The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 01, 1903, Image 5

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    i RS 5 BRO RR mr nN Ea iar
] , MAY 1, tau
will want a nobby |
er Worrell and dsughter Spring Suit.
in Clearfieta over Son.
3 Hamer, the baker, has put a
¥ Father Quinn, of St. Augus to show.
nt caller at this office
and Mrs. John Otto, of Nipton,
andsome white and goid sign nobby spring suits for
or erected in front of the new
dor little boys
boys, Oo.
X Prices range from
: former Patton drug
ployed in the pharm. $2.50 all woolens up
_ WH Dating at: |10 $6.00. Very swell
e banquet a pipe styles. Look in ‘the
3 al was heidi Gold. lower window for the
— a!
al Co phyies and prices.
: Mellon has a little thesis in.
ssofuma. of tiie issue that is
We keep onr stock up fresh]
and clean by adding contin
‘sliey tally new things, by buying
post office often. Hardly a day goes by,
christened “The Aca: pe don't getin a lot of new!
lat nit
She people show their ap-|
preciation of our efforts by.
ur large and continued pa-|
he wi LTT FORA
1 nent ¥
, "by Anyone is Fash week our business,
Patton gable schools are] ‘We are selling clothing in
d to-day. The teschors and di. 4 counties to the hest people
are in Clearfield inspecting the in each district. We are out
ols of the steel tow ‘after the business and we get!
Wesley Hasson, the father of it too.
CG. Holter, of this place, ged All our patrons st: wk to us
¥* thereby showing good taste
been in and money saving qualities. |
tn the ataplsbment of ol ‘We show best styles
: ee ane ¥ Ba. ANd Weaning qualities
boo i ice, wil be married 111 men’s and women's.
LT - Toesday i
shoes: Our Fan men’s
“ia big s ello.
E. Will Greene, W. | Our women's “La
Em Ss Mode” at $3.50 and
at $2.50
lodge = Compo, la Belle
Best oe to i had
for the. money.
or. of Bt. Lawrence, ONC
Jou. ot Temes Good dressers come.
cmon hotemn here: for good up-to-
date shoes.
ean E Yoon ‘Best stocks of boys
the parochial hal! int. and girls’ shoes also.
be Catholic i Talk about shirts,
Under Price Sal He now on at" :
; Ton store ad Sow ov ot and n eckwear
= advertisement in this’ .
that it is not a misnomer. unde -rwea
money saving bargains aren fact any line of
pplh o we ore; bat.
ber had Aes Sioeed st the
e Patton lodge of 04d Fellows. furnishings.
d the M. E. eharch in a body
ig and listened to an;
tiby selling the very best
in styles and wearing
ts of the
in this jesne qualitie CS,
ta anyone ii A er - 3 iy iia
Sha poraiar $1; Dest in the iti
et, Orr & Co
Thay best de
“the ; vquipment’ of he
who was located in the fruit
Come here! ( pil the
ve best and save ONC
ok while en rote to Connells. TRY EY or we have
x horses were killed, a nom. Remember W L hay t
ae Indian perhane fatally but
rally be po a ¥hich Is
« any thing hitherto given in.
r equestrisnism or public sports, |
ssioat because i is distinctive
ioe sonal. Seca fo > Keystone
Clothiers, «
of whom little in a. he pe pel ;
the average citizen. Persons engage
Directly Opposite the
: contests for supremacy who,
ever been rivals in pqnestrian- |
win sxhibiz at Patton Toes
Come and see what
e new delivery wagon on the 3 hyo stock we have
> 1; 1st week we re-
Were Resiawing acquaintances in town cerved a big lot of
and big’
Offers the Following Goods
at Considerable Under Price.
50 pieces of Heavy Percale, good styles
for waists, children’s dresses, etc., worth
121. c, at 10c¢ yard.
10 pieces of Dress Gingham, worth Be. 3
at 6c yard. 4
Denim, for skirts, in red, green and navy
White Nottingham Lace Curtains, 37;
vards long. 54 inches wide, worth $1.49, |
one week at $1.00.
Large Size Part Linen Towels 12%;
Ladies’ Muslin Drawers, plain, with .
tuclis, 15¢ pair.
Ladies’ Ribbed Vests 7c each, worth |
10c¢ each. .
Ladies’ Black Stockings, full seamless,
worth 10c, for 7c pair.
Children’s Cotton Stockings, sizes 5
51; and 6';, marked 10c¢, for 5¢ pair.
Boys’ Dress Shirts, with 2 collars,
marked 49¢. for 29¢ each.
Ladies’ Drop Stitch Hose at 10c. 25c |
and 49c.
50c Rings 25c.
New Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear Hats arriv-
ing every week. One of each style only.
Hundreds of stylish trimmed hats, correct
styles, at 1.98, 2.49, 2.98, 3.98, $5.00
and up.
Children’s Trimmed Hats is a strong
point of ours. We have tasty, stylish hats
at 98¢c and $1.49.
Linen Color Calicos 6¢ yard.
Wide Cambric Embroidery, good styles,
marked 10c, at 7: c yard.
Ladies’ Muslin Gowns, trimmed with
tucks, 35c.
Ladies’ Muslin Drawers, trimmed with
embroidery and tucks, 35¢, worth 49c¢.
Corset Covers, trimmed with embroid-
ery, 12! c each.
Heavy Black Taffetta Ribbon, 6 inches
wide, 25c¢ yard.
Ladies’ Corsets, worth 39¢, for 25¢
Have the largest line of Men's Shirts in
the town. O7 styles at 49: 20 styles at
New line of Pearl Shirt Waist Sets at
15¢c. 25¢c and 49c.
loves hi Le
We le od them alll
And all seasons we are busy turning
out the latest creations of the Sartonal Are 2 ere a3 ret,
that wear well, fit well and at the
minimum of cost 1s our specialty. New
S Spring Patterns just in and a big vanety to
select from.
Handsome new
Dinsmore Bros,
[lagee Ave.,
Th 4% 5 SY nea) Ra ; % & rin k £9 any
the concoctions for whivk our Soda Fountain has es
wad fF remember the
Our Prescription
r Cw
rRiudiers every da 2%
- » ¥
$3: iF ae tin mae hse Eromanga ban
Patton, Pa.
Uffice ou talrs i Crood Balding Callections prompily attended to
soo% Be Bh Be IX om, an 2d 1 or in : '
Pader in read ostale, wl
Parnell, Sowners, Gg GEO. BOONE,
ws Ma
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DYSPEPTICIDE BANNER SALVE Foley's Kidney Cure wines. iu sins king
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