The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 03, 1903, Image 3

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    Nolin oe LAR Ar dil
Her platform is only the cradle,
aa Tha Bland 1s 05.
der oy i of government and
is part of the stats of Maine |
je pay no taxes and have no
of any kind. Thera ia not a
mona In all of its mile and a
f of rocky length and Its ball mile
edgy width There are no higs in
the naches in the pantries
60 dats or is behind the stoves, and
Icaqulions in the pools of fresh
The island has no church in
which to worship and no minister 0
tell the people whether they are doing
ight or wrong. No lawyer ever re
sided here and no sheriff or constable
came to {ssue summons or to
2 : : : bank, and, making tast to gone bushes
the only |
who makes professional |
the place. and he is told when |
‘by carrier pigrons. Aw soon
t the doctor receives the call he Hb
a pigeon from his oft, which
7s & message telling when he isl
ng. The regular inhabitants of
the fsiand now sumber 42, but in the
per there are often as many as 160
ns vis én the oo horse There
oh The horses are used tor]
x up boats. Everybody walks
iil worn foot paths, which are
ginally laid cut by cows while seek.
feed among the Luge boulders. ¢
ching ior In pa covered
§. Every person tries to cap’
enough every day to bring $3.
is easily done when lobsters are
and America her infuence
out the East has been pteadily
Ia the Interior of China
Bemselves, and ta Manchuria
Rusia in Suid to Rave #1
"8 | boatmen were capsized.
which no y amount of medicine,
et, or exercise seemed to correct.
Your Vegetable Compound found the
spat. however, within a few}
1 s
me from an
2 —all my troubles had a
. and I found mysel! once
: Words full 3
| The net tos
a sireet Tittle mouth she apne,
tried ht to our kisses and praises
| water snd are band to soe, birder to
body. Nor does the title to the hide
Her speeches are funny and few
A wise little head,
But all that is maid
Is only & vague Little “goo
how bab 8 rights sre respected!
Ome mot} iol gv A ts downy heat ;
Whenever whe thinks she's neglecied,
And dowa to ber fect we are led.
Sie 1 lifts up he her voice in 8 minute
Her protests are loud and are long!
old affairs she is in it,
To wee ere is nothing gods wrong.
The right to twist limbs that are dimpled,
fa svely sstravagant way;
s maul snd to teas
The cas ut ber ewes
To erow and to creep all day,
Tha right to love that is purest—
The right to & mxither's own love!
gasde that iv mires
Jead her wee footsteps above.
£8 8 rose, dow impearied;
Ob, these are her ber rights oer the world!
Alligators move rapidly under the
hit, and the harpoon will penetrste
only the least accessible portions of the |
necessarily pass with making fast the
One afternoon In the Chesrhowitskes
River [| barpoonad a large uiligater
which fowed me up and down the
stream for an hour or two and then
suiked in its deepest part. | polled on
the Hoe unt] the boat was (rectly
over him and stirred him op with the
harpoon pole. He rotied himssif up on
the Hos In the manner peciliar te
sharks and alligators, and basiged the
boat saggestively. We rowed to The
where in three or four days Country
§ Lite In Aneriva,
Split slightly the end of one match,
thes cnt slanting the end of a second
ape. which i fo Bo ipsertesl in the
divided ed of the Seat, forming an
seute angle. Place them on the table,
the summit of the angle atl the top,
leaning against a third match, as rep.
resented in the Hastration,
These are all the poeparations
Give a fourth match fo any one
present, asking him to Hft ly the aid
of #t the frat three atelios which
form the angle. Thier is the problem
which is th be solved, and the figure
held by the band In the Hhustration
shows fhe solgtion fo ot
hard so that this third one may drop
fate Lhe hollaw of the angle formed by
the first (va.
the combination af the three matehes
Netw York World,
Provide saeh player with penell and
paper, and every two mibutes give out
he IL disappearing Rabbit.
Can you find twp rabbits that
she Bas caused to disappear?
hauled on the line until we spceended
in worrying him nearly to the boat,
when he rose to the surface and at
tacked us with open riouth.
pelted the attack with harpeoa pole
and rifle. The former was promipily
§ bitten in three places, but the ater ap
parently fntabed him. It was so neay-
dark that we decided to cxrry him
$n the #kiff a mile down the river to
| where our sloop was anchomml, and fo!
We ole
in him the next morning
he seats ont of the boat, and together
managed to lift the head of the alligs-
tor ghonrd and tie it. We thea tried
the other end. when the reptile enme to
| fife and landed a blow with Ma tall
{ which Jifted me out of the kif into
| the saw grass, with the breath knocked
ont of my body apd hands and face
badly cut by the grass Heat and
As my rife
had fortunately been left upon the
bank I was able to Kill the allig®tor
again. We secured hlin by foating the
peat ander Bim and then balling {t cut.
The alligator completely filled the boat,
go that my companion and 1 sat upon
hig back as we paddled down the river
with gunwales unpleasantly pear the
We re
player 8 to write 8 sensible sentetiow,
cach word of which begins with the
letter given cut. HB ix given out
some ofie mish write, sion Nusan
sa sewing skilfully,” or the like, When
a8 any Ielters have poet given out
oF there are players, ead
resid ote senience. Any ote With a
sentence opger than the one read alond
marks hie sentence, beginning with the
same letter mn the one read, plus, with
a shorter sentence, mines, The ane
with the pnst pins marks is the win.
ner.—~New York Trilame
Prepare 3 colorless ink Ly dissolving
sninhiate of iron in water and write
sowcthing of Interest to the audience
au a sheet of white paper. Iutradace
wiarking that the spinal 5 well edn
eatant and able to write as Well as any.
body nthe root. Yo prove 4, ake the
sheet of paper that you have prepared
It was growing very dark aml the
seater srotmd us was becoming alle |
with alligitors. While we ware re
fiecting upon oor overloaded condition
the alligator came to life again and
| shifted ballast until the water poured
over the gunwale. We quickly bab
ikea § anced the boat, only to see it again dle
scramble for the shore followed, which
after again killing bim.
gasza River, surrounded by his family.
was sitting above him in 8 tree. walt.
{nr for us to attend to our carving du-
1 ties,
There ars drawbacks to hanting in
the Great Cypress Swap,
ts recesses, It is bounded on the east
by the Everglades and on the west by
thickets, alternating with deep chap:
“I lost, one should turn bis face
Ir to the north, and, as & guide re
gzked to we, “be ought to get some
Even na.
tives have been last and have died In
a series of fmpenctratable mangrove |
turbed and to ship more water. A
we reached without eapshing, and!
|} where we left our victim for the night,
Io the morn. |
ing our buzzard friend from the Hermeo- |
ture of
mal will be found to be so well trained
that it bas acquired your own hand.
writing. New York Tribune
world's erop.
It i% only necessary to press the |
fourth mateh slightly against the fast |
favp in ander to allow the third to fall}
{ an the one vou bold, slso to lower the §
Then Lift the ibateh that §
you hold in your hand, on which rests
a Jetter. During the two minutes each |
3 (ayer mast |
3 al or & Hite dog to the audience, re}
One of the essentials of the happy homes of to-day is a fund of
information as to right livin Rg md the boat paethods of promoting
health and Sappinens,
recreation, of
th proper knowledge, each hour
enjoyment and of effort may be ads 10 guteiute
to that snd and are of not less value than fhe using of tne
wholesome foods and the selecting of the best Ars
when neadnd. With the well-informed, medicinal agents are used
only when nature needs assistance and while the importance of
cleansing the system effectually, when bilious or constipated, has
Jong been known, yet until within recent years it was necessary
to resort to olls,
salts, extracts of
roots, barks and other cathartics
which were found to be objectionable aud to call for constantly
erased quantitise.
Then physicians having learned that the most excellent laxative
and carminative
principles wers to be found in certain plants,
principally | in the leaves, the California Fig Syrup Co. discovered
a taethod of
such principles in thelr purest condition and
of presenting them with pleasant and refreshing liquids in the form
most acceptable to the system and the remody
figs wore used, with the plants, in making it,
Syrup of Fige-—as
bucause of thelr agrecable taste.
known ap
This excellent remedy is now rapidly coming into universal usa as the
best of family laxatives, because it is simple and wholesome and cleanses
and sweetens the system effectually without disturbing the natural
functions and without unpleasant after effects and its use may be discon-
tinued whan it is no longer req
All who would enjoy good d health and ita blessings should remember
that it is the one wiih which physicians and parents well-informed
approve and recommend and use and which they and their little ones
alike enjoy, because of ite pleasant flavor, its gentle action and its
: Syrup of Figals for sale by all reliable druggists, at the regular price
of fifty cents per bottle, in original packagvs only, having the name of
the remedy
yriup of Figs—and the full name of the Company—
g Syrup Co.~printed on the front of every package.
Although has wope firet manufac
tured in Enxiand by Spaniards as far
back as 1519 there are parta of Spain
where the hat 4 unknown, sxcent in
SEITE, Ye raen in the pied
plettues a 3 Deed 15 may bo sown at oy time during the
iar Soa Won : L year, fully eXpomntt. being seen at its
women use flowers,
Meabor Gray's eet! Powders for Children,
wand by Mot
Russia's Salt Lakes.
Probably the most remarkable lake
in the world is one with a costing of
sail that completely copeenls the witter.
; hast whet the sun is shining dirvetly |
onc it his body of water i» one
Lo af tho De af the alt lakes, and is |
Gira, a mideas In Obildren's
Horne, Sew York, hosak up on Md kau,
sure wvartshi.o, Comstization, Stamaed
Troubles, Tocthing Msorders and Dost
Worm Asadi drugrists, Se. Asmmiile matin
Pres. Address Alica 8 Olmated, Lon Row, N.Y
: mien wide and 17 long.
siinated gear Obdorsk, Siberia, says
the Landon Globe, The lake la 9
The salt cont
1 increases six inches [nn thickness every
year. The many inslands with which |
sonind mee is smetin wick & Lanve :
Pod, a to o foripet with.
How's Thiet
We offer {mw Hondred Dollars Dowanttor |
RoE one of Catarels that vanaot bw oured hy
Ball's Cutarrh Ouye,
Pod Umenax & Ca, Props. Taleds, 0,
Wa the undormigned bave Known. J.ihs
pay forthe last 18 years. and balieve him pars
foatly Bonoralie tn sil business transsotiogs
the Inks bn studded ara sald to aot a8
| birpees nd to help Resp the srelied salt
rant in position,
anid aiaiiy able to 20 dusty LU any obliga
thon nie by thelr
Wear . Tauax, Whoussaie Dryveists, Toledo,
| Wasnee a, Kiexand Masver, Wholesaio Drage
beta, Toledo, Le 1
i's Caarrh Crire is taken Internally, acts |
ings Sirently npos the blsed and moesus sur.
faces of the ystam. Price, Tho per Dottie,
oid by adi Daugutsta, Dosbisnoniale Joee,
s Family | Fills 4 are tie beat,
It's ne fan for a woman to suffer if she
to suffer in EE
AT IS os AA ne
Irs sntiveured No fteor nareons:
pes aber font day suse of Dr. Kilne's reat |
Nerve Bastorar. $i trial Dottioand trmatise roe |
Or. BH. Koes, 1 Led, Sil Aroh Bt. Fria, Pa
The girl who 3 miarsies in Yoste i somes
times oniiged to walk home.
Wes Winsiow's Sot ingiveap fore Shildon
feet fing soften the ras, reduces Isom
tion slays pata, ou netind wind sulle, 330, prim :
Aan ps i
‘he man with ore foot in the srave |
| sally gets there with both feet.
Piao’ 5 Care far Consumption la an infallible
madicdne for SOE and ooldm—N. W,
BaMCRL, Danas Girgws, X 8.4. FB Fab, 1 17, 1000,
Even the man wih a . weik intellect
may be headstrong.
Jioxe Tine Boeren Cotas
of the market butter.
Don't imaging that ail your oeighliors
need relormie
before the perfurinancs, andl sume tine}
galinuts, which you declare 18}
nk. Dio the animals paw int the §
fluid and go quickly over the paper to
rake the prepared writing gppear, and
to the dell ght of the awliefice the ands |
Of wheat the Cait ot States produce §
about twenty-five per cent of the}
makes Wh
| wheorinta VW halesnic Nurwerien Day ile, x
| ame wash Thompson's Eye Water |
TT Sw iT
i Kido
By socthing snd subduing
the pais, that's the way
Price, 25¢. und 50c,
PooN. TL. 31, Ol
LA Wytaritnte for snd Superior
; ether {dueter. wid x 1 nog bl
ror ti Mow gor
: hie _—— oy a 4 eed TE wos 55 ihe
a SER $2
be tv shunt He n +
S11 im the Teed of ali #5 ar eT aration
Pr ey 3 £ add bi Wim or oiler Sealer
; Ly semaltoa Thin AETEnY to Ue i GosTARe SACI
3 wg wil ps » tbe oy wy : ”-
« wethihe sland be scveted ty the pabidle nina
rE ge Mberwise i
tle amine Serves OOF
| penGing.
: Cheselrough Namfactring a.
17 State Strest, New York City.
SEND STAND, 0.1 Aonrpeen
or [ Cems § ¥ And prices of Ay
Cas Obie 1X BANC iy
- | Jus Lanny, Ohio,
wre in Asktabuls Conatyy best
ROFT, JeZosson, Ashlee
DROPSY = sucoymro
sases Book of testimonins and 10 days’ Treetieng
Free. br. BR. GAELS & SONG. Bash Abiamia. G6