The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 22, 1902, Image 9

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    wd hank. right
fate (hat night, Lingar and Jon cndon
{were poling over the wwoks when a
| Enook eame to the door of the bank |
1 was opened, and the
letic looking shadow enterad. He bad
of aa 4
“Wa will pot ose HH Ye eri Jed. “He
walked ont of bere this mording He
CAROL ze nwa. 4 put a shadow
Bin the moment Ba win
i idged tht 3
Ata signal to the watehmas the donor
thick-jawed, Hh
re ia bandage over Gie oye
) Perey, sound the alarm!”
stan you not forgive us?’
“What's this?" cried Lingar.
“He had me fone up.”
“Your man, Faidiz. He Nired a hai
dozen Inter-State Detective agency
{ mien to sing me”
And Be pot sway?
"Of + course. but our office and all of
A thick-jawed athiotie Toontee
: fo lowed raldis.
boc } in watched Oh, ke oan't get away for
When Lingar was alone in bis car-
| riage driving home, he gave way io
biz saguish and groaned sloud. He
was realizing the enormity of the theft
that had at fret stunned Bim. When
He strayed into the parler
Land drawing room and bad reached
iF: wide door to the library when Le
stopped, tottered and clutched the por
tieres for support.
“Faldls!" he shrieked
- The butler, who had hovered Lear,
? | rushed to his side.
“Hobber! In my house! Quick
“No. no, papa, wait. Listen to me.”
o. | And Ethyl ran to him and put her arms
“taround Bia
'* | bands of the butler were obeying the
neck, while the
master's orders.
"My dausghter—my chiid--are you
"iinterceding 107 this thief?
“Yew, but we will confess sll. Now
"We will confess’ We!
in ie
slowly. "Do you think DADA, that T am
= | insensible to my own heart's desire?
0007 thundered Lin-
the footsteps of Faldis.
‘later Jobnson entered
's office. with a sheet of
find that this item of $20.000 Is
ly 8 clerfcal error, Mr. Lingar,"
- asked the sergeant of the police
{ much about this for the sake of
f bank.
1 had the eager part of one who loves
And, running to Faldla
she threw her arms around his neck
Rod Kissed Lim repeatedly.
The clanging of a brase gong sound
fed In the sires! followed By a rush
{ of feet up the steps. The butler threw |
open the door snd four policemen iB
uniform rushed in.
“What's the matter, Mr. Lingar?™
“Arrest that man,
Ethyl swooned in Faldis arms
"Wouldn't y0i1 betler have an ex
i planation first?” asked Faldis coolly,
In explanation”
“let us excuse those officers first.”
Inga looked at Faldis for some
then turning Wo the police he
What can vou say
. tee them to step out in the hall for
“Xou are a man of sense. gn Jlaten
11 did not take the $20,000, although it
isoked bad for me. 1 didn't propose
being made an innocent victim, and 1
provided against it. My frst provision
against it you have discovered at
tbe bunk. 1 believe. The second was
to got vid of your detective ah that |
couid put the money away safely for
HAuture emergencies. The third care-
ful thing 1 did to save me from the
penitentiary was to marry your
cantly, but waited for him to continue
Now 1 bardly think that you want
to put the bank to the expense of a
guarter of a militon dellars just to
wake a convict of your son-in-law.”
“Bat the money! Where jg 01?”
but me can get It, all except §1.000
that I paid to have your
taken off my trail. I cas turn over to
| you $249.000, or 1 can keep it”
Lingar was silent, his brows con-
S tracted.
M01 course, you lave not talked
1 have not mentioned it even
to my wife. Bo you see we can stijl
avoid publicity."
Withou: a word to Falls,
walked slowly
out to the ball. The
policemen went BWRY. ‘He returned 10
Bad the money in hin POLK ty when Be
Guests made
he reached home the butlr who swung |
1 open the door ior him was in a furry
of excitement He took off Bis hat
iand gloves and overcoat and threw
| them, rather than handed them to the 4
| servant,
| Aatue out there in x Ny”
quick ]
: what do |
What Par: can you bave |
“What part have I in ft? she said |
| He has robbed my poor. dear papa,
know--robbed him of his daring
i daughter.”
Lingar stared at him dazed and va- |
“Oh, that {8 put away where no one
detective |
Idngar |
as rep
"| Many Efforss Mane to Get Them. bu
How Wers Snccess fal
Prince Heney, while hore wae nat. |
ura ly poked often fu
Bari ie entimsatod
peraone auscesided im
Most of the requests came by mail
* his agtograp® : oe
that not more than ©
getting it.
The priswe. who bad mot the ants. i
ed to give
Iain fndividusis Theas vere
president of a soclaty or
graph fends on the other side. dovid.
hiv abineranh pond oO phe.
Ele antozraph oniy to oer {fo & very chess se
which he was the guest, and one or
two of those nearcst him af table. To
this rule he persistently adhered.
At all the dinners at which
prince wes a guest in this ity and
mont of them in notes addressed
The prince always
in accordance with the ;
rie Be mad
le, sometimes extending i
Had Be romplied with all the re.
| elsewhere requests for his autograph |
Wore gent fo him in large numbers
to : es
him through the presiding ofeer Not,
A few of these requests were
1 pershnally
| for kimeel? be slwars wrote his Bubs.
| ZTADY on the meng card of the preside | Phen
Ing officer and of those neseast him
a i
| that perhaoe five or six persons bad
the favor shown fo them af the Bead
fable ;
it was aid by a person
who was with him and Knew about
his mall, he would not have had time
10 do anything else throughout Ms | ya. 20d Bend 13% shave sk
: i x showy in
4 visit but write hia signature. ~NEW be
York San.
Wiapplied Zend of Agent for New King
of Polish.
One of the points of intersst in the
financial district is the brotize status
of Washington in the front of
#ireet, says the New York Press.
i» invariably pointed out to vistors,
and almost invariably the question is |
Why do they polish only | the Knees
and not the whole status" ;
Mentor and guide has to shake his |
head, and admits that be does Bot
It appears that some years ago al
peddier with some new kind of polish
came to the subeiressury and sxtolles
the guards “Why” he mid,
eould even polish up that rusty
“Go abesd © sald the ruard,
the virtues of his compound to one of
1 ;
old |
The agent went to work with a will
the knees. Just then Mr
Mukleman, the deputy assistant trens-
urer, came up the steps. and in less
time than If takes to tell It the agent
found himself sitting st the foot of the
| mepa, while Mr, Muhleman lectured to
the surprised gusrd in forcible lan
mage on the vandalism of ndiscri-
wminate polishing
Bat pot even the variability of the
New York climate has been sucient |
as yet to restore to toe poilshed parts
their old dali beauty.
HAS A CuRious TRANSFORMATION. | othe court on either side of the pet.
the ball strikes the very edge of the
asd [na few minotes had succesdsd
in faking of the beautiful dull
| dizing from the legs of the statue as |
far as
A rl mo A
rs i th 4
His can in, “ping same
mind a 5 pail did -
3 Bout £4 at the slop, When 4 sons
miele sy Dewees sy
HT he hejior :
Fiver, tu 10 the raebisrg
de Mie oa drow nbend from
; Dudl rebronde with that hum
pony wud whieh shoo
1 se
SRT id EL od be in
took pains to ta. |
1 form whoever presided at the dinner
i of the ruls he had made, and Jeft £10
| Bim to explain it to the applicant
: Fshiy
IR 4 gi art for Fou ot a
Farde of loser tv terranh wit |
iH answer Take sath length ang
ibe dlagram. This of elf my pot bie
nite stanch enongh fo bold fhe pes
mut, tox by rosning a cond from the
tap of one wire support down sad on
der the table 19 1% top of the athor
: Support, Fou slwvald be able to obtain
wo rigiday., The
get itself should lie abont six inehes
: the high fren the talon, aod should cles
United States sub-treasary on Wali Lin pass easily nud IE
Be peoeesary amon of v
the table by enough to stiow the ball
Any materin}
will do for the net, though a guns or
wetiing of some kind bound at the top |
with an inch or tive of white tape fn
Gest. As fo the tbls iteelf it 8 should} outer it, it is probabil he will ay ia
Fi, aor as the pols
hag ‘png oust nl
i cokt :
Lon Can probally |
Fond oh eutiis
In England |
ihe kind mos faved hare centres uf}
: pare
the a:
take them very | 213
steel vage
- wod
ar aud Hh polar ear.
ane a capiing
Nasal Zan an ow a¥h
Ersheen ii
Toy hgh.
fen 5 3
af the vape
ed gal
Bait the steel) doar wilt close on hig
States puthorities ope fo entertain
Mr Pres Kadinkes ppt] his transpors
tion can be drranged was takes to
Alaska and mected
asd, ander the supervision of Fil
Hofer. a famous Yellowstone
Arapper and galde. who ix sore finpile ©
jarly Known ay “Billy” Hofer. This
cage, or tray, was dediguned and nsade
ng the Radinl bear. sod shoo he
JF 00 Fay og 6 SR
es roa x TET
ras AAD
x RW
Font ol
be slipls 8 smooth and fiat surface
I about Bye by ten feet, or, say, four by
i ight feet,
The game is plaved exactly Hs ton:
| mis fn played, except that there fs but
The Arelotl Moroes Another Antmnt
ohn Certain Localities
reved thal In certaid
localities this creature. which Sv the
way Wremds freely in Mexico sheds 1g
*Rin, cauis off fis pills and rs tsi]
fin, develops another color of hady and
eaves the water to become a land
newt, Under this latter guise it iy
Known as ihe amblystoma.
Karurgily, the explanation of
curious Ra
fact that the axalot
young or tadpole stage of the ambiy-
ators form. Dat the peo
that in its first stews #1 dona
breed and maltisly and eontinge to
reproduce axodotis, as if it were a pir
fectly mature animal. The aceurrorce
of such ChE points of to ge ons
in = hich species ran be evolved,
nt been laohuaiad
these fory ne :
% on the
uilarity hers
table and se bounves off in such 8 way |
Naturalists have long been familiar ‘PA 8 return is irapossoble. call it an.
| with a newt-like creature breathing |
by gilts and Inogs both and tehanic.
ing the lakes of Mexican and other AR
erfean waters. This is the axolot] It
was also dius
Cas io tenia,
has been shown, says he
London Chronicles, that while in Coto
rado and Dakota the transformation
complete, dn Meéxion the
stage {9 apparently nermenent
probably, the nflushce of
ment on a living being ia
The Uncle of His Nephew.”
Tha potenty of football in
progiinence pot only to the
bat fo ail his relatives wes amusin
Hinstrated In the dame of the wall.
known anti-expansionist. William
Lloyd Garrison. Al an evening recep.
tion Mr Garrison was introdussd to
a noted athlete
1 am pleased to YOu.
Garrison” sald the athelige “1
sume vou are 5 relative of
Harvard quarterback,
"Great heavens!” exclaimed Mr
Garrison in mock indignation. “Al
my Ife I have been Known as the son
a famous
BBY iar
Jot my father: must I in my old age
be known as the uncle of my neph-
that ix abound six!
“edger” and serve over again
The method of scoring is (he same
be yeturned, exorst on the
Pickups, however, are allowable,
other strive ruling of ping
ne overiund strolvd are
bard wust never be
Beighet of the elbow.
The fatinia 1 ox pert and all-round ath
etes have deviand
4 Wonlvn pa
arse outeide din
na sity rack
83; we! HF
In diaer
The racket
die id shan
sions 538 the
5 Ri ney
ronghly speak
any desired length
bs covered w
§ tits
Yor ean ont the
ford” strokes In
As to balls
demdid fashion,
Lier bes Rye
og boneh 5%
gina for a
Cen shi
amd the wider
tay. —Detroiy
riving |
Player, :
This pigs pong bt really a
Rd alii
The Fever.
An Add 3 bees 5X i LF 5 w iy wot
aia ey thine
3ii $53
Hi aad
co wath ju
Sow ge dow all
Suiling wash
band aud
this {ig (CaN ee
Furnas 47% wanes
name shanti
Io the quantity of anneal rainfall
the continents rank as follows: South |
Afnerica. Afr wa, North America, Eu
, Tope, Asia, Australia
it until he arrives in Washington The
cage will be livisted on to a vessel at
ine island and transferred to a flat oar
at Vancouver. At first the rigger
was ted with hone, but the foxes |
wd are much pore Ine
ail, after a Bom. |
of Kadlak Isla
guisitive thag bears
ber of them Dag been eanght
Wis shange 1 sslinon.
A Saudis Por Pretvars.
Cine rade of the old guns 4
which Is barred because of the narrow IF
bounds Is vollexing A ball can never,
Arp 1d
Pps ds that
raised above the |
Also the serve
: mast be delivered f from 4 point beyond
ely AW
thse ag
thinks it has eon fad
2% hi Ce i ¥
Ber |
3 aud | o
Ialisies wind gets Der | fae
seed with!
tehisem |
sha oR BL
the driver
drive a sudrives] pair of
af medion or low size,
wiieh be sevupios 4
dedie has been invented says
a new sort of racket
makes of thiz parlor game a tate
oF Rifenvous sud soeiting :
| Xew York Herakl
inventor thaught that
wisn seoner Gave we
han ome and there wil
far twa wherever this saddle
wilt ha ple
dr iver
gave 1
Cie veel He
vate above
- emis, aml exes
seat of his arm
seonimades thos sit
itis hades him,
be fo
will not Ix the
gr a B
Flac ran any
+ »
Sian or AES soca
Think “Helln™ i» Valgar,
Phe women of Appleton, Wis, a place
Caf abent a dewen thomand o
Chaves thously it
that ©
eed Bedie” aw a
: Apener
3 They Lave phindged themselves
stand by a sade to stop the as of
hivetlonabie wa
ost Standard,
RE Jo Ss LA Sa
Prises Far Wiad Ganges.
aus of FL200, STH0
| th Dowd fir SHEL tir easture wind
| pressure are alfered by the Hamburg
Marine Observatory 1¢ German aod
| torelgn mvenlors. The plans tiust be
sent in by April 1 WOR,
Lake Maral, avira are
iti a rn
| ows | n “hie. oreuard, miserable sod’
Dnohapny. Ten rears of conrtedis. with
, 4 a peasion 00 ondeciared. was 8 S59
; sumed of her voices was anbearabie
Hger. the zr we
Thera in per
i «tie ely |
Le in sili be Caited Bates
Be dashed Hee
ihe avchand aad 4
| ber sweet, owl wav
in Boy
kB Fela ines lst Jone a grat ot
ne and sx
ome end of which bon |
whieh fa obhe 2
with a rigged in the rear end |
Ths lrigwer Gs baited |
with salmon. When the bene Dives ths
The steel cage in which the United | :
i press his love
pn Radiak Ia
with a view of acrommodiat.
tie bait
horses |
the box seat of an srdinary ears |
tisk, expecially’ 1€ |
wl for the feason that the position
x for one which al-
ws Ban to exercise full coutrol over
This i» one reason why a box asst
A altar reason Is
ie rae cushioned
ting beside |
This new std |
:oadl oer and are vane
an {he telephone is exersdingle |
and $500 for
DIGUE thing to ioe villugers, but te
Sioutited almioel 1: 8 frag
lg hated shveess, Har
tomight sow be mistress of The
PeliY Tarmbonse, showing white
lagh fon Trea might Bave heen
Liber Te Prose Now she was golag
WI west” to Hee with ber brother
Dome short week god she would be out
Sf Bis life forever Ten yess of jov
ing with fvguest meetings with bis
i idhel were Jivable at Jessi, but a fe
time wibewt a sight or her or the
Pein tn Rin ar
Aha longus tied fool vw heen!”
imned, CAND ob heaven how |
ber! | mast tell ser! | cant
Wath a tonrage born of despoaraiion
a wi thing Tarough
to the little vige
Harrier greeted Lim in
and Yeo binsh
when she met
: clad potas
tliat aiwuss Apher red
; Bios dams in ta her Ines
; “Har Tae begun henvely,
: | come to sak FUE 3D
wad then
: yong tremble a erory
wong sant badly at the sigs
“5 Bm ug ae
“ he contin ent fouls.
of cofirve, Luke if you want me
LT There was a shades of dissppolat
+4 in Harriet's voles
Without anther word Luke turned
Con big deel He knew pow that it
Lomas lmpossible for htm ever to ex
Hew Be cursed the
that made Lim love: how be
carded the fate that made him 48
: dent
The country fair was a tremendous
“snccess. Exhibits and amubements
Were high-class but they palled on
Luke and Harriet late in the after
» soon they ware following & crowd,
their hearts Beary with longing and
The dapper little man who had at
{tracted and was leading the crowd
passed, turoed and began s sevies of
D kvpnotls manenvers
What's ae faeing tT”
LT dont kpow”
Wel walt and dea”
blesps] hypnotist, verlly {hon art
C % gusvdian angel! Budidonly he gassed,
| Bis black ores suapping and looking
straight at lake sod Harriet Wiha =
| ginnous movement he drew’ frons bis
5 pooket a wereld] which Be anroiled and
| held Deford thelr wondering eves. On
thin sevoll in large rod letters was
pristed the following
: Luke read it, then tursed to Har
viet, a glorions smile illnminatiog Ris
Rd Her face was crimson.
“Will you go there with me Har
rial? ba whispered sudienly grow
dug bold. “Use wanted to ask you for
“ovo want me to. Lake murmured
Harriet, a new. glad Hight a hor eves
And the bBypaotist passed an to col
crowd, unmiadlfnl and
i vicanstions of the part he bad plaved.
feo Maite J Ballivas, im Womss's
; Ft ome Campattion,
i Katte
whispered Har
answered Lake
Swies Like American Sheen
According tH official statistics. thers
were imported foto Switseriand from
the Enited States during the nt three
bots and shoes gmounting io
the increase of imports leiag
} atiout SM poreent each yesr
These gtaistics give only the figures
off the divert mos ation and da aot
cotivey a sorrect des of the sumber
Cactually imported for most of them
Esome Troan distributiog pointy in Ger
commny and are snterad al the Swiss
| frontier gx oovig inating in ther country.
{Rive wears ao it wad not possible to
Huy an American shoe in Awitsvriand,
{hat we are gradusiy getting 3 frm
i fonthold 1a the conipitey. and sew it Ie
Cay novelly to see in the dhsp windows
of the lagen Towns sices with a little
Amerisai fag disulaved therson aod
the Annu ment that they are Amer
Plan mage: the inlerenoe Being that
then yest perssiariiy be good,
This apeaks weil for the Apwrican
article, when tis considersd that one
gf the iby lie Muinried in the
wigrhd turning out Bye thousand pairs
of shoes a day) | in aitaalied in Switzer.
ead and is oan imporiant exporter to
the Latin American countries
The Yogertable Pesleteak ™
The notion. long held that the
mushroom presented the componitios
of animal fash is rudely shattered. In
| ofte regard. at any rales the mushroom
| dives resombia a seldeoai-t Contnins
Bisel ay thie ame yount of water.
Thin fact as geeertalned By recent an
| ales Se iv Inatifies the mushroom
being regarded as a “vegetable beefs
ston, it may be a blow ta the voge-
arian, bat he would have to consume
#1 feast ten pounds of mushrooms in
order to gain the eculvalent of a lie
: ihe over pound of prime beef.
I BIIL the tender mushroom is une
doubtedly easily digestible, and it
cemtaing un unibsual proportion of pos
thasinm salts. Few will deny that
the mushroom is an excellent adiunet
to- many dishes: it has an appetiviag
favor, and this quality alone makes it
| dletetically valuable. —London Lancet.