The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 27, 1903, Image 2

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    Tost, 84 polite “Pardon me, sir.”
: heavy machine on wheels to hook £
.: - Falk compaty and obiulned judg. |
, | ment that was affirmed by the Court
1 of Appeals, which says:
y whose treacherous and vicious natore
| may take notice of it.
| mot know of the treacherous and ure.
{ Hable qualities of this animal,
_ | Here Is a story that has never seen
Bn was pot light:
with a con. i?
and ralls,
biard—tho sound
in the general |’
among the
#8 an 1 usual
at the sound
Ee ! intuition, however, 1
, but with an in
h gesture, of which I
: med in the day:
'w both my hans
pers and pressed |
felt something move
Ie, lke an animal in a
Sueup by twisting, turn
h all my might.
1 | When called upon for a post prandial
papers the story of a fellow-divine who went
ol | gentleman became excited when a big
{fish took his bait, and (n his efforts to
| Twitched, for the Argonaut,
| Mute Judtelatly Desiared Treacherous.
of Pete Borden against the Falk Con-
| struction Company.
Bem. | poneath it the driver of fhe mules was.
. OFdeTed Ly the superinten it to go De
1 | Euilty of grossest negligence in order: :
_ | ing the teamster to assist Burden. Any |
+ | man of ordinary prudence, under such
| fircumstances, would have not only
but he would with his hands have:
; | Leader,
| how well he liked a witticlsm, even if
One duy be was
i and Iald the book down,
Raltimore Sun,
jhe passing
: strong. at iL
1 felt it slipping along, little ty!
le, under wily papers 1 mpradentiy =
ere, the Pte ‘toe
slightly below ‘the hem of
I ¥
and with Li tty com. |
in stupid and duped, 1 ut out!
Fotos on I he wag
ow as Moe ax the sky and’
timpid and Desutiful in expression.
They gazed at me with s5 much or
: candor that | was disarmed |
it not been for the rumpled,
th on the seat heside me 1
Bave been tempted to Believes
ihat the mute but fierce duel in the
dark was merely a hallucination or »
bad dream —Transisted from he
French of Charles Foley by HH.
The Western Missouri Court of Ape
Is bas decided that a mule Is a
acherous and vicious wnnimal, snd
2 30 well known is this fret thst its
: psition in the mle the
empieyer canis plead Ignorance of the
‘Ss nature ax a defense.
was made in the care |
Borden worked
or the company. He went beneath a
Rin. A span of mules was hitched
the machine and while Borden was |
5 one aes crushed it He od
“The mule is a domestic animal
Is #0 generally known that Yen courte
The company
cannot be beard to claim that ix did
seems to us that the defesidant was
placed himself in front of the minles, |
firmly grappled and held the lridle
bits of each of them." Cleveland
WE at wr. Reeds Expense.
- Sarcastic himself, Thomas B. Reed
appreciated 4 joke at his own expense,
the daylight of print, and it {llustrates
{he was its target
Druwaing in Guild's dingy bookshop at
he foot of the Capitol. He took up a
number of books and analy the povel
“What is the price of this? ssked
Mr. Reed.
- *A dollar, sir.” replied the old man
rather tartly.
“Too much,” said Reed, lacouliaity, |
“Well, sir,” retorted Gul 14, who bas
a sharp tongue of Lix own “1 Bent
know of any law you hare passed
that compels you to buy it it you dent
want to. Besides, I don't see wliat a
member of Congress wants with a
book with that title, anyway.”
Reed broke Into a hearty laugh, and
as he rolled down the avenue he was
still smiling at ths old man's reply. —
He Came to Flah,
The Rev. E. A. Horton was one of
the guests at the recent dinner given
by the Wollaston Unitarian Club
‘Address he prefaced his remarks with
fAshing last summer. Not being fami-
‘Har with rod and reel the reverend
land ft fell into the stream. He was
Jilisq cus 9 8 farmer who chaucid 1
| clear shreting of
{ young fellows employed on the shore
(of Deer Lake secured two pairs of |
{ taking tothe two sturdy Los»
i or four wolves. ths wore ol
without defensive weapons of any
i they bad seen pasa, and ther made al
« first sight of the men they were track.
thelr fest experience with walves
“oo A dventure.
* NTELLIGEXCE has just been fo
ceived of one of those sturtiing |
tragedies which pow snd thes
direct attention to a class of men
| Who spend more than half the months
ee of each year in the solitude of the
heir log shanties from esrly In Sep |
pine woods Becinded in
tember, with, as a rule, so conneethn
|. with the civilized world until the frost
permits teamstors to bring thelr horses
along the buh roads and over the
Iskes, these men are glad to seize eyery
«| opportunity for a change.
When the lakes were covered with: 8
lee recently two
skates which chabee! to be In the
| Place and set out at night to visi: an
other band of men about nine miles
two lakes, the whole jorrney wae by
ice and was no very formida le nuder-
With the exception of a litle |
portage of about half 8 mile hive
had been skating band in hand when
Frank suggested going further ont in|
the joe looked
It proved to be new leew
the river
Just a skins made the night before |
over 8 spot which the tide had hither
fo Ript open. :
At they skimmed along over the tee}
it ereeked and snapped under them, |
The pider boy suggested that it wasn't
safe and that they would better go
back to the crowd. Hardly had be
Spoken when the ice hroke poder his
eompanion and young Gagan mak |
ints the water. louis Hof let go bis
hand snd. waking a sharp tar to the
right; sksted sway 10 a distance of
twenty feet, where he stretched bim-
self on the jee and began fo work his
way hack.
“The moment 1 felt myself going
down I began to pedal with both |
feet” maid Frank Gazan, describing
bis adventure
“It worked fine, keeping me from
going down and coming up under the
I then cnnght hold of the ice at
the ade of the bole, hot it broke each
As they were hobliir-
portage oa thelr skates,
startled by the sudden breaking sere
their path of & red deer followed
§ bu Ho
(upon the heels of their prey. Being
kind, they realized their danger i an
other pack of wolves should, ;
often the case, follow aftsr the Beaste
ped to the Jake before them,
Just as they were breaking throngh
{ the thin jee at the lake side, they beard
ia whining behind them and then the
low howl whick told them that thei r
track bad been digcovered and that
they would certainly be followed. Bat |
by the time the wolves resched the
waterside, where ther caught thelr
{ing the two sbanty men Bad resched
the firm lee ad were skating in ear.
nest, .
Fortunately for them there were #t
few hundred yards of this lee to he
rosesd, which slmost, but not quite
held up the wolves, and by its xhary
edzes wounded and hindered them
greatly. Otherwise they would hase
{ caught op with the mes, and probably
have overpowered them before tl tet
Bsa gone half a nile. i
As it was they bad almost overtaken
them before they had civered the frnt
Balt of thelr fouranile race Neither |
1 of the men was 8 hunter and this was!
But by mutual] agreement, they adopt
ted the very best faction possible, and
when thelr pursuers came 160 near wi
tiem, whecled sharply to one side Ay
the smooth low afforded no grip to thelr
claws, the wolves could not furs os
i Aap Hef,
stop wadidenly. but generally shot for |
ward and made severs] stumbles fi} i
sometines somersaults before petting
on to the fresh tock.
In this manner the skaters avoided
the brutes for some time and would |
probably bave resched their deating
ton but for an unfortnnate suggestion |
of the younger wisn, that they wold
be more Hkely to tire out the wolvss
I they separated. In aconvilance with
this plan they wheeled in different o
rections at the end of an sland they |
Were appranseling
As the elder man reached the fiber Eo
end of this wooded hdasd be sso,
before him the sparks which leew
from the buge chimney of the shan
be was searching for. Putting
of his remaining strength he spite
on to where the cook's path lad from) :
the shanty to the water hole, There
the two big gray timber wolves which |
had ehevind to follow hin 2s. Toreed §
and with 3 parting yelp turned in thelr | i
By some curious aceldent the
fellow sinmbled as Be was ana
Ing the low door of the shanty and
breaking hiy right ond bet blow the |
The pain and the previ
Were too mister for his aver.
stratned nerves, and it was gpward of |
an hour before the shantrroes could |
recover him from the swoon ints whieh
hie Toll as hie was carcied trside
When consclossness returaed
first ques ton was tor I pomipan
#round ae Witle tntand in the | ik
As soon 8% the men could he pode
understand ihe situation a diaen
them started ont to see what bad be
1 Dallen the othos veaviter
Within 2
winter hom
stained Pit
Young fellow
front by ihe eh
chased his friend. In the Heb
dng snow cof Le
sitry of his deste sete
and skates and un few
clothing were sll 1h
the tragedy left by the wolves
Happily for the intured
shanty missionary on his
reached the sland where be
gape night and being a med
also was able ta set BY
degrees of satis Sih ot
enue, ss 1 hapne
butideed wards of then
thaw found Ife hi
the te an uncle at ‘the naan Seventy)
on the loco, who was greatly atfae lied |
to bis nephew and was conveving to] a
him substantial token of his regard |
in bard cash Now York Sun.
A erowd of 200 people were skating
an the Hudson
landing in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. when |
the ory was raised that somebody had |
broken through the foe. Looking to the |
southward the skaters saw, far Away
from the field of safe Ice. a boy slowly
| working his way on his stomach to-|
ward a hole through which the head of
I Sasthen Noy could dust be seen,
| and saw |
[Ter witnessed
hinder ning
mael in the Gmprie Ww
nye mined
CEs Tie wm
fall 3
g § ree
opposite the lower | ,
Ty enlled to Touls to take oft his |
overdbat and throw it to me, but in-
stead of doing that Be ny down on bs
slowieh and worked his way toward
me. 1 saw that many of the skaters
Bw hs and were skating toward ne”
"Yes, and 1 saw them, fon” spoke
drowned. The lve was very thin. and
even though | was stretched out full
Jengte<1 @dn't dare get ou my knoes
ar | would hive gone through sure
it cracked ander my weight, snd ser
eral times my heart wan io my mouth”
“Yeu, and it seemed hours before be
reached me” said Gazan Finally
Lomiin was close enough to pot out one
hand, which 1 granted. Sticking the
erin iif his skates tn the Jeo he pulled
bimmelf back. while { at the same time
raised] my ives and kicked cut behing
an if 1 was sinning.
“in thar way 1 was able ta work
my hady oul upon the lee and to
gether we crawled along for nine or
tenn fist, when we both got up and
skate for dear life to the shore.
climbed up the tank ™
The sepse of Beipleweness is sald to |
be one of the most terrilde parts of the |
experidnee of falling In xn avslsnche
of snow,
i the Alpe in the Pall Mall Magatine, |
{Mr Harold Spender recounts the ade
venture of Mr. Gossett, who was ae
Ltoally covered up hy 8 wate of snow
In writing of the dangers of
which coms from bebiod him and
hosed over Ble bend
He minnpd to
fork Heel? ta the wirlace. where ke
was so borne slong that be could wateh
BR alt that took place, alilisuzh unable at
Fike tine to free or oven to beip him.
if viel This ix Bis awn sary:
“Ff was on the wave of the avalanche
t befors me as 1 was carried |
tow Ft was the most
awial sight 1
soil trade nur Bb
alone wag now
8 z EEN ane
wo gent of the avalanche
s 1 heard the horeid his.
ar aud for belore mi the
of The fonrvmane? Sart of the
slanche, To prevent mywlf from
Sk mgr agin I nade gee of 9
Sas a
Wa standing sositiol
“At la “ I notlond that T wes moving |
Be 1 osaw the plecvs of snow
in fro out Bie Aton 81 some yards dis
ance: then the sri wirgipht tefore
; éard on & larpe
dn winter 1
od, nad Haan
rs bee ony versd up”
‘ 2 The otier tan were
by the Gvalnnche,
Sliver, member of the
Hint Regiment,
lt, aired twelve,
on laostewn iN. Yo Lake where
eT skating rt. When the bey
& We Mr. Silver
1, But the bor sapk |
ferences I ARV OF sox,
i that there are two distin
: [of this species not depetident
sn of the Jake, and he nearly lost his | 1 3
Phe feseuer add ta dive to the Bate
be besas to ascend with
his sintes cnught in
¢ bottom of the lake
to Ried Br Loose
ing the surface Mr. Silver ified
ge doy
pnt boy to stronger ive, but they
# When they exe Up
Then to regeh foe thay would
ofr wade t and ware bugle ent
Nitver apd hi # boarden were Baelind
and athe Nelson boy wis revived
fr TINS,
A boat's crew from the United Stata
Tuizer Don Joan de Austria made the
first susevssinl attack on the mine
| fields near Sabiz Bay, Manila Bay, in
pavil mwanceavres,
The lwat eapsiznd as It was ap
| proaching the mines. and part of the
crew, with Eusien John PF. Babeodk
Irading, swam a mile, though the wWalee
was Infested with sharks, towing conn.
| ter-mine buoys, which were ERUCE San
fully pliced. The searchlights of the
warships did not discover the pe
tite Hat I tried to Jit myself spon |
the cage.
card between two Sngers and place it)
3 edgrwize yet pendieulurly on the pager
§ “and I calied to them to go |
lek bevunse 1 was afraid they'd all
go throngh and a jot of nx would be
1 3
eotld hear the peants cheering as we
Lead of the seal.
sole wae zirendy a x 3 : nat where |
ry arms |
AY Bs wi Ben swim. |
three of Bie ene
rescued Wi. | warning we should probed
from drowns |
GUL Be fur as ba eon’ and
| two be: 1% Went out “to haul the unoon. does pol suctesd they w
dol » Ao 3
het very effect
manage to get voongh to eat on thoie
Tory te these |
unacquainted with the woods, but as na |
that not a squeak SCBpes them, and
Woman's Home Companion,
der an assumed mame. 0 mi them ba of cts wih whch | ne.
Draw on a sheet of paper a bird cage
and at a little distance 8 bird. Yon ean
Dow make the bird pase over and enter |
Take sn ordinary visiting |
between the ge and the bird. Then
| place the end of your nese on the upguir
edge of the card and Jock at the twa
objects. The bird will insmedintely
| ke Sight ard you will sen It in thie |
The figure cn the right wifl save the
trouble of misking the drawing. al
though it is too small to £41 the hen
resnite. The line indicates the position
of the card. Ie careful (bat the card |»
eed th squirrels that find toeir
As ibe called there was 8 fash of
sppeated before her a lively little Moe
dent with Liv tiny band raised dvs
matically fo bis breast. A doll, white
eyeball told the story of
10 one eve.
Yon wee.” sald the woman. furs
i to an intevested onlooker. an the squir-
thelr Twnefactar
that a :
"Well," she explained throwing the
squtirred another put
#elons that they are near a friend, and
fer stray doge or other semen ™
spoke, one of the many dogs that take
their dally airing up and down the
squeak of femr as the
crenture with the ove aye darted sway
and fAniah his pean in satery.
“Are there mane of these hing
ouionker of the wamas
versed in squirre] lore
“There are & good many Fo atrasd
You see. it ix the work of mischievous
hays Who come here to Ihe park with
siingahots, Slabelies! Yirtle introments
of wont and robber. and delib
shoot ont the eves of these harmiess
ceeatunm. However, the policemen
Two men have given
fad thems?
5 Way
ounterfeil cia Usa you help him
0 placed with references to the light
that it does tint cast a shadow on either |
{wide. This simple experiment Ohi |
trates what Is ¢alled Sinveular vislop —~
Owls are really wach commoner in|
i winter than ond is led to belies by the |
occasional specimens which are seen |
abroad fn the duytime. If we searched |
thi hollow trees systessationdly this |
¥ disdaver |
several screech owls, and perhaps wme |
of the larger wpeaies. We mlighnr be sur
prised to Sod some of the soreerl owls
red and others gray, and like (he carly
sruithologists, we might sonetude tat
the difference by color wis dae to «
It ls now kppwsn
tela phases
din either
age of ®eX, though just what (Bey are
{ dependent on fy pot yet known,
. When taken from thelr retreats in
I keep a sharp hckent for such boys
Lund their ml demeanor are becoming
fewer, an they Have rammed that
park an swings bis stick with
such Toe Now York Tribune
{ A
The Lop whe works with wols should
| fewt ol ll bave a place where these
| tools may be sslely Rept. It seems to
| ba a mater of Pride with most carpen
bf il to buy a vel cheur but te
! make oon, and many “ery handsomely
faint Ea are 3 be seen IB conse.
ques. In the case of the youthiul
/ Tigh omer
¥ iniar
winter these birds frequently feign |
death-shutting their eyes,
perfectly stil] in the hand
{i susp theis
biils and bite sl serated in a saloms
He maar How they
dark. cold nights is a wy
matter of fact there
abroad on winter nie
ally supposed.
more prey
ts than is gegvr.
Wild moieow are vary gu
catchers. Thelr bearing fw so acute
they themselves ire so soft on the wing
that they do mit alarm the game
“Here, Bunny, Bunny. Bunoy™ 1
was the day of the first ssowfall and
the woinan who called was one of the
jmany women who find pleasure in
ing to Central Park daily,
fallen |
aud Iviag
By and by. |
when they Sod rhat thelr little rose |
! roa #3 will be best at first to
| be conten with a plata but neat ttle
Later an. Wilh move experienes,
ag mere eldborals can be at.
This cut shows sach a boy
sabes in Boots and shoes
aly poinds for shipment.
i These Boke 5 are slways made of excels
wisi ne
lent material and all very nextly pot
merous—-a fact which is attested hy |
their footperiuis In the |
snow-—al owls Are most expert mouse |
togethier Reeuve such a box with fits
cover snd put the fatter securely in
place with round beaded screws or
kids oy draw a lize around the box
Just three inches below the top, and
saw the tap off on this line. Put hingey
upent the back and catches upon the
front, sod the chest is complete, It in
desirable, however, to bave a tray thas
can be get inside to rest spon cleats at.
tached to the inside of the ends in
this tray (un be kept all the smaller
and more delicate tools, while the saws,
{ planes, ete, can be placed below it in
the bottom of the chest.— Washington
FTay. a whisk of x bushy tail. and thew
rel began feeding. “von see. when these
Bitle sne-eved pefs are enfing hay
slwarsi sit with the bling side toward
while devouring the
daiaty given them. Do you know why
True enough. Even ax the woman
“they are con i
{ eed dint watch Ber closely. se they
Bop a sharp iookons of the other side
walk by the West Drive escaped from
is young mistrowe, and with fis jender
danglitig made a dash for the squiryel,
Theo was apather Sash of gay. 8
whisk of a bushy tail and a sharp
wary little
to sa safe bough to bilnk and chatter
in Central Park? asked the