The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 22, 1902, Image 8

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    “ito it in the Bible
man for.
h ¢ odd i ci
¥,"! na; dros A Ww.
1 oie nde. up yoy
recommend it in the future.
gentleman cams inte my
v colic padne Bat
Boor. 1 gave
remedy which
| doing.
1 begat Enos
south By the examining bishop becsose
Aber could mot tell the date of fhe
Bord Nevertheless the bishop who
asked the question knew what he was
It may not have been a fale
question, but there Is & Coline answer
1 men!, would answer it at once.
after the birth of Adam, in the second
math and the seventeenth dy. be
pan then sod continued for 40 days
_ | and nights This is how It is figured:
{ The third verse of the fifth chapter of
i Genesis pends thus. “And Adam lived |
180 years aod begat a son in bis own
| Hkenesn, after his hnage, and cabed his |
Loma Seth”
“Then in the sixth verse
ft fe told that Beth lived HO years apd
Adam. sare the [earth |
Heed 0 posts after the Nirth
lof th, and the Satter after the b
Lot Enos Hwed a7 F yar. So " i
minirtey " the 5
and be po doubt | bust
“| thought that the eight candidates if |
¥ | they were wall versed in the Ol Testa
The date of the Sood was 1.650 years
fies,” ssid 3 well ksown theatres! |
manager fo the writer the other day,
“bappeniel to the late Tom Keene
when he was perforaiing a porthern
New York tow B SHIMDANY Was
playing lulig Cand a1 the
i IR LT i fond
{a lead to wend ap the |
ir teed Bh the sen.
od rustle chr wis
ihe oft OF the
sg savers wilh
: hastily fit vrimt fae
Cthemter sad, after be
druning. Was presse
the mide of The w
mest was do
ebay, wud ite ia
The 8 erpe wasps
i attached
‘walfared. logan 0 swarm about the
. stage. seeking fevenge upon the Ro
- mans ln ter low necked and short
dseved 4 The wasps seemed to
be particiia iy offended with Cesar,
cand Hoi doulafol if Cesar's dest
Cpene WER over aoted with
Ping. fer at the mesaent Be Wi
ponrced by the sunsnin
the wasps core fest
Fat il
1a the nt we
fk and :
at Noati. whi oh a
gow of the sev
Cduy of the Ronis the hte dar nee all
the fontaine of the great deep broken
up al all the windrwy of Heaven
were pened” This was the food.
and JY eam to pase ia the yeur OM
after the birth of Adam New York |
5 Bun. : :
Brown's Battered Wntermeton,
Colonel George W. Anderson, & oen
of wpleidid genius snd mre oratorieat
gifts, was stomping for Greeley and |
Brown down ln sonthwest Missourl
(One night In the mbdst of his speech sn
e old fellow arose in the back of the |
“house and said. :
“eialamel Andersen, is it tro thet
! Governor Brows was so drunk st that
Yale alomai dinner that be butternd
: oy red it in frag that Governor Brows
« buttered his watermelon at the Yale
| alumni dinner. and | am happy to in
fortn yon that that Is the only way io
: which watermelons are eaten In puiite
i asked to speak with Girardin
} the whale village,
street, be sald: “Girardin the king has
| Was the last ever heard of the story |
sional of
i which goes to demonstrate the valne |
of the butters! water:
of Daston's famous motto: “Landace!
Toujours I'sudace?
8 reagh diamond.
fag be never bad a coperior in Mis
sour, which is saying & great deal He
Was go adept in the use of every spe
cles of orstorical weapon. Champ
J Clark iv Saturday Evening Post.
Wenlda't sen) the Howse,
3 "'he Bouse in which Josn of Are wis
‘born is still faithfully preserved in
: pious veneration a1 Domremy, where un
shrice. Passersby tavarianty cross
The story goes that a rich and eccen.
tric Englishman tried bard to buy the |
place in 1837. It was at that time the
‘would pot sell it even to 8 Frenchman, |
i much leas to a foreigner and especially
an Englishman People bere would call
me & traitor and a coward were |
| part with the house from which Josn
of Arc set out to serve France :
. The Englishman convinced himself
that further bargaining wis oseless
and went his way,
Boon afier an officer from the King's
household arrived fn the village and
sasembied in the
learned that vou have oefused fo sell
your house to an Englishman, He de
sires to reward you, but not In coin
He knows that yon no more sant the
money of the Pronch than of the Eng
: Hinds,
: to present you with the cross of the La
therefore has he ovanmasuled ine
gion of Honor”
Two Great Objecon.
"They say.” remarked the very evn
1 bem] person, “that fo this corrupt and
| superficial age the great object is pot
{to be found out™
“That shows you have very little ex
perience with bill collectors” mswered
the impecunions friend. “My great ob-
'{ ject is Dot to be found in.” Washin
i ton Star.
Unmarried women are called spin
gters, of spinning women, because it
was 8 maxim among our forwfatbers
that a young woman should pot marry
Y | until she had spun enough linen to tor
i pish her house. All unmarried, old or
young, were then called spinsters, a
same stil retained in all legal docu
sturmper. He was ome + wondertas ;
In the rough and
tumbie, catch as you-can wtyle of debat.
i property of a farmer named Girardin
{The Englishmen offered fo let him
{name his own price, but the old man
hel firm. “No, no. no.” he cried. 1
Hetfore |
: Antony f® Swollen
Sargent oh n. Lurine
Phe trmpedy CREW Very
5 8
ing a Fukrieg sopuwady whag Mr KB
i, “Ani .
of Four lows fa yet unknowns
yous words: they rol the By
cand lesve them homes and tha
Cd0tor who was dotag A atoms replind
Not stingiess too Ue Wash ngton Star
Bat for
Oriental Ponishoranrs,
0 Whe Beathet. {ainee deeds (be dese
eration of Eiaves one of fle mewn
the aed of Toba
legally BiH the villain on the spot wi
aut fear of conseguences.
thst fhe
into serview Ia
ton dé oe of oy rage
te the
becoming |
| ledignant at the disturbance they had
Static os jn 9H
pen snd Aber me licines bet oth
ing belped me. As drowning man
grabs at a steaw | grabbed ar Kodul I
felt an improvement 48 outs and ser
afew bottles am sound and well’ |
Kodol is the only preparation which |
Cexactly reproduces the nutors! diges-
“tive julees and comdeguently is the
only one which digests any good fxd |
ang cures any form of stomach trouble, |
CW. He wiiine, Patton, and Hasting ;
Roware or - Comb.
A cough is not a disease But % symp-
ton. Consumption
Appears fre easily © open
sive sale by
cies 16 rar
cutee comp hing.
wii For sje by |
CW. Hodgkins Paton, and Hadings
& Aipants
Fake ted
Ai Ridaeys become
and give strength in daoe of weakuiem,
Boca OW, Hodrkins
pardonable of orives, sod. wecording
folding ansther Ir WW
EK graverany) may fF
If & Turkish baker palms off a loaf
‘of brand on your that = proved to ba
of less weight thas it js represented,
{yon can tnstract a policethan to nadl
the defaniter by she of his ears to the
door of Bix shop so au to be In full view
. % the passershy The poor wretch will |
then be provided with 8 sliarp dar
‘oF knife, with which he oxy ont hinuell
foe so soon as he can snmimen op the
DPCESARrY courage required for the op
eration of self maiming :
a8 well nigh secred oblects Ht Is nw
| aneomtnon hing for a wel rocher to
be punished with death
penalty for falling from your bores
In many of the oriental countries,
. where precious stotes sre looked gpoti
*ii drugy
LANGHAR NED. CO, Le Roy. N. v.
fn Tibet the
Cw, : Hodgkin Putton Phasmaey-
when taking part in any milleary op
erations or public athistics Is death.
{review wearing & stained uniform.
sii saat
Saevifierd the Mastaehe,
ely feshy men
One writer recalls bow he saw 8 man
[shot in Montensgre for appearing ai 8
Thomas B. Reed at cue time wore 8 7
mustaches of a few strajgling hairs :
#0 often seen on the upper lip of ex-
3 How Mr. Reed
: parted with Bis hirsute ‘apology oan
best be told hy a certain larber In the
. house of representatives who attends]
(the gentlesnan’s wants:
“One day the big man from Maine
| settled himself in the barber's chair ani |
requested a shave. When the operation |
[was completed, Mr. Reed straightened
Bimerlf and asked, ‘Have you suy of
that old fashicasd pode to wax
mustaches with?Y
“The barber hustled ameng his pots
Car cfully
And at the right
That's what we are head-
buarters for. |
Fancy Stationary aod Novel
Gem 5 speciaity.
Hastings Pharmacy,
and jars and produced a French preg-
aration in vogue a quarter of & cen.
‘tury ago and then procesded to war
wirellke haters.
“When the man of snapadot sentences
the ends of the Maine statesman’s few i
srose and contemplated Limself fo the |
fines. be tarned to the astonished bars |
this banked blank
ber and sald. Cut
mustache off, for you have made me
look ike a confounded catfish.’ "New
| England Hoos Magazine.
Old Teeth Bought.
recently appeared in a Loodan paper
Post Offios Address, HASTINGS, PA. |
The following curings sdvertissment
“Hd False Teeth Bought Many la
dies and gentlemen have
Messrs BL
cores mee EORER DEISR
well be turned Inte money.
Doand J Bon of
Lge} ince (NTS bay
you semd Tour eold te them, they will
remit you by oefarn post the wimodt
value! or if preferred they w
you the Gost offer
gver for vaur reply. 12
Pmpeesgnry, a0piy to Messe een,
way Eig we pe
gid baobd the teeth
SB on sire A SA Por A
Advice From a Botcher.
“What the new He
to devote as sp
people shinbd wear aod more tu wha
they shoubd wad” remarried the bagel
er. “Fasbiorably dressed wotoen ©
Trin atten of 8 hen Hon 8 ross
dd files teeth If
by thew oid
cor disused false teeth, wideh might as
will make
referenon 18
Dollections promptly attended to.
Dealer | in real estate, ete.
Geo. Simmelsberger, |
Draving and Had
short notice,
At Lot Hier Clad Hotel Barn.
eshora, every Thursday
Ni wonder men have dyapegsind 1 fad
that men kaon
of fom stuits than woanen do
of the latiur dou’ even know the few
siniple tests that might belp them to
diztingeish an old fowl from a young
one, and about peal they'te groveer
Feb A youn woman vate in bere the
more abet the gualiyy
Many -
other dus snd asked Tor two poonds of ©
veal cutlets. 1 showed her the loin I
proposed to chiop the cutlets from, and
she remarked. “Yes, that's
but o't it rather thick to fry?
| Prlladeinbia Times.
very niee,
Foley’ s K idney Cure
makes kidneys and bladder Hight.
A He
and brobohitis |
which are the mas! datgeroos and
fatal diseases, bave for their fired indi |
‘oation » persistent cough, and If prop |
erly tremtod as soot as this cough
Chamber |
# cough 5 remdy es proven won
, and gained its wide
tb dlessses which
pot beneficial |
Hw aot oe Fol a al
hing CO a
for the most pa
in the
going every the year
round. There is an invidual
ity mm the work turned out
here that is © Fetching,
always briopgs a
order. Wear
» doing printing
for th : pa articular people
1m this sectiems and have yet
to register the frst * Kick”
If we are not doing
printing it is because you
haven't given us a trial. We
mike a specialty of Mine and
Commercial Printing and tara
out good work that cant be
excelled anywhere for the
price or better. Why? Be
cause we keep the stock,
employ experienced and up-to
now workmen and pay partic-
ular attention to promptness.
Our mail order business is a
feature we look after carefully
and are glad to furnish esti-
mates on 2 minute's notice.
Envelopes, Statements, Bills,
Dodgers, Cards, Checkweigh
and Woeighmaster’'s Sheets,
Paper Books and in fact any-
thing from a Milk Ticket to a
Multicolored Circus Poster.
Send or bring in your work to
And vou will never regret it.
Note Heads,