The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, November 21, 1902, Image 2

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    No great invention has he made,
Nor gior gained, sor fame
5 heroic; and he wears
ie to his name.
x enor that precious gift,
Soret en best of health
For a may dmappenr with years—
. Eternals “his wealth,
No chief can steal his vated prize,
It lies within the man;
A great discovery be bas made,
The greatest movial can.
He sees ton sides to everst
But casts the dirk away,
fer sign
That y whites a% ear ax day.
For ail through §
if only we wl
Ts not bis wealth who f
The greatest that ian kb
* —Edna vden, in the New York Run
sap you this afternoon,
Myr. Norton” eald my
Bousekeeper ony arrival
¢ from the offices on evening,
1 gave Nim your city address, but he
#aid he preferred to see you hore, and
would call again at 8 o'clock this even.
When : 18d him you never trans.
from one of four persons,
none of the four wonid have |
given f# to him unless Bis business
proved of the utmost fimportance,
On the stroke of 8 Mrs Batre ane |
nounced his arrival and a moment af. 5 is
terward ushered Bim Into my preseloe,
I looked st Bis surionsly. He was 8
Beenered elderly oan with gray haly
and mustache, and a forehead deeply
moored with lines of care.
*1 amy Baron Kalote, the special rep have
~ resentative in England of the Hirema
Government. From the papers you
© wm have gathered thal there have
been, and still are, in progress impor
tant negotiations between your cong
Try and mv own”
“Yee I interteted,
“It was not oor intention to pudbileh
the terms of those pegotintions, but
they had been betrayed. and no other |
course reninined open to us”
Be puused for 4 moment; thew, as 1
rr silent, continued:
© “You boast of the freedom of your
Press, Mr. Norton, amd rightly xo,
Taken os a whole. your editors sre
men of high prrpose and fry eal
- men wha asptreclide the responsibility
‘of thelr porition and use thelr power
for the good of the nation. Bat there
: are exceptions. and the elltor of the
Early Bagle is one of them In orde
10 Inemase the circulation of his paper
would torn every public servam
Judag, gud Bor pardon me.
Norton, 1 44d not come hore (0 Tee.
ture an the evils of a free press”
spoke In a tone of great bitternera | 1d
and his eves Bached ominously
‘oa will anderstand why 1 foe] sc
deeply on the sabiect when I tell you
that the items of information coneorn
tog the negotiationz which Nave intely
appeared in the Farly Bogle have hen
secured by its editor from some trench.
Early Bugle was made the basil of a
question in Parbament and in bia ra
ply the Under Becretary stated that it
was pure flietion. The members of the
Legation smiled knowingie when they
read his soswer. They thought thar | 9%
in the interests of his country, be bad
rifled with the truth,
They were mistaken: be had spoken
the roth. The reprossitative why !
1 called at the Legation eapve, not from
the Forelgn Office, bot from my oor |
He was ene of my men, so cliverly
made up that Hey were deosivid hy
ir reminriable likeness to the person
he represinted
fe upon whony my _
fallen, thongh dot Hkoly
eh beaiway ia tHe + diplomat
gato was ii
otis Ae be
tion) engin
th fame na ! Tortane
fe of the spire 100s
and spent iL of His spate fine in i
owarking bn 3 fashion npon |
the many incomplete investions with
whieh it owas dt raring the inter
views he had been in bis room. and iF
Wy suspicions were well fonnded, 1
was there i nus t seek the answer ©
the question.
There was a week
of the reo, Vater
cupliserd. «5 :
my eroas bin PE
I entered 2
self 3 :
Thre na 8 erovies Yap
: ded a view af the w ode
at teti 5 3 oe
tered the workshop,
Ferg guid op Rl
Tween | TaD TYR ees ‘3 was trying {
Suddenly the Baron's voles broke in |
pen the gllence. The sonnd was so |
#5 distinet that | was almos:
inde an exclamating af sur.
88 15 the source of Bet Information.
{ Baron's room. Bat he could pot ae.
sonnt | for the girange nheniimenon
which caused jt-while burplog--te
vention by accident, and, pede stress
‘of bis passion, had kept his dlitarvery
Recrel and put it to hase nixes It van
the old story of “the woman tempted
me Now York News,
The Md Timers Disappenred Prom the
Earth When Ratirosds Cnonis.
Cente Often woniilors whi hesitne of
ol conchman when railways drove
fhe just of the maids off the rond and
those Who Bad Known few plessores
that wore not associuted with
: : movement A of ively tearns asd
The statement which apireared In the
a of rolily eels or genial inten
v osiiid
oF Joy thse 18 huge Bo pars Tiere
must be Asp 1 piathow 10 the gnwriiten
romanee of that paris]. With few ux.
segtiong, the drivers of stage oconches
as a0 aptitede or inclination for other
bough they were masters of
thelr own. Many a thpe in bivheod
have heard smateur whips pay ail
ring trihute to the prafecalotials of
can older seneration who for all thelr
Gisenlute anit and nest hnesy were
sarkimen ty 4 core with halides as
gentle 88 a women's Bab Painter
Bale Dow to Banethe an awh ard
yg Fa
whAR one of the hard
body FR
Revi your hast
Wers paving the
spare homes be
ret Bnrried
qm ght even
sow lihout ever
Wor thelr terg.
Hd Road Coach,” by
arse, in On 2
Earth's IHmsrbanoes.
wher earth bas evidentiv started
is year fo hivak 2h recoris das
storhs thes of gleuiie Jentrae
# & atid I WR
Foy the fire hair af the Year we
A : phasid restless
tins with £5 00s iron tH
rh 1 Tex YOR.
PERE Troan
drowned 110 |
wis Nava dat raved 0
wae mast add DG lives |
GERIruidive flives of
FVRIADCHER and Row aildes, nd we kW
Eve a tefal of DEOTR: an astounding
MGrINity from theses feres SRoticleg
of desirgetion in ote Baly of & Year,
Ren Voragon.
* RdvARtages of life at sea are the
Then he explained that part of the!
mystery which still pareied me The}
lamp in the workshop was connected |
: with a wire with » microphone in thei
speak. He bad stomiled upon the ed
of Boers who bave
England with the
incinde many who
hawe had exciting experiences
during the war talking to them |
you realine that it bas Deen gnite as
A WONanS WHY Be oa men's onc
Perhaps, Indeed,
wt perma rent feet that will sur}
ive n history will be 'the part § that bas
Pash peli rand hy 1 hn Wa ORY
cass at Mrs. Ire Tan Ry
wa kindly 1 2 gin need
ially who hes ved oulet ail
al arose is
war hh eral De
Jann and wr Royed Go
Br Hy Fol ard b
MH Phe $5 Se Pyaie wh 2
Whe were YOATLY Ey faord grader rad
Brisa vinldas $k 3
‘hymn books and Bibles from the pews
1 and ruthlessly tearing them to ose as
‘wadding for thelr guns, it was Gunite |
who boldly spoke np snd ssked: “Is!
that the way you're gelng to give us
Watis ad the Bibje?
Th Apht which followasd was stiff
Fram The power of the young
br neriean cannon, placed nearly onde
Fite the olrurel was taxed to He gfe?
Tedd iny any one paskins the gat ean
gear IRIS canven preserved ar oo Mel
where , then stood, looking fhe very | ;
P Bete that on the oold side generally,
fiw it is In the few of modern war
The enemy proved overstrong,
ffat winning men rang cat and of the
eb fareew then vine sbegt Yaton
work fed oy 02 PHI ASI Dh e
han that of Gunile asd bar wpones,
Chap of this stalwart womans wieone
pointe was for exeeliont honsekepping, |
Near her great i Wh oven stopd al |
wavy a bose pot of indir resdy to dye
pe weed fra wi the ivr 71 sheen,
wineath bry neler
ioe ad sec ding
water fy fhe Blom h Ste
sy 1
Fe Se Yk % # PEAS
eoaner TAN oe
Her stvam invarial
Lor tar A5urdle somid smpoth ;
1 aks ae
ET HR ew
Hee penn ia he or Tom ¥ ppw oe i : > :
iii abit BR IEPL OF | slants are Kept In a warm si mosphiere,
fel donnie hor twiliuhed doors
sah tepmafie fr ea tarat ord that
thady mantles fo thie
avirint ren bony Ir wan
aril owe team, past fhe 3
Ful * + Rie te ren bétwesn the rows the fret
cen Years. An exeelisat plan WR te
; y : Blow two canes fo grow the Gret year,
dfs thet that x 5 i.
em nal senting bark each year fo three bods
i ewnin sllswing two cane th grow.
$ a
od oli 4
“Taare you
dow w oid :
and thos a
ool soa har of |
irr wens onrried off an pris.
% lay thee As tens hoes
Laban the town aa be eee! fran man
lo Ian aml arbhish Gea come ty one .
$3ewy any ge ds Bo Bieta SEs RIN fhe re oie} 3
Flaps ify £ Hoel Tel iva Sate,
21) 3h re
teres oa
; nthe ewilary where Botme |
made wine war fn easke, until shie dad | gan, sar apart each way and about
go RSE AYE % nt - A T., n a»
Lh tem nodes deep, ciitting them hack
8 arrange Hlolt oF glee and ar or thres bods above sronml A
Evergreens For » Wisd-Kreak.
When wind breaks In the form of
hedges or straight rows of trees aM
por desirable a gromp of evergreens
will’ turn the currents snd bresk the
force of the Blast. It fo well also to
of oourse, the north and weet, in the
Plame to set the very hardiest trees
Anny thers birch, poplar and willow
4 | Tank fret The birch is the bhavdiest
of #11 our frees and may be planted
Yery close 3s a wind bresic
Don’t Mave he Farth Toa Riek.
Do not make the varth in the boxes
and fotwer pots too rich. | All plants
} putrid daring t Sint iy setting
nn 4 st tend Hg warn eon, such
shontd pot male haavy
grees <n pam he Kent in good condfion
for slipping. as the spring 3950 some
met 18 the proper east for havieg
them to perfection. The mealy bug
g Be guarded agsine: wien the
Pisuting Srapes Vines,
Crape vines should be planted shen
alr of polatves of sirdwhertios ma y
gre five or glx years
i Ave cates may be
Boon the oid wood hack
Sta oa vont a fool of the ground if stocky
C vimee gre required. It 5 the young
Covent that bears Troi
A prem
Protesting Plants Por the Winter,
This amateur gandeser oon fonds
Ufienlt fo declde 35 ta the tine when
Ly winter protection should be given his
3 Sia Dante Rometimes we have Bleasapt
her Dushand gave ) WO Sma 4 1
weather until late ia fail and we pot
off this work from day to day, Thiaking
wy would be infured ly covering
thems while warm weather continued
All at onve coll weathwr catoes and
funds our plants wholly unprepared dor
t. We at ones set about doing the
] work that ought to have been done bee
fore, bat whatever ix done under ane
1 pleasant conditions {= Hkely to be poor.
Pix dope and fhe tess ot af our neglect
is quite apparent whe spring comes
We are entirely » safe in counting on
Deold weather by the fivst of November
at the North, and 1 would advise pete
tiny plants ready or winter at hat
: Iz 1s =o bite in the season that
ner army will be dona by it if the
waaliher eqantinnes 1313} hooks 8
pleasant day for (his work, if possilde,
snd do it Jelsurely, that it sioy be wall
done. 18 doesn’t pay to hurry i for
burrs means half<doaing what you ane
i dertake Eben E sexfordg a in iippine.
sott’s Magazine,
The Yerba Manve,
Ax af with many healing qualities,
i 38 prin Yerba Mansa of the Spans
omg those pea
'® have tried in valn to discover | Far a moment I was poazaled ss ts : : Bluse clon acai eds 5
e traitor. Bo. acting upon the advice | where ft came from. Then 1 Jocatesd if 0 27 Aline ® ie Waly that | hea they bad left. Mos. Dy a RE tha ns any Hares Sat naw hs he el
of 8 friend. I determined to take You ; The latap wae tal Liat «onion the patients, Thave ix | was wandering ia +) : 3 PE ena sali hail ad an hishly ds they prize it that they
in my confidence and ask Fou to un On the rronndg fon : : = , ;
: the Inquiry,” | Baron wan
I Apsured ‘Bim that 1 shen] be with the sou
4 to do sn, nnd he went on:
Were have Boor lanka Bites fn savers in
departments telly, and Four 8 Bhar
ties think the feaitor is on their ol gi Lt
positive that he x not” 2 ws Audie 1% 4 it We bs a
“Why? : SHE At fhe ntersiew :
*Recanse the Informsiion tw not 1 hogy the edmtareats
#3 v n ou - ¥ ¢ ¥ &
. iu ae § CRUE tke Sel ER Tas RIES TAS
rest and the Abinlute poswssity Boe to that se Teme lately | :
iba Tein rid
3 Powpoa.t
Vike tera £0 re, de EEE HE
po. # ¥ bh
way | Inte the gle to Fetter with Hie adie, §VO0T UY irae 3
phe wits amie 17 they hoe nat
EE i : arian shite rey Ahie orsestion, and
BE Gentine he hued frome Mors | : i” :
! ; raled i ogee de Sapiens
Riduney Cawan, a young man from
7 receiving Hast inteyd Hd § dwt i
Very ar eta vay
Form t+ Pulse
54 toy
Their #01
taken froon offiein 1d FEO ed ESE TE Towed ones wereed won tot vraes #3
And the feakage BOVEr aorvire bow ;
¥ a% It deal i Gea should gow be reserved ol fur ! RIL Ia the hanging The vounte :
EN ¥
walors taking isan SRR 1 eaniny What a piety it eat thin Tide i RP Wak rolEcioUs: BInl 3 Sh DMI pee The aramatic root, which has
: history, The sas
ign Office representative | The boaquet rover reached its dost. : posing than the home chapal, Poo rb vg tnd seoilnd toy na Bimbo hy at
fopserry And deseomiod tn tle bedon By gf ginning to be used for disorders of the
{fovea Mp relin thi girl ciothing i ‘ i 4 /
3] of Mer country far reve | found ciprehing the gies clothing in) ygq0 trom its medicinal virtues the
ent at the interview, and yet the sum. | tacke made a clean breast of every. | (FepMation
1 Howe days a Fame. | meadows, still vividly green after the
: Ei day fast asieen, nil Ye
possible. I was puzzled. } ‘nd even trolley ears. Her husband | "| browns, suddenly burst forth into mys
For wonths past be had openly sent
Ht 6 Ta 1559 Italy had but thirty coal
clever summary of conversations be. tive Baron and six reprenesiativel then
tween myself and your ¥ ali
: fen 1 Save oh Red Your Fes ir ; Re. i xs ri Co os rn stent Iy bos 8 wn sailing Yoyage FT Howe
Office. but invariably follows the visit | ih
. ; Sie i iia
Hoon as thet part of ir ended he hes Selpiia Hesord : hen
toy arrange nin SUB INALY For oo 3 a 3 Tia fa hoy I Ran & Fico 8 suit
* 4 RK 2h $i . ee “ rns Np ae a” wa * >. 7 ¥ thay sae
mind by consenting to wndertake the | tim
sntisfied him,
Solved you are the man ta do in”
= Mountain Cliwibey's Bravery.
‘ment. Then we discussed the
tha : 1 should go and stay at the Lega- {| place and strolied
Toon. He was busy arranging & boy. | of thirty four stars, America person | Oe diMenlty with be
her te =
his honored guest. | was | cloty lady of his acanaintanen h ot Ja pari Gn a mounts 'p. siepped]
wandered aho Fasoned the American apigs | *°° sirongest
anout the honue Watiolested, with a swnitle,
one, § Watehed him, The messtee was st, |e sushended
but never did 1 Ome Ubon a eine oi el
gu 1, oil Was eax ¢ reaiiabl i pur 3 Waal
A week passed ey
Nothing su uspicious had His irrangement of the Ao%ers was Rev, Brown, a man of less than mee | old anid that we onnnat BEL. of! When made dao 3 tes er
divm stature, possessed a Sigh, sjueaky | Tory #8 a pendant dv
In less than an hour a Summary of | instructed one of the servants where | Not long aga he was invited wiini—— gamer >n HE TRANRAL BAG Oekt BET ARR aie taken as 8 blood purifier; and the
#7 haw net been Farenhd have nt
' Baron Kaluto hag not left the Tega. im to escape suspicion, i he vas oo peench was mae Tou | would have meant : en wilted leaves are sald to reduce swells
te oan energetic, brave woman, who inl nnth IVE
x , 2 . ¢ ; ; TEP HEME nmeenwr pire SH nalh ows Fig
had not spoken to any one on his way | Early Bugle that evening. Coufronted | the pulpit and watehed what he con. Rav A a tn
« Part of the British ar: Sy GIWITLDR | ge hand and a clnmp of bushes m the | plant snd its blossoms have a pecullar
ary was so concise and accurate that | thing As the last notes of the organ velnn i f Laon,
Bome one who had listened to the con. | of a smart society lady, and in order | up from behind the desk, and withom capital of the ata. One nds 0 to. | The Frenel Gav rent has decided ferti Slow 3 Ue i has Mgt Ye
{ 1 $I} 4 SEO See DAR genie i 5
ih ie {521 | turn the green of the hillsides to soft
; ATH, tor | #0 py wo rendu by whisk BY :
The following afternoon a represen. bouguet of Sowers had been the 1eans | be " was Knows of ras the man witd Ep me . 1953 A rd : Hada of Ee Stary Nhuh Shel
tative of the Foreign Ofifce called at| of communication. Something to Cry fiver. STRVRPDe hu his
FEhUmS | iver suf of srdina WE | roluty for the eye — Philadeloh
3 ‘Baron Kalute. An hotir Inter the name | her a dally sift of Bowers, = that the | elise fey WY ITTY ahaa, EY CAL qn down Eh $n Fagen ¥o 3 TEE Fyipue Fé $5 3h, Thess Waren, : Geared.
he communicated With the editor were { nolther surprise nor suspicion. Upon | Were fo do that minute she Wouldn't
She now has forty-five, giving
Wns a year.
Teese nia. | there 55 gy biy 3 light, : eft ai St OORATR wit SNE thal $i alier firede niin i»
vayages for therspentic pup |
of your ae conversation £0 long sw ir ;
> Fepressnta Ye 3 ’ EE 4 ¢ 64 4 Jog Wii Ea 3 Suede Ure eRe It Mie ER YL iar
P tive 10 our Lega | with the matters under «oucern. As! dipsomaniacs and errant sosig..] yonnz oere wore Aik A SL. mova :
“Yon have taken a great load off my
: : SA Ett pobted the hassling WR
Inquiry, for. tro oh Lame Bie wrote and re-wfo's. Then be | The Medal nf Honor, approve of. But Gener Pw La Rey L reinicars and 5" i fn = rar .
: : rom what I know of you, § read alond what he hal written. It! © The much coveted mods) of honor! 8m! Bis wife tock a larger view | i 0 BE ii i be " ry
Am certain if the mystery is to be Ltestowed on offers 30d snliated mon | “WHSL can we do with Bim." they | OIriGe ina niany CIE Jonsiial,
A mom out after reward he awhioh af th waren # ar, vig off 2 AREsL If we Keen lbw t If he eves IS pn
: : chad oft | of the army for exceplional sots of ¢ WM * pi 2 Him be goes
1 bowed my acknowledgment of the | the light and Jeft the room. personal herolam, {8 a five poiated star | With va he will pe rababiy die on one of
; AS 8000 88 the 0 yaad of big footsteps | of brovze, 1 with frog each i PUT treks, and then hin Blood will i”
in all ft 1 & : » Lippe do Trad EL !
: A hearings, and arranged | died away I crawled ont of my hid ig | point containing a crown of Laurel amd | POE fo our Sage. Bete er Be RENeTauR |
gd Into the chop sak, In the esutre, Ekin i ard honed him haek ™ Phe Quntiven
be aE mr inquiry WG Ie the attaches | oak entre, within a eirele | ;
r : a tM iis Toeker. a prominesy
day following I entered the Le- | quet of choice Mooms for a amart so | fod as Minerva, stands with Jere | persuaded them And ao General and} % ya : ET
- hi ng resting on the faseos, while wight M7 De La Rey perforaim
#001 on expellent terme with everybody "The ladies ms great demands ¥ Ber right fn whieh she Bolds a sijoral BUD penesusity, abibyg AE Sn sir try Nar |
eonectad with the exiablisl Hen, ii LOGE our time snd ar Bending Ties said br li Ym ro 3 i pee ot Ha et Infteanie 1 ; hon ; Inaba SET Hr VERRY Rup Day Gerd
ry hay <3 SRT iad
poked into odd corners, talked with the Without apeaking I stood and thn Hn :
servants. and, in faer, with every :
whicty: as I had suspected, concealed among crosted ecatnons, ball
2 Sy Eid + wi BAERS) 7 LE i; SE FELS ILIA 3
promised to lead to the solution of the the Sowers: it was woven te the boy. | surmounted hy the Ame :
myatery. i waved, or send, long distances
the : and I was po nearer | nieans of the Morse win a bi
: solution than on the first day of | the place of dot and dnen No Canse For Alarm, anne! he ful EA = ARS = 3 BIrONT PRPpRrY taste, js very astrine
my entrance. : Laos } bust hs RTE 3
‘happened, and yet an important con- | SIriRIngly beautiful, and av he attaebh ) p ta the wanderings of | HOWL Boe NoNOE Baa Tb C0 powder it f3 applied, with escellent
versati at thel ad i , - = i 5 ig 2 9 Sg 5 #45 a “
: on had been betrayed. Lis card to the completed bouquet ang | YOR fre Wer Landes Iraily News, inl : ER saat ae CUT Desens, to eutw and sores. The tea is
$id ; orling three fps Feusrny thar ely .
the conversation appeared in a special { to take it, I di not wonder that the | Change palpiis with a 3 *Gurdisa' Got (he Gane i ST ED Threw T : met oven ire Cplant in the form of a wash or poultice
edition of the Early Bugle. simplicity of his method had enabled | DeI8hboring city. The church ig whic “ertie™ ki i to Palvle | of a Stk-foat drop. Ta have URE OVET | gy used for rhenmatism,® while the
; z a dre Id loair wih B i Bo
tion. The Fore dom Bewrd nowadays, Bur ir belonged | : “UU inge, In the medical world it is bes
had heen shadowed to his office. He | mation, and po message appeared [n the | ATTIVING early he peered from behing
h lutlonary times had the appiause. | lneons merhbrane,
there. No third person had been pres. | With the evidence of his guilt the at. | *idered an immense congregation wirh
> Cipth AM iw “11 Rar was nRean i
"urdie” 1 N ther Miss 1 ticker was nsenstble. | haem, especially when the lowland
it must have beep communicated by; He had fallen a victim to the charms | [AY died away his Uitle head popped | those plave } :
versation. No other explanation was | to prove his love for ber had consented | 0 Word of warning ha piped out, “it is install in the Panthean, Pacis
to supply her with information, and a I. be Bot afraid" Lippincot, nsiall = the Pasithoen, Paris
: Stovepipe Bat 4 peack af avis stocrany ov RMA 1 reon setting become grateful rest)
3 the Le i i | ha Log § Wi i fa OWOInan ean't Brylane Nimes ) . ii bps fp Cth garth. ng
; gat on and was closet ed Ww ith : Pye 3 2 10 A ERAN ennt INL G5
of the traitor and the method 1 by which | continuanes of the habit ocecanioped 30d Baye a good ery because it she DRA WORN to
known {0 me. Bn! how he gained his | receipt of the flowers site telephoned | have any suitable clothes (0 be buried
: the Ovid enme up fhe Batis Oppesr to be Jeaious of Deg—Naw Xurg
knowledge [ could net tell. the coded message to the editor of the | B.—New York Press. PWR as “ihe BIT ar Ud \
i :