
5 ihe Gra ©
£- of he found Wimselt
: i a ith wen Whom he net CEE
gidired far above him
Beld of Hilfe Yio pees ni
when one detectives alter
who Hol knows Lim for 2
of years, came np and wernt i
i as thonet the iy had fisser
{ bins before. When be was fitinl Hy ted
§ 8D to the roc 16 be placed und
bande of the man wh ke
odils with tha law be war slhpust 100
weak to walk,
“Rar, you've got mine” he nnn
to Brannan,
“1 ksow.” returned Branpan gently,
{a8 he placed Lim In the bands of the
messuror, “hat that wag only ne 8 phi.
YHmmy's” brain wag weeklong sa 1%
hail never worked before whet ths ox.
aminating was finally over fo was
taken down stalrs again upd led inte
the Uantain's rooms. This was dnother
Aeveriiod only to the men wha
metitons things. Ile was ove
da me
$1 4
brains of the Linoassive
the pqually mpasdive Cag
contd not, The Cabtain
fog, searching siare,
Rie paps on
then over, glancing
st dime” :
“irear Heavenn
HP he faintly vried,
gtand It no HE
Hime, pew, Jen's Tig
that, Yea better make a elown bronst
of It and throw yaurself on the Ww
af the court” The Captain
“Hut ati
Cahir onl” eid
{know whit You
ja mod
rhint is
he a he oe
Fe 7 TP = ty +
and fide Leen gent Ftp
iF: hi Lhe {mye
1 HB £144
Thosga 3
Fost Wire LE Fy weal
“Xora bi oof it
Ri oent oof LY ok tne CEptain,
"We've got poaty of evidenes, ang
You ve been identified BY fhe pian whan
saw i done, Barry, bot 1 guois you'll
Bisve 15 20 to the chaise”
HGod above Cap, you know 1 didn't
do it. You Bnow 1 couldn’ do it It
ain't in my Hoe 1 never knew how ™
Simms” was groveling on the foor,
grioping the Captadu's kuves with his
hands. The Captain enly jatked at
sternly and rang a bell that
brought a policeman,
"Take him down to court nnd ask
thetn to bind him over an athe dayoas
A susiicions person.” the Captain on
dered, The policeman ied Him up
and ball dragged him ont throuch the
ables. He mansoed to walk after that
ax they went eur and ap atest
od took nour leading down the Pow
— The policeman had pnt ¢
enfin that hood the
i owas secareely
oilers ohibe var
They :
Thre wn
he pa :
was dead bes sianing tn resize
ror ef the whole thi ng and hh Pos «t
bility that he might, alier all, be xent
to the dleetrie ehalr-Tar he Kuew
police could do strange things when
they had a mind bent that way.
He bad just reached the eonslonlon
that he was in a very earions gitnation
when Something happened. He felt
to the
a A A
fen fiving ty
the haniea® that held him
policeman give on his wrist, He looked
dityn. The stes] hand was open. He
wailed a moment vrtll the policcmany
iooked the other way. Then he guve
8 quick Jerk, was of the ear like a
tiash, smd was racing down the Bow.
ery. By aunybaly had tine in
raise a oory be wey through a dnrk door.
way thot be knew ted to freedom.
Somewhere, perhang,
man =m wandering boaging for (he Bows
ery. Maybe Yes in other ¢liien
ara puzziing thodr wis over the werk
of ene of the cleverest piokvockets That
ever stole & woman's handbag. But
New York knows SJonmy the Lift” na
fn anlhapny
‘thirty cents a poand, hungry
fowls $2 each. and turkeys Rbont $13
j each Chisago News,
more and Kergeant Brannan and the
Captain snlle whenever 45 nawe is
| mentioned. «New York Thues
a nd Eo
In Johannesburg,
Housewives who complain about the
peice of things” may Lless thair stave
thet they are mot iu Johannesburg
From a letier yeconlly received is
takes the following: “Tue beng ot Ma
deira provide vs with so-called ‘fresh
egies! whivh we get retailed to us at
$1.08 a dozen; new laid egge, when you
are forfunate enough to get any, are
from E170 fo S150 a dozen Bame.
baw the hens very much negleet thelr
obvious duty here. Mutton fy sold at
Witawhoud, : E
perkle Which goes out of w >
tre of the haads of those Whi Bre at ;
mar he Bad never known helors, one |
His sharp eyes tried to dig iio the |
hipy one §
sisibed |
The good woman of the house
1 deem” on six bits of cardboard: place
| Fast when 1 tm havieg such good Lines
:1 TEs had batore,
| With ail sy plavihen
{in fable. chaire am: ;
When it's dusk behind the safs bask
And hiaca Sark under ths tar,
And 1 wander what stringer s
Perhaps are Furking there,
£ And think x i Brow Bn
woven 4d around
the pion
gH be i
5 n i
Te £33
fw door 3 » Hw who ie
“It's bedtime, sun”
rn YG
A workingman reared & yvining b
bird, not stutting bet into a cag
Letting her 87 3 snd ont at the
dows Wh
ryving 5
nate, Ww
was, voulurad to perch od fy
window. hosed he could fot fend
np Bis mind to onioe ay further,
hen bird vee {ke ;
her home, ard
Between 196
We Lampan
ry SFY ap
Tore, pes age
pinta wis
to tae
vw 4
i faery way.
shia pe
and an faki
Orgel Th Freed 4
¥ I place, :
“1 One day the
game now which she wis fren
| tails,
back, mad
| Blsekbind
ia bed for
| woven in and out, and whe was sitting
Fae a0
Tai mA ASE
Pluck :
welt out
We shed it "wen “5
ter 8 time font ihat Mra,
Lad takes a fancy to IY as
Gor Hide soem I was monly
#ark lie
on it in triginph. Loath wo dl
i ore.
points to J or 1, and here Wt WH Ta
Continue In (his way, placing etlers on
vacant pointe and fuinping ae in check.
The lelters are to}
. | bine
: Mr
dl Har
3 at
ako eR oe |
5 on A
Lever got in
ON gi
% Fa 2% sofa
j dandy girl
Her rw
ul mbhe 2
nly 3
£X 4
The 10
wars? Top
« §
hile familly”
Lo the EAPIEr & Fe
| purpri
r anmke
ed rapa]
four incakx
is young lady.
Where are they?
pet and yet afraid of oeniine he fady
to whom the lace belvoged, the nun
dress went to its owner and heaved her |
1 come and sve where it was 1 nm
giad to tell you that after admiring
the Hitle sitter and her home. the lndy
allowed the bird full possession of the
shen gods tI she had reared her
young. The taale bird &id hix duty by
his family in bringing food for them to
the window, whence the hen feteheal it,
In return for this she would aftén carry)
to him same of ibe food which her
friends in the kitehen put upon the
table for herself ~The
ion, ;
i Tour EA)
; 1 “moms Er@EBININYY
| OT La
Balance a card on your finger with a
penny on it and take away the card,
leaving the penny. This can be done
by striking the card a fair, smart blow
with the middie finger of the uuen: |
gaged hand.
Print the letters of the word “re
a letter on any vacant point, as on §,
and dump i it over * wither ot the adincent
Christian Repgis- |
Lithout warning. so be bir Mr. Roblp
severely, and Mr Roldn eboked and
conghed snd tried to cough up the ber
rile worm, ba aarier
wonidn't Then Mr.
Robin called 1 the ooilege giri who
threw Bim crumbs. and she cam
quickly fu answer 10 kis call. With
one frm pull she drew the garter spake | 000 alone, snd Sourishes oaly 3
from greedy Me Robin, killed 12 and
sent wonnded Mr, Rolin owe to Bi
wile New York Tribune.
=~ Washimgion Sar.
etn aa esi is iro
They Res Nvwssapere.
A Western ratlcead man who spends
neariy all of his advertising’ appros
i priation for newspaper spate ix quoted
“Not one man out of every |
as saving:
five | meet ver saw the foe booklets 1
got out and distributed, but four men
out of every five are newspaper reads
enrthed probably ote of
w taken In 19g. |
thir order, and the puaele is tu au plaice |
i baz Bially
i Gon that “misery loves company ™
bave believed that such a statenient
onade was served tn the cour
tity of oonade.
Captains Spenewr and Shaw, the toeal
United Staten Snape of sient bolk
ers and hulle, on A reornt ty up to the
headwaters of the Bt Jobhu's River un
D9 Taos
unique bewapaper plants in the Hiate
of Fiorids. Tha plazt was discovered
in the midet of 8 wild barren contiry.
Capitaine Bhaw and Spencer ras sjon
the hut In whieh Ir ‘ear lovated sech
Aenitally. It was the only hose puch
as it was whiin a radios of many
mien, snd paturally the [nspeciors
fhaispht that they would pay 2 vSil
the tenants. When they entersd fhe
rant pers of the hangs it sowinsd su 1f
the piace waa not orompled lon oon
going Lek into 8 res rouin, which lind
best transformed Into a printelop,
they eases upon An oid ran of ankeingt
Aprenranes, who was Dusdiny ever a
Titers cuse, evifentiy 5 oredting
The olf ross bad lone malted
that huang down on bl reek and
conoesiod his fase Xe
ga wore frases sad an 54 re
Para a
% ty get Nim. 8
abot Baw pink shor, He»
: that Tie 3s
paler Wak ho i
Liev dawn In
Lvur spppentls
Sad § pale
eA Pe
td mnt thane |
§ Board
i Ware
Kever de
fort, you
ay Gost
Loa or R
Kavawl, Sgaratived
Lions WwW Bret
Never desert yours Use of talent. Ba
what eature intended you for, and you |
will succeed; be anything slee snd you |
be ten thompisn sd od 16% Worse thas
tp vee Res
vionable. ate, reriain
etary |
renit i the quality of st :
I never put ote hand to any
ull throw wy wiole |
eater Vive, a. ually
study snd
thing en owhich § eu
oil ~Charies Pekan
The tabent of soceess Ib notling
sore thal deliy what yoi oan de well,
and doing well whatdver you do, With.
out og thenst
I never did anything ‘world ding
t of fame ~lonstfellow.
by accident. Anything I have begun
in siways ob my mind and Iam pot
eany while away from 8 antl it
Snisbed ~ Themes A, Edison.
a rt ea ei
Misth, Nog Misery. Loves Compuny.,
1 have always doubted the projeosi
was Srat pot forth by some reborn.
erite whose misery was bol a pretense
and who was berking sone other slam
sufferer tuto a quiet turner where they |
eonid beh be fovial on the sly.
However slight my knowledges of gol
f versal misery way be 1 oan attest fram
rience that my own mise
ftnde, and slips away sll t
the Rey upos fhe |
; god turns
om work! asxing ots! BE BO Wane
wien In onmpany,
mia to have a chores of ob
ta sob 8 unless with ome
aid I resin fo nmolested wr
#1} unt om ¥ tears had vauls
eoil my eyes and Dose assumed no
i seirth, then and
bh pines for company,
- Fan
ospgenisl spirits, Over Joaphter aust
br shared, our smiles Trespanded tis,
and every glance of merrigent weeds
OSERILIGH to SEE i Eomparth the
de. ~Caroline Tihekoor, In The AL
Pieking sod Chaossing,
Dr Jolin Baseuin, ex President of the
University of Wisconsin, ‘was ned
at the university for his abwent mig
edness, Many stories ave told of his
this regard. One of them coneernua a
recepiion that be anew gave to
students of the freslipan viass
snd when the nn
evening. ¥
Crea Ls fresh from
cont Hite
what ha was shout to dn
fnrers play al
pres avenge the glasses, whl
wWITGIY upon some sublect
ipterestvd Bim,
Bae the noid misunderstond Dr. Bas
con's hesitation She they
would Bedp him out of 1
"1 think this is the largest? sir”
sah). and she thrust Inte his head
Fluxes that contained 1he grestest gan
The Cost of Dptovenmat,
Rents are going
Bop. It le said hE every time
wiarsan hangs 8 pew curtain up, and
fproves the sppearntee of the housed
io doing BB ber landlord decides that
he deserves mere rent - Atehisop
(hand Globe,
Weise ls Sl
The Silent Man.
Under some cobdiibons a man cag!
make mare nolse in the world by
keeping his mouth shut than in say
wither Way. i=Chisege News, ;
ng =f 1 tha
5a Tiel
Gar woald toelheer
Sow 7 WER
Trelatid- ad i
handed the tray to ber master he pat] ©
out Bis Band to it, and then foroviiing
taf his |
wlessiy for several mine |
& he talked
that wach,
al thal she |
Now York Tribune |
up rapadiy in Ate}
Make © niher of soap nnd wey
with & gall piece of sods Tevet lt
Jt end 8 tint of Blue. Wha eo
take 8 fresh lather, and a (NG *
vecnmesry. Draw the for to id tin
it and shake 71 about in the wiler pall
quite ean. Then rinse in fresh soll
Water An uh to dry in the wind,
I pessily Brake the 05 yr frevnemtly.
Rnd when ary bres
Fon yY Bn
road Is ale
Tow vay
intely Sean,
From he Appear anes of the bronld we
think the wis bile Hew |
{primey ing of 1
tleslarly the yesat and
4 yesut la lew stayed,
: Lie Ged thoal
Sr ER SA peti
It x a dry ponst
¢ Ju = softened 1 a
ssid that be £
a the dower, When
wari added knead the
tweniy minnows to
tichty of tis shies
» aren dat ihation of
i Bowton Coukiag
fox Spee
i in
Ly i.
{wa or WS
tar gulid
Reser 1B
far ins
saste in A sCEspe
wf on Dell alias
gizss amd place
Then leg the
axed With same
rd Can be opi
: rp. is in panty s
ir wirasg paper ts aah
to be spilt, Whes
and witha besitalion,
Cpl the two paves. AeRdet. worn one
"part of the sheet will lee found to Ree
| mihared to one and ta Art to the ote.
P Baltes the paste in water and Ow
| places enn be easily recoved frou Ow
a A.
It Is moticenble that sowadayh en
well appolated table It 1s Decoling
mare ant wore the thiog th servo w
riety of frites with a dressing 8 8
In place of the mre CoO.
hettues, velary, ate. Grape fret,
TRIETE oraves seeded or Wih
goon slam nd Bits of sogelion apie
anal i on a bet of white Iiluew
hearty, with eveamy dressdng apple and
wpe In nests of coried celery. with
raise dressing, are snODE Ihe
- Yarfetes served Ly war of 3 sald
But the ingenious housewile
| tan easily devise others quits as
some and appetizing. There Is
reaching out for novelties to replies
salted simmons, which Bave been eaten
#0 long that people have got roller
tired of them. Salted Engibsh walnote,
pecans, beasxis green pistachios and
baseinuls are now served someties
with aleonds mized fa with then of
ten withogl~New York Tribune
®x large
#f Oranges
oranges inte slices re
spring threes tablessoonfaln
nga aver them; et
! Tan] we
gi i over the
fre; 1
; wor] y 8 five minutes: 4
fast telore serving pour the
over the oranges and send to
table In a glass dish
Tewmats Sawce-Put one cupful of
tomato sod half 8 euplul of water In
&5 agate pan over the fre; add ten
cloves, one sitios of colon, cos bay leaf,
» half a weaspoonful of salt aud 3 Kite
Pepper. cover the pan and vt simmer
ten minntes: rab coe fablespoonlel of
eurn starch in a little cold water. adi)
i to the womato, stirvisg until thiek
ened conk five minuwies longer, strain
and sree.
Mioeed Veal with Tomato Sane
Mines one pound of veal: pat two mbes
spoonfuls of butter in a frying pam:
Bot 24d the minced vesl obe
all minced oaion and ope green pep
ser minted. when brown add two mbes
spoonfols of Sour: then add ene copii
of broth or water: one easpoontel of
sail, amd a litle pepper: let simmer for
five tes amd add Balt a cap of
SAD sande.
| syrup
I when
eiate Frome
of water:
poe-Ball for bie
grated chocolate in one
add bal? a cup of suger
spe teaspoon of vanilla: have soak.
tog one ounce of gelatine in one cup of
oid water ane hour: add 1 to the chews
rate and boll 8 mingte: podr ihe 8
bow! and when cold mix it with ene
pint of whipped cream:
form and let stand in a cool place sev
eral hours: serve with vanilla sages
Plain Mik Seop-Put two Quarts of
mk ever the fre with one teasposn of
sugar and ove teaspoon of salt: mb
bail a cup of sifted four in cold mix:
when sioooth stir it Into the se
milk, aed stir until thickeasd and dell
ine: a a dash or two of nutmeg and
& Hitle pepper. beat the yolks of two
exzs: add a little of the bot soup te
then: then return all
sir ate minnie: do oot let boll; If liked
# slice of odlon may be covked in the
tara ale a
0 the fire and
{fhe fur fn It and if pot oO ais a
stad tomb iS ey
Boe (has the