The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 22, 1902, Image 2

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    JP cnden
owing bir with Seslons
Max lod the chase afoot Mudge fol
assidnity on
Eorsehack as if he feared tho boy
weld snateh from Bim the glory of
the only notable deed bis cficinl career
had offered. If was noon ‘when thy
boy's eyes discovored tho reall in fhe
| muddy boticm lasd. Two pairs of
footprints pointing south wer» all tho
signs Lo norGed, and sway he ray
theaush the 1a ached brake like a grey.
hound coursing 5 Jack. The sherlly gal
loping along the margly comld Soares: |
iy keep vp with hier. AR but téy
of the fiantsd posse Lad been dis
| tanced, and when st last Max cmerzed
from tue thicket, and potted op tha
Bil) toward bis grandfather 8 house bh
cork] ardiy gasy ont the Worcs,
fer gprandoa’s” Mocs |
fained Az they clirted the hill aad
f 48 be stopped it and the Watson bem |
eae ip sight he paused and waited ty |
Inniruet hia few remaining adherents,
Ths rest wers scattered In different
directions, rd astray by thelr own
J mraggiiag {ootprints,
Nudge, being a coward and sure of
Bs belle? that the fugitives would |
hadiy vealnre into the Watecs hovse, |
bade Lis ren surround the place |
Which was on a hilltop, while he alone
uo | approached the residence to ask ol |
fos tents trtwo,
we'll KIT hi
dle, Yaughed
0 . To whist 5 when be
Va had ap
abtably Silas Sian
¢ pominatic
ude was ones
t and so infers
wed constituents were
so plans for seuding
He badii't made ex.
ant record as sheriff, bot!
bad beer so placidly
rigg his term that there
Tt mel room for brilliance,
i ain't good enough for
the taters woul] say. “1a
: y UTapeky ashowin’ them
mike a fustyate speech.”
oke Mudg would ex-
he | they ventured into the
1] their shonin
jbeariag a cocked Winchester, stepped |
dj out on the porch, shouting:
{didn't care for bis swan He Tmt ho!
Alde't want to Dring death on “this |
i Mas a8 be pleaded with his men to
| bouse Max Bade thers withdrar, ts a
bearing the sheriff's vifle anid the other
Watson if he or his wife had seen
the ronaways. Max ran ‘rennd to the |
recy of the barn and the others made
a enrdon at a respectful distance #0 BN
fo prevent escape. Mudge dismonnted |
{at the fence and entered by the frout
tdoor. His men waited ten, fifteen,
{twenty minntes, then drew pearer.
1] seared. wondering. alert. In an hous |
¥ard fearing
Lad met foul play,
OR whe contri
thesubjec To the
Lean: ;
aprox imately
; Tak for
be antiquity their ;
progenitors whose pissed 34) slient
cities, like those of Asi
maskive pyramids tenipts and pale
gods vie with those of the 8d World
and are inferentially not oily cov at
with them but closely relmed.” Me
Hallock believes that tise ruined
: oitios of Central Aweria were bully |
: great disturbanesy of he earth's rast
. Their inhabitant
C diveetion, sud boodme is npeesiory of
Liner, long :
passed out of history and whose
3 Be, :
: Fat
br immigrants from Wires, aml that Setoro plothos)
| ihey ware subseqaenyy wise ked OF! ap
as al ney on now in inolated prs
wily Aneries. The von dance of
| the plains Tndlans ie a rele of the sun
i Wershin
PWih Be attendant orgdties
Tlian reves 1
| oteasion 3 wievival of agelent rites,
of Chichen disx and Pern,
All the
spread thal captives on
“Untold and sncalevisted Fars B
the Contra) Ame~lian migra
to reach the western verge of the
at Plains, wiieh bad emerged and
WH to mrass during ithe interval
be 11 was the quarianary floor of |
4 4. For nearly four centuries
their polyglot desosmdantz, who were
dubltied aborigines by Enropean explor
pave been an sthnologiesl puzsle
world, bul time seems to have |
the problear. he hypothesis
reversion ¢ easy. Their pro
ute, dike all ploreers wnguestion.
ook wwita them all Beoossary |
fouls, seeds, miechanieoa
demiantis ntensiis. bat
tar the
| solved
25 4%
ances and
| after they wore isolated from the par
so Toral In every es
: earned
all the present Indian ribes who are, |
§ therefore, degenerate deavendants of a) of skine furs ail pleated grasses res
people far mdvanced a civilization, |
{ Says Mr. Hallock:
an Asiatic colony fromm Korea. which
of the sixth century. and this opinion
i= coafirmed by Chinese mapuseripts
tecture, Their writing was in hisre
the continent.
wWoeks to the northeast,
No mate
Emperor of Ching, whe declaswd war
i azninst Koren. Migrants wer alde |
Suddenly an filvisaged stranger, |
We've get your sheriff font and |
and this old couple the
min Tate you open firs on us. Myr part.
aer Has ‘em sottin’ in 8 rew against
fhe wall. The fust Khot You fellers |
fire we'll kid ‘em all an thes will
Ba ger fou. :
Then Mudge war pushed out with |
he rifle at hin back. He, too, appexied |
to Bis posse to “give in” i said be}
pour ole couple “ Hix eye rested on
elp Bim save the Watsous by ath
uwing. When he went back into the |
respectable distance or Be homme as
they saw fit. Five sneaked for Sage}
The oikere lingered beyond |
range. Max slipped bask Inte the
Baro. Just before ausk Mudge, band
ued apd in his stocking feet wan
ust out. The twa fugitives. one
ith bis pistols at the bark of Made s
head, followed. They mused %hile
one shonied:
“First move Fon felters make, fizse
shot you fire, Mudze die
Then they hostened at 8 aqoieksten |
In Indian file across the yard and
{door bis frightened ol wifa after
{him both haodeuffed
tf saddle bow.
| political boss af at Yen con ities, which
: 2 In looks very mich like % wolf, tn
down the road into the night. The
warning Wis repeated at intervals ns
ran, 1801 at last, Max leading his
Bourse ott of the stable, leaped into the
saddle, sai ®ill & women spd cried
“On, £re dpa’ pew
cod man came cut at the front |
“TH turn you loose In a minater™
Max shouted, and dashed for the road.
Now | will ran for sheriff” he mut.
tered 4s be laid away jgto the dark.
ness with bis magazin gun across the
Hall a mile down the |
road be saw ln the ghoaming shadows |
by the roud, plodding back toward
town, the dejected form of Mudge. |
|B he did not stop.
It was 9 o'clock that night when the
| reasenrea Sherif and bis defeated
| posse returned to rescue Max. They
Pmet him driving a sullen prisoner
| slowiy along in the dark
"3v up and cut grapdpa and grand
ma loose” Re shouted hoarsely, “I'm
{afraid to chance f°
“Where's the other gue?" demanded
Mudge, plucking up courage when he
saw the poise of Max's gun.
He's down in Ureep Hollow.” roared
the trivruphant Watson “You ean
fetch him in on a shutter”
The Sagevitle Banner gave fts front
Page to thiz slory the Bext morning,
and on bout before the convention as |
sembled the county commissioner got
4 telegrams from Rilas Stanford, the
CMake that boy of Judes Watson'a}
sheriY, I'l nx Mudge Job HH.
{ Raftery, in the «Chirage Record Her |
The Coyote. .
Tha corot 1s psually very lean. has
wg. slender snout and bashy tall,
hich famil 1
ito maintain the High civilization eof
ftheir Torbears 8% leur sw thelr has
relation and envirsnmer wr
timony of the petroglyphs
Came those stapeadeus Less
locations, wuplescyls
droughts, denadations and gee
‘dynamic phetomions,
eation with America 93 Tar back 54 the |
and base of supplies. they
for Rabel pakeshifie for
Lawhiatever was Wort out driest, Diresses
| placed thelr bein garvigenis, aed ime
| plement of stone, hers, bone. shell and
“Tt i% believed that the progenitors |
of the ancestors of the Mexivans wire 1001 of fron. Drossd and copper.
ivory took the phive of thelr origional
taf the mere Intelligent snd enargette
| because It wax easier sad cheaper to
as well ns by striking simbarities af wae what was haodiest Metal orna-
Isoponge god cosiome ments. pottery. baskeis footgedsr apd
and a proficiency in the arts and archi |
{of communication ix spread all over: that couhl got
History shows hat the BOL Dees
Boreans migrated to #Rcspe tYranny, | pandas larg
undertaking a sea Yovage of nine
Whe first peopled ( eniral America, the |
Koreans certainly wore In sommunt ? Lnfay be divided ints tao sear fle
henting a
wecand year of fhe dynasty of Tain.
retained |
unchanged, a portalate which Is abon. Deonliv ad PG
dantly atrestag by archeological evi ;
denoo, an wall 4s by the eo wednring tes. | d
But finally |
al dis :
FIRST Re odor |
PE { TE Ee
which panetp. | Witile ol
ated the lapse of soanlo: gical the and bh
changed the contour of the att ine nt
By the same prear Saineiyemy whieh
broke up the ‘Toundations af thie read
deen,” secording to the Sor fare. anid
intmdnted ro Yara a par? of the plotw
and iis antedilunvian faunas and Hoary
the froctily ing tives of Central Amer
Jen were enguitig, and fe
aqueducts and frrigat Be
demtroyidd or rendersd ne
ieinted records of thy
dng £Rtasiranhe are (new
rama, tempde walle
porticos of those pia
BLL 10 thelr ex bg
while oral tradittons. nove
Yalue to the Hhrsrtes
ard hide fanatic at rast Sera ret
have been teamsmitted dow 4 fhe cen
tories. sven ta Ranihwetorn i
of the present day. Diroy Zhe, f
mailgasnt disonsen peraietor
ifs Ware and ul Smale ihe ut
wupervetiol, amd after Pred
Torts Jo maintain themselves on
hotse nites. tie diroomMre] suriivars
sentiered even a Jara® Alin
Up the eastern stove of fae
idee to the menil or thi
River leaving traovs ai the
Ovations all alone tha
and the mid. sontiasaral ¢
HL mer rials af = SR Ye
exquisite patiery,
| Jurities, reliziony practieove
rites, saperatition ; wal!
traditions and phiyveiegd resvmiiinnees of |
a marked charac For many venta
ries large communities farried in Me
TTIW fea fa
3 Pa Pp) ¥
RENE Fieri
malian ;
Gnd ;
TF wed
i | present Hay
Seenguige |
ernuls wiry |}
Bap :
5 ‘Proms
! fal,
Was at that time {Tibutary to the Chi ! disvoverad mines of various ores, and |
Bese empire. 8 fact which sconnts for : warked hen iow rude faslilon for a
coincidences of dates in the Test half] While
Hkir those ar Lake Superior,
But the Indosiry was Saally atmodoned
woven fabrics were retiied the Jong
si Deckuse they wers elidpensable.
giyphics exclusi®ely, and this median The prapufactars of thuse was an art
§ slow ripocess
leversion is
I de
oir up lt
flitoary Po. rina in : —
ag lis mish dt
clogs 1 and will somedia
Ladians |
Aveorndine fo Me Hoiloek
iw HR
fis» URE fila Bnet ahem
Botwesii those (here
up smite. The Chip
be taken as a typleal exe
first class sand the Rianx
ard the Jisy peodt battle |
Hy ae Ww
SE a ¥
ie of The
Bolw sen theses
Hier arg
w stern
ihe ® fentary
id 14 Hise, |
engine sri skal
Sat tanh
Than Cites
sevificial par |
tan Tae temples
from ipune
purposes, |
wil Sal
2 Pelires
Tov ornsmwiiy
parks and
3 ok oy
fo Ward ge
pa Tap
HE ia paris
of wlenbants fnrilen vite,
sakes, deer gad dhe Lie were copied
the Axiee aod sdrdens,
snd from others extant in the Zuni |
il Maokave county Ware
preload siBEL AR Wis
18d War hi a
Sees Wil he
vanished mound
the aunis ware
fram Titer
Mr. Halloek
west nade Ad.
Wid hoy race
# wimk of the im
the Inbians of
the writer aw
new archeslogs |
sdd=" to the analogy
i Bn X
Tiriny eeiusion,
HES again tha Cavey
dia ovnry
wr IVE Than hypothetical or
Americal sborieines and |
redations Between thele Al
dE enirar America
i dul Asin”
AL 3 ries far evough
Coctvitimation Tia
Whos PHL Je fhe wonder
American truvelers has de
wrote wild Indian ivibes
HAT Tact ds certainly proves |
enlive thanghe Wir are geouw
Redd To gsanme that our descendants |
Hage advan in civilization no > matter
What their envirooioent may After |
We fan reassire on raeives by ree:
ar WR glen
& ho
1 ity
Ito, New Mexsten sud Arizona, sections | metuhering that. arcording wo this the |
of which were Popabsas up fo the
rival of Coronsds in 158 bot final iy |
ae | LRry,
Pie BL Wi
races af this cone
Perhaps Cagen
ATidity of the soil, cause in large pact | NoBY Would noi have deteriorated ane |
by forest denunil air Preguent Uda
Waves thee defers ne of
into sublerrznesn rock fEansiney
merci oes rally of the Rpaniards
nternetae WITS, Scattered them
the lava Gadde amd alfalivs
re brush aud cavouae
Precacione Hyelihoad
ling i
$iivs 7
Tix ad gh
with their er
wid tly i
fe amd
Th te Fmnants
ote. whi
/ To ow Gi
forend ¢ irom sunny frricated gard
oh the arid palas below, i fara
disteesaial period, and then
calities in
medline suas
tinental divide a
frre. Hers the
protracted status as a
shepherds, establishing
and villages, of which
to this day as ‘pu abilas Serine
their vicissitudes and dire £ XY
are pecked upon many a neighboring
From the
Lenses, and bow the elif dwellers were :
Goally cut off by their wemivs, and !
tow few escaped.
“The advent of the Spaniards and!
thelr rathless quest for gold broke tuto |
the bacolle Iie of the Pueblos, Many
were exterminated, whise others. ha
Passed and impoverished, abandoned
Sepa and took to. the |
2 Baler
Has §
put al,
| stand
Sanity vou'tl hea
© gig t
rxek~of the continmed attae ka and de]
one for a man
dur the damn ennai
fusisted ou His Rights,
frie parents stil helleve {an the old
ni thee sal speiln the
paode tells of one
fronted tia
had been
he day
this vhs
edd teacher
wip fio
: RE
sy ext ¥
iis arn ng aA
ty wig. &)
ded. Hak
£3 Foe te iE S
cy dul she ture
boadnd ao
paren! “Yow
waaHRa. Now,
{an Inegest ax.
rrr, amd my
aw peed og winhing
Bap ler i
£4 slight hitn agalu |
> from toad alterocsn,
You the Camnpagion,
: Ap Artistic Duke.
The Grand Dmke of Hesse is an art
ist, snd bis grr Is oratbhar a peculiar
He dues the most
besutitul embroidery, and is most skil.
ful in his areangement of colors. He
is Miso very fond of music, dancing,
foment Cf
wiadop him ball
. bere, © am oie of
Zive auy other
Ey x *
Yaat. SRE
and acting, and though be both hunts
| shoots be ¢ cares far loss for active :
Lr northern loriaot-a band of dim
; Es eavironsaent.
Tagdation |
TRC wai fonght oan res
wher |
durdena of the |
athe sembilnpee
BL terns |
of |
gt that
FOI AR: ap Gstlinony {ven
Literary Dis |
{ that,
Sowith the
put that,
Pdr te perfect
i Eanes
i growth
| stratum of truth ir
| ing paragraph =’
tthe Times uf No
Penrhyn appea “i ane monlig on
shadow above the ocean. On these
of the palm tree fromds ot 8 distance,
But pot the stems, #0 that the land
fwieme to hang bedtvreen den sind sky.
Penrhyn is one of those fancipating | co
atolls--the fairy rings of the Pacific
Pthar have bean formed by the sub
coral rest that ome encircled tore
maine, and the great circular lagoon
takes the place of the Island that was,
{The islands are mut more than ‘ten
feet high :
The famous pearl izlund was sp
posed to have been discovered by the
ship Lady Penrhya In 1788 Rince
then It bas seen great changed. Lien.
tenant Rignold. of the Porpolse, who
visited It in 1841. stated thar Hx ivhab
Hants were the wilifest and most sav
age-looking beinge he hal aver sevn. in
| 1854 a gentleman whe bad been Qneen
Victoria's Connnissioner mt Pore Philip
New South Wales, and Bad not visited
the tsland, urged fhe Goverment to
pavages, who werd becoming 0 nest of
pirates. However the
were well freated whitn they visited
fornia brig wrecked there.
and was subsequently visited by trad
wre, and in IRSR wag formally annexed
tn Great Britain,
FPearhyn is one of the most famous
divers are ax famous as Is penris
Whey will dive 10 a depth of twenty
fathoms, or 120 feet, The pearl shell
grows to a very large size in the lagoo,
and the ploked shill i worth $1000 a
ton in the howe marker. Formerly
Uae pearls were more plentiful. Op one
German drm, shiphed to Edrope In ons
parcel pearls to the value of $3000
+ the prodiset of a few months’ collection
dmongst the tslands; and in the early
days the brachcomnhers who were dur
ing epouch fo lind on those retsote ©
mands, and who managed to esfape
lg. cveitk of the cannibale, aften real
of §
“4 thess gems Pearson's
Siem id ¢
iron, the most Le
been need Siniers he
narrow islands you ses the dark line |
sidence of the land while only the |
the place, as was also a crew of a Call |
The Wl
pear) ixtands of the Pacific, and ite |
occasion Messrs Godefroy, the fanions
“if stuns of money by the sale
"A€ Tewst até person. every ‘ve
putive born Amicricans is living in 8
State other than that In which he was
born striking instance of the mo
bility of the people of the
The native population of the
United Bates. according to the Jast
conkus, was 45, 545.302, of whom more
than one-fifth, er 21.3 per cent, Were
lying in adopted Nate,
it is Interesting to note the number
of sony and daughters whieh the dif
ferent Niates have sent out. New
{ York has sent out more than 1.300.
Peunsylvenia pearly 1.000000,
Ohio more than 1.100.000, [linols over
LOGO.G00. apd Indinna, Jows, Ken
tucly, Missourl, Tennessss aud Vie
gina over half a million varh Pro
poriionately to ber populition. Ves
molt Bag given to her sister Sialew
ois than any other member of the
Union, Vermonters equaling in nom:
Dery peinrly one-half of the present
‘native population of the Stats mre
nove living in other Risen Virgina,
Vermont, New Hampshire, Nevada,
Mune and Delaware have eseh sent
#end a warship to destroy the tribe of |
ent pumbers egunling about ausiliisg
of their present nstive population
Numetieally, Hilools bine received
mote citizens from otlwr States thaw
any other member of he Unloge
ararly a million; 55.000 have entered
Missouri, SSN Texas, god over half
& million New York and Ohio The
States that show a pet 2ain from (his
infermigration are Massachusstms,
Rbode island and Connecliont. of the
New England States: New Jorvey,
West Vieginia and Florida of the Ate
nntde Const States. The other New
England States and New York, Penns
Csyliania and #1! ithe Seathern Ristes
ag far ss Misxieslns, hase suffered
net losses. For instanis. New York
has Bad 4 net joss of OB. Oble
GIZ000 amd Virginia 405.402 Indians,
Hine, Wisconsin and Missourl, the
gre States of the midile West, have
enc) experienced eanelderatile Bet
losdes. while Michigan, Minuesots,
Jowa, Arkapsas, Louisiana and all the
Btates west of the Pacific Const have
made anions Texas hos guioed the
male of all-EMony Kapsss comes
Bexh with 8 gnin of 122900 and Cal
li this, with (82.000 National
Seegmphie Magazine.
Nat Sortous Fadeatey,
Hitherto faresiey in the United
dn the Book of D
spoken of ax the w
fini or the promise
(ol i BY the firmek
that It vane foto gui
i very early date.
oy of BiteRery #
RiiveR ou bar which
§ baee baw Ag
speken of ax “an inst
artidesr in ewes and
Belting as Known
the thoe of de sevapa:
mans, aod in various
iron made by the Bom
found. Stoel working »
in England Prior tu rb
i Nor Han congilest, wd
i hintories that atfleers of
a wnith whose Bus! oss
after the muster arms
The prinvipal seaty of
fire of iron were a Se
. Forest of Dean. amt ft h
nine that works sxiebe
of Gloucestershire in oh
oe Lake Paikat i winte
by a pobdished sf tenes
i Tranw-Siberian expr is. w
and The :
Mysssvaya, ane of the te
nde passage, on January
tained at that filo Top ai
PRs nYery were Hustle ¢
| eriss the frames SL ve a
| upward of thirty miles ig
amt on horseback, with
| meter vegistering twent gue
i below zero. The botsestl
ere, built iu England
[against the deose uses iy
owing fo high winds ge
| pucks, mak Wing the zurloee
Lroneh and almost impassable
; expected that the wiilrosct 3
Clake will
{ yenre,
be completed g
Effect of Leditite,
The extraordingry
| has Deen revealed by the
ring the meeent
hall of
shells conta
Awe Ly
®x a
He abl
= Ballisle
ive refracted Teagopnis apg
Chor fragments
tacking vessels, wihlol wi
cle to a guubont sitoated 20
Cabeam of the Une of
A fire .
A080 p
The dedgorion drys
¥ 3 5 i
PIrditize is osed there I dn
Cenadiy :
ves loast
The London Oaths
Irdilite with a bsonwerany
ww be ol any ser
be dropped wight cn be
as, “if Fhe nrow
thes right place i wi
the sin yor »
Cards n the Cu a
Tho custom of ence
is be no
There mw
some of our frst
, fair pupils are’
. whist and casir
ning ways thi
Stulen bax been a whe. To our exe
travagant sabloas (he prosctvation of
rees, When we Lave TODO00000 acres
Togtandiag tater, seemed about as
Heglogs as saving chivas of jen in
Artie resus or Botting seit
oF in the wilde of the oeean. In
v things we are paragots of scam
We pillise the nic and toe
of catile the pith of corn-stalls,
ole plans waste, feather
8, old rags iron-filings, apple
apple-peclings. wheat chaff,
phim Bish Bladders, fish scales,
Hl Aare yoo savers] contnries foo
tp bother about converting inte
be refuse of forests such ae
sticiis, leaves, roots sod barks
darks we dio use for a specifie
In European forests aath.
Howed 10 go Wo waste. When
is cut down every part of Wt,
Hak and branch, is emploved
¢ good purpose. Under the
of our Forest Commission
3oone of these days find for
a the alabs sod slivers we sow
“New Yark Press
Avlisters Ejevtwl From Capitol.
people in he capitol were taken
Atprise today upon seeing two
sters with bunches of game pass
Hplt secosting everyotie in order
Hi thelr pradbiee. They were une
migtul ba thelr offarts. but pling
Hoeailiog nati the sttontion of the
police was ecathed to them,
A were thon elected from the
sing. Une of the strictest roles
AE the enpitel Is that ne gods of
Rigel shall be sold there, other
im wheat is handled at the Senate
UL Blouses restaveants. Some years
vivinlers were atid to sell
wi fn the corridor near (he entrance
he! Hovse of Representatives, bat
Las long iwen discontinued.
TE pewanaper cain now he pur
ed within the precincts of the
l= Washington Rtar
ate LC
Rea il |
bdverposl Speer Railway Station
ty. just ax ie teal was sbout
oat. a Dey ran up te a Hekate
tor. and whispered:
there's twi men traveling first,
her of themy's gor tekets™
ont the wpector amt sestebod
iat class carriages through,
thout aval: all the pussengers
oper tikes
phe inferger standing near
nce, bee shonted:
es the two omen withoot
engioe, of votre] shouted
aw he died away. « London
Lord Daferin in Tadin
Duiferin alwars suid that the
yin: of hiv lng official life
we spent in Cabeatta, Be res
Hig ranshines, A friend ope
windated with him for his
exposure of himself to the
"Weil, you see” sald the
They've always set me lo
e4. They sent we as viceray
HM, where one must Hye two
f tie year in buffalo furs.
Ime to St Petersburg, where
to Mibernate like a bear. Seo
ey ordered me to India 1
my hand and sald to myself,
“an hang myself up to dry.’ *