The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, October 10, 1902, Image 4

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    y bastness man who has Just
from that city gives an {lus
of the way the thing works
dolixes are worth at pres
in trade $2.40, but if one wishes
Buy American currency with Mexi-
Besides this the commission
Jp presents the United Pym
By Samning holes in stocking
to time, put it cannot —
Y as the price of silver changes.
drspepsia as loug as I can re.
tr. 1 bad no appetite, and the
ate distressed me terribly.
lung 1 would feel sloupy and
no ambition to do anything
e taking Ripans Tabules I feel
better. In the morning I
fresh and sound and my appetite
$mproved wonderfully,
fused ta sit
But now
Once quiet reigned, or silvery sounds
oq the
| Behold! at “doubde quick” they come.
Ted ;
Time was
{ Is cuddied close at “story time”
And | am wise in nursery rhyme
One, ‘when i ta forked im ie bed,
Isssoer of America” has arrived at
Chicago from the plains. He has given
it in the Chiesgo Inter-Ocean
manner In which a lasso is handled.”
1 sons why he does not.
with dle hands
As of all Iife were pay,
As one who counts the hourglass’ sands
To while the true away.
Now I am be yan can be
Ant Jesure ime employ ais
ar just one Hittle boy.
By heaven’ s first law my house a. kept;
wan poiiahed
Fach room was dusted wel) and pt;
It was a pleasant sight
mud tracks sre on the floor,
22nd with them many a toy,
4 Segenmarks Spon spon the
Aral one little boy
mwic filled air,
, | Sow dre of many feet yeu resounds,
n Slanging up wa
artinl bands, with Ste and drom,
All Bart Artin) ho pride and joy,
by one little
pondered Browning's Yerse
And 'W Nae Pater read
Df Theen 1 conid once converse,
But now—3 tired head
When shadows fall,
And fable, that is all,
and the
Bat wouid you os me for > he said;
answered | “Not for dismonds, pearls,
ro od withost dlc
Nor a wealth of the waorlde
Waa on Bittle
May Eths Nichole, in Good Housekeeping.
Hew te Lawo,
Frank Chamberlain, the “champion
an exhibition of his skill with the Ia-
riat and described the art of throwing |
“A mistaken Impression pravalls in
the mind of the public In regard to the
; of
were directed against the ground.
af the old eylinder snpine B®
At the rahi of our new at
{when it seemed sa If olectricity was
} about to do away with steam forevir,
a discovery has been made that pron |
twos to give slectricity itvelf a setback
in turn. Thin discovery ix really the
re-finding of wn old mechanical prine-
named Jers made a steam toy koown
ax the asoipile, a globe torned by fits
the year 1829 a man ntioed Branea
made another toy in which a whiel
was taried by a jet of steam directed
prineipie of a water wheel
of uxing eteain to turn whesls was
somewhat jour sight of when the oy
linder type of etigine proesd so se
cessful. hot within the Inst Tew yours
it has agals received attention from
inventors pnder the pnme of “the tur
bine principe”
It is found that a wheal ited with
in a cylinder can be driven si higler
spesd with bas steam than any other
j form of engine. A British tompedo
boat destroyer has been made to cone
pearly thirty three knols an hour 11»
dor a power, and the rapidly revolve
fog ftariine makes If possible to aly
guns at this speed. for the thumping
away with
the Ameronn Society of Mechanical
Engineers great atiention was given
Ar a seam i 0 BY RS AMOR
says this expert. “The Wen that the |
{ Joop Is always swung around the head | i
before making a cast, especially when |
the roper 8 on fool, is erronpous,
Na |
man of experience ever maken a cast |
in this fashion from the ground, in
practical work. There are several rea.
: One of thems is |
that the movement is Hkely to frighten
the stock. especially horses. another
that he may have to walt seme min
ples before a favorable opportunity
occurs for making a cast. He knows |
that better results are obtained hy
holding the repe a8 unobtrusively as |
possible, even keeping it concealed |
from the oblect of capture.
“On the coatrary, however, when
. mounted and in pursall, it is absolute. |
ly necessary to swing the loop over |
1 and around the head, for the cast)
must be wade with the grentest pow
gible force in order to averpome not |
. | pursued. bat alse the action of the |
§ wind, sbould that chance be against |
You. :
only the forward movement of the |
“Ag to the manner of casting, some |
} ‘ropers’ cast with a quick, jerky move
need of his rope.
1 play in catching fresh mounts for the
more than a few Bours Af a time
ment of the band. seeming to gse the
arn very little and the body not ar all
Oihers employ body, arm and band
Both methods are effective when per
fected by practice. :
“Branding on the anfenced range is
/ task that never ends There are
constantly being discoversd animals
that bave been missed at the regular
round-up, and these, wherever foumi
are immediately roped, thrown and
‘burned.’ At every turn and in every
phase of his work the cowboy has
It Is Drought Inte
men, for no horse Is kept under saddls
as not infrequently happens. a steer
strays Into a quicksand, or ipires in a
bog. the lasso is thrown shout his
Berns and he is speedily extricated.
“When the mess wagon needs a Nft
up a hill or assistance in erossing miry
bottom land, the man with the rope is
: ny Bumber of ‘throws’ or ‘hitches,’
at hand to render ald. Wool must be |
brought for the camp fire. I'he cow-
boy attaches one end of his lariat te
the log of his desire, securing it by
i mare pew er,
to the tarht ne, according to the , Bolen
tige American Papers
spewing that lurkines were gucoess
fully runing mackipery at high
spweedd with fess steam coal and water
that they ooenpled less space, ave
east jess, welghed loss and
tested fewer repairs than any ollie
OBE en
tir ak engineers call
Todyna me
{ Bern
tatie expansion is secursd and friction
and Best waste made sources of cow:
paratively small loss”
Trick With a Pair of Scissors.
If Alexander the Great were asked
to frees this palr of seixsors tied to the
back of a chalr without uutring the
dards. he would perhaps draw his
sword asd cut the cords
Take hold of the eord
through the handle B
at A. pull §
paddies In its rim after the
This mode |
At a recent meriing of
with one
We will show hin bow the trick |
can be dove without Yorce, as follows | soitve inebas for ©
aud carry pi B
As long ago ms 120 B.C. 8 Greek |
steam which Issued from if apd
| Bundreds of little paddies and Incloased |
were read
gine ‘kpown, amd that they
Tomiie to develop into the deal vn |
machines thst 18 api»
{ proximated in a motor In whkdh ada
$ £5 |
{in May or June
! hettle forages aft pla
| a8 compared with common stock, hut
| mitch above the average. Their exoel
Cows Not Properly Managed,
Many good cows give bat a small
guantiiy of mlx because thoy are Dot
proferly menssed Reames persons allow
a cirtain quantity of fond fromm whish
Bo variation lx made A cow should
be fod 211 she will sal, snd If she n-
proved ja the guantity of bar milk sha
whabld be Indooed to eat more,
A Grab Worm" * Habits,
The grub worm goes Jean into the
gronml on approael of winter,
where it lives theese years fending on
the roots of grass gol other wopetn. |
Inthe third sifumn if forge a
Ceongan of earth and comes out 8&8 beelle
It not enly does pone |
sidorable dumsge ae 8 grub, but fhe
and attacks
bulls and lender planta
Makes Pat Calves.
the whale milk makes fine,
fat calves but calves rained on skim
milk, ontweal and bran if pot so sivek
at sight onthe old. will make a belle
grart In tems and mosels aid Sent the
mare pampered ones at two vesrs of
Br, It is a waste of Cash prodngt te
feed 8 calf whole milk afver ita de
feud, amd It ix a mistake fo en feed It
after it le ten days old, ax warm skim
mith and =
Brepds of Sheep Compared,
The Cotswold sheep possesses large
frame snd long feece. bat it Is not
suitable for farmers where the paws |
Toves are Del of the best quality. The
Mirioos when need for crossing. do
tot increase in sloe sithoogh the grade
of wool I Better. The Sontheinwn In
het for ose on onion fects ss ib
2 brad for mutton In preferenss tor
wend, amd, belug Bandy and sodtive the |
crime is bees violent than those hatwoen |
ths Cotewolis and our smell natives
The wool from the Southdawns is not |
interior, being classed with the middle
griides, por is it deficlent in quantity
fenoe is In the superiority of the must. |
tre, and fo thal Tesgedt they Baye no
Banding a Kicker,
A writer ia the National Stockman
ei £5 this wethed of handing a kek.
ye Borse: Put on bln 8 strong
Ra i and eranper. Have oe riag where
ther cheek Book oom and one eight
invhos Jower on the right side, Now
TUE a strap from (be lower ring
Crap albwut where the Hip
Phases through. Now take a
eipbils inch pope fifteen feet lone,
thea hook through the ring in the hab
ingle, #trap up His left fore |
= fant L 2 be done 3 BIT
vird Now you have him ready
Four rope and go ahead of
the zur
Soke this hard
ta the proud
wliere yon wast hin Keep him there
antl} he gives up iT ir takes all day, |
KRlow big you can Dandie hin
Arranging Neus Xeowrn,
rapgatg be ns Bests where the breeds
Rit sre swall sueh as leghorns bint
od them to tortare tn pale thew cnn
ta Inhale water at every stiemst 10
i fnled and he mwoonsl wis recovered
mands change so ax to call for solid | M
fittle oatmeal are sieh
sureln |
to ple
fasten it to the ring at the check and |
tert and hack through the lower ring in |
Taks | =
pa a few
fers, a litile to the right snd begin vo §
Hold Bim steady and let Wim | §
bur Beep drawing bin |
bead to his side and be will go doen |
Xow zou have im
This slieteh shows a good plan of ar |
When very es
a a ate
- sometines Ba
2% the eggs
thar the ©
by Iauping down on
hen 10 ig ade from
and ds terelve inches high in fant
gp hifeen ibehivs on the back, a
ree To sixteen eles wile
ing to the size of th
* i
£4 > hired R Pr
breeds are kept it may |
de wit i
iI parted off nin small rooms fay
tien by sixteen inehes, and It may be |
wide into any Jengih desired. The!
cover is bingad an ar the back with a
Wather strap Tagtened to the front gids :
¢ caver to HE 0 op when desired |
a and put in new straw. The
Crear GLeRINTS ia the carer 1h admis
thie bons ave t Made eigh in din
titeter for i Ee
ile oF
5 suf
Xe i »
wit, in The Epitanmist,
mes as
Clean Sub ies,
The Impeviapee
sable a thorough
bo over estimated, Thia
# son id
Po done at least twice
Etidl. The Hour
§ Rik
3 an
ent Bad ador ling
over the paints of 1s scixsors. follow |
ing the dotted lines. This will fre]
the scissors without breaking the card |
New York Tribune
Women's Troubles.
Women have twice as many troubles |
as men, for they have twice as many
clothes. New York News. ?
I filth
on modern piang.- V. M Couch, inf
a ¥enrr
i Foo in AY ig who ¥
aid be RET
eave Ba sna
plays 4
iy of all ¢
enipecially during
and for thie
“eave Wi he taken
wa tbies ohegn and pare
Fitter, when making
keeping ae
Tiers are aitagether
barns thar saell
Barns than anvihing elxe
stable bas bus heen put in opder Ho
only takes a small apount of aber
amd time 1a Keep i so. and the result
BW you bave clean, bhenithy cows pure
milk and were of it than if the apart
ments Were wes] to oremadn in the
constition in which 30 wany
the Thre ard many cow
siaties that wers rs fre
which ave narrow and low apd povriy
ged up for kKenph Gul vows in
These, of cotirse, are not so easily Kent
clean and sweet as the stables built
Tip ThAnyY
hike many
Te Te
Aller a cow
sti i
the Indian Empire 3 an account is © wn |
{of the struggles of the Buropean poo
ers to pecure the rich Grade with the
Fait Indles Tn 1078 the Dutch soined
the Jananese af Ambovea and subideg
fess to a conspiracy. “Each victim |
was placed on the rack and compbetind |
driow breath until his body becmsse in
and the sap horrible
rou 1
proces 7
Instead of suing sAsEoE to parang]
Jeaving 8 theater during (he petiorme
avice tha Japaneses mark the depurting
ator on the Nand with an india)
aber gtamn. the murk varying ench.
sviening in form and color.
Frra permanently amped Ne fie nur smresng.
nes slier Soi dave ume 1d Tr, Kiloe's Great
NerveBoatores $8rial Gottingen) Suet eine
De. B. Eorxe Lea, ws, Are 8
! say has 1005 petite,
are TO00 more womhen thu men
ET a
: Prrsau nd Dyes sre fast to
The Makers npiog ie the mialiest
known variety of dog
No ils Seeing rag fer aren
tn ume id ge on |
i It’s his liver. He
"8300 reward tor any sash of
with Hails
Poorman! He can't |
liver or pill. Ayers Pills.
[Oy be gure
Rukun istersally,
, Tobndo "and, 0 |
A Sones » = often a _— Before a
slorm. Ind: I WAS LFA AS RS i, “
Pien's Ours susnaot be tao highly sews 1
or , Minn Ja Jang, mm
Bert wee ae
ot, Aut. gsi
oY, Ford Kid 4
Patent Calf. Enuwnl Ta Gait oon opi Kid.
Euler. Xyeleta vb
fram a
Prevented by shampoos of CUTICURA
SOAP, and light dressings of CUTICURA,
purest of emollient Skin Cures. This treat-
ment at once stops falling hair, removes
crusts, scales, and dandruff, soothes irritated,
itching surfaces, stimulates the hair follicles,
supplies the roots with energy and nourish-
ment, and makes the hair grow upon a
sweet, healthy scalp when all else fails.
Use Cricens Saar assisted: tv COTICTRA (INTMRNT, for r prosereing,
partiying, sod bauusfying the skin, for cleansing the Rip af cross,
monies, and dandeafl, ad ie Roppiag of Miiling hair, for softening,
ehilantug axl sing pel, Tough, andl ware Bao, for aby readies,
fwohings, and Us wee form 5f baths for annpoving rtiations,
ata a and a “aloerati ce winknesses, aud for mauy sanstive,
antaeptc purposes which x ¥ Buprest them selves to women,
COTIOURA Soar, to cleanse the skin COTICURA OINTNENT, to heal
the akin, sui ca Ramo vENT Pirin wo sonia binod. A SivaLn
ART is often sufMcient We ooie the most torturing, disfiguring, Soninm
: Duruing. and sexy akin, weal, and blood pmours, theless, § sud
freitations, ‘with jie of hair, when kil cise falls
Seid Berongh cord the work. Beith Davod: 27 38 iDharterhonse 65 Lasdon. Prensh
Depot: & Bow bein Paix, Pow Portsax § Bs se Cakes, i ui.
a Cerra. Resolveey fring Eoheunate Consdnds are x tre.
meine fee thee
Higa Deviveaa Esvives wel ay
te x “: x aa - h
Pokal visi, & Gime.