The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, July 24, 1902, Image 8

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    : Never. :
conquer the men of Amer- :
inst the United States |
high that the President of the
: tie sent 3 personal request to the
| to keep himself 88 secluded as
Being a good-humored and
ble an, the Consul was about
rose his danghter and told hor
that he shonid do nothing of
She knew that he was not
: » was resolved that he
; one, even to Accom
| front,
{these 18
oman there are some charming fin
s in jeweled ornaments, Instead of
& Tope of many strings of pearls, litte
Jet beads serve to make a thick odil
“To wear around the throat are wide
bandeaus of jet with an outstanding
rosette of curling jet ribbons got in
ia rim of steel like & tiny piping at the
edges are a favorite form of decoration
for the hair or shoulder, while on the
front of the corsage will be set a spray
i of Sowers, 8 huge POPPY OF A rose. the
| face-like petals of each jet with an
outline of steel or dinmonds, while the
joontres are of quivering yellow fo
| pazes. Is not this a novel notion?
‘More novel, though than any of
the floral neck ornament,
where an iris in siabaster stands oot
green leaves clasping the throat and
{ showing here and there large green
stones. For the bair, too, similar
bandesux are arranged, but unices foy
; | fancy dreds the large combe are in|
finitely more attractive. Here the
= y} Broad curving band of light tortolse
i shell that comes above the prongs is
B | forced, and sn openwork spray of
flowers, & scene or a figure enriched
| itn gems. is Inserted—New York
Gtve Your CMI & Garden.
It is an exceptional child who wonld
own. Boys and girls alike are delight.
od with the very idea of possession
a bit of ground where they can “plant |
things” and watch them grow.
workers in city missions know
even the most unpromisiag specimens
of slum childhood can be won by flow-
ers; and among children of more fav.
oved classes the moral influence of
Sowers is a force, though it is pot rec
| ognized por extended as It might be.
People living In villages or small cities
usually have some ground around their |
| hontes In which they can met apart
& piace for the children’s garden. The
love of nature fostered by this garden. |
making will prove a constant source
of pleasure through the child's Nfe
The cultivation of habits of close ob-
{ servation and the knowledge of useful
jand of harmful plants thus gained
| is sure to be of future value.
i begin with the early days of spring. |
; Woman's Home Companion.
at the
5 Paper Wedding.
oy | oF. baper In & warm rose pink. The
| gentlemen guests received buottonSole
most realistic: favors for the ladies
| were tiny baskets made by crocheting
filled with violets. Over the |
damask tablecloth was laid a second
| oie of white crepe paper. the wratly
'{ Joined seams hidden by trafling lengths
of smilax. The plates were of white
pasteboard with painted edges. Caps
| for sherbels, ices, Jobster newharg ind |
charlotte russes were of white paper |
| 08 1n 2 Best of Reps paper made inte
the semblance of a rose, tullp or chrys. |
anthemum. Little bost-shaped dishes |
for bonbons, salted almonds or peanuts |
were made by crocheting fine twisted
i Topes of paper.—Good Hansekeeping.
r floral decorations for millinery.
A Popular Flaral Decoration.
Poppies are very popular smong the |
ter- | are seen in the natural color and also in
such shades as pale green and light |
bine. Most of the large fiat hats for
children are trimmed with wresthy of |
extremely fashion
able. :
To have the parasol to match the hat
| 1s & smart touch.
Picture hats are most popular to be
| worn with mid-summer toilettes.
Aireen ostrich feather boas are
among. the latest additions to the fem.
Long batiste or linen sashes of wiiite,
{ecru or yellow will form a part of
{T80Y summer outfits
Blue dotted emerald green veils are
ood 1a Tine with the fad for the blue and
| many
‘green combination.
A Dew cherry red, far prettier and
{less vivid than forwer tiuts of this
J color, is much keg for trimining
: Pirured Tawns, diinities and organ
dies, In dainty colorings and designs,
: mark the prevalence of the gausy ma
terial vogue. A
For mourning wear, dresses are much
{less sombre than formerly, and shirt
waist suits combining black spd w bite |
quite correct.
Very striking are the lace open work
inte stockings in white, with a black
; ‘pattern, but a trifle too bizarre to be’ gives the band micas a Roger.
| generally popular.
; The surplice collar, the bertha and
frilled and ruffled shouider
| pieces are among the most liked peck
a arrangements of the summer.
Very striking | re the entire black
in ee servative.
Huge bows of jet ribbon with
Behates, 8 German scholar.
on either side of the face, the long
not value flowers and a garden of Ite |
| At u recent paper wedding anniver- |
{sary the window curtains, portieres,
1 lamp shades and table covers were all
order to destroy the vermin with | :
which domestic fowls are often infeste
ol. a Canadian Inventor, Edwin T.
Rrivwart haw devised a nest egg whiend
fx hollow go that focan be dilad with
an insecticide, The nest sig is of
ta pest the insecticide
the fowl npon
will be automatically
The theory that some of the ab | : il
The > Indictment of the mental qualities of :
shapes creatures that abound in pagan
mythologies were sugpesizd hy human
raonstrositios is advancsd by Professor
to him the Cyclops corresponds to A
one eyed monstrosity; the Siren Is iden- |
tiled with ome whose lower Hmbs are
united, and the Centaur was suggested
by a8 monstriaity having two pairs of |
legs. He believes that many mooted
points in comparative mythology might
be sleared ap by additions] study along
this line,
A perpetual cloud of soot, gradually
is known to overhang
every large manufacturing city. To
determine the amount of this wasteful |
dirt deposit in Manchester, England,
Mr. W. Irwin weighed the solid matter
obtained from a sample of snow that
pertling down,
had been Tring on the ground fen days,
and has found sn equivalent of 10.7
pounds per
square mile
od the condition over at least 100 squares
tables the chiimnevs of Manchester are
convicted of throwing out 501 jess than |
300 tons of soot in en days
showed 488 per cent. of carbon, 6.9 of
Benvy ofl and greass amd 44.5 of ash
from which it appears that each day's
thirty tons of soot is given adhesive
ness hy about two tons of oily matter,
Interesting ohservations on toe Influ- | 10.000; if now we roughly estimate the |
ence of mountains on the fall of ball |
have just been published by the Italian | yuu at jeust on the average one fur each
During seven |
meteorological service.
years of investigation there were forty-
one days of Ball at Rome snd eighty
‘days of hail at Monte Cavo, about 3200
fest above that elty. There were, how:
ever, 178 thunderstorms at Rome, and
only 120 at Monte Cavo, which Indi
tates that the greater fall of hall at the
higher sititude has nothing to do with
& greater intensity of stmospheric elec
tricity. Signor Monti, who communi.
cates these facts, suggests that moch
i of the hail that fell at the higher sta. |
tin melted on reaching the lower and
Warmer strata, and appeared as rain,
in the Popular Selence Monthly of 8
gear ago Professor J. J. Thomson de-
seribed his important jovestigations
: | G2monstrating that atoms can be split
booquets of paper flowers that were | | up into smaller bodie
tof the sme in Professor J,
i Fleming. the eminent British ie
wers such an important contribation.
All ideas regarding slectrieity,
whe have followed the progress of phy.
sleal scfence, must, it appenrs, De re
vised It ix necessary to regard elec
tricity as atowle in strociure, the atoms
of electricity being sttached to the
sioms of matter and separable from
them. The regular free movements of
electrons create what we call the slece
trie current In a conductor, whereas |
thelr vibrations when attached to atoms
are the cages of ether waves whether
of light or beat. The stom Is & kind of
planet accompanied by other smaller
satellites which are cupable of an in
dependent existence and are then the
socalled negative slectricity. The ine
ertia of matter Is due tn the electron,
and all mechanical and material of
fects must be translated info the lan.
Euage of electricny.
: The Orla of Baranetams.
On May 22 1511,
Baronetage was
first baronets
fnstituted. and the
Two hundred patents were sxoed at
the price of S000 apiece, and it was
promized that the number shonld pot
be excesded This promise was kept
| daring the reign of James, but the re.
striction soun beontaes olmolete, amd the
number (8 pow pearly 500, exclusive of |
the Beotch and Irish ereations. In
G13 BH owas ordained that baronets |
psight bear on their shields the aruss of
Ulster. a red left hand known as “the
bloody hand.” There was formed a
few years ago a society for the puri.
cation of the barunetage, it being al
Cleged that a somber of “spurious bare
pets” had asscmed the title without
proper qualification,
The origin of the red hand on the
shield of the barabets in time came to
be forgotten and people were driven
to invent legends fo account for ib
Thus the baronetx of Aston kad their
sirmis acecunted for hy a story that a
former Bir Thomas Holt bad murders
his couk in the cellar by running him
through with a spit, and that he was
compelind to assume the rd Band as
his ¢rest on thar sccount. The picture
in a painted window in Aston Churel
this it came to be believed that each
generation of the Holts was allowed 10 |
take away thus much of the disgrace |
ful symbol unt the band had been eb i
tirely eradicated —Lopdon Dally News,
Won by a Siagle Vote,
A curious election result is reported |
fron Mootaoban (Iie - et - Yiiaine:,
where, ont of a
eonstraction that by the movement of
acre, or three tons per
Aw the sample represent.
In a jate age :
the Order of the!
hy James I,
avowaedly for the defense of Ulster,
bat sctoally for the sake of the feen
constituency number.
{ing about 30.000, the Radical candidate
obtained 12.994 votes, and wen the
| seat by one vote, bis opponent, a Cone
receiving 12.993 votes |
phe entiemen.” —Wasagus Post.
Is absentmindedpess indicative of
mental failure? This question is sug.
grated by such facie as the large pom.
. ber of unaddressed letters posted each
| year.
im avidencs the official list of articles
‘left fn one year in the Loudon cabs
and omnihoses, It includes S50 canes,
10.00 urabreliag,
glasses 026 articles of jewelry 180
watches, 3210 purses, besides birds,
| dogs, Gi ete,
The list seems like a pretty severe
the modern oity dweller, and If the
hard pressed newspaper reporter hap
‘pens To ses it, he
“send off & harrowing syndicars litter
tiy all the Runday editors on this alarm.
ag demonstration of mental degen-
‘eracy of the twenteth century mah.
| Even our medical contemporary sug.
| gests the advisalillity of those who
ride in omnibuses and who forget
things of consulting a physician
i The more marvelous thing, however,
| be that thoy do not forget far more
suddenly ineressed a thousandfold the
piecssgary aml synchronous preocen.
pations of the mind
PV intion
of bewildering
interests and
to have learped the {rie
of polsing In the attention at ope In-|
stant snch a multitude of objects is:
certainly pot a demonstration of men.
tal failure, but rather of nopacquire |
nent of a difficult art
Tondaner wi
in omniboses and
! Flages.
‘Jost articles, and pot the total at
fiumber of rides each day in London,
twentieth citizen. we calculate that In
100.000,000 trips made,
tn the average, a person forges some
The alarmist adviser of consultation
of an alienist
isemory would probably smile at this
evidence of his own menial fallure~
: r | tropleal views, tropical plants, and bri. |
American Medicine,
A Philadelphis Man's Thrifty.
His acquaintances have been laugh
ity and tight-fstedness. He had been
devoted In his atientions to the prety
Cdanghter of a wealthy widow of the
| ieighborboood: bat the mother is a bit |
a a Mrs Malaprop who has sncon- |
«+ eiously rolped pore than ode good |
| sppartunity for the daaghter.
| rolled strips of white crepe paper; these | oxoining in clear and readable language
‘lean in question had heen a persistent
the electronic theory of electricity, to
which Professor Thomaon's reseurches |
‘Wooer, but,
#2 far as is known, bad |
| kept expenses of his courtship |
down to mers earfare,
and the ether. as bell even by those
He called one recent evening amd was
rompletion of the daughter's tolleite,
The mother showed him # box of sn.
big they had been sent “monotonous
withont any card, you koow.” Thrift
had sent them.
“You 47" auestiosed the mother.
“Well, if you bought the flowers you
ire no jonger monotopoos”
He told the whole story in penuys
wise glee to a friend, who a day or
two ater, dropped into the florists to
learn the identity of the spnonymous
sender, and was told that the mother |
t herself had bought the Rowers and bad |
sent them to the daughter Those who |
daddy's serve in the face of the Deaw's |
Pie amd wonder as to the meaning of |
her second employment of the word |
“monotonous.” ~Philadelphia Times,
Nothing to Concent.
ings bunk fo deposit his first 2300 was
surprised at the searching questions
asked him by the young man beliind
the rafling as to bis ancestry. Ha
agswered them all, however, amd then
volunteered a little
“My mother” he anld, with digsity,
“had a wart on the end of ber nose
| My father had a squint in his Jeff eve
sud had lost oa front tooth
fond of horses took snuff and walked
with a slight limp and a large hickory
ene? anybody should ssk you"—
Chicago Tribune,
The Beave Robins.
The most singuiar instance that 1
was the kind of military jnstinet which
some yours ago led a pale to male their
nest at the back of a target at Alder
stot! It was in the shooting range of
the fourth battalion of the Sixtieth
Rifles, amd the colonel of the regiment
tid me of it at the time. The little
pair paid not the least attention to the
cahwot thundering on the target just at
j the back of their pest
were careful not 0 meddle with them,
amd the yonng brood hatched and were
| brought up in safety — The Cornhill
: A Queer Greeting.
! A paval officer recently returned
| from a trip around the world tells of
an amusing greeting he received from
one of the wealthy planters In Austra
Ha, who entertained the officers of his
ship. “1 am delighted to meet you
Captain Diauk” said the Australing
“delighted to meet a man who coms
from A country where there are
An English contemporary ¢ites |
I0T rugs. 742 opera
will undoubtedly |
often than they do Clvilization has
Binglenoss of
attention was the predominant char |;
aoteristic of mental action before cur.
Rut the more convincing proof of the Py
#etnnl triviality of the amonnt of for.
| getfainesy is shown by the comparison |
[of the number of memory slips of the
th tie aumdwr who ride |
other public ear. |
Tet 08 double the number of
# year there are surely as many as
Article once in about every 2000 trips
for such failures of
L Times
jog for the past fortnight at ag up-
| town bea renowned allie far his van.
entertained by the mother pending the |
perl roses from one of the most fash.
tonable of the local foriets, and told |
led him into mendacity, and be sald he |
know the persots concerned are db
vided between admiration for the old: eR : : :
ha : He oh ithe white of the egg beaten still turn
Being unnasd to the ways of bhasiness
i Mr Puggins, when Be went to the sav.
farther informa;
and parted her hale a little on one side, |
He was |
‘have known of x robin's fearlessness
The soldiers |
Destrable Pfevtn.
Some very novel and desirable flower |
and vine effects are doticenble among
the latest olleloths snd lHnoleums. |
There seems a decided tendency to pot.
ting away from the gpiversal tile and
geotnetrionl patterns toward something
more grusmentasl
Fur Leather Covered Chalr,
To renovate leather furniture, wash
It with a little soap aud water, and
when dry apply a little vaseline rubbed
in with the hand
next moraing, then polish with a soft
the leather from eracking.
Seveown Tost Ave Novel.
The Huninated sereens of pegamold |
are someihing entirely pew,
usually developed, make an especially |
am, The Hgure is often & heraldic
dexign, shout oight inches high and
afmost as broad. One figure is placed |
yh panel, and, far from seeming |
ap efiective background
Making the Linen Last.
io not allow Boles to appear in table
ued amt] it i= sn (hin thet i hes to
A Intl aide
sew are sorted for the washing, look |
re atl the solled tableclotbs and pap.
Eins, holding (hem to the light. Use
spnbraidery toss to correspond with
He guality of the linen sod every
in piace shoul! be darned or run as
13! ty as possible. You have no idea
Bow much longer linen will ust when |
caved for in this way.
wal Paper Pestens:
Molre effects are to be sen in some |
seni eolors and have as 8 rile Bower |
yoilow paper has a fimrrow border of |
yellow in festoonis In each polst
where the drapery effect Is caught op
tiers Are & few roses.
Three strips of the paper make up &
landseape In the wall coverings, with
sivnle effects. Bome of these have
' Hantly feathered birds --New York
The Modern Refrigerator.
The usp-toddate bousewife belleves
most thoroughly I the doctrine of
peattess and cleanliness aud in having
things on view as much as possibile,
The old fashivued foebox bas given
way to the modern refrigerator made
of tiles with heavy plate glass panels
in the doors so that the contents of
the shelves may be readily {napected
aad Rept in a wholesome condition at |
the same time. The metal water cooler i
: that has been doing duty for several
generations has now been displaced
by an lee water receplacie of gisss
the larger one being supplied with a
tin cylinder in the centre. so that the
filtered water shall not be contaminat.
| of by coming In contact with the lee
Ia the smailer receptacle the low cylin. |
der is of glass, but naturally more lia
ears than the metal
holder. New York Post.
“Water Sponge Cake Bost the yolk’
of one egg: add half a cupful of sugar
apd beat again; add one temspoonful
of lemon juice and three tablespoontuly
of water: then add two-thirds of a cup
¢ ful of flower, and one level teaspoonful |
~ of baking powder: then add carefully:
¢ into a greased pan and hake in a mods
erate oven fftven minutes
Peach Blane Mange--Srrain off the
| liquor from ope ean of peaches; put
this Juice Into an agate pan over the
fire: rub three level talivspoontols
sorn starch in a Httle cold water; add
it to the betling ijolee, stirring five min.
titea; cut the peaches in small sections)
add them to the syrup: pour inte &
monkl that has been rinsed In cold
stiffened; serve
whipped cream.
with sweeteoed
from the upper round cut an loch aml
a half thiek; it will probably weigh
three pounds; put io a fryiog pan one
tablespoonful of butter; lay io the
steak and brown gguickiy on both sides:
then potr over boiling water to cover
the steak; add two tabbsspoonfuis of
chopped onlon, one teispoonful of
tover closely aod shimmer two hours;
after the first bour add one teaspoons
ful of salt and a little pepper; lift the
Henk to oa bot platter: own a litle
four over the fre; rub it smooth in
cold water: then add it to the Hguid
in the frying pan; add seassoing and
Eggs in Bread Sance-8ilce one good
sized anion, poor huiling water aver it,
aod let it stand five pinutes; then
milk; add four claves, one-fourth ten
spoonful of sait and simomer ball an
“hour; press through as moeh of the
ohio as possible, put ene tablespoon
one tablespeonful
af four; when
son with sale
“and tern into a baking dish: break in
‘#IX eggs. dust with salt and pepper
i and put iu a bot even ull ®ss are nt
Let it remain 01
bare, the surrounding plain space sets |
{af the illomioated design sod ferns
On Saturday, before the |
water; stand in a cool place until
fweet herbs and goe cup of twmaty]
when boiling strain it over the meat. |
drain and cover with two cnpfuls of
meited and stirred tl smooth, add the
milk, storing vat thickened: add halt
LC & cup ol stale bread erunibs, aml sess
pepper aul a pinch of
ground moee; siinmer for five minutes
This treatment will prevest |
atiraciive bavigronnd for the gold fg. i
ol the new wall papers. These are in ‘eurtag a ‘beat’ In this
hordery, which are rather narrow. Ope | | vigilant as ever.
The glass cooler comes In two sises, | 10
ble to become broken if not handled | °!
! with special
the outside and not from the In
the departments.
The green
apd brown shades in which they are |
cinls to dissover the source of the :
leak’ of a plece of news which it was i
tot desired should be given ont at
that particular time” oo
; old Washington correspondent, “and
“without giving the solution to the
secret escapes of public juformation,
aw they vary, [ will tell you of one in-
| stance whic serves to show how news
sippeary ip print in what is considered
by sll concvrned to be & very mys
terious magper. Like all m
| when unraveled, it is wondered that %
| was not thought of before. My story or
ix entirely a part of the secret » :
of foformation which all correspon .-
a re or hat at Dan
poeal, and which often comes from
“Some time ago, the precise time time to bs
mot essential to the story, & ey ;
portant pubile matter was up for de :
termination by the President. All of
the larger metropolitan delltes were
particularly interested, as di mot
have to do especially with W
top, snd the entire ndents”
world at the capital was on eof :
vive to ‘get i including myself. A
| channels which were usually 2
! by the initiated were found to ba 88
barren as a desert stream In mideom
mer. Telegrams from the home offices
poured inte our various buresus bere
couched in imperative inpguage that
the news ‘inst’ be obtained, evidently
in the belinf that all correspondents
have to do is to go out, ask officisls
for the desired iaformation and re
_ vive it coupled with a good eclgar and
As a matter of fact,
‘a bottle of wine.
i when officials wish to keep secret 8
| plece of information sil possible loop.
| holes of escape are securely ed,
and it is the exception that it gets ox .
“1 had aboot given up hope of see
: stance, though 1 wus, of course
The time for the
| maturieg of the project wae close St
| band, and oy day it might by officiel
announcement become public pn
Due aight ne | was iting 107 o
lobby of an uptown Botel, half
in my chair waiting for the app
of a Senatur with whom I bad an p=
| polntment on an inconsequential mat
ter, 1 overtieard one of two gentle
who were sitting behind we drop the
words “the President.” The bigh backs
| of our chairs pearly touched, and by
instinet my drowsy senses became
car, and {| woke up :
* “The President,” remarked one or
the gentlesen.’ said that Rt was Alp
intention to adopt that course, irre.
spective of the consequences either
20 Blimsell or te party.’
“ ‘Bat yon pointed out to Bim what
ft meant to us; that he was dearly In
(error? replied the other gentleman.
“ “Elaborstely,! responded the fret
speaker, ‘Bot the President sald that
he wis continced that acersing results
would prove that we, and not be, were
in error.
“ ‘Then we may as well go back to
New York to-morrow,” was the answer,
and both gentiemes arose and walked
toward the cafe apparently = = vary
despondent frame of mind,
“1 was un verti. tn wl r to
shy A
‘the Presdancs scion, iniondnd te take
‘the afirmative in the pro .
news side of which the
had so fom snd Be eoeniens
to mscertsin. With s straight tip as
to the cowme of the Government the
eorvespondint could do the rest, while
with the wrong tip Le couid not only
make his paper ridiculous, but would
lin all probability Jose bis position;
| hence the care in making a scare-head,
page wide story.
“In the furtherance of my conclu
ston my paper bad the ‘bent’ of the
of season the following morning as 1
(stated the facts aw though they came
| from offichil sources, as, indeed, such
1 considered them: to my mind an 8
correspondent it was as clear as if
| the President bimsell bad given me
Stewed Beef Steak ~Have a steak |
ful of butter in 3 frying pew and add |
the information. Two days sfier »
member of the Cabinet gave out
afficially what I bad wired over, and
with fr the snnouncement that the
Teak’ had occasioned much ‘annoy.
ance. and (ts source would be invest.
gated thoroughly’ It is here given
! correctly for the first tie. "Washing
fon Star.
Poniing In Sunshine.
In the early days of the glow lamp it
{aed to De a papular experiment to
flight up a tiny lamp inside the stomach
of a sh. Possibly in this harmless ex.
periment ny the beginning of 5 Dew
and now only partially developed
method of treatment of organic dis
ease. If the ingenuity of inventors
can devise means by wlich vital op
guns within the Dody ean be safely
maintained in the sunshine of nealing
says, what an infinite blessing will have
been conferred on mapkind! Means
while rapid progress is being made In
the construction of apparatus for skin
treatment. ~The Electrician,
Records in Kings.
The pupils in a school were asked
to write original compositions on
“Kings.” The prize was carried off by
a bright youth, who perpetrated the
The most powsrful king
on earth ts Wor king: the laziest. Shin
king: a vury pleasant king, Smoking;
the wittiest, Jo-king: the loanest, Thin.
king: the thirsiiest, Drinking: the siy-
est, Win-king; the most Saxulous Tale
ing~TH Bite.
remarkel am