The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 22, 1902, Image 4

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    Gaon WE ait
i Dsstraying the Pra Weevil.
sed peas may be dipped (a hot water
for a fer minntes of oxy ose to the
pees of Lisuiphide of © fy ander
destroy the pes weevil The late
peas nre not sn Fhe to sitack ow
these woW Hl Cini,
The Destraciive Cniwarm.
The catwermt alien destroys whole
felds of corn competing replanting, |
which makes the orop Fate and fest
2it the frost to
hi are cxogsed to
may not piu
: o Selecting Custin Fools,
B the selection of cattle foods the
farmer shiald keep in view the re
ted, Some foods are
x, pound f2e pound, than
they differ in the rela
of, dry. subsiapes cone
3 digestibility of that dry
nee, and ia ite composition.
i Yo capacity of sh animal i
ade aver to aupinly tx
. produced : A wondortul Te
in fertility, so (hat today
reps of grain, corn and
Ae grown. Fur every ton of)
£1 wrth of feriiimer. Fie
ok cents
A change effect on coll of tree othods
iny must, in the very nature
#, show for Hawil.
of faf1ns that we know |
FLA bie on
be 5 sree Who ow ners have Tipe,
of bran and ghuen for
Larry ng a stock of PORE,
the farm rich
farmers 1 on
safft straw, chaff and
4 arn floor. Place
» this it is surprising
En grow. A small
His other people. The ta!
di tions are good that those whe
ralxe ponitry the voming spdeon, and
t= of 4 will got a good price. ny
account of the drouth throughout the
corn belt the past season, thousawds |
af farmers gathered op and sold
evervibing thie would eat corn apd |
was salable. and the hens did not on |
Ape the sacrifice.
An ¢xtepzive poniirs buyer old ne
{recently that his business paid Detter |
“Pthan ever, although he had fo covey
twice as meh territory to get 0 er
Ind This indiesise a shovtiure 0
uliry and Je such ap extent thas ie
poultry raisers will we foriunate anti
the demand 3s supplied, which will
fake wt legst fun vears of eur lw
sare LAL ML Johnson, In New Bug
and | fom extead
Ralsing Motherless Pigs.
A few wears sine 1 lost a Hoe sow |
fiat Jolt a dozen motherioss pigs shout |
two dave ob Thinking it would Jw ; :
ct nove trouble to raise them than they | human ail the Lime, and Keeps patting
distance betwesn hineld and the
would be warih I gave several of then
asray to polphbors. We fod the Mule
tia off the Rlove
teach them to suck a quill with a soft
vie avonind 00 wih Zio saves, we fed
they with a teaspoon front a small |
frough as well, and better than some
gave them new mikic, aod, in fad, they
would eat anything that is naaally fod
several instances where pigs 0 few
r {days ohl were raised by ariificial means
with fittle trouble 8 C,
New Yorker
The Spring Chickens,
Turn the ehlekens out whore they
car have a good wide orange for
seratehivg as early as possible in (he
spring, but avold wal weather, papeci-
ally for the high-Ured chickens. Wor,
sponsible for the loss of 4 great many
chickens nnd oid fowls If the day = :
roid and rainy keep them in thelr win
to got sealing wet,
They nest to wernich for their food |
poe dn spring than ever. Tt is nines |
ke giving them a liver tenle, sone.
thine we all nel af this seusen
best Hv fonle is bard work in the |
open air. So Is for the chickens,
If thy can get a few worms awd green
ibindes of grass In thelr forage, sof
much the better for thew. 11 will tend
Ls beprove thelr laying quuililey Tater,
YW hen the chickens have fovaged
day they will come to the feeding yan
htingry apd eager for Joo af nigh
and the appetite they iaplay wil
gratifving tw the aouer. JL meen
sani bing mere than the aaere oo
A. ia Rursi
prriod of develonment,
Uenfid’s strength ruvs to jaw and fo
Nady and the Moukey.
Rabies are very little jike monkeys
and we are least ‘human when we are
youngest. But hy way of solace, and
to save ony self-copeeit, If that has
guffered, they assure us that, whereas
the little monkeys grow lees and leas
like Humans every hour they grow,
our’ hahles {urn thelr baaks on th
monkey (ype at the first squirio, and
grow away from it hand over dst dur
ing the whole of thelr protracted
Viewpth of Hmho and to agility and
DL monksy ways, says parper's Magazine,
. Tha human
akfid's poss asgeris it
galt hig brain grows apd grows and
insists on Raving room to expand in,
Pend him skull takes ahape pecordingly,
Pa Andes his jegs and gradually pots
Dpheny tov use thoash in seme children
| strength comes Lo the jogs very dow.
After being fod we or three fines |
“ghey learned to drink and the second
day they wore ening from a small |
plex that I have bought when fouy |
weeks old. The neighbors fo whom |
we had given some of the plaid were |
all soecexsful in raising them to be,
good bogs above the average. We
to a pig four weeks old. I know of |
Croan af the dmein. and 3
omy feet denn or more ihe
damp weathor in ewrly spring is ro
i ter quarters, Int fH Je a wanin rain |
it may nat do them mock harm Even | a
#0 {tf dees net impreve thelr health apy | ©
1. The parned doctors assure fn, oa,
that the period of upward develop.
raent in which the ohild grows more
monkeys, i in infapey and carly
pigs with pow milk. wile yel warm I youth. and That presently upward
RLY tT A tL seria stooge and development be.
irom ihe sow, or evr warmed It Jor |
After trying to | ° SEE
ing ment. withont regard 1 ppward soo
cates Tan adapiaiion to the environ
logical movement.”
of * a Swimmer Can |
not Sink Himeelf,
AE a pags af the water cpannrces of
they connie, U lates Gen
logical Bur Voy BE the won
Tor Brines and iakes from |
the riveg vy Nate
wig Ee A sea gen ng. an
oi oo tv lw eas of thess Tha
water has temperate of 90 de
Avis re het sry is strongly am
uregnated with enlphnr, fron and other
tnsredients thar charadierias adineing
waters in that region. The spline 8
evidently a paturs! artesian well, Tha
water 81 commen From. ane Shek iat, CS :
ig nn wil
thisueh a tar orifice in the Test.
ba omey great that the wmaler
¥ : prifieg in cansidera
Forth aie BY
3 iat ng ine Ee
A HEhtr. { SH in found t& be ex
epctingly am
ser thie spring boil and Imposaih!
fa sini in the water av that
i The alow at the spriog. as owas
sre ¥ sdragTRphiers af the Goon
re roy was found 5 be id:
pw oeneh minute
Piany 1.000 Years 1a.
tn the town of Hildershelfnr Ger
autre, fs probebly the most andgue {
piagt in the worid, It 13 a rash bush
F000 years old, and sprosis from te
C heanches have realized fabulous sums
Sams years ago 8 rich Eaglishiman of
tered $000.0068 for this entire tree. hut
the sum was indigoantiy refused This
wonderful plant slings anid ihiekiy
{grown moss gandner the olde of the fa
Capon old Ohare of So Midlael HH
ts siaimed that it has bloomed peren.
Fatally since the days of King Alfred,
is and this statement Han never bewn die
| petted. for its record hae wen as cares
stmprian of food, It protopds for the
swper good health and i Boe oren of
Annee © Welnter,
in American ru AT
A Sisapie Way of Grafting.
Ia grafijrg a secilUng ene or two
presse old the graft i put ou just above
the ground and bit one cutting ix used
ti To graft a free to chapge the roi is |
abother mater and inwtead of cutting
the tres off bedow the Hinhs tires ay |
Ad fear of the lewer liane are cut off
eight or ten inches from the rink
¢ or the Main 4% RRR snd two cutting
or zrafis are placed In enelr land
Khonld the operniion prove sucessful
the following year all the braneles
above the grafis may be removed with |
Jittle danger of losing the tree. A tree |
of most Any age may be gralted in thid op, Vogeter's Curative Compound | it
way and In a few years be [0®good | :
bearing. The rafting cutfic ia simple,
Cin prisd ing 3
‘poetry wWoesd shaabl be chosen,
Figure A shows haw to make tha
scion. They may be several inches!
ong amd eositain fuga or theese buds
emh, The hattem emt which 1s to Le
inserted into the limb shewll be
peel sha $5 Say OYE 4 :
wedge Sli Figuie B gives an kiva : chester, Col, writes
Bow the limb gppesrs with a spill
top in which the grafts are set. Two
t} enttings should be placed in viel Honk
to be sore of a good stand. After they
are placed io position sowe archardises |
nd them in place with cord wre toine |
hind ine iB I 3 1th fond; - I Pact, that this great remedy ia made from
4 to Base nem SCTE iwi are fhe Ki aft. : the fornia of one o +f the most eminent Livin is ni §
London physicians, it is no wonder that |
ing wax is applied. This answer as!
«ta safegmard. but is not ahsoigtely
In placing the svien ir is
important to have the isoer bark of
selon and stock come together so that)
the sap will flow from the tree fo the
gieggs One should sever begrudge |
| piletity of food when the chicken ie oa
t} ood layer, for ihen every poumd of
y {grain is sanreteq fate salable meat
or profitable exp
tally kept aa the pedigree of the bin
sut.blooded family ln the Ringdow. It
fa suppoged Io Rave Deen disenved
By moms mrateriona means through
The monkey
Io ween io a position
the medium of Wing louis of Ho
dvrshelm, an far hack as an
The Com stroller of the Clrreney |
| hae approved an apphiontion 10 or |
| guntze the First National Pang of
Garrett, capital. $200
The Amerieaps Bridges Unmpany
awarded the contract for the str
taral sleel work on the pew 2
house at Greensburg.
The Mechanic Ri ocomntive Sraker |
Company is being organized at Frank
Hay for the mansiactare of a patented |
| mechanical sloker ]
PFO Fleming hae been guminied
postmaster at Cyrus. Venango county
and Harry Cubbinaon at Harthegog
Mercer cotinty.
Ths mileage of street railways 5
New York City has increased from
127 in 1884 to 1142 miles In 1901
The total of passengers in the former
year was only 5.230 173. Against the
snormous total of 1.124.432.8560 for
last year.
THe new British firstcinsm cruiser |
Laviathan in the world's heat erulser,
She Ss Not be
Neither would doemnds of others. We
does so much good and seems to rdach
every form of stomach tronble, that pecpie
: 3 jaekuife, small saw and |
ja dish of grating was. In sejecting
cenfre only the last year's growth of
have found that ir is the one trae spec fic,
And shat re stomanh troubles *
answer ia that thresquarters of all the dis.
| Edges and allnumis which affect us proceed
dfrom cer form oor another of stomach
Indigestion is one of the worst and most
prevalent forms. but Vageler's Curative
PCampdand eares Gndigestion. Flere is one
Mi. W. Bowell, of 34, Priory Street, Win
“1 wish to state that
ny wife has been taking Vogeler's Carative
~smpound for a ong time, and it as the
ody thing that has done hor any real good
} for indiges wh, in fact mithing would induce |
nfcutting. After this is done the wax
should be applied so that the joint or |
wer tn Le without a Dottie now.”
When we sap to seriously consider the
ple who Rave happily experienced the
enufit to be derived from jis twee wil net
now be withéut it at any cost
St Jacobs (al Lud, Paltaes, Md, will
send you a free sample bottle. Write |
#plice is well rovered, thus keeping
out the air asd x water. Sbould all the Aldea 3
People’s C rr tian
Fruitvale, Bal,
Pinkham's Vegetab
“ Dear Mra Pingo:
weaker, but finudly I bad
Temperance Union, |
Cured of Congestion and |
Inflammation of ih Ovaries by
¢ Compound.
KE ote months ugo 1 was a pretty
sick woman. | had felt for some months that | gradually grew
such severe pans I could hardly stand It
Lydia E.
T had taken cold during menstruation and this developed into congess
tion of the cvaries and mflammation, and I could not bear to walk or
stand on my fect.
would not hear of,
womb that bearing. down feeling, in
excitability, irritability,
gone? and “wantto. Jeft-alone
weakness, leucarrhom
The doctor recommended an operation which |
One of my friends advised me to try Lydia EB,
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, so I gave it a tral Can |
you imagine my feeling when within two months I felt considerably |
better, my fren wai health was improved, and my pains had entirely
I kept taking it six weeks more and am now enjoying
the best of health, thanks to you. Yours truly, Mus. Sore Braxs.”
When women are troubled with irregular, suppressed or painful
displacement it ileeration of the
nunation of (he ovaries, backache,
bloating ior flat nlenosy, general debility, indigestion, and nervous pros.
tration, or are aet with such symptoms as dizziness, faintness, Iassitude,
nervousness, sleeplessnors, me! Lincholy, “allo
feelings. blues, and hopeiogenest !
they should remember there is one tried and true remedy. Lydia FE.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at once removes such tr
Sa Same value 35 Los]
Refuse to buy any other medicine, for you need thi best.
nd Ge bendidppr-pub oink watt costing
v for the brash be mixing in cold water,
Fon Bart ay Pair Dratese Cvenvwneny
To Those Bullding - Weare sxperisin the
Dat af wall Write snd ser how hein.
fal we can be S51 ne Set TO Tou dw petting
beautiful and bealinfyl homes. Address
Avasanting Company
BEPARTYMENT § amann nAmDY, Mich,
GOLD CORD ds Pur Shar.
1 Jecre Will be paves df
Far sien of the word pi
oder tar er
Aeok Alfuret tee Lam aii: Tan ASEAN AE ©
|. GELDER & (0.
cm Bresdway, New Vark, or Exchange
lh enver, Cals
Castion: 3 The genuine how
cE beugiss’ same sod price
eo eed on the be tam.
if sales in catie below
The fret smd only ear ;
Consisting of CU
to cleanse the skin of crusts and.
scales, and soften the thi
to instantly allay ching. reas
soothe and heal; and Cl TIC!
RESOLVENT PILLS. to cool and
cleanse the blood, and expel
humour germs. A SINGLE SET
is often sufficient to cure the
most torturing, disfiguring skin,
scalp, and Blood humours, ce.
tions, with loss of hair. when
the best physicians, and all
other remedies fail,
Assisted by Crrmria Omrsens, for preserving, purifying, and beantifys
ing the skin, for cleansing the scalp of crusts, scales, and dundraff, and the
stopping of falling halr, for softening, whiteniug, and soothing red, rough,
ated sore hands, for baby rashes, itchings, and chafings, snd for all the
purposes of the tolletgbath, and nursery. Millions af Women use CUTICURA
Soap in the form of baths for anpoving irritations, fnflammntions, and exe
corigtions, for ton free ar offensive perspiration, in the form of washes for
nleerative Weaknosses, and for nany sanative, antiseptic purposes which
sudily suggest themselves to women sod mothers. No sther medicated
soap i3 to ha compared with CUurwera for preserving, purifying, and
beautifying the skin, wealp, hair, and hands Na other areign or domestio
tailed soap, however expensive, is to be commprred with it forsil the parposes
of the tiled, bath, und nursery. Thus #8 combines in OXE SOAF at Onn
Price, the pose skin and complexion soap, and the pest toilet and baby
Roap in the workl.
toommiating of Crricuaa Bake (88 10 cleanes the akin of oriste snd
goalies, saat andien the thickened citing CUTICURS Uistweny (Saul
4 9 to dnstuntiy sila Hehing, Laienwstion pg Errithon, Sod south
Gas She IE BO Bewi sued rE Me GB twa pn Pit Zhe, 10 epod aad © baie
THE SET $1. fhe Bliosd, A BINGLE SY alien sn Mein to ite the moss a
Alafiparing, Behitg, Burson and sale skin sealp. asal Sond human,
rane, Hohinge, aed ireitattone, with joasiof hale, whos sil else fails Build throaghout the
worid, Hetil Dent 20.08 Charterhote Sq. Laban. Frenel Depot: & Rae de Is Paix,
Paria. Povrss Ze0s as Unies. Uber, Bale Proge, Aon wa LL.B. A. AH about tbe HEkin)e
Hweniate Conindl are a new, Dasleioss. tddoarioss
ito Hd COTICORE HRs ve ny, an will as for ail sal
oh pill ia sgitvalent 10 one tessmeontyl of Hghld Husa
u pockei vials containing the ame Bomber of dose as a 06. Lett
soiranT, Drive Zhe. CUTICURA PiLLe are aliemmive, stisapile Soule, and) ,