The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 22, 1902, Image 7

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~~ Philadelphia Heverd.
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= A Thorough Posstmist,
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Best" Detros Free Press.
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ay, % he's x ‘Skipper of Indostry'
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A Captain of Industry.
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Boston Transeris
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2 ihink of the new min. |
" luguired Mr. Cumrox’'s "
: | tirges that Le bas been he ed gat 1
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1 an advertisement,
nly, aces. the olher awn,
why I want to sell out |
i% that I'm not making |
zt it."~Chicago Tribune.
8 Mode of Teasoning.
ow Id your government come to
oii ef misappropriating
answered | the eminent
Yours is 10 mature and |
© al at civilization. The
that 1 bad an
saession of this
ey naturally took it |
1 aid. 0." Washi TE
un sald the Tor to the
don’t it rn rrp in,
ing to appropriate Nis soar
| taking vouy seat
af “sptain id
With a toollsome chunk,
knows how to employ a decoy, and |
nery.” ga
A graphic deseription of the ibcidents
railway travel in Siberia and Man
ehuria is given by a member of the od
Horial stall of the Visdivostark Ag
the train pulled np af the sation ol |
Taitriicar, says this narrator, a Man
eh palle. who bad balled asl brow.
Beaten bis fellow travelers sines haard.
ig the train, alighted fo rafresh Lin
§ melt at the station beffet at the same
time warning his companions that he
would decapitate any of them presgm:
his 1emporsry absence a smarth
dressed and good looking vowig Rus
sian lady entered the coupe and took |
x1, despite the friand-
by advice of the aiher passengers. The |
he nnocenpied
Mancha polls returned few inte a
L TRge on seeing his sear dceupled, sid |
to the terror of his previouss fellow:
passengers, draw Ble carved sabre,
The young lady, coolly voverioe him!
with a shining rovelver sald “Yen
have threatened to decapiiate “ny one
Ere yom take ns for
a pack of cowanily Mandar” and
pointing ta the space at har fier aw
observed: “There 8 your place, my
hero” The Manchu gracefully sur |
rendered, took the lowly position in
dicated. and throughout the next see.
on kept xn clots eve upon the Ind ye
Belore reachiog {he next sisilan the |
conductor entered] the ronpe sn de
manded from the same Bussisn lady
an extra peyment to which be wns pot |
His request was mw! hy a
stinging application of ithe giels
clinched fist to his nose, and at bes |
imperious request the conductor was
bandied out of the compartment by
the Manchu noble. Ameng thi ather
diverting (¥ incidents related by the
writer is the following: On the way 2
Harbin the driver pulled an the tras
St spot Where Theres was 8 workmen's
| barracks. Fadiacked the driving jever
and procesdod to tay a few rabibers of
vine with fle barracks foreman The
hale Yasted seven bears and it wes iit
the protostx of the paseengers
guards which prevailed voon ihe Jets. |
hie had
lost every rubber Odes Correspand.
ehce London News
or to proceed. bat thie fat that
Sirti pe SE Si Sen A A A TS
Wenthar atid Eveniasses.
Who would suppose that amene the |
trades lwnefited by
that of the optician’ Yet ft x Mor
eyeglasses gre trokon on oa bit du
than on 6 cold ore. and the freaking |
of vrvgiasses parilns bacines
| optim, for they have
GE Ese their owes bay pew alauses
it 4 pers Whe has been condtemipiat.
ng oa change ln glasses ix anfortugale
THoUzh to break Bis ol anes be
ally bys a new pair
But why do evens i
weather? Beeards perspiration
Sales the nose, reduced the fiielion
which holde on the glasses a Sai}
fall, wvas ay damaging thas
the operation :
One day during tie facet hol
ther white g Sieh svetge
War repairing oy glasees. wid
slid from my nose sand hed one of
lenges shivered inte bits four
Person ensie In dn simtiag
“Ii is always this way ons res] hot
dar.” sald the smiling opticisn Xew |
York Hera hit
The Coyme ; au “Awfal Godeer,
The envote ia og Joker sad
dodges along with all the rest ©
talents. The ranma toll of how
times be has cane them th go i
in his parsait by su arfol change
is voles, While tbe suimal
P meanwhide slip to the ponitey hon
and swatch a fat ben Old tise bun
ers never give heed to the howls of |
80 ght, because they Know |
from: vabappe Sxpevienens hay easily
they way be lod 8 fool's errand by
#y old covote who would Jdrase 1b
buntess away from camp. and then
adroitly basten thers and make oft
The cova
many a ranchoan or ssitler te
shoot a peculiarly noi
not only escaped bot er iited £0
Other coyolt (0 get 3 fowl from ihe
roost during the ohgse New Yori
Raise Yor the “Polite Condnctor,
SRit n Mitle closer, please™
It Ix the polite street cur conduetar ;
Wha Las wh
; pve Toto Phe oan
who they sdiares bis passengers,
“Sit a Hitle closer, please”
Again they crowd topetber
ten more people get atwsnd,
“Bit a Btile closer, please”
The passengers sqecegs ato
Baller #ace.
From {ue press of people 8 hand
seen presutly signaling the cundedin
Me approaches the hand and trices |
it to Iw owner
“What is It sir? he oo
es on Yr
“TH give you a hundred dolls a
aay 10 amperiotemd my sanding can
v The ms at the end of the
aT attuchod to the bam
Blevens’ Way.
Caplains Hay and Stevens were
ting on A ux together iu Lavenster,
sore distress. Stevens said:
She replied that she was a poor
Woman with a family of helpless chil
dren who were without food or cloth.
Praring |
tlemen of
Los want har Joi
CaN muck ons i failding of Lind 1m
of permanent road, and we have & suf
coyote, who
a : gave a Ye rit for
“My dear woman, who do you weep?”
CTgood reads Senstor”
The Country Newils Them.
HE wason agin approae Bes
when superior to all anes
tans of edncaiien, wolltivs oF
retigis, “How shall owe get
Tohers wo WARD Og taraugh ti
end” oneness the mitentlon of oO
$i pspainting of th
Fyen in the longes
tions of ote ronatry, where
BE fem 10 foe, Pan ABT
and wealth les given opporiuaniy 1
Lil proper foundation fer. cone
5 5
ble Jovomption for the wet 2a well | of
tao Gry season. wo find ithe ound
Hod reariy ax deplorable 88 in tne
sar recently Betiled areas
Why bs it that with fae farms, wild
embatesdianl bnthiiege for mas and
} 2 rairaad nes optting the
svery direction. aad With |
added eae Bh Year to the po
PORRITY, There 8 8
rE nent
; as dre roils for road pirposes
seal a1 the ond of a decade afer spol
tie permanant Improvesont,
After faders [rom the Lime of st
wonhd seem #5 10 we shouhl he ready
far sone change sepecially when wi
oferl That pearly every civilized por
tion of the Ohi World has sacrossfully
catablisied prover highways Under
the | FY al ters reTaent burr - Hin Shige
fit ARG:
red SlvrgT |
taey rn oat ng a
ceensd en some ied
aa fhe rode, Wh
THE v Open bees Hi
vise aml mend
woth Intl
iy Mia hE
the * rong
I wil be
Ta tho vane of
Io make 30 oh pall
Srpneror ann : ; ; : : }
! UpTRveTen! | was made In Holland and imported in
Foadi? We note 0 this county :
Probably no ciiy i8 the United
| Staves has for te Hy hall a
Sor anae-uts eae DDT IE <I <I IL.
building |
; ®ith which is connected so mojel Bis. |
jiry and FOMAnce a8 bus the eity of
In the rear 165 &55 Here Yar dor Domek,
ane Of the first of the Intel settlers in
New UY ork, ied itn Amsterdam. and
TE fo
EYE. The propers
r threes ig end then became par:
if ihe Phil
ipse ebony the property. and in 1653
{hundred domesties,
the mar or the state pinesd to his son |
| Fraderick, but in 1779 bis vaclilatory |
ife Bis baronial estate at
the Solay or Colon Donek, now Yonk- | x
shanged Bands {wo ;
pie estate. Frederick Pll
| this was erected. by royal charter, into | nv
{8 manor under the puma of the Manor |
Philipseborough. Eleven years Prec
{yi aE 0 this be |
YW the city hall at Yonkers
The manor house of Philipsebvrongh, |
. where Philipse. a8 the first lord, restd-
| it fell into the hunds of Lemuel Wells, |
ied, was a pretentitns a¥air for thos |
(dayd: jarge rooms, richly sroamented
itogs and a broad Ball with a stair
tase imported from England. The door
that still swings oni the southern side
{1681 by the first wife of the Jord. A
fawn sloped down to the edges of the
| ABrubs brought from foreign parts
Fadson could be obtained. The house |
# xn elegantly fitted with English man. | |
tel, superh stalrases, aod fa the gable
roof wers Suflt dormitories for Balf a)
Ga thy death of the second lord of
conduct between the American and the
ysl cxuses ended in his being de
urchused by Cornelius P. Low of New |
York and became the rallying spot of |
the village of Yonkers Low did not |
hind rected what is oc
weupy the manor hinsself and sons
It nd many owners up fo 1813 when
whi Jived there until 1842
i ciared 3 traitor by the stats of New! g
York and biz sutate confiscsted. In
3184 the state olifered |t for sole. and |
: ihe manor and surrosnding lands were |
AL bis
The Sscovery In Patestine of -
sable minerul treasures makes It
ables that thera will soon be as indus
trial Sushening of the Holy land. ;
Thirty milions of artifclad tenth
Are sed each year,
death the estate wan divided IMODE | mes
i his heirs
| ers bought the Biuse and ig
Lit the oity Rail.
| of the city, sayy the Municipal Journal
: | and Engineer. is few changes as pos
Prop ROG ont oF prevy SHEN tare ie Ub Hudson and was detted with trees and i
TER A BIT GL CANIM Ye : {wag left on the walls
(deer ran in the park and a retinne of
sutate In avder
in 1992 Frederic died oaving the
estate to Bis nephew, aise Frederick
Fhilipse, who became the smeond Jord
of the manor. The Bonus was now wn.
iarged to thrice is former size hy ald.
with eolumps ware built and the sof
srmounted with & heavy hainetrade
from which a magiificent view of (he
SP, A i an a
boc a f? WN ENTE Nl WENT NIN
wel for dda own beneflt, «© be seeks
» make fois oo 8
0 RE iT, La
BF Phe Sram
x Le :
; Which ix at present
ol stain and when the by
FEATS 34 aruss of nest soeld be tein
i piv d Voge RR
| manently eng
2 whole o TY Parmmanesiiy benes:
Ne BR roads ana 1h
TRIBK of 117 A single hitthés
Goiency of the fornwer and thers
{be no debate about the peed of the at
ter. Boek 4 policy econhd
Ffree from police. snd
| Democrats,
[iets could jointly werd
Lys good
§ 3 EY a yb
opis andl
Thin great
give ut
and sagnoily
of Ferinaliont ©
Jaltimore YY
breaking a leg
: fell 2 it i
Nagiige sol the part of the fawn. 7
Pa, when a poorly elad woman ap
proached. Bhe was weeping ay if in
NIA fn favar of
he plalnti®. The avntborities of that
ee should take the milvice of the
2 better state of repair. It would be
. the costs of a lawsuit and the damages
thos Tradted States
t Soeses thal hav
[wrapped around hm No
& promisest Pawnee chieftain from Lares
‘| Utah, passed through Denver the other door
Codey on hls way fo Omaboe
i ing the tent aad when at last
af that Stare
H. 8 Earle, and keep its highways in
: ing; that she bad Just left home with
© Wiser to invest 3 few thonsand dollars
in road-making machinery than to pay |
Ing the eastern front. Two stirances
mntev 131 mow ip) TOF slaves was pasded fo keep the |
SURSUTY I) mew 3 | removed ware mide {to desks for the |
toficials. Prom an olf chest in the
| house was mado the miuvor's chair. fo
i the attic the doors still swing on their |
wooden binges and the rooms have
(heen left as fu revolutionsry times
{ The southeastern chamber still Ses its
To fa
ai» Wer thay
inhrove Bir |
if several of the vice-presidents of §
! to-day
anes of 4)
What ls fame”
. gs a oi Y
1 he Bt thar High ;
The murbie busts of pearly all the !
i feniis are ranged in EL
told the Ades : of § Tas
at there gre tives Buses
cof vice presidents the (destity of
: ost In 0 enya.
| They look
. #onate as £h
ines they pra %
beds They have Nonn 1 there at every
aren dane
i Baxe bess ¢ i he
x3 of the = od wi
bre 1HBT the vliage of Youk.
IATL made
in tting i up as the oMeind bomse
gible were made. The old pase] work
asd the decor
ated ceilings were only painted. In
remodeling the upper floors the beams
hoige Grepluee of bricks from Holland
And from Bt leadi a seorel DRSSAREWAY :
0 an undergrodind retreat
Dd Rai
onc send
fits presiding ofeds be
thet was no thought of plas
% Spas tiem Fase =
the md Pome Rows
st The candtal Ix
Wo mark them as ir
id have Sewn to pliioe tags on the
# of the pemste themselves Fue
oa not Beg in the gpmleries or
ihe me came recently when It wis
wvered hat the famions men wees
sksown. Then an orger was given
{ that thelr identity be stabiished snd
from thelr niches out on the |
Hoy Witnesses to histone
heen hacia ever :
members of the serdte and pecesiwry |
Attendants in order thar the exsenti
AREER Berets
in the gens
20 that Ix known a them
of tare |
the fapr th
: busts Aina
Wer nas Bn
F BEK them,
When rhe sens
nigh put lag au
treme was made
15a thelr names should De ent on the
aider side of lis marble 7 Thi has
C proved to be an eany task. Thurs
fares busts the identity of while]
not been ditermined, exp by! a
8 of luminal a. #
They a to tine Boal half of
Er oantary. Ola atarer. ud
wales Rave baen gare inegd
bellevad that in the enurde of
derioe sift be Poet gusing Oo
ae of whew Phe Bowe
Then when heir pam
Geen oul hb ihe white marble
Will ba able fo vcinnec: them
the famome men whose dcii ave
{toll on the pages of American history
: AA A
p : Chiefraia in Colorado Maan » x Lodge Compamed of 2.000
Cova ots Palts.
i Whip RS SE SAA
Clad in bee Ralin wit 8 beaded mae Boe
cadine and gally oodored
te-wah-tab hay (he nrgest
he world, he xaye aud Lee
The s 5
sides were
grakew riose topes
Hanae :
: {
TwS weeks were consumed in piteh
the work | |
was falahed, Nah-tewab-tah gave a
fonst whlch eontinued
Thus the great tepew was christened
| of more than 109 others who live 1a |
¢ | RO Duadieg near if.
Man Be 1000 sorota a, the
three dawg
Sn hear which —
wd Hey each side of the aarmw
faving the exst
4 white Driend who ives him
chive |
Nal-te-wah-tah has traveled on
manifest no sar |
Sone oR He
Del bis Woallah is as
3 Omalg are white frlegd..
cate bark Ftah, Colorado |
two weeks” With a vigorous |
deed the 1Tein. ;
The Nusaber Seve. 3
The number sven is pot only cog.
sidered a2 laek® number by the super |
Pimek, BU 3 was 8 symiolies! nam.
the Bibie as well as among the
+ of antiquity. Ia the OW Tes
we mote that the Creator Took |
Jpve, ami the seventh day wns
wi day of pest. Byery seventh |
ar wan eyed, sed the seven timing |
; Rr melered in a rear of mh)
ire ATé meven priscipal virtues!
RY, prudence. temps
ad fortitude and |
» Sevan deadly sine-grides
ual. anger, Zintony
Theres ware Sour |
Christendom 8 TR
X flrelandy, 8. George iEngland)
Andrew Seoting dN 8 Davi
| (Wales: St. Denis iFrance) Sp Jamu |
It 8s pitched near the canyon of the |
Colorado river, in souihern Utah, north |
of the Bacalente river. It warmly shel. |
- | ters 33 Indfans, and is the admirstion
{Spain}, Bt. Anthony (ladys.
Were seven ages of man: alse seven
Wise men of Cireecs Ohrier spalie |
seven times on fhe oroes.
AL ld Sc SH Br po Ai,
‘Many proverbs are the wit of one
8d he wisdom of noo,
Theta | i :
A Sabmstute for snd Supersor to Wasted wr wy
Shae plaster, sod wilt not Dllater Lie sae
Wo reooascisit 4 wo the BU md aadent
Dor poviin in Charset zt sboonati med al reunite,
wentueie snl aealy agian,
A Trial will pes wha we
Be Loamat bo te Modumedprng Solid,
Begin aay “TE Ne Mae Got of Sli
Prion 18 conte, at ail A
- Er sedingy thus somiennt ws ia Pings
Bo wrtimbe abouid be scooped Ly She pakile wale
Chis seaman cRiTies Gr Salad, as olecwiss 3 i Ne
NERA Lr a Se