The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 24, 1903, Image 3

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    jor thirty yours since we first :
| their culture, no other variety of fiow- |
y | #78, has, 1 think, given us mors pleas-
sro will be Reanembier,
potash Is ons of the main ingredients |
needed. —J. C. Wade, 1a American Agrt-
. Sucsels with the Dahliss,
The dahlin ts & great favorite with |
| 0% Among Cue bulbous Sowers and ak |
though we have in soma seasons been
quite disappointed in resilis obtained,
: will be 8 mans of green. Weed oR the |
yet, taken ail-in-ail fn the twenty-five |
bean |
pre and satisfaction in the aggregate. |
| And having during that time been con
"" | stantly on the alert for any improve
ends rather than y Bit |
way of cluded places. Henca we have adopted
; pensions in the wa
mice, gophers, rabbits snd
il mare nals, slong with great |
re seeety thre pin
3 ese are so rare that
| parently quite stromg. they are
© brittle, and break dows easily; so it
will be found necessary to set stalka, to
| make & pound of cheese.
2 | ments In methods of treatment, sither
in care of the bulbs or of their culture,
i 1 may be able to make some sugpes-
| tions that will be useful at least tO
ithe beginner in dahlia culture
Our greatest disappointment or Ink
of success With thess flowers has coma
from the ravages of the dahlia fy, an
fmsect that by stingieg them canees the
{ buds to fall before they begin to open,
| or about thut time. We have tried to
| find & remedy for this trouble, but can-
| pot say Thal we have been entirely |
| succesful in doing to. Stl, we Mave |
found this, xnd by following slong the
line suggested in its application, mre |
satisfied that wa have gaited consider-
‘ably. We have observed that when
; ever the dahlias were planted near
1 ihe door or walk Whers we Were Son- |
_tinuaily passing closes to them. they
¢ | wore more exempt from the attacks of
these insects and blossomed much more
freely than when grown in ‘more se-
the practice iatterly so {ar as posible,
of planting bur dahlins near the walks |
that are most used. and we think we
| gain a decided advantage by so doing
| Moreover wir ind, whan planted close
to the side of the house, thal there
an fo be less destruction of the
| buds, or st laast they have bloossed
| more freely. the partial shade if on |
the porth or west side, in the heat of
the day. being xo advantage to thelr
a flowering qualities.
Now as ty treatment of the babs
particularly with the
ter over alive After considerabls ex-
| perimenting along this jine, we have
found that by taking up the bulbs xs |
| #003 as killed down by frost (if jeft
to stand in the ground alter stalks are
| quaiities), Firing pening
| the sum and wind a few hours, packing |
n- them ia boxes of dry earth or sand. asd
| placing In 83 upper room wheres there
is no danger of frost in winter, they
he wil] come through In almost perfect
in the preparation of land in spricg
: for planting out our dablias. we add
. generous supply of fertilizing material
fin the form of wall-deoayed compost,
| or something of that nature, and if the
‘soil 1s heavy, add also to it & goodly |
. proportion of sand to lighten it up,
spading deep and pulverizing finely.
I We usually start the plants by setting
. the bulbe in shallow coxes, filled with
eurth 10 cover wel] the crown of plants,
1 about April 1. and setting in a moder
1 ately warm pisces, but not sutislently
i #0 €o force them rapidiy.
When danger from frost is past
(which here in Delaware county, N.Y,
© is usually near the end of May or about
June 1st) divide und plant out, leaving
only one of two strong sprouts to each,
and afterward give throughout the sea.
Some suppor: will be required to
prevemt the piants being broken off
by the strong winds usually prevalent
in summer (a our climate. for while the
dahlia stalks are quite large snd ap-
which they may be tied from time to
time as they imcreass in growth As
| the taller-growing sorts often reach a
height of six or seven feet or nore
on ie aid to be the Jargest
ro ep in the world,
. the fact that cheese is said
Ina <hiese BaRinr Yates tn the)
{ Union. In each of those states there
| are more than a thousand dairies pro-
ig cheese. A gallon of milk will
which ia
aid to contain fat equal to
8 of beef. Over a million snd
e | a Dalf pounds of cheeso was made in
% it waa ahi year, and near
§ pear.
mark at once he Lagws about 10 inches
of thin
mon a bountiful supply of water, as the |
: dahlia is a plant requiring a great deal
{of moisture for best results in fSower-|
these stakes should be of considerable |
® | Jength and quits strong —E. J. Brown. |
ell, in The Country Guatheman.
three | :
until dissolved: add one cup of sugar
and one-quarter cup of lemon juice,
Lowrith all dagger of jeaving
IEE hristisk ImAY
wash all
fram aroun
The Pot of Parsiey.
Every kitchen ought to have ifs pot
of growing parxiey. The pretty and
mort neal] herd Is easily grown, and
i the advantape of having fresh leaves
on band whagever they are wanted is
plain, Bay a Scent package of send
and sow on top of the sot] ia & inch
rot. Water wel] and set the pot in a
Haeht window. Ja a shoot time the pot
weak piania.
Cleaning Delicate Silk
I watehed
ruske 8 spot on 5 delicate slik disap
Instend of attacking the ugly
from it. Hae stretehed a sora
white broadcloth op ihe af) of Nis
Sager. dipped 1 Hginly in gasoline amd
worked guickly arcusd the spot in
| wheallike swonps, petting nearer and
penrer the stain witch vielded in 8
few minutes to peatbs bul siaady rude
bing. The gradual approach to lean.
ing the sisin. Be expiaiosd. did away
the halo one
often has to sponges oat after a stale |
Fdisappeara ~Good HouseReaping,
Use 8 long-handied brisk to dost
plotures and Righ piaces. a ©I% paint
brush for dusting carved furnitures and
a smail round paint brush for gressing
hrest and cake tits A new
hroah ia Ane for cleaning strainers and
femlery. A scrubbing brush with rather
ha gest to cieun
progesd aod ont glass dishes and to
seamed tinwara A fhre
yeas will clean the lemon and Lwse
radish graders al remove ha SK
from Dew potatoes Another asefal
ticie is 8 cheap whisk broom bought
for the sole purpose of faraishing
splints for trying cakes [It sboadd
be kept in a paper bag
sess Woman's Home Companion.
Proper Care of Mirrors.
In the fire place if 8 weil to know
8 good cleaner. This van be made by
adding to whiting enough cold tea to
: : make a thin te. Remove the Sy
| during winter. We formerly had con-| oo 4
i siderable trouble,
| more cholo sorts, in keeping them
2 through the winter as from some case
or other, when put away in the osliar
without sxiea care, they would either
| wither and shrivel 53, or else mold and |
a decay, so thut a large proportion of the
i more valualile varieties failed to win |
specks with warm fea and dry he mir-
ror. Then smear some of the paste on |
the glass and rub with a dry sith
A good way to polish the mirror is
with & soft cloth and a few drops of
agus ammonia (leaning with pager
ia not efective Unless the best quality
of Tag paper is used
To scour mirrors make a pasta of
whiting andl water, Smear the surface
with it and et it dry on the glass. Then
rob it off with tissue paper or wilh a
soft newspaper. Rab gently, for the |
particess of grit in the paper may
scratch the gine.
The following is a pood way to Sil in
the scratches that often appear on 134
backs of mirrors. Scraich away he
mercury for about 8 quarter of an inch
around the scratch and wet the place
with a clean rag Mpped in aleobod
Tike a broken plese of mirror and
mark out a piece of slivering larger
than the place on the mirror. Placa s
small drop of mercary on the cenlre |
of thin stivaring allowing it to remaln
a few minutes
& the patch and slip it from
the broken glass oo the place to be
mended, pressing it nto plete with a
griall plese of colion batting —Ameri-
an Quesn,
Apples with Whipped Cream —F
oore and cut in quarters tar apples;
put one pint of water and hall a ou
of pigar over the fire: add the apples:
when they are tender LIU thew 10 oR
glass dlak: boll (Be syrup until reduced
to ome cup, pour this over the applies;
when cold spread over the apples any |
over this
i railway. and givey 3185
fruit juice or jemon Jelly,
spread whipped creant
Salad Dressing Without Oll—Boil
two egEs 20 minutes, put them into
cold water for two minutes, then lake
off the ahell cut the erzs in halves
take oul the yailn and rub them
through a sieve all oge-fourth tea
spoonful each of salt sugar and mus
tard: bet four tablespooniuls of ore
stiff. add to the other ingredients, mix
carefully, add a
of thick cream.
Veal Crogqueties—Mix two cupfuls of
chopped cold cooked weal hail a tea
spoonful of salt, a littie while and cay-
enne pepper, yolk of one ezg a few
drops of onion juke and one vup of
thivk white sauce, stir over ths fire; 4
divide Int | padding
spread on a platter; cool,
i as many portions as are wanted. roll
in bread crumbs; then in beaten egg.
then im crembe; put several in the |
frying basket; fry in smoking bot |
deep fal; arrange on & platter:
1 with parsley. these may be served with
tomato sauce.
Jellied Prumes—Pick over and wash |
half a pound of prumes and soak Sev.
eral hours in two cupluis of cold was
ter. them took in the same water until
soft, remove the prune stones and
cut in quarters; to prune juice add
snough boiling water to makes two cap
fuls: soak hail a box of gelatine in halt
a cup of cold water, wir over the fre
turn into a mould and stir two on thriea
| to a friend.
from the entanglement of a lmwsnit so |
a professional cleaner |
j city where he is
ODeY-Ssloniag process
will las for |
years. and has the virtue of cleanli-
rosd to Bherty will be nb
Thuromgh BUG RID
{vy earn,
the hewvens above,
La violeat tusult to his Excellency to
negest a4 jury fo mid in deciding 8
Clean away the silver |
other times
dusk of cavenns pep
per sad vinegar until the consistency |
oh-Baks Who ar he ov Save
$10,000 Out of $500 a Year.
“Nobody (reams off golug ts law in
4 Chima for the purpost of obtaining jus.
tice writes fhe Rev. W. HH Bears of
Ping. Baptist missionsry. in a jet
“No Clisaman Js safe
matter bow high 8 Augree of rectitude
charseterizes his life
“The local pagistnite is at once the |
{ civil and crimson) judge ales the sheer
if, the commissions for isrge and
popeilens districts. Manifold as his |
dignities sre hs pots jess (han $504 |
per year for Bis worl.
"This is scarcely paBciomt for one
day's expense with his large follow
ine of secretaries and other sabordl.
nates. But he don't worry. He eves
sates money oat ol Bis job
“The Plugs oficial Bandies yearly
about 360.068 that he peceives
and taxes alone It is 8 very asthrit
official that doos pot clear §10.0400
your out of Lig offen
“His secretaries and higher suber
dinates recive salgcies Hip densia
bles, deputies and rwsners of this class
Bet no salary. ya! suth posiiiong gover
#0 begging The chief revenues como
from lawaul
"When a man is Arrested the first
thing be bax to do Is to pay the con
#abing a pire [ttle suns for the frov
ble they have pot themselves to in
coming after him. If be does not put |
4p the tribute at once be is bound and
tortured until be is convinesd of bis
“The princmer is brought into the
handed over to
grade higher set of underlings and the
oa very exiesded scala
help Bis condition and make
durable. Remember duriag all Dis
he may be ns lspocst: as an angel
“Thers are throe pets of these small |
oy oficisis whose lulches ara Yast
aned on the victis, He 18 passed from
DEe ta the other each sucking Sicod |
from him a0 every silage of the game. |
The magisirade iW expected Io know
piothing of the arrest antil the ander
linge Bave squeered every possible cent
ost of the prisoner. who 8 thon
brought before (Se 2ilef dignitary for
trial. Reversing the American maxim,
every mas 8 supntesd Lo be guilly
A man may be
until proven inndcent
falanly avrneed: be will be treated a8
thongh guilty Just he same and Rin
Bh thorns
“If a man Bask the money In spend
god will fee the comstabies Hberally |
thay will retars to thelr chief and ro |
port that ho hay ron away and cannot |
be found, It bs a part of 18elr bush
Hens to be seeretive sg such aceaninns.
“The dintric: magistrate Uke all Chi
nets oMeialy te supiomed ta have a
ARG Wh averstisine
urdersienth the ssa and I»
Heme 11 would be
“Wiisospes By he scores Ara
duced, but sone of them iz expeciod in
tell the truth Of course, with such
wholesals lying going on ff In impos |
sible for the judge to decide aa To the
tris mwerity of the case. When 1
controversy in finally closed asa pass
od up to Bim for decision be will
srpother his decrees in a lot of high
sanding, meanisgioas words and
orets so much 0 get a Dew hearing
that thers in sseldotn an appeal from |
| the
most absurd decision
“Some dara the magistrate will set
tie A dues oF mors Knotty oases. Al
when Ir suits his pleas
ure, ke will permit suits to drag along
for years, oven thought it may mean
ruling fn the lliganth.
“It is nothing socommon for a lnw
suit to start over A quarrel among
I ebildren and continue until both par
tien to the comiroversy have go! mong
in years and made panpers of thems
selves "Now York Sun
Across Curasia by Rail
Professor Lacey Sites an American,
has recently made the rip scross the :
Earasian continent by the Siberian
44 as the fost
he road bvoroaeh add the accom mods
tion pot exactly up to the Pullman
standard. The autdor says jong stops
nd plenty to ear of Inder quality bast
Spoor variety, may be looked for along
the whale route saul of Irkutsk av
copting one OF TWO streteles of devert
Hoewaver wervhody will pd comlfonm
fn carrying a base! with an auxiliary
supply. Frail and bhattsr are simost
nknown in Siberia ard Manchuria
and a tea kottle is an sasential Every
boxty needy it to draw boiling water
froon the val which iu in every station.
A sroall lamin will ssp be nand ser
viceahie The train in the casters
pares ia Hitminated poly with candies
and these are offen distant and dim
The traveler most provide his own
Australia’s Miniature Voltancew
A curivas Teaturs of the heeak up of |
Arnish | the protracied and devastating drought |
sxplesions a various
parts of tha commonwealth The
ground had becomes 80 parched apd
ry that it cracked, and 18a Sssures
thus formed became the receptacies
of beated alr When the ong prayed
for downpour of rails came at ast the
walter met the hot alr in these Assures,
amd Hrtle pevsers snd volcanoes were
manufactuyd fm a moment. Many
farmers hearing the sxpiosions and
sewing columss of steamy (ull arising
from the earth wondersd what
plage Bad come tH afflict them, and
whether ther were out of the frying
pags isto the fire
Fron 3
| Ues containing sowlliag suits
thought 10 be necessary, 10 say nothing
is repeated |
He finds
that money 8 (he anly salve that will :
fe en
new §
inside. Wrist Bags.
| packed away 8 coin purse made from
exe alunos fashionsd from it Remall bot.
of 8 powder puff & small comb, wen
pirror and a cise for plow and hair
Shirring on Wash Dresses.
Shirting and gauring is the fanciful
trimming that is appearing upon the
This ornzmentation 13 especially effec.
tive upon foulard. musiis, canvas or
linen gowns Whites tucks, tiny and
The wiser woman will of course, con.
The under petticoat is so onger the
“umey garment 1 ueed fo be but it is
ths hips. and even to tie kpees—in
fact, thers is Just rooms 1D ke § long
step in it Around the foot it is trea.
ad In various Ways the pewest being
the Van Dyke of ea Insertion is
| sewed in the skirt in points and round
ince pat on in Van Dyke fasbion, a
that they fall in frreguisr polots. For
under petiicoat it is extnmmely dainty.
The Season's Fashions.
The sollariess jacket cut a trifle low
in the nek is (2e mode The Lioness is
still with sx The long. thres quarter
Jemunth Rossian blouse coat fs good
style, as is also the abort biosss which
sods with a belt at the walst-line Bat
to emuhasine (he fart that variety rales
there are Eton isckets equally fashicn-
able which are short encaigh to show
re waistline all the war xroand, ex-
capt in the front, where they are made
with long stole ends,
Kiesves continue 10 display their full
trimmed. Caffe are more fanciful than
ever, and tab effects fn cloth, velves
and silk ars frequently introduced not
only ai» (rimming for jackets, but for
It is to De 8 season of trimmings
Pendant ideas are amozng the sewest
fancies. Tassels 3k braids and pas
sesenteries with Hittle drops dangling
from them. are considered modish
A very new ides in planniag an eial-
orate gown of shear sf materiag is to
trim it with bands al Irassparest voila
Or sven monwesiin
& very prafty effeet ln abtained by
frridesceny offer of the xk slo
through the traceparent hands Waal
an's Home Con anion.
Home Hospitatity.
Hospitality in the home
of the chief features of Dome life To.
keep always iz the mood for meeting
fn unexpectedly an wall as to recnive
time mors (has likely some one the
to the convenience
real apirtt of the mistress of the house
is pus to the ost
Ths dar mar have been & partionlias
iy Rarsming one; things may
“poge wromy' every Rhosr as
sometimes seem lo d-wherever
fault may
Jectured the dinner may be pravilically
a failure
stances the wife rises to the ovession,
or above it rather and
Imughs away any seeming isconvenm-
she haus without siaborale and embars
rare as it le delightful and one wall
damask, the shinfoy glass and silver
at ease: I is the cordial welcome and
Is not causing any troubles or extra pre
tertaun him. This is home hospitality,
All manver and kind or conventent
contrivances are now on the inside of
moet completes of theses are sougly
| the same skin as the bast and a card
frocks and gowns that are being made | «
up for wear during the summer duys
wide, still tontinge 1¢ appears on wal
suit Ber figure before adopting thin
a dainty trifle which fully merits de.
5 Sted fo fhe waist
the bottom of the skirt are ruffles of |
An outer garment. (hin tregiment would
be impossible. but for the foot of the |,
sesy below the elbow, and are much
, decyrated with a
design worked out in very narrow silk
thraid. A gown of this suet is
over a changeable ae #aing. ARG |
such a charm when dispensed In the
right spirit that it becames easily one
cheerfully any guest wlo may drop |
mots and
ia Australis was the number of minis | Fo the guest with a hearty welcomes,
I tare volcanic
Te Yoleani fence ard places before him such aa
worth cultivating. It is nod the spotiess
the hand-painted china, nor the seven!
cosirse dinner. which pats the guest
the faculty of making him foel that he
paration with which to elaborately en.
How to Become Self-Refiant.
It may be a surprise to many of you
fo discover that over sasitiveness I8
renily to 8 great sxiant selfishoess snd
ronsider ourselves first, we should aot
expect 80 much attention and deference
Sansitivenoss is a misery to the pare
sons sflicted with ££ Of is taken
when it is sot intended and you mre
apt to imagine yoursell neglected oF
atuised when thers is nO cRuSe Whale
| swer for such sscombortablensss.
It is all very well to have a deliesey
of feeling: but it should not be foster
| samy do it Again and again? When you
And yourself anos mistaken, remember
the ayperiescs and profit by & is fate
Trr hard io overcome the consiites
Homa! seilennscioosuens that is at he
bottom of it all. Do mot demand of
others more than vou give For ine
stance, two girls are dear friends We
i shall call them Julia and Annie Now
| ilies is the sensitive coe and she refle
iy makes Anse unbappy by Imposing
in so many Ways spon ber affection If
she has a Dew Bat Annie must prompts
iy motive ard admire iL If Aonie makes
a new friend Julia is jealous snd weeds
oft in the affections of her desvest
friend And ao it goes from one grieve
Ane to another sntil one is always “om
pine and neadien™ for fear of of .
| 30d the other fx always suffering from
inssgioary slights It tan be resdily
sen that suck friendship hacks In the
ane osaen tial —confdegos—without
which true friesdship is really im
- If you will adopt the simple remedy
of thinking moms of the comfort and
hppiness of your frend you will be
sury much surprised az the resolis
Try it and ses for yourseil
Remember that your are pot infallle
hie. and even if yeu should smfertain
such an (mprreslen You cannot expect
others to share your opinion. It iv an
usdsninilie fact that the person who
demands so much deference is the very
one who dose sot show it. She doss sot
because she is saif-centered and fails
10 realize that other people may be
ite as important as Bersell Forget
vaursel?, take things more Hghtly sad
ve seif-reling? and self-tempeciing. ~~
American Joeen.
Fashion Notes,
Browhs patieros are he sont —
i ng amoag the recsat importations,
Boleros are decidedly In evidonos ups
Do Parisian and Viennese coatirees,
Jewelind lank buttoss to join the
; pent ngs in turnover collars are sew.
A busch of white violets a2 the side
| ads a very smart falsh to the blue
Loviodet hat
It is pradicied that back straw bate
‘will be worn extensively entirely supers
sedling white
Mexivan drawn work is quite ths als
tractive feature for the sdornment off
| those specially invited, this is the so Seay Mi
cret of hospitality It is simple enough oi
to extend the hand of welcome when | TOT n the from ig the style of many
every guest has been wramged for, of the prettiest beita
when the house is in perfect order and |
the menu prepared ready to serve But |
ft is when the friend uninvited for a’
special occasion bappens in ar meals
c with basque skirts attached is the
good man of the houses biags home to
dinmer withmut consulting his wife aa
of the act, that the
Wary wide at the back asd very sare
The uptodate bells sew wears &
munall sachet of the apprepriate scesl
in the lining of dar Seral hat
Az sion openitcg over a cloth vest,
Jacket shown om several smart spring
Od fashioned "halr-line” and “pine
Cstriped” tates silks In Back sad white
Care ta be fashionable this summer, and
Pmothing can be prettier or mors stylish
Shey im mercerized cottons aad linens of ail
lie meed ROL Mere be CONC oy sheers it is 6 cotton Mabric With
: A a linen finish
the Sree (nn the Tarmace low |
| the cook cross mad things at sixes and |
sevens generally I under sueh otreume
White waists are to be the Davorites
kinds but the newwst material is calls
There are most Besutifal new colon
ings and effects shown in Olga crepe,
t1wpe da chine and crepe meteors. All
ws materials are lined with the softs
. thinnest silk, (hat ae sifaems HAY
an ix quality seught for.
Wide, rolled brim Mantle hats ae
trimmed with twists of taffeta ribbon
rassing apolngies, she has the trae how
pitabin spirit. which ts & quality as
of peacock bine shading into gress,
with sprars of (Gistiedown balls In the
same “changeable” shades and
mounted 80 as 10 awwy wih every
Quite plain and bare of trimming ary.
pretty leather mixtures. they are Sine
ished with bins bands and straps of
the same goods, machine stitched, and
ornamented with some one style of the
| fashionable buttons.