The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 03, 1903, Image 4

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    8 Br the | iharter is good for nlosty sire y youn
and never Tornieh a meni and
ing whatever to relieve
condition of the good ho
Their only mission appears to be
1age the thirst of the populace
lan they haven't time to attend to any-
: ng else. There were enough boone
Ljointe” in Cambria county. Whit was
wanted was more good hotels fur the |
: accommodation of the ible, ‘thinks she is nor ax homely is other
‘girls think her
Turns . considerable diggiox of
dirt and pounding of stone thes days oats and breakfast food at
near the old dry goods box which! Patron Sceriy Co,
| nerves as a depot for Patton, but
for a period of not less than sever |
| lating to right of way, municipal ordi. |
by law to protect the charter.
| erected there deponent sayeth nol. The * 0 drink Paqusns yoti are pastived |
f this trio,
COURIER has made this AnnoORnONImIen Men Attention! Our new
#0 often on what was apparently reli { shoes are here for your
_ lable information only to be laughed st window you will see
for ite pains that it is reluctant to re. for men-— the shoe that made Hrookton
: iterate the assertion omill a budding famous.
1 cans. be remaved to some other!
| point. AD we can do is to ‘wate and.
i sealion ths benetite of orga imtion by 4
Ale vents While the iizers jn the em. |
remedy conld be found hor 2% Journ. ne in
] a Ha goG PAS die all
ann in
oe United a iE
PRUE B ; rer a what
: ver air you Prete those gars ares
" bo bo that the Dew coup. very present,
to : oped P Those affocted with weak Rings
Bary Catarrh -farnish the tos fort
groasd 0 contract Soberonlonis
there nothing LL do fo deer thie chi
and was granted under the provisions
of the amended laws of 1801, giving
the present company absolute rights
yours, subject to certain conditions re. |
ances, ete. all of which will be obtain. |
od within the two year period required |
Builds ng
A fresh supply of Ralston flaked |
A girl is seldom as pretty ss ashe
Purity and exonilence, coupled with
Farst - Class Liquors,
| whether & new union station isi to be | MEO, ATE what makes 1 good beer, When | |
the Terhune shoe |
‘Hunter, Large, Etc.
Parron Surry Co,
ard brands as Wilson,
hi Celebrated
of the Pittsburg Brew
det of sil |
C Astin or b¥est the ordi.
| 1 die | AT TENTION.
H ave opened By nabig & little Jo tgoment even the wotniate salaried man oan
XL 1 Tr _ | tractively and look stylish and neat. ed ne
a W hol sale Liquor Drop is and let an give you a fow potters vn Spring Buite.
Store ; in the Chris tof Out busitiess is to dress people and dress them per
We do net and will not handle any clothing that is not
WwW est. right. This suits we sell are cut by ski led cutters after the
"best models— tailored perfectly i in every detail Just as much
and ed are taken w ith our $6.50, $7.30 and $8 oo suits as with
the higher grades at $12, $14 3 $16,
line nh
Just Bow we show 2 weil assorted Line of
including such stand.
to ft and wear well
[Buuag “Cunoy aremuq NVA :
uss PV 1e102dg ‘SUNTPr 'D ny.
| ssauppe due 0} uss quel Furs
Are sole agents Sozis [IY aosq Apsodind ssapnn “5943 nO
CABLE CAqraug jou {iis ASHI PUR 231 Go Jo i 3:5 3 ur om oly
yy no doip ww wo puny axe itm way 1g oF $Y
ie . (Xeaq ; Ses Ano ap jnoqy ‘pros - mag Fonpong wo
Pheenix | Preasg WHA ale 0 Jo HOQUIAGL [RpIIpUON wo E
for this section for the
Beer, Ale and Porter,
(ins, wines and
i bly adjosted and d the n mn i Sapioys ad by
the Clearfield and Cambria Coal & (Joke
i Co. went to work Friday murting.
The catise of (he strike was the ation
of the company in taking cheokwriigh.
; jm from pyle and new check wrigh-
De Baobert Koch, by how hina free ry! {
of the vase of thi diene, ddl the
world an anpayable beswfie. The Kook |
Tuberonline next followed, by which
® Mtampted the cure by Sojestion.
though Wak not ent i
yet Dr. Edward Koch, ;
patents, enabled the CORBI]. |
by Bis in
Patton, Pa.
treatment ets ut the
: sment Rtn ut be
: the president of : making a vapor of the tuberenting,
of the United Mise Workers. war in ht be combines with healing oils,
“town Sunday. Mr. and throwing theese rectly
Cla | turned from Philadelphia hear pre" rt of the long w By u is the bactlle.
ivious, where bs had been under the in the Fron, dy killed: the inflamed
icareof a much fm in. mucous membrane
' Specialist, Proved 11ubes Ta southod aad mor
health, {vapors Al Plog o of mocas which stop
" we ard cause shortome of |
are removed,
“The success of this treatment is now
ORR ty established. This cure is in
: a soy fa f ail a.
: il sili the past are in h of ail. 2 Phitade;
year was Pus to be not less than $1.2 more, Washington, Boffalo, Boson,
“iaton. The new price at the mines will Chileno, Cincinnati, Pittsburg, Roches
; beg (ter and Altoona
Pr Rach has ab these offices phosi.
: 2 ‘isha Heed in diseases of the chest:
Hl President Michel McTaggart ‘wax . epmciailsta who have spent their whol
* compelled to return to Philadelphia oem in studying this devs
again Wednesday for surgical trioat Consultation Is free and «
d ment. He was secompunied by Dr.
{ MeMillen, of Barnesboro.
sind is within
ALE Institutes
ia, Balt.
ir PO are troubled Wilh a ounirs sd
hawking and spitting, «bh reir avensy of
8 ¥
: x breath, lose of wedpht, swesting at
i John T. Cline, of this place, und night, and paine in tie chest. i would
{Richard Gilbert, of Clearfield, sd- DP Wiss to call at once for consulta.
| stisio ; Hon
. the ger ‘ii the | dressed the Wass menting of minens at Koch Lung Cure, Aftoons, rooms i,
i {Hastings Wednesday afternoon, Woot 12 ltrs Trust oc aipany
water until the i 4 > building, floes Boars: 19 a Be Wo 6
All of the miners in and aboot Pat. BM. Sully; | P30 pons te 8p
‘ton observed Wednesday, Aprii 1, ssa Stoasdayy, © Sunda) gl THIRYE,
Amtodp om,
holiday and all the mines were clomd. © pea i psn plot sank foe bo any
. *
addres on application.
The miners commenced working
Ont of town patients can be tresaed |
* under the new souls: Thursday. a! home with oar Hote Treatment Ap
| parstos Without 2Xtra charge.
1 have opened a
j ow Raton ta Washington and Habis :
I The Pennsylvania Railroad sempany
i has arranged for low rate-tes day ex.
4 one from Pittsburg and points in
Western Penrevivania to Washington
April 16 and May 21. Rann tip ¥ he
Hela will be sold at rates quoted bel :
2 good going on special train listen.
i OF on train No. 4, leaving Pittsburg at
.. 1900p. m, and carrying through siesp- Restaurant in the
“| ing ours to Washington. Special train | Building on East Magee ive-
of through parlor cars and coaches will
i be run from Pittsburg on the following
% schedule: —
hrstuc lass
cater to the wants of the pub
1. Yost ers
al a i
hn ie of F ohoe aiate: 3.
Patton, Pa
Tr Pain bows Hate ‘hie i in that | ine.
EF # iN
dm Oysters, Clams.
(ANY regular train except the New York In season
] Chicago Limited, until April 3
| at Baltimore within limit. hy
Should the number of passengirs
Leader's Celebs ed ive Crean
(ning of a special train, the com: pany gh IEA Tuy
Peder ves the right te curry partie Apne
] make some of its provis: Tickets on sale fn Pittabioeg at anion
Bowe what was intended, | Union station, snd at all stations man.
be layman is all At son as | ‘tioned above. For full information
ee ; Passenger agent Western district, Fift hi
ve the dissatisfaction avenue and Smithfield street, Pitts.
A. 1h, § an
Tickets will be gond “returning on Soft Shell Crabs
i and May 3, jnciasive, aud to Mop off
not be suficient to warrant the run. ¢ :
on regular train
The scale committee | ticket offfee, 360 Fifth avenue, and
= ly homas BE. 5
ation of some of its] capply tir agents or Thomas Wat
Tha h I¥ at some of the mitten {pors
a: . gore. Killing | ome.
inte the il
covering the air place
healed by the oily | goods:
That :
dal disease
ec frealinent
nue and am now prepareil to
I the Test and cheapest
ty get the following
Builde rs Hardware,
Machinists’ Tools,
Plasterers’ Tools,
Paints and Osls,
S Scales and Balances,
Clothes Line Wire,
Tay ok and Pocket
Cutlery : :
Car penters’ Tools,
mith Tools
I Putty,
ng Tac kle
: s Tt WLS,
£4 ox Ware,
Fourth Ave,
ERY = 8
( a Ei, I “
Ee ik § fh? Ch
Fat Line of Stet.
§ fi Hn
"MW 4xolis,
Lin HL C TINS tock pieces
be low cost,
stains and Carriage
Brushes of all
The White
Shoe Store.
tock and New
VE mea cull,
Magee Ave, Patton, Pa.
Furniture Department Firsthation Bank; Loa
Patton, Cah Co. Pa Home Killed Meat 2
CAPITAL PAID UP. $100,000.00. No
Cham! wr Suits,
Extension Tables
Kithen Tables
Ch airs.
Dining Room Chairs,
Ww ardrobes,
Cs 3 gd je 2
iron Beds and
Woad Beds,
Lar pets and
embaimed business in
Ww strictly mn
d at oar slaughter 2
Liver Ng In season,
Lite Bros,
All Kinds of
Xi. ali
# Xx.
te Pown *
a sen
ii 33%
OEE pra pt and
3 Gi
$A Tes
amd see
vestraigin, kid
Yl ian Rin