The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 03, 1903, Image 7

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Rp Ea a ara
skid aE work,
cuts out patiers hy
set tn the Sin. cutting a
with a glasier's tool to
~The story of Miss
ental patience, courage
tion somehow makes one | BS
af Baving all one's powers | bee
hie ther 10 desultary and ||
ean talk, yet one rarely |
w ba truly good éonversation-
hat Is. cue who has the power to
others out while saying little
listens to what is said wita
ver, in the power of any
person to become a good cot
palist, and the secret of it lea
self and showing real
2 the person with whom you
own. Almost every person has
Byorite topic of couversation:
you cannot talk intelli:
the subject, listen attentively,
ftw natural tone, giv
ser the hnoression that
at him rather than to
find that your companion ts
BAL de t and irritable,
hte nto pleasant
tell him the amusing things
ead and do all In your power
Bim forget Elmself, and he
imselt if you ntorest bliin
womankind growing wiser,
merely the Inevitable turning
wheel of fashion that has
Alle madern corset? Certain
age! have small wasp
The sculptors and paint
ave all along been telling us
Otis of the natural un- |
| walst will say: “What have
telling you?’ and will peint
the examples of the world of
© figures of the old masters.
we knew all that, and most
d for this happy period to
but what can a woman do when
28 the pace? Very few of
courage of our convictions
comes to disregarding the
that terrible ruler. Of
bad the plea of the necessity
thing to hang and drape our
but the fact re-
js of women and
much of dL
than to be a laze of dismonds,
{elry. bodire botauets, tiez and such
have eatmed tor Viele
what the best hired women only did
It is not a difficult task to dresu bee
consdugly with a pretty face and a good
{ figrire, but one of the features of our
day Is that the modern woman seems
to have the power of making herself
ing well.
The art of dressing is to render a
events, apd the uvveriall woman
| moderate height, the short one of falr
Unhappily there are niore
women who ean spend no ogrost deal
of money on dress than know sehen
snd what to went and how to put on
their clothes. They introduce their
fowslry at the wrong time, amd too
Happily, women are no
longer hung in ehaing (hot the fasion.
i able onesi, but It 18 ware Chic to appear
with seme antigne ornament that goes
with the texture und style of the gown
addenda peemire miore alienation often
| than the choosing of the dress Ret.
Now Tork News.
Mrs Kguiers, wite of £the American
Minister to Cuba, is Interesting horself
ia forcing a society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Anhmais in Havana,
According fo a woman sulfragist, the
newest type of “new woman” fy the
Woman whe travels all over the coun.
fry, making public speeches fo jrove
that a woman's pince is at home,
sorand, iu an Amerieas and a member
of a prominent New York family. Her
tecidon nares was Miss Blsa Richards,
stituted in Paris, and with it are re
vived many of the old Celtle mysteries
and ceremonles. Long towing robes
of white are worn by the women of the
Mra. Jane Boyes. M. Da graduate
of the Bdimburgh University, has been
appelnted Government physician of the
Islned of Coll, Argylesiiive. This 1s
sali] to be the first instance of a wWoRAD
doctor receiving a Government appoints
ment in Scotland.
The National Zoological Society of
Great Britain bas long sdmitted ‘wom-
{en as fellows, although they are not
admitted to the sclentific or general
pigetings. By a recent alteration of
the by-daws that restriction has Lees
done away with, and women who are
fellows stand upon the same footing as
the men.
The business of pharoicists lt one
that is recommended for women who
wish to enter a field that as ye! 1s not
overcrowded. The head of a Jarge edn
cational institation for women recent.
ly remarked in public that be conshd-
ered the occupation of druggist to be a
refined and congenial one for the rwen.
tieth century feminine worker.
Science bas Its devotees among Ital
ian women, one of whom, Bignora Ber.
nardo Pirovane, of Crema, has lately
taken her degree in the medical fac
ulty, and broken the pecord as the
youngest doctor of wedicine and surg
ery at the University of Pavin. As a
physician to women and childoem in
Florence she fs about to settle down.
hurried to untimely | A
sustained serious internal fn- |
enrpet is a were bandi
© and ribbons compared |
steel-ribbed, unyielding |
ckets” worn some years ago.
to-day is made on entirely
Hinos, being short, of soft ma.
t a couple of bones and
pod ar on hygienic and phyelolog!l.
es, giving the Internal op-|
proper Hpount of space and
ig allowing ample play for
ts of the ribs snd upper
My one of the most prelific!
bringing about this fortunate
2 the modern devotion to ont
games, pastimes and pursolts,
28 sqbeezed up in an old-fash-
L such as our mothers wore
wen had she drecnied of such
alk 8 half mile, let alone ron
ip, strike at a ball, manipulate
or paddle a canon, And
are most gratifying, for
world's lilstory has there
such a race of strong, healthy
MN utifnl, graceful and happy
as we =Clleago Record:
ay not so very long
ro ad : fo te}
he was usually set down as
new linens,
and bodices,
Bheer white fabrics are chocked off
with fine cords.
Soft-petaled artificial flowers are used
extensively on evening gowni of
chiffon, mousseline de sole and other
digphanons fabrics,
between a slagle violet and a spring
beauty as to shape. It is lovely tn clus.
ters on a white ground,
Fanty hairpins are much in vogue,
especially in tortolse shell and paste.
Oue in a Iopsd shape is literally
wrappad in sparkling stones,
The new strup bracelets, woven, flex.
thie flat bands of gold, like a Jenther
strap, either plain or jewel set, are to
be worn with tailor-made gowns
Piquant--much-abused word-—is well
applied to the ready-made black satin
Knickers, made fn cavalier style, with
{ deen double frills of real lace ag the
ered white dots and a serpentine stripe
embroidered In a darker shade of
Fine soutache braids are being de}
veloped to a high degree of art. They
are peculiarly valuable for laying vpon
plain goods In alternate bands of slack
and white, and produce a chic offect
i far beyond the value of the material.
A petticoat of brocade 18 flotiiced
and one in palest blue slik is
: made smarter by rows of narrow black
t in quite a new French h sigie An
‘own, Moreover, they are acquiring |
acquire at one thoe-the art of knows
| ing when to wear their clothes: In fact,
| the sultabllity of ralment.
good looking, or, at all events, of look. |
squat Bzure the in appearance, at all |
‘with ging and brass mek
The wife of the new French Ams of the denim should be added. A win.
Tassador to the United States, M. Jus
An order of Druldesies hos been ine
hostess first,
_ Fine checks are noted in somo of the | §
Broad effects distinguish both coats.
A new delicate pink poser is a cross
One of the prettiest new Swisses 1a
{in pale green strewed with embdrold.
from the knees in chiffon appliqued
To protect the walls of the bdrooms
0 with the bedstonds it is
an excellent pian to fix two xmall pads
of chamols Jeather, one on eich end
rod at the bead of the had, »g that if
tha bed is pushed back forcibly ngninst
the wall in the way dear to thie beart
ol the average ald servant there is
no chance of an ugly rubbed niark, as
the pad keeps off the pressure,
A spall cushion that comes In handy
0 tuck In at one's back when sitting
in an arm chalr 18 made of a loosely
stuffed contre of silk. This Is sbont
elght fnches lo diameter, and nt at all
Arcus this a palling of 8k Is
A cireninr plece of sralloped
linen, either white or ecru, series as a
top. The white tops are divorated
with yellow buttercups, if the silk
cover of the pillow be yellow, or with
violets, If green or lavender silk
used for the cuslifon top. The scallops
are far apart and deep and they are
fastened down over the poling, so 5»
to allow the futinge to flare cat be
tween. The ect tops are emleroldered
in gold thread and Olena! slitia
Mast of oor city rooms, even in apart.
pent bhourex, have windows wiileh are
deeply enough set to allow for window
sents. These add to the beguty amd
eotvenienes of a wnall room, aad seed
not be expensive. Boxes may be fiized
Into the vptee, cover with halr cush.
and a bark
fons neatly tacked on.
made by tacking n flat enshion against
the panelling. Cover first with mus.
Hu and thea with denim, and finish
A valance
dow sent may be wade by fitting into
the space an inexpensive rattan or
bamboo bench, sorh as ares to he had
at furnishing stores. These sre fitted
with wmwoyable cuslilons, and hate @
valance If desired. New York Post.
A few simple rules tay be aid
down for serving the table. Ass gon
eral rule the mald removes the large
pervice plates used under the soup
plates at the time shie brings the filled |
piates, Sometimes when the serviee
piaten sre unusually handsome they
are allowed to remnain on the table un
til the dessert is served, so that the
guests may always bave plates before
The maid passes the larger dlahes
and plates by hand: the smaller dishes
Lolding olives, bonbons and sugar are
passed on a tray. She serves all of the
Ten, colfoe and
dishes from the left
beverages are served from the right.
The guest may never take the piste
from the waltress, but must poormit ber
to place it on the table before hilo.
Fing¥r bowls chould be used only
with fruit conrses. When the lish fs a
bit out of the ordinary it is quite the
thing for the hostess to cause herself
to be first served, when she begins to
eat, thus demonstrating to the goests
the proper way to sat 1. When the
hostess is pot served first it Is the ale
to begin with the lady next to her on |
the right, apd begin with a different
poest with each course, go that no one
shall be always last
The French always serve the host or
8 cuRlam calepinted to
put the guests 8 vase. For boneheon
it is best to serve hot rolls tnelked ints |
napkins, rither than bread on plates,
A popular Innovation Is the thin sand.
‘wich of bread and butter. — Chiesgo
Raisin Ple—One cup of sugar, one
| enp of seided raising, one cup of sweet
fream, the julee of one lennon and yolk |
of une egg. Chop raising fine a mdb ake
with one ernst (white of one epg
fn stifY and add a table
ugar for the ineringwey Then»
oven pntll if becowies a golden brown
Celery Root SaladPare the eelers
roots; put them into cold ssater ford
twenty minutes, ty
no put this
WARD over 1
null ep
stow pan: paar ood
add a Hitle walt pnd
pour off the water: cat the ne
sive cand whan eld peur
French dreasing wade with one mle
spoonful of salad oil nnd three tate
spoonfuls of vinegar, a little salt avd
penier to geason,
Scoteh Scones To ote quart of sifted |
four add four level teasnoopfols
baking powder: cut into this ohe-guar
| ter cup of lard and one-quarter eun of |
sugar: |
‘heat one eg until lght and add to i
butter; add ope teaspoonfal of
twa cupfuls of milk: toss this sn oa
flopred board. roll out half un ined
thick, rat in threeineh square pieces,
fold In half to form three corner ploces: |
Lake ou a bot gridile very slowly.
Chocolate Yoat Cake «ream half a
cup of sugar: add twa
eggs melt two squares of chocolat
over hot water: pour over it half a cup
of boiling water and stir vail ynsoth:
then add it to the Ors mixture stir one
tablespoon of soda into half a cup of |
buttermilk or sour mlik: add his with
three eupfuls of sifted four,
Ro plac
of salt nnd one teaspoonful of vani!
to the other mixture: bake in a gréas
cake pan In a moderate omen twenty
r | minutes: this may be baked in layer
cake pans and put togeiber with white |
| Grostinz,
i Mau and Express,
nin al
CAmerica Bax no terrors for
! is Be
cap of butter with one and one-halt’ 1a
well beaten:
| years ago.
portie ro, con ho ia and a own m
homes for a season and |
mae, there are many interesting de-
talis of thelr manufacture which are =
not kaown to tho caxual customer,
The impress of the Spatiah cross, res
calling the Invasions of the Coromado
expedition of 1540 is still paramount in
this industry of the tribe. This marked
the Navajo's first knowledge of the
white race, and the later Wfinence of | |
Mexican art enn be traced In the gigs
sagging dinmond.
There is aiways one
blanker weaver In a Navajo family,
generally on woman, though sometines
a man and the blanket fratoe which is
erveted onside the “hogan,” or but, is
part of itu srehiitecture, This frame
5 of wpright posts or mide poles,
Rueeling or squeiting in from of it
is the pathent weaver {rom worning
till niche
a medium of barted, as current 8 any
col among the neighboring tribes,
for the Xavalo's country ia the finest
for flock taising, snd their wool far
famed. The Gres used, too, are practh
cally indelible, and thelr manufacture
2 8 tribe secret.
banner garment of the squaws with
“dresey” gapirations, and the cholcest
of wizwam decorntiong. The carn
taken in the making of these blankets
tiny be realized wlon one knows that |
ten or three monthia are given to the
manufacture of sone of the more slab.
No two of these are ever 3 |
acily alike, nud for certain tribal core
motion especial patierne are intro
duet. The
by the richness of {he traveler's wrap
ping. It i» the Navajo hisnket
that oftepest forma the
square of the spake dancing Mokls,
and thi sin dancers of the Shoshana
and Arapahoes earpet thelr sacred ine
American bachelors and den devotees
pay such round prices for. No wonder,
with its history, its wealth of associa.
tien, with Its richness of color and
originality of design,
bianket bas attained a National puta.
Reed's Smart Offes Boy.
The late Thome Bracket Heed was
fond of telling the following story
regarding the bright little office boy |
whom he kept in his employ In Wash.
lapteon, and for whom he prophesisd a
brilliant financial career:
A gentleman calling on Mr. Reed one |
day, while walting in the reception
roots, was attracted by the manner
of the small attendant and started a
ragdom conversation.
“And how muck do yon 27D 8 week,
my boy?" he nguired.
“Fifty dollara” sald the youngsier
with ay iy.
Being shown Into the Senator's pot
vate office Just then the vialtors su
prise fopml vent In wonds
“Aighty briglt boy you hare there.
bie remnirRiod.
“Fifty nothing”
gris 85,50."
“Bait be told me Jost now you were
giving hin 80 a wee
“Nonheose © sald Me
tone hed. the bell
“did you tell this gentieman | was
naving you £050 z weak?”
“No, sir”
"You Quint?
Weil, waa
sald 1 eorned HM” was the
protuspt and stout rejoinder New York |
snes ara pa —
Fmglani's Roundarymaker,
Bir Thomas Haldich Jesves England
ca his mission to lay down the new
frontier butween Chile and the Argan.
tine Ropublie. - It is not a light task,
; but Bir Thomas already knows some. |
{| thing of the Andes and be has proba.
PMY had more expirience in mepping
cut boundaries than any man liviag,
Much of his work bas been en the
frontiers of India, which he knows 58 |
fniimately as we know our London |
He has written a book called |
the “lodian Borderland” and if ever
gives ws bis peminisoences they
should be fall of agrecable accounts af |
avel He was serving In India pear
IY YOATS foo ag a Young officer
Koval Engineers. The Abrssinian
i Rime to another © vs
! Afy han war faok him
ul an rach 1 5
over al
Thames 8 wi
sal wear us South
him, He
nd bis s1a® of engineers £3paet to be
of 1
| away several months ~London Chron.
Unlamitinr With Glass,
‘hite Hoes are paibted seross all
wigdows bn thind-olass curs in Japan
g% a check upon the hmpalse of oun
pants to lhrust
them, Whidow glass is an artic» with
witieh the people ure nt
renly suposed are sashes to be on
ix spaces for alr the bill for the glaz
ing was ole of the largest pelty jee
monthly aeconipiz for all of
companies wath
vesited. ~Heong K
sug Press,
Treasures of the Sea,
The sea arcund the shores of Gree
is full of treasupes. A Hite tine
the divers were bri ging up the 8
Tagt when the ship which was ts) ing
them fo Home was wreeknd over 200
None the pelios of the hare
of Navarimg which was fought In 1537,
are bode shed up ond & number
old brange cannot, swords guns and
pistols have been cecoversl from the
1 Turkish aug Egy pus Ships-Ti Bis}
The blankets dra considered |
The Lisnket is the |
rholotxt designs are res
ft eerved for enabrouding the dead as
the Journey to the “Happy Hunting
Ground” We commidered mock enhanond |
100, ]
charmed |
ith these same weaves that
the Naval |
| Mr. Reed, to be gitting £0 a week,” | bag
GREAT remedies te tempers: |
An relieve arth hare ows devine! |
SEs ry
{3 gemlly pronoun ares]
be menrshie.
a short time became keoam to thousand: |
of entareh wallerers north, south, east andl
eure for eatard
| pone in su pi tions
PRS a allt trom
E Stobenvoil, Pets, Wa, writes
“1 feet obliged to extand yi my
thanks for my | fe testarstion
throagh the winter
trouble, but recor
The following letter fram a promivent
sald Mr. Reed: “he i
k," persisted the
gentiesnn of Los Angeles is a exer Bi
| pon
Mr. JW. Puller, President of the Yom
elord tien of Low Amewien 5,
Reed, andl
“Bilr.” be said |
gid you i
of |
thelr heads through
farilar in
daily Jie, and since PEsfeBgers oun |
the wiite Hine was Ind
oi |
kon been enpuged in basins,
his pxperience with Perunn be mys
“1 was troubled with catarvk of the
; head formany years, ltaJrected mi
i sense of smell, hearing and sok.
A Delighttu i Prison.
It is very i
Are very few guarnils not more ih
tn avery 15 prisoners, and
think of carrying arms
they Raver
The prisons
ers’ cells are cofistantiy opes. so that
the Inmales can esully CommuAnicaty
with each other and cin tell af any.
time what the pasrds are doing More. |
cover, the prisoners are sliowsd to have
paper. ink newspapers ider and vari.
ons dainties from the kitehen, incing.
ing fried epus. of which they are very
Oue wound suppose that pris.
OTF Was oR
pers would pot desire 10 leave such
an earthly paradise as this yet thren
notorions murderers—lishrer Bebouid
nd Hess--quietly strolled away from
£2 recently. and, © is auld have n BOL wi
yo shown any inciinaiiim to return.
$1.500.000 tnagrance.
Charles W, French a wealthy
dent of Mansfieh!l 0 Bos applad
Hie insargnes Bgvnis in Claveisnd
& policy for 314% 4
is nald vo he he
man in this county He : var
ies Amvunting to 1:
A Vast Number of Kidnoy
bongs fp amp
hy Be
bial pediin bat ie littl wri.
The remedy was samed Teruna, oT il 1
sta thee faet that Pe: |
bnesn U
El fai
hae Been in losiness in that ety Tor weer
enteen years out of the foetr five thet be
amceTRIN 7
; doubted i ther = {3 soy.
; where a ore delightful
{that of Tobwil in ia
Saffering People, Cured by Doan's
say but for the Free Trial rs would stil be in Agony.
sprat lotsof mrntyifh doctors ant SAE
the wae of locwl applications te ve- A :
wx wvist say that F sol sith waoel
surprising and sstisjactory revelle.
| Pevuns tosk hold of he complain
and drove $i entively out of My Eye. ‘
ew. :
“Althsugh well stony toward the 1
pleased au u child over ihe resell, :
wufered from thesat r
? od my emtion
the use of yoar escellent rem
Bae Jeers st the slovs ar 0k wed :
“a prhidataon exer by the written pes
ES INAOR aif Lhe wer.
A pamphlet Aled with sock letters will
| be seit any address free, This book
he read By all who doubt the eupwr
# oi falar
§ vou fy wnt reeves pram snd satin
faetary paesitalrogs the wee 0 Porans write
Sal « 19 Dr. Hay Fimes, giving & ful stats
ql of Jur eae,
eNO hae Tha bie
Addr Die. Bartman,
President of The 5
t i Horton Sanita, © pix Se 1
Memory Lost After Fail on loco.
As the result of falling on the ley
tiewalk, Samal A Chapman, of Bose
3 gitent at Annandale College Is
Fering from a peculiar malady. On
ET ELLLE of January x Chapman,
thelr return Chapman slipped on the
Chey path and Gallisg backward, stroek
the base of Bis apine He sullored no
immediate affects and Dein helped
up by Biz ovmpanions. walked on to
the college. Next day he wai neon
scions remaining so for two dags Ups
on regaining cousclousness his meme
Bank. In about two weeks
he made some progress, looking to the
of his mansory. He fa
nindteon years odd
Bygone London Customs
In Bdeard Longshany’ # Axes persons
Tei city ware allowed to Keep
hie houses.” Bat
pigs 200 $0 ote
os That hn resched on the
Ar a falter day the permission
Bein wren wilhin one's hones
: to have evn limited to
Golden Merit at your Command to Test.
GUS ap
Coroxnes Orry, Is, Feb, 10 1003 1,
received the sample packnize of Ian's.
and took them seconding ta ®
directions. They did me 0 much goad, mean, high rd ie
Kidoey Pills
I procured s S0-cent box at the drag store
ad have been prestly benedted 1 hud
the backache so bad 1 oould hardly walk
sho had urinary troubles, that caussl me
i pot up two and thrwe times of a night
I nm all right sow.
Fills prosper. Yours truly, A UC. Sore
Severe and loog standing cases shoul
take advantage of free Madkal Advice
5 Sulieve heart
Aching hacks are cased
bod a ed DY eriUae. a
Hine aed dropey signs vanish
Ther correct urise with brick Lost eit
hack aM
of the
dng, frequency, bed wetting,
Kiiney Pills remove coteull and
palpitation, sp,
adache. servousoes, dizzines
Long may Dosa's |!
Graxp Rapms, Mrem, Feb 17, 1908 — |
I received the trial packnze of Doan’ Kid. ©
} sey Pills promptly and cag truly say they
ate all and even more than recomupiend hed ;
I suffered continually with a severe pal
in the back, which the pill enthnly over 2
came, and I am alde tlooworl, which woul di
rot bave been possible but for Dean's
Kidney Pills. Mins. J. A RHLANE, wo
triad but Dias Jeol 2 br mat
and be wil be pletsed |
two other mtudents,
op friends none the college. OB