The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 01, 1903, Image 3

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    als bands heen or made ra in
‘and wound twice around the |
tied In a short bow with
-insselled ends. Pompsdour ribbon |
% fre picturesgne when worn with] 4
white muslin dress. while
Ja basket containing nearly
D te ano 3
iy reached the wo of the — 2700
where shi nitted the Ninety.
Snir Regiment, as Join the grand
manenters in Bavoy During ber tray.
els Mme, Brassard coustantly carried
pounds of covos and her provisions,
wore ordinary shoes without nails,
and war armed with an ordinary walk-
| Ingstiek. Many soldiers ‘fel ont”
‘I with fatigue dering
| marches: not so Mme. Brassard. who |
~ | finished up by walking among the sol
{ diers another hour or two in order to
i sell ber cocon. A paltry 10 francs
} represented the profit at the end of
the maneuvers Chicago Chroniole,
: tibbon Hluminated with wreaths oi \
tiny roses would be fascinating with | | 6
green argandy or mull, says The
itor. Lace in a genuine coffee |
effective on white gowns, the
Tiel shade of the lace softening and
if the pure white. [Irregular
insertions, medallions and edg-
hows, and there are * thao ail-overs
ony very pretty ones may be made
the Aainty challles dbsplared wo
tinglf on the shop counters. A
tty one is of Lice and white stripe
skirt, aside from having a few
i In front, is perfectly plain and |
8 small train, while the waist, hav. |
ng A yoke effect, is piain, too. The
jing the cuff. Bows of pale panne
vet adorn the tuffs, and the girdle is
Be same material. Asother house
wo is for a young girl. The ground
pale pink and the pattern Is in
ealor, black and white,
In such a manner fs to give
A whole plain pink front, save where
¢ flounces border the foot, mays the
arg Dispatch. The waist is
iu like manner, and there Is no
ck velvet ribbon, whieh threacs
A lime White collar,
of the latest discoveries is the
belt. That a smart touch |
ig soutids almost {peredl-
1 But the shoestring
ertheless, has all the airs and |
an imported novelty, and in
to this It fits the figure to per.
there is no end fo tx wear.
sities, Black and white loen
igs Ar generally used for this
or seit. The aboe-strings are braid
and the mamber chosen depends
0 the width of the elt you desire,
Noen' sera
; make a very pliable belt
ts the waist line pretiily,
the black-and-white |
; others in brown and
nd white, as well as In
plaid. Baby ribbon ia
re colors braided in the same
also wakes an!
walat beit.—Woman's
fs noticeable an increased use |
[| sizes in writing papers. Mi
Bote is now a very tiny, delicate
possibly a way she has of excus-
for writing brief letters.
paper 1s all used.” she scribbles,
herself. “Yours devotedly,” |
a hankful sigh there Is room to
Pare’ white 1s the favorite color. |
igh we sec no end of all manner
ey in stationery; but white Is the
. though fads In stationery
— 29. this always has a sure
- Linen. lawn apd cambric
the matter of engraving the Ber.
distingue about i, and as
difficult handiwork about It
it ever to become cheapened it Is
remain long in fashion's favor,
it noticed about the season's
1s the centreing of the address
F the name and also the placing
P reception days In the centre in-
of the lower corner as formerly.
old English divides honors
| the Berlin block. This style of
: t ‘avorite, for it
individuality that appeals |
r. For en ant he card
ne. Brassard. a French woman
reps & small corner shop at
s claim to being the most
ist of the fair sex in Eu-
his poor woman, who gains
ng by following the French
@ troops during thelr maneuvers
the Alps in order to sell her cocon,
8 accomplished during these marches
ne remarkable Alpine feats.
iis year she joined the Ninety-ninth
alion, and marched with them in.
yoy, after which she exchanged
the Ninety-seventh, which she fol
An all ite marches. In a space
8 few days this extraordinary
oman climbed the Mont Jovet (2300
#), crossed the Col de la Vanolse
was covered with two feet of
The skirt
Thete dre new in Ireland more than
700 women graduates of universities
Mrs I. Goodman, aged ninety, Is
the oldest living woman artist. Bhe
has pointed over 1200 portraits.
A Massachusetts woman has made &
saccesn of market gardening and ad
Yises others to go info the business,
In England the women enasloyed in |
Hbraries receive froin 3250 to $000
in litantries receive froan $500 10 B00
Mrs, Hugh Reed GrifBn has just been
re-elected President of the Solely of
Ameriean Woeen in Landon, The olv
Jeet of the sociels is to create a social
: SW GIS slo {eentre for Americans in London,
Ince insertion, & frill of the lace flu.
Two young women of Rhode Island,
epliege graduates, have gone ito busi
peas 10 sapply Xewport wilh sprisg
jamb, young geese, hoihousy gripes,
ete, gelling fancy prices and
large profits,
Mrs, Houghton is considered one of
the best oft experts in the country.
She was in the oll bustsess In Penne
sylvatia for twenty five years and is
tow Interested in the new ofl wells of
the Gulf State.
whatever on the gown, save |
The marriage of Russian peasant
girla is purely a business arrangesent,
If they abhor their bridegroom of
husbands, as they often ave good rea.
soft to do, and rus sway. ther are ak
mics! Invariably eapiured and cruelly
beaten tn public.
The first woman lawyer 10 Appesr
In as Swiss law court is Mile, Macken
roth, who recently acted for the de
fendant lo a case at the Asshie Court
at Zurich. Her eloquent defense on be
hail of her client surprised dven the
fodaew, and the Jury. without! ‘retiring,
found for the defendant.
A young woman named Ells Kellogg
in seeking to be appointed & game war.
den in Colorado, nnd if she sucveeds in
ber goest will probably be the ouly
game warden In the country. Khe
1 has quite a hunting record, having rid-
{den on the back of a wild sik which
treed ber, and on which she dropped
with essay grace. After putting the
somewhat excitable animal through bis
Jacuw abs leaned ove: snd suf iis
paline ridbons. are amobg the news
Many of the long evening gloves are
inset with lace Iusertion.
To be correct this season every part
of a Woman's costume wust match.
Buttons form a promioent and fash
Jonable feature of many garments
Openwork brajds in Mexican drawn. |
work designs are swoug the newest
A walking skirt of mohalr in sun. |
burst pleats Is £ novelty, but it is not
likely to become popular.
Tallor gowns of velle, elamine or any
open-wesve stuff will far outshine
those of broadcloth this spring,
A coarse pet, embroidered in straw
and appliguad with strawberries and
leaves, is used for hat crowns,
Paltited balls to match the top, nats
ural wood or large crystal balls are
among the ost desirable parasol
A modish way to use the popular
wide cluby insertion is to iuseri it In
squares surrounded Ly a dovhie row
of henvy French knots
Some of the pew dotted! silk mous
seline vells have gally embroidered bor.
ders, two or three inches Geep, lu the
popular strawberry design.
Colored Jaces are having great vogue,
pot oply the laces dyed to match
| gowns, but coarse filet darned in pat
| terns in blue, reds or browns.
The hats will bear fruits ip and out
of season. One supports a spray of
small oranges, another is 8 strawberry
bed, a third is luscious with chefries
Handkerchiefs exactly matching the
frock in color are a present fad and
| some women go to the Jength of having
‘kerchiefs died to match each of thelr
gowns. :
For the woman who loves the weird
there are the new snake girdles and
chaing of white meta]. Thess maakes
are wonderfully and fearfully fexible
and thelr jeweled eyes gleam ef.
White roses and purple lilacs, tied in
Tittle alternating sprays on a length of
narrow Hght blue velvet ribbon, make
aA graceful chain to wear with a decols
lete bodice. A longer chain to mateh
fa festooned about the skirt of the
I site fungus.
oenlated with the fungus and then Hh
these difficult
in characier,
moll undergoes nitrifieation
idly than sofl ordinarily does.
In the United Biatex wanwn.
i Rochester south
. County;
and two near Dhaca,
belts the Riate ls barren
pening tndie
tn prodaoce anaesthesia
1000 of the nutrient solution ™
| President
‘around the Cabinet table save 8 Wash
Cockroaches in South Atria where |
they exist 15 such numbers as to he a
| serious pabile Incnavonience, have len |
Reld in cheek by the inrosds of a pars.
Captive roaches are ip.
erated. The spread of the disease
among thelr colonies in this manner
ins been found to be (he moss effective
way of controlling thelr spread sod
multiplication. The sanie fungus sixs
served a similiar purpose with the Ard
ean locust,
The corrmon earthvvorm has held the
attentinn of scloniinte ever since Dar
win pointed out the wonderful part it
plays In the formation of scold The
chermnleal role of the earthworm Has
Peen the sublect of the latest invistl
gation. In some wonderful manner the
soil to passing through the short ent
of the worm becomes totally changed
gl meh fit ed
for the nourishment of plant life. Such
yee ED
nnd the
solubility of the phosphoric aeld 8 ine
srensod, while the percentage of ear:
bouste of Hiroe becumts larger.
The skeletons of sixty mertsdons
Rave heen found in the State of Mew |
- Yark
along eeriain Eel
marked Belts as follows Thirty dour
in Eastern New York from A bany
seth thransh Newbhorg thirteen fram
ihren Liviapiton
two pear Chagtsogua Lake
ft world ape
pear. therefore, (hat the mastodona
had Mstivet fending proavds and the
ate That the Teast were
HBying In a the tpt very remate
skeletons are pow peually found
Ing on the benlders of groenres Uh A
comparatively thin lnyer of peat. No
specivien of the pianumoth hide yet heen
found In the State,
A French investigator bas been ex. |
peritnenting with the eleafric current
After dnly
fortifying himself with a number of
experiments upon animals he extended
“Hin researches to the human badly, et
peritaenting At Brat apen himself
finde Ly appivine a current. the exact
eharacter of which I» not stated,
hady, through moistened electrodes,
placed coe on the forehead and the
other over the small of the hack that |
with 8 voltage of Afty complete inhibi.
tion takes place. The faculty of snwiich
Is first lost, followed finally by the In
kibition of the functions of the otler
motor senses, It is aswerted that jes
only Slnarreeglde fortnre te thay which
Acromipsnies the sraddual oes of he
faculties resulting In a sevastion of 8
The beart is sald to be in.
alfecind. but the breathing ls same
what obstructed. The current strength
is gradually applied. about five minnies
being ocrenied In reaching the max!
mam. When the current Is switched |
off the sublect awakens at once, and
with & “fesling of Invigorstion™
Plants may be poisoned lost as will |
as animal organisms. A lack of oxy
gen will result in ssphyxintion just as
| surely as It doen In man. The ¢%ert
may not be so qulekiy attained but It
is none the leas mire. AD experiments
at the Imperial Agricultury! Univernsily
of Tokyo has recently heen studying
the poisonous effets of cafein and an
dilations on plants, |
tipyrin in high
Onlon and celery plants were the sub
fects af the Investigation It wus
found that the firmer plants remained
alive for "nearly four weeks ins soln
tion containing one part of aaffsin In
In other
experiments on orlery plants thee
tame alkalolds proved fatal fo abo
twa weeks, the death of the plant bolng
beraided by the wilting of the leaves
It Is quite rémnrkable that the tend
plant which eontaive a enmparstively
Jarge aonunt of eallein in the leaves
shonid also be susceptible to padsoning
fram caffeln when fed to the plant
gloay with sairients It is surmised
that the caffein found In the fea leaves
ie xo surrounded as to protect the cells
from injury.
Pange* Near the Gronnd,
At present the Birest Cleaning De
partment of New York Is investigating
the air in the city streets. with a view
of showing the Influence of clean gut.
ters upon the health. flelatine plates
have been exposed tn certaln districts
to collect baclilt, and these are being
examined In order that scientific proof
may be had that certaln disease gers
Bourish in dirty surroundings and that
whatever the citizen may be taxed 1
kwen hla thoronghfares clean he will
finally save in his doctor's hills. The
microbe colonies developed on plates
#xposed In a peighboriod of Heht
traffic, wide streets and asphalt paves
ments average five, while those taken
in a region of heavy tafe downtown
averaged over TIX¥ apd those In the
tenement district on the East Side over
00, Woman's Home Cumpanton,
Haw the Coninet Ofcers st,
The order in which the members of
Roosevelt's Cabinet git
ington correspondent, fs shmply she
crystallization of a practice whi sh bas
been followed 22 long that nebudy ven
tures to question It. The abies table
is arranged thus:
Bae, of State, Roe, of
Bec. of War,
Atiernsy Gen,
Postmaster (ren.
Baa of Nary
Bec. of Interior.
Bec. of Commerce and Labor,
to the |
| mings.
New York tty. Shirt waists made
with wide box pleats nt the centre and
with tocks runping from the shoulders
make notable features of the latest
do of these | 8
_wouax's WIR? mam,
styles amd are exceedingly becoming.
The vivy attractive May Manton model
shown ix made of pouges stifehed with
cortical! slik in self volor. and worn
with stock and cuffs of ecru lace bound
with lrown velvet bur the design salts
ail the season's vka wool, linen and
nor dropped out of wight, ie is senally | such fgurs.
the case. Fine desp chenille fiinge
A ever posed to ater the prima
mendous monetary force wielded by
the insurasce companies of the United
| Bates. The amount of money that
these concerns handie is enormous.
| One may read that at present the #7
! loading Hla insurance companies of the
| lending ite insurance comgpanies of the
United States hold securities of all
| kinds that sgaregate more than $1,500,
i. Imaginsgion falls % grasp
It is equivalent to say
in that there are 1.500 banks in the
outlining a very shallow shaped yoke = country, each of which has $1,000000
ix becoming to very good figures
Simple Jocking, but far from cheap
Lor easy make xa gown copied from
one Lady Bebhil Primrose wore an the |
coming-olage hall Lond Rosebeeyr re | :
[t is of eam. Ititude of large and small fire osur
ae ] : oF . bee
white sccordioned ohiffon, the skirt in
: | of the money held by sn insurance
and falling from a perfectly | company hag to ba invested. that is ta
i drting yoke of the loveliest dueliosss |
cently gave Lis son
wan-rey offect, bordered with racheiiice
fittings a
ee. Creer the fuels pleated blotise is |
& blero of the gee,
ty the akirt yoke at he we eepstre front Te
covers the frout of the low, squite-ent |
i bodice entirely. The stag elbow slpeves
are also of the lace, ending in a snail
fare at the elbow. A large che of
white slik ribbon is at the back of &
gracefully draped girdle,
Prone Walete,
White cloth gowns are very soars,
and for the woment what fa Rodwn as
rhampagneonlored cloth, somewhat
darker thas fvory white, in the firorite
spdor, rimmed with lace and emliroid-
ary af the sane cojur of with & tool
of pale hinge ta make It more hecanning.
There also a return 10 the fad for
Hiaek. and there are dozen of sipart
hiack gowns with a round ar pointed.
nee yoke and bigh stiek colisr al fa
ane, and with sibhow sieeces of the ©
Lisek finished with big puffed utuler-
sieves of ave,
The separate waist, that most seefnl
Land practical garment which is uy often
| prophesied to be going cut of fashion.
asi which each sucoseding stasn
tiken a new lease of life, appears io ao
cotton: fabeivs equally well Plain cube |
iar and culls can be substitnted for the |
face when the material peguires suels,
treatoient and the lining con be used |
The arrsugeaent |
of tucks is peculiarily satisfactory, as |
the sharter groups provids fulross aad |
The plain |
- tern,
tosis de agaln, amd especially the wash
or omitted at will
soft folds over the buat
back ls seen In the greater number of
pew models and always ls becoming.
The ftted Lning extends to the waist!
ine only and Is closed at the centre
front, but separately from the outside.
The eralst itself consists of the back
and fronts. both of which are arranged
tn gathers at the walt Hae, The back
is drawn down smocthiy. but the fronts
blouses slightly over the belt, Al the
centre fs tha regulation box pleat
through which the closing ts made. The
sleeves are In bishop styles with straig
cuffs. The stock ls uevel and attrac
The quantity of material required for |
and threewguarter |
three |
meviiam sine in three
yards twenty-one [onches wide,
yards thirty-two Inches wile or two!
yards forty-four inches wide, with one |
half yard of allover for stock and |
Now Pivery For "he Falr.
There never was a time when so |
many evening Jresses suitable Yor res
tayrant feasting and resort wear were
to be seen, and even bought ready
smartest thing, though velvet, lace and
more or less spangled fabrics have
played a conspicuous part, From this
on canvas, etamine, vole, barege, nun's |
grenadine and lace wijl be
srore fn evidence. And lave sand hapd:
work will be most favored as trig
fny tucks, aloar stitchings
of embroidery,
amd any amount
fovely dresses
drexaen are high at the neck, with or
without & stock, though the sleeves and |
Yoke ure often transparent.
i endless var ety
fit 1
| Bands soross the chests or in losy Hoes
[| The sleeves are charming, with the fob
White broadeioth is so far the |
these go to make the suveess of these |
Adil to these lave, any!
amount of It, and there You are Bael) i ieain
i ered inte u band of luce or embroidery
ul designs
Hieh comes down |
it n Ghee |
the mos: noticeable of nl the |
| daughter geting . lion's ¢
ried Moors, and the land was
becomes of age and she
| which it must keep invested. Strike
ing as these figures are, they do not
fneiude the holdings of the lesser In
surance companies, and they pay no
Bead to the money controlled by the
companies. Of course fhe bulk
siy every dollar not needed for runsing
| xpenses and for the prompt payment
of claims. It is Uke a fairy tale of
finance when one reads what use 8
made of the millions on millions paid
to insurasce companies. During the
year 1061, for sxample. the total of the
incomes of the §7 leading lle Insus
ance companies was something lke
$78000.000. Of this money, sbout
$175.000.000 was paid to policy boiders
or to their heirs. More than
pias” in which poiley hciders do not
Big Price for Farm.
George MH. Vanderbilt has
to his estate at Asheville N.C. s small
tract of land for which Be
owner, A negro named Joshas
$2350. The land would have
dear at $50. But the negro refused to
scii at a less price than the amount
he fzally received. Moore's wife was
the real sagineer of the deal with the
maith millionaire The pine
which the modern David coveted were
dewded to her 20 years azo by Erwin
{ Hardy a white man in whose employ
she had besn for MARY years.
one child—o giri-before
ber children. This daughter
money. Moore would no
sold jong ago if he could
title. Hs sald he got om!
portion of the money. MS
The Bank of England }
tions on January 1.
ball Poultry.
Hew styles. alte apparent is the sist |
waist Influence upon the walsta. These,
while quite too elaborate to De rightly
cialied abirt waists, are like them In
being made without lnlog or bones,
atid with a certain smplicity of pat
All white materials are fash
materials that even pow are to be hd
in such fascinating patterns with opea- | 8
: work and embroidery, Hues of lace foe |
sertion, or ince medallions all woven
with the fabric. These are more ex
penstre, and consequently thought
smarter, with the lace or embrokisry of |
tha fBnest band work, Ax a rule the
pew waists are made 10 fasten In the
tack, all the more elaborate ones beltig
Bnishedt tn that style The Ince in in
ness well below the elbow, but gath
at the wrist, and large enough to allow
| ot A little fuluess at the top of the
Friuge bas neither become a SFase; ibere Harper's Basar.
Khartoum's Paper.
Khartoum is very shortly to possess
its own paper. The native journal Al
Moksitam, has. by agreement with the
Guvernment of the Soudan, established
the frst printing establishment af
Khartoum, where all oficial documents
will be printsd Must of the work
will be In Arabic and French. There
i» alse to be, in connection with the
undertaking, a new journal-the first
in the Bowisn At first It will be
printed In Arabic, but later it i» hoped
to add ag English section.
be. BH. Ragu, a, Lad. fit AeA
a AN
Aller 's maz is married be bagias to Joss:
Bis coneeit.
Mrs. Winslow's Soot tor shildray
testhing sultan she othing syrup
Yon alias pala, sures wind colle, sala, be.
The United Kin Kingdom spend ends $4,400,000
% YWr 98 FRINAA.
CN re cin yn
Jam sure Piso’ s Cure tor Comsumption saved
my ile three years ago, Nah T
Bixe, Mapie Bi., . ue. Norwion, 8 NX,
The chronia borrower i usnally out a8 8
Money refunded for each pach ]
Pursax Faomiass Dyess of ———
Hard work fo the best sort of physi} -