The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 22, 1902, Image 1

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    | memonat say exercises
Le Poter Kaylor Post. 6. A Bare Makin |
Proper Preparmtions, :
The movsbers of the local i postof the ®
e Committed |
ate ors the dedication of the | in
Hogrings Sunday" oo
a x the deddéation donate graves oft tine “bosored | by the BN
shred fo Ard SL with pleas: dead with natare’s eholtest flowers a
i At1ouiock pom. the Post and firing | A mysierions
2 squad, bended by the Parton Sliver Elder townisht
1 marek Fairview 5 Sanday morale
Seravt Band, wil :
o pemetery, whee the same offieoas wlll Andrew Grewre
oh } Miller. ot
| be performid snd the jm Johnstown, held an i
of the Grand Army give a sty and . Alt gh the Jory brough
Aug dlclonk a memorial wevios will By i yerdiot Tat the man cate to bi
Be eld in the Bat 4 eburgh, which : dusth by a Euston wound in the gros
will ba airiroseed bey Rev, E BH. Wir} aorta, nfl, by x revolver in the
man, of Patton, and Prof, J. Ho Htiraok, | Nate 5 person unknown, the au
oof Pitabary io or I0ORNL are following closes that they
ben i sboros mo received and afpect to make an
measder soured i
, fear Hastoigs, on
ig about 2 Woluck with i
slco an the vioting. Cor.
tntore i resting and Re.
40 a wh. Ae F'n
| ehurels hikes and a progreats of iter. Cowreska Aud Kis wife and hild!
eat will be presented. The old sok? were asleep in thelr roony, when the
| from the adjoiving towns Are Aa woman awakened her gasband snd told
to stiend end participate him there was some one in the boos,
4 ercises in Patton. Gewresko arose and found 8 man in
A Peter Kaylor oop i the only the room and demanded what he
(orgamEation of | ig for some dis. WAGED The intrudér began to shoot
| banee ar is the intention to give nd soon Gewresko fell with thre bal
[She Yh a roral welcons snd Jet wounds in his body, also being
Per solertainment. To this the Dousten over the hesd with & fat iron
Post expects and ought fo receive the which wis found close by.
hesriy co-operation of every one In The woman and the little giel wore so
wial town. badly frightened they opuld do noth
Ling, and Mike Fabian and his wif, who
[ved] next door, wens the first io offer
me Dedichiory Sermon, #
Gorge Bdward Reed, 8 T. D
‘LLU ident of Dickenson |
he © %-
oo . Me. 4 Ww. Powell,
op piosez save.
. Prince Gant titniw, doors locked, but a "window opening
Francis A. Storm died st his home in Riecnte Fabian Boke - open
Loretto last Thorsdar evening at 9 inwresko described the intruder
Ww. as being a short, hesvy-set man, wear
clock, of atrophy of the liver, from ; bie a Ar
which he bind suffered for some time. {ing a k coat, while G. W. Lioyd, ;
witness at the inquest, testified t
He Was ous of the sidest and Best nit man g the
j ast such Along ee road
send png. Storm was privi- ae 3 sales, ck: elec ante
tog ade and know the late Prince :
16 ain and » : . |e of he lower ribe took » down- |
| The fanerst Ee Saturday mors |
{aga loem with interment in 8g ©
randy Condroun et ux to Samuel A. |
Clearfield township, $250.
SEE ‘ber husband that the man had not left
Ylearfield township, $60. the house, and after that time she saw
Si A al Nei. D0 one come through the window.
| Joseph tie Aig to Charles « How the murder escaped js the myster-
Mountaic et vir wt
er me . lovin on. he was not seen to leave the house
John RB. Nagle to Martha A. leads the officers to suspect Morosky,
Lloyd, Susquehanna township, $1. who did not appear on the scene until
i oll snyibing sory ae
.. Editor, 1 appeal to your
$ Ed whether this is
ib using the community right, Barr township, $2,559.50.
rtinn of which are fight- | Jobn Gill ef ux to George Ww. Gill,
‘grter hours of labor if season. | White township, $200. od
Is it using the clerks right, | Bakerton Coal Mining company to
+ right to expect tobe re- Bakerton Supply company,
work at eight o'clock? And township, ha :
no means leest, is it osing | GOVER MTrTEE oF Disrrur No.
it right who faithfully me vt wiunerion You are hareby notified to serve no- |
providons of th agree nt Was Denouesd ww Mounting Heid a tice on your Cont SoRnpany aol to toad
Firsmn's Hall. “any coal to supply the anthracite trade. |
Jas. Nail, Esq, of Carruiltown, Any mine committee knowing of ny
addressed the miners and mine labor. cars being loaded to sapply the above |
_erers of Patton at Firemen's Hall on trade are requested to notify the dis | ;
{Saturday morning. His theme was trict president at Clearfield. i
ANT. “Government by Injunction,” in ac
cordance with the recommendation of
the United Mine Workers of America.
i The day was observed as a holiday by |
and & half year the members of the organization
and Mm Clark ; thruaghact ihe United States.
Ww a viglous cow At the conclusion of the Patton
Monday after: | meeting the following resilation Was
‘mtervention of adopted:
wobably bave ‘ Resovyen, That it B the sense of this
| dressed
Heiping Theo Aut Senakie Heute
Ca artoll our she following notice:
‘To ae Lacan UNions avg MIvE co
susston of the question |
1 will leave it to yoo
i as well ss tie viols- |
wi, tO anewer,
» 41, 0g A Avrtisen Lothos. : :
re ain The following letters remain uncalled |
for in the Patton post office for the two
weeks ending Saturday, May 17, 1902:
. Michael Boggan, Anaie Walker.
Celgn: Mi Macrko,
i Loa +
tered his lower jaw. The second strack
ithe attention
Mrs. Pabainn a she stood on her porch. i
| She heard the third shot fired, telling |
ious part of the affair and the fact that |
James Kirsch et ux to Casper i A after the shoating. He Wits then partly 3
President Gilday, of district No. 3, | se—
cof the Upitsd Mine Workers, hus sent | ee a
For |
Persons calling for the above letters :
Feil Please my | that they Are “Adver. ;
This week: we show our snd consignment of
hand-made ready-to-wear Suits ¢ that we wrote you 4
Jory times before.
egant Suits at $10. oo, $12 60 Up to $20.00
rei id
w tie here ¢ today called the Coranation.
lig rapidly in all the cities. We are selling
Some H
It re sells
En db SBA Bin ds
su dlery weather, a nice assert
Aint BAR
Men's Stocks for
ment, 23¢.
3 isk
An elegant showing of light anderwear at 50¢
ER i Ck le
They are finest
Prices 5c to $2.00 in mS; $ boys’ 25¢ to $ro 00.
Onur uew shrew Bats are in
Last year we tzodused the Shirt Waists. Sold
lot too. This year we will show ig assortment. Prices
c to $1. 50 each. Sh
Mothers we have added a big a assortment of Tit
fellows' Shirt Waists at 408, | 5%, 75¢. Ages 3
14 years. .
Best line of Ladies’ fine. Oxiords md shoes |
own, Any price you want. Our Cordna Pat. Leat
Oxford at $215 for Ladies is the finest Shoe we
ever shown. The Price 8 $2.74 74
U ‘nion made gonds sold |
Price is one—ta all,
Trade here, sa save money,
has that tired feeling, it »
of our
All work C guaranteed.
Eyes tested by the velebrated Retinomopic Tost” and ‘giksses. ory
Atted. Yotuas cbsingee Seu uf shag, ot dn th in Sracttsles old by
that cont $2.00 and over,
Ww in SoTL Te the delight of all—indeed
scene. Now the rush will be on. If you want a nob
smit it wonld be wise for you to get it now. Stoek wor
styles will soon be broken,
MEN'S SULTS, very nobby and full of style and tate, £1.50 fo :
MEN'S EXTRA FINE DRESS SUITS, the oream of the. ne
ored jhxoughunt, $10, $1250, ®15 to -, and five hundred sty!
Twentieth Century Hat Srore.
One of the predominant features of this large store is that we
good care of Men's and Boys’ heads. There are no hats made that
well and look no remy, as ours. Johii B. Stetson Hats. Pelt
: Hate and d Straw H ts, bdo, $1, 81.95, flit