The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 24, 1903, Image 7

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Lin New York City! The Toler
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| Yrite » we to Dr. Hartman,
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be iy 10 give you his valual
Startling Discoveries Made in Parle of
i Reproductions,
A discovery recently made by Mme.
i Augier, widow of the dramatist, In
Farts, France, who was a close friend
if ‘Henry Plio, & wellknown artist,
Is Bow the grardisn of his oki
Nn, has given rise to a scandal which
read consternation among art low
in Fraoce and abroad. Mme. Ap
Vor 14s. Further inguiries Jed to
Siscovery of he plate whence the
A searsh
: mads of the studio of M. Misa.
which resultad in the r
er things. this artist ave proat
iat the famous “Crown of Semirs
5.” now in the Louvre and acquired
¥ the state at 8 cost of $50,000, had
bien designed by kim.
Graphite Vein Found.
New claims of the Pioneer Graphite
Company, which Is contnsiled by stoek-
holders in the Pittsburg (Pa) Graph |
fits Company, have been erxmmined at |
i Park Palls, Wis. and the biggest vein
jof graphite Known In the west has been
i discovered, It will bo opened ww Ba
BOon 88 new machinery can be brought
here from the cust and will yield wm
i mupch graphite as all the other prop.
erties of the Pittsburg company com
{bined. The vein has heen pardally
| opened up for 700 fect, hi 12 feet wide,
{und les less than 10 feet from the sur
{face, There are indications that sev
{eral other new deposits wiil be streck
Tickled Him.
% "11g 1a & great mimic on the piano
‘1 Ho thrilled his audience last night”
"Did be imitate the songs of beantiful
birds? “No, he imitated 8 ton of
ronal sliding ‘Bown a celine chute mo
j realistically that every one Imagined
by was geting s h supply at Bome, .
used Ayer's Sarsaptilis ’
of 1848. Sincethenl §
nit syery spring as a §
d abd n and nerve.
petitors 10 shame,
| tite manner
and ignowinlously replaced in
| waistcoat pockets of thelr owners
: | thea skillfully
- blograp ing depicted |
in the world of fact, has now
| new realms to sonquer in Selion. | com
1 It has becomie a Juggier, or, as it ®
| might prater to call itself an “iiusion- | |
{isU” and the uncanny feats it porforms |
will soon put its more human co
It commences its performance by
showing of the white screen (wo men
seated at a small table. They seam |
jto be carrying on an excited conver |
| sation, but, after some ;
| agree to make a wager op the caus of |
the dispute. Then each takes from
fate pocket a tiny doll,
ike a boxer ready for a championship
match. The dolls ars placed on the |
table immediately “come to life” and |
| commence sparring in the most sclen- |!
The two Gulllvers ap-
pland the 18lputian pugilizts as they |
1 fight vigorously in a space that mihi
| be covered by a dinner plate, asd when |
At last a fSve-zraln glove inflicts the
“knockout” blow on s head that Is
gmaller than an eurly green pes the
conqueror and conquered are pleked up
This clever effect. the manager of
the blograph company explained is
obtained by superimposing two films, |
the two mon seated at the table act
{ their part of the performance In front |
of the camers, and then another bio- |
graph photograph 1s taken of a boxing
match, and the two rolls of films are |
pacad together. The |
difference in the sias of the boxers and |
which are exposed separately.
the onlookers is accounted for by tha
fact that the Iatier are placed much
Bearer to the camera than the for
But even more starting fHiusdona .
: For in- |
“i stance, the Plograph throws upon the
than this can be produced
screen a picture of a headless man
standing by a huge egg. from which
joe might expect & healthy young roc
| to emerge. The decapitated man cracks
the agg with a mallet and discloses bis |
| missing head inaide’
{The face smiles recognition, and als
{ Jows the hands to take a few hundred
ordinary sived eggs from its mouth,
for no particular resson except to
| show that it Is capable of further mir
® | aclex. Then It looks longingly toward
the neck and shoulders from which fn
It has been oxiled. and it finally ified |
into its place. The compists man then |
bows 0 the sudiznce and disarpo @
1 spudis 8 good fiiueion to describe too
fully te lngier mysteries; bat it may
be hinted that this effect Is obtatand {0
by the judicdous use of bimck veivet Io
curtains. Blank veivet. in fact, is the
material from which the modern bio.
graph magician shiapes his “invisibie
cloak.” and the garment is quite as ef
fective aa tho one the prince In Ander.
gone fairy tale wore when he set out
to discover the wicked doings of the
The Prisoner's Dream” in the nama
{of another pisces of blographic fap.
gling. The prisoner Ia shown in his col}
asleep. Ou the forbidding sone wall
miscily outlined figures appr. Grad.
ually they become more and
g | sharply doled,
though :
tan mill be ween through the sub
anceless forme One of the Bpures is |
recognized as that of the slecping pris
ouer, the other fs a girl
Thors is un quarrel, the fash of 3!
weapon, and the girl falls limpiy to
the ground as the “real” prisoner
starts from his sleep and stares wildly
Al the dreasn pietore of himself and
his victim. The vision fades away and
in ts place the ghostly face of the
irl fonts across the wall
The sublet {5 somewhat morbid bho
88 an example of trick photography it
18 an extreciely ciever pisce of work |
The result (5 obtained as in the vase
of the boxers, by the combination of
two Limes
All the seones are acted in a studin
flluminated by what is perhaps ths
most unique electric-lighting sppars-
tus in London-—how effective can be
judged when 1t In sald that each of the
thoussnds that compose 8 bograch
moving pirture only receives abot
one four-hundredth part of a sie
ond exposures
Actors of rome coosiderable abiilty |
fare required. for it is by no moans an
amy matter to teil a story enticely in
pantomime do thal every one CEN
clearly catch the meaning, and eare-
ful rehearsal is goverally necessary
| before the actual photograph is taken
TA really sucessful blograph
tive” however, is worth striving for |
a8 it may prove a litle gold mise for
{ hundreds of Blms may be primied from
it, and they are sont 81 over the work!
§ and exhibited befors mililons of people
in the course of a fuw months. The
trick photographs are cerialn to be
popular, as the varisiy of wibdects that
may be produced is endless, and the
| wildest dreams of the mest imaginative
conjuror may be reallzed. “The Arab
ian Nighta" stories of magic carpets
| upon which they lucky owaems navi
1 gate the alr
| compared with the feats the bio £raph
wo thelr savor when
will make possible.
Already the Sims have been shoan
{in a few provincial theatres ang they
{ are shortly to be seen In London: andl
41 1s probable that the new
making schenie will be a standing fea-|
ture for many months — London Mall
its Exciusiveness; its Charms.
“What is the object of your soclety?”
maid the serious jittle woman
“Why,” answered Miss Cayenne, “the
same as that of any other society: to
enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that
there are a lot of people who want to
ot in and cant." Washington Star.
You can't always toll how & woman
treats her children from the way in
Which she coddles hor dog.
disecasion. |
drngsed |
ATs, Shou or
the wall
. sous exsiccator,
1 bave Auffernd with severe Hacky
Tat Ta an great Ridoey
which eured Mr. W,
medicine Wainwright
will be malled to any part of the United
fitates on appliestion. Address Foster.
Co. Buffalo, N. Y. For mle
by all drugcists. price 50 50 cents per box.
Valuable Marbles Found.
The British Museum bas
buried 8 a “rockery” in an estate
Etter. One is an Inscription from &
of the wulunteers from Cleons who
Sook pert In the Battle of Tanagra
against the Lacedemonians and By
leans, 457 BC. The inscription was
published In the Achasologis of the So |
clety of Antigoaries In 1771. Stuart
supposed to have picked up the in
scription in Greece when he was pre
paring that pablication. He sent # to
Smyroa to be taken by ship to Eng
land. There ft was Jost. It seems,
Bowever, that It was brought to Eup
land by & navy captain, who gave it
to a friend. who in turn avs it tos
weikkoown antiquarian, Thomas Astle
I was on the laiter's estate that the
ts were found They had
doubtiess been thrown Away by some
nanappreciative descendant.
same estate, a few days Inter a frag
nent of the Parthenon friess was dia |
obvered. It Ix supposed that this was
brought to England at the same time! |
Bs the Inscription Thomas Astle was!
otice a trusies of the British Museum. |
Milk Powder.
The production of milk powder bas |
been perfected by Herr Ekenburg by
means of an apparatus called a contin
a Jemperature not excesding 40 de
grees Co (104 FO. and odor and taste
nr 80 well proserved that it can he
toM whether the milk had been pas
teurized or boiled. Heatiog with wa
tor at £2 tn 70 degrees O. converts the |
powder into milk that is In every ree |
spect lke the ordinary product Spe
cial treatnsent has overcome the ten
geney of the
gradnally into an insoluble state and
has proved its Keeping qualities, giv
ug It a high degres of resistance to
Many Sehaul Chllidren Are Sekty.
"a Sweet Powders for Thildren,
Gray. a nares in Children’s
Mother :
Homa Sev Tor Tork, break gp colds 13 3 hanes, )
A085 Btomanh
Sam aad Dust 3 honst
overishnens, Cu
Troudies, Teething
Forms. Avall druggists, Se.
Fass Address Allen Cited Le Boy, . X.
Et =X your us
The reader of this
Parn that there fs ad one dreaded db
Mae Chat pence has Sees atl to pure in a1
arzt that ts Catered, Hall's Ostarss |
Is the aly 6 furs sow kown ts
the medizal Iratarnity. Catarrh being » soc
Bitutional disease requires a constizurional
Treatment, Ball's CatarrhCuretstaken inter.
Bally, seting direstiy upon the biood and man.
fous surfeom of the & apse, thereby destroys
BE the foundation of the disease, and giving
the patiens strength by baildiog up the soa
Ritation ani ssslsting nature in doing ie
wrk. The propeietoos have so mush faithia
It4 curative powers that they oer Ons Hane
dred Dollars for any sass that It falls bs sure.
Bend for list of testimonials, Address
¥F. J Canser & Co, Toledo, O
id b Droggists, To
laii's waniiy | Piils are the bast,
The fellow who makes a fool of himmelf
Boteraly saves some one else the trouble.
rs Bently cured No 248 or narvogs.
Doms alter ire: TS use of Dr. Kline a real
Roe, Ritrial bo
BH Krawx, Lid, sn Arahat Phila. Pa
able can Tae thats x
obi ir Tends can kwe their money and
id Winslow's § Serves: for eh idren
teathing soften the game, red a. om Inflammae
Hon aliays pain, sures wind lie Te aboitis
1 gener lakes & ot of backing
make » good ood Too .
JUNE Txt even ep
of the market butter. ake top
a a A A ARNIS.
When a mu da
Php Erte s ticgram be realises
Piao Ours for Convent nkion 1s an tafallible
Susees, Oceia Gove x3. Telit
present manager of the Treing Place’
{solves ofther by terperanient or ex
i perience for the undertaking Aside
{from Mr. Conreid, the purson most |
“The new manager brings to his post an
| ¢xiremely wide and successful theat |
8 grand operw director, however, and
jthe joys and vexations sad fame of
Almost simultaneously with Mr. Coo |
is made that Bama Eames, (he famous |
soprano of the Graa company. has
found it necessary
Mage owing to Hi health.
| Masonry must never be imparted to
tutions of Masonrie” in tho archives
{lay their hands thereon, and the
charge shail be given ™
after the institution of
lodges (in England, 1717: Seotiand,
{ wore excluded from the orfler in this |
| country.
{are jodges in Purls, though the latter’
phone Company « earnad lant year about
Slooto oe. 7
Iately come |
tuto possession of some Interesting and |
valuable marbles which were found |
In the
This evaporates the |
millk to dryness without a vacunm at!
Store! powder to pass |
owing the Mtromain fan Opera :
oraliy. Toe crop has
and is making vigorous grows
all sections. Some soring L
has been sown in Washingion,
bo seeding has been done
principal spring wheat States, he
being to wet for
German) theater of New York The
ant for the right man was a long one.
becauze the difieuity of the impres.
ario’s task snd because of the very
fow men who have gomiified them
strongly considered was the widely!
known condactor, Walter Damrosch.
rioal experience, indorsed, in addition, |
by numerous decorsticns from the |
countries {n Europe in which he be
gan his careor. He has never been |
that trying field still He lefors Bim.
ried’s appointment the announcement
ts retire from the
Women Freemans.
The popular {dea that the secrets of
woman is erroneous. In the "Consti
of the lodge at York, Englund, occurs
the following: “Them one of the eid
ers takeing the Booke and that hee or
shee that is to be made Mason shail
it was only
ihe grand
1786; Ireland, 1721-30) that the cere |
monies were changed, and women
In Spain Jodges of women
MASOBA, exist today, snd there
are not officially recogni by the
uthorities of the order. 2
The American Telegraph and Tels
The outstanding Sock | is I
" Don’ t wait until your sufferings have
driven you to despair, with your nerves
shattered and your courage gone.
Help and happiness sire awaits you if yon accept Mas. Ph
advice. Ppiness srrely a REFYOUS, irritable, and easily Sots
children and bousebol dats; such women Deed the counsel
‘undemstands the
of a woman who troubles of
woman fs Mrs | % who ° famous Lye
od eS oeapou pas _~
AS 0 b
women pt
Pinkbam's ¥
Tier adress Rr Rs Ta
mado strong by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Vince athers of the virtues of this great Medicinet medicine?
‘ ‘When a medicine us been successful in more hogghe
erindohad aril bir :
Sars ou cannot ia to romain wesk and sek smd a
rangement of the feminine organism try Lydia E. 1
Vegetable Compound. It will surely help you.
Mrs. Emilie Seering, 174 St. Ann's Ave., New,
York City, writes: ‘y
* Deas Maa, Press: i — 11 women who are always bine md :
ard nervous would take J
E as of that I aid grow eras 3 2 had the thm
much sod was always so I ould not seems
Yo shake hem off ; half of time | did not seen” :
seviaed ' go w spr gn iter) I wan
worrying an the worst 1 began | :
Sake Lydia E. Pliichams Vegetable Come 2
oie Aver the frst fow doses 8 load seeped
Lifted from my shoulders, I felt better in
The Blues left me and my head
long my Back was setter 100, and [ locked you and stronger |
six bottles in all, and it is with thank{ulness Pat b 3 asinoniedhe er)
Const ol deuita is dus to the use of Lydia E.
If there Is anything in your ease about which you would Mke
special advice, write freely to Mrs. Pinkham. No man will see
your letter, She can surely help you, for no person in America has
such a wide experience in treating fomale ills as she has had. She
has helped hundreds of thousands of women back to health. Her
address is Lynn, Mass, and her advice is free. You are very fools
BA If yeu do not accept her kind tnvitation.
Tons ET f we cannot forthwith produce the origtanl latter and wiseturs of
aber wiil a almolute peouinences,
Whlal wid fem EE fo. Sram in