The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, November 21, 1902, Image 1

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sad ainda
Only Pitty Conte Wil be Cuilreted From
the Miners in (he Putare. : ;
This pay day will be the last the em. Delegations from the local jodges Ww ell Known Hastings M ;
ployes of the Beech Creek Coal & Coke of Red Men and Knights of Pythine Dre pped a Big Roll.
. Co. will be compelled to pay the $1 as- attended the faneral of Chas. Whalley |
| passment for the relief of the anthra- at Gallitzin Tuesday. Mr. Whalley |
(vite miners, The assessment has been was a former resident of Patton and * i TWO SPORTS PINCHED
| reduced one-half to commence with member of theas organizations. While | RF Nols Charis Tat Be win 1 '
here be was employed as a miner and | ot Riniit Socratic Hantred Dalen .
fiar a time ran a barber shop on West ,
Magee avenue. He was engaged in
the former vocation at Vintondale for |
dome time past and died at that place. © a
Sunday morning after a short illness, | “Bob” Notley, the wholesale liquor
He is survived by a wife and several M80 of Hastings has abundant reasons
children. ; or remembering the lust game of poker
“A avusicade will be given in Fire oe payer the story he told last Sate
men’s Hall about the middie of next! Ancopite - Bis testimony his losses
month under the anspless of SL Mary footed ap any £1,000.50. “Rob?
1B, C. shareh. An excellent program | lnime that this was accom Tishid
P by
in being prepared and i promises to be | op one marked docks. oto, and
an event of mach Interest 0 overs of ‘Robert hus the repotation of play-
ood music. Ling a pretty good hand of the great
~About ane hundred young people | American game there is no resson to
will be confirmed at St. Marys RO question. his veracity, in this one in-
church Sunday afternoon. The cere jonce at jens.
notes will begin at four o'clock avd | Tg Glows who secured his roll. are
wiil be conducted by Rt. Rev. Eugene gid Clark and Jamb H. Cromer, of
A. Garvey, bishop of the Alsons dio Jobnstawn, and they were srrested in
oi the Flood City Saturday.
Word was received here Tuesday was made by Constable LF. Warner, of
of the death of Tease Lucas, a former Hastings. The story told by the pris
pesident of this place, which occurred oners ia that Notiey, rendered desper-
ut the Dixmont assylom. The re- ate by the loss of a large “bunch” of
maine were taken to Suow Shoe for his “roll,” kept on playing in the hoy
faneral and interment.
will deliver bis leetare “My Trip to prisoners there were found ten or
Mexico and Back™ in the Baptist twelve jacks of cards of all degrees
phuseh Tuesday evening, Due. 4. Ad | of fanciones,
mission for adoits 25 cents, children 15 Clark is said by those who know
penta. him to be about the “wlickest’’ card
~The Ebensburg Mountainesr Her.
“ald this week pablishes a retraction
that will probably end the libel suit in- |
stituted by Attorney Peter J. Little
agaivad Editor Gibson,
~Prof. Girlie the dancing master of |
Altoona, souductad terpsicorean exer.
cies in Goldstein's Hall Thursday
{night and will make reguisr visits here |
| in the futare.
Pertaining to
Peopte and Pisces
phny vo Pointed
mn Hear Four Per Gem § taversst, | ment will be collec tod. There aa
| probability of its being called off en.
tirely within the next few weeks.
: ; The sssessment has been on
held | Thursday, Nov. 13, July 16, or about 15 weeks, and by a
tary Gilliece: and Connell. | Jittle cudcalation it can be shown what
a large amonnt of money it represents’
io this field, and yel it was only one
scarce of supply, as the officers paid
twenty-five per cent of their salary in
addition, and many of the local mnions
made large contributions out of their
The chairman of the Agreasury. Tt means about $15 to each |
» and police committee reparted that man who stepped up to the desk and
w property owners residing in the | made payment, and still was likely not
jeinity of Fourth and Palmer avenues felt seriously by any person, as it was
ere badly in need of a light. On mo- for a good cause, and shows just what
Gould seconded by McCormick, |» little amount will reach when con.
rdered that a light be placed at sidered in the aggregate.
On motion of Gould, #6¢- 1p. putional officers in a cleenlar
v Probert, it was carried that give as their resson for the eontinn
be granted a permit 0 go of thin assessment after the strike
h avsate sewer. | wan 8 supposed to have | be wh settied, that
fair Means Gave Bail
DRO ve ant held agatont | | purtiy a with water, eather thas al!
for paving and sewer assess Low the engineers, firemen and pump.
on motion of Probert, seconded | ors to work removing it on an sight
The following bills were hour work day, with the result that
: W. J. Gili 980, J. M. many mines are not yet ready for op.
: e 8. Good Electric Light aration, and 18,000 men sire still idle on
aga on Water Co. $50, H. £. that socoant.
, Patton Clay Mfg. Co.| Several of the independent cos! op-|
: i ators have refused to accept the terme
A of settlement and are insisting that
! their employes sign individoal, iron.
clad agreements; acting under advice
‘from the officers of the organization, |
i the miners bave refused io sign any
[agreement until the commission has
decided what the form and terms of
the agreement shall be. There were
{12,000 men still on strike rather than
sign these agreements, or a total of
130,000 men ont of employment in the
anthracite coal field. It is ..ecossary
[yenen, in is said, he has worked the
‘ Pennsylvania Limited and other fast
trains on the Penbsylvanis railrosd,
(going a4 far west an Chicago. Always
jFonmed and affecting the mansers of
| explained. never found it very difficu
to draw prominent bankers and busi
the passenger agent for the New York on the Johnatowner's side.
(lentral railroad, was in town Wednes-
: United Mine Workers of America.
. During the past week the number on
the ! strike has been reduced by the inde.
pendent operators sigeifying their
| willingness to leave everything in the
x | Bands of the commission and to abide |
be | by the decision it will make in the mab | x 00 They are beauties and at
| ter, and several thousand of the 12,000 | tract much Staion
oom Sant yg i | A class of five were confirmed in
agreements have retarned to work. Good's Hai} Sanday sight by RE Rev.
Cortlandt Whitehead, bishop of this For
REV. EVANS ONDAMED. ‘Episcopal diocese. ‘several years he bas been living in the |
! interening Sorvions at (he Putte: “Robert Monteith is moving his | East, principally in Brooklyn and New |
Chureh Wednesiay, : family to Boswell, Somme rr] York visiting this section ocoasionally.
. where be will sugage In the livery It is said that for several months past |
The Pa ation Baptist shareh held A ines. he has been living on the Frankstown |
John A. fusy wan In Eastern cities ; Road, Sevasivaally | ing a ver
~~ Wm, A, Mellon Ia erecting a build: his role more diffonlt
ing between Book's furniture store: Clark is about twenty-two yours
Land the Mellon hotel that will be nti- age and was born in Johostown,
lized an a bowling alley. his father kept a grocery store before
Pour handsome new outside show | (the Flood. He in a bright young man,
eases now adorn the front of the Bom | pull Ll are According
to one man, Clark is more proficient in |
lencher and whist than at poker, but at |
all the games he is admitted to be one
ton, but in the United Btates
; Baptist |
purpose of obtainia
vel "of the sai Laan in the afternoon T. Ww, ro
| the young pastor, was questioned ax
ito his christian experience, call to the |
frome day of November, ministry and Bible doctrine by the
at which a maj of said | sonnel of pastors and delegates of thie |
; : of | surrounding sssoclations, who sat in
2 Toi farther resolved in council with the Patton Baptist church.
3 to sald ord ordinance No. 67, Brother T. W. Evans gave his views of |
: for ihe 8 he 4th da pirpese of pay of No- Mibke doctrine fully and very clearly
oy Dagin BE cand the council was unanimous in
8 in same | voting to advise the church to proceed |
inter e building | with the ordination.
Et In the evening the very interesting
to amis a new bonded in. and solemn ordination service was ob-
seven thousand dollars, served. The ordination sermon was
per centum of preached by Rev. J. BE. Daan. The ore
valuation of: dination prayer wis $ oifareq by the
the borou
rn for Gunn’ a Pharmacy. | narrow; :
= Cromer is almost as gifted with the
cards as Clark, the police say. He also
of Tithe Crick and Wis carries himself well, When sopping
Lat hotels he registers as J, H. Scott,
ER A i Mi The two men were jointly held in
The marriage of John Urich and Mist o, 509 bail for their appearance at
‘Bose Anua, both of this place, was sol | Constable Warner allowed
emnized at St Mary's R. C ehurch o. , sive bail in Johnstown, the
Tuesday morning at 3 o'clock. Rev. bail bond being taken to Justice-of-the
Pather Edward Plerron was the cele: p., pg o Goodfellow, of Hastings, |
brant of the high nuptial mas. No before whom the informations wers:
invitations had been issued, but a large
number of friends of the high contract |
ling parties witDessed the interesting:
Ceremony. ngatiin: Muots
The attendants were Misses Helen
Lehman and Tillie Yeager and Messrs,
Otto Anna, a brother of the bride,
and John Oswald, The newly mar.
ried left on the Pennsyivania railroad
the same afternoon for a brief wedding |
trip after which they will reside in a nine o'clock Saturday morning.
2 newly furnished residence on Beech Part of the “roof ander which he
avenue. The groom is a valued em ‘was working fell, crushing bim to the
ploye of the Patton Clay Mfg. Co. _ ground and he died before he could be |
while his bride is the esteemed dangh. 'aken out of the mine. He retained
‘ter of Chas. Anna. The CoUmike joing | consciousness, but the only words he
a host of friends in extending congrat. Bitters] were a request to remove the
‘nlations and best wishes. ro 3, stating that it hart him. Be-
i Core iE coadia he
wpirit liad fled from its temple of clay.
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Ross and family Ondrisak had been warned of the dan-
| wish to thank all those who came 4) gerons condition of the roof in the
their assistance in their recent bereay: heading in which he was working and
ment in the death of their son, and e- admoished to prop it properly. The
wesome seLLs.
The Marriage
Foose Ani wt 81 Mary's Chareh
Dreantds the
Through Hix Carilessniss,
George Ondrisak, an Hangarian |
employed by the Beech Creek Coal & |
Coke Co. at the Moshannon No. 13!
mine, was killed while at work about |
in Mines
ones, of honing The benadiction
d | was pronounces by Rey, T. W, Evans. |
ek at not lea than iS The Baptists are to be e congratolated
poarances of the
may the canme of Clirist prosper and
“A. advauce through the efforts of this
y band of christian peopie.
E F. 1 SiaMuwD,
Sec’y of Counct L
Geo. 8 Godt Cane
i The El Paso, Texas, Daily News notes
| tint George 8. Good, the wellknown
railroad contractor, was the recipient |
+ of a handsome ebony cane, which was
@ | presented to him by Adolph Krank-
ager, the senior member of the hard.
ware firm of Krankaoer, York & Moye,
‘who recently returned from Europe.
: The cane has a very handsome handle,
‘a sleeping beauty carved in ivory, and
made so that it can be removed. The
, News says Mr. Good highly appreci-
ates the gift as the handle was espec-
$500.00 | ally carved for him by an artist in Nu- |
,remberg, Germany, and is a work of
Card of Tranks,
for their beautiful gift of Sowers.
victim of his own negligence.
Mr axp Mra, WiLLs Ross,
He was a married man, with a wife
and one son in the old country. About
ten days ago he sent them $175 to pay
their passage to this copntry, bat it is
not Kiiown whether they had started
at the time of the accident. He is also
strvived by a brother, Amirew Ondri
sak, of this place. The Moeral was
held at Bt. Mary's R. UC. charch San.
day afterncon at 3 o'clock, with inter
, ment wi the Cassidy cemetery.
Thanksgiving at Chest Springw
The grand bali to be held Thanks-
giving in St. Monica's Hall promises to
be the prestest event of the season,
| The best music has been procured for
the oveasion. Refreshments served al
10:30 o'elock. COMMITTEE.
ve, shall be of the: fol.
~There shall be no hanting or shoot:
, ing on Sunday; penalty $25.
Monte 1d Bd Marked Dock and Other Un }
The avrest |
‘of recouping, ail the time dropping.
W. 1. Jones of Ebensbyrg. more simmoleons. On the persons of the
player in this region. For two or three
dressed in the height of fashion, well |
"ness men riding in the Pallmans into &
“MG. Voekler, of Williamsport, neg in which the loses were seldom |
railroad detectives are said to have |
that they shnuid be cared for by the day and a pleasant caller at this office. | | tombiad® 0 Clark's game, making |
of the best, not only wronnd this sec-
removed, however, his
pecially the Ladies of the Golden Eagle caption was unheeded and he was the
With he & size: «of our stock of Sg its and Overcoats
take the tithe to come in,
) We have arranged our Suits and Coats on racks an
jangers and we did it to make more room firstly an
secondly to keep the garments free from wrinkles and
reitses so you can look like a tailor-made man wl hen
ot bu y of us. :
Qur $7.50 and $8.50 Business Suits in colored ch
ots are ALL WOOL. They are really a $10.00 su
but our system of selling at One Price makes clos
One $10.00 black finished diagonal can't be duplicated in town
thar $12.50. It's a fact, Go see otnors then come and see us.
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4d the trade, that's the reason.
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We want to talk about Ox ercoats, starting with th
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Then the tong ones for little fellows, ages 4 to 12 years, start at 2m, |
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Sweet, Orr & Co. und ; “Monarch” Shire.
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on want seliable Clothing , Shoes or Purnishin will
om cos Bh yo,
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Jeweler and Optician, Patton, Pa.
i : a. Correct Attire Por Men.
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papers, and you get in a quand-
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MIRKIN & KUSNER ’ Good Building.