The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 08, 1902, Image 8

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t conditions of travel.
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The Yellowstone park is never more | :
Kodol is the only preparation whis
| exactly reproduces the nataral digs
tive jolces and consequently is the
List systems, not only of visiting the | only one which digests any good food
: | beautifol city in which the convention | snd sures any form of stomach trout
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WW. Hodgkins, Patton, and Hastings
| Pharmacy.
Bow wen Ea & & Sangh.
thon. SHS pion and bronehitis, |
which are the most dangorots and recommend it to my friends as] am
mended by Phys daly, and the. tourists ander the care | fital diseases, hve for thelr fret isd (vonfident there is no better made, It
«| Cation a persistent cough, and it prope |
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Appears are easily cured,
ng the inammoth hot springs, the lain’ cough femedy bias proven won heal
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5 it will not cost you a oan, Por sale hy
Ww. Heongihios, Patton, and Hasting oad
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The accomodations on thin tour will
imited, and intending
| rosa sont apply eariy in sree Io Fa
secure reservations of space. A
‘tailed itinerary is in course of ——
tian, and all inquiries regarding a
oommodations shoald be addressed |
Geo. W. Boyd, assistant geversl pas.
senger ment, Pennsylvania raiieosd,
road treet station, Philadelphia, Pa.
New Fork fremiral Spesrial Hale
During the coming MOIETY B ts
sumber of conventions will be held in
many of ¢ deen won the P: acifie Ly
Hh, seesipe Led file
wed food 4 and thes of oim & aa
beridin’s stomach and liver taliels
ey the distarbsoess of the stomaub |
also tone up the liver to a heaiy
activa and regulate the bowels Try
hem and you are cortaln to be moh
to Pleased with the ruil. For sale by
W. Hodgkins, Patton, and Fasting
World Wide Bejpuintion,
. White's oream vermifuge oa
‘achieved a world wide reputation ns
Being the best of worm destroyers, |
1 for ite tonie Influesos on weak and |
shildren, aa it neotraliss the
adoity or saarness of the stomuwely,
"improves thelr digestion and aeslasiin.
) #7
Supreme Court oder of Forests:
Fass Angeles, Cal, April S0th,
Federation of Women's olobs, Los
© Angeles, 10) May fat Seth :
i Nations! Baptist Anniversaries, Si
Paul, Minn, May 3 0th! wth,
k : EE p80) ienle Tey Pro.
tective Asmontation. Portland, Oregon,
} 1dune Srd-ren. :
Trperial Coundal, Nobles of [ihe
vi Mystic Shrine, Ban Franseiwo, Cal,
ane 0th 14th,
| Supreme Lodge, AO
Tard Oreypon, June 10th 2h,
Young Peopie's Chetan sion,
* Priab tern ehproh, Tacomn, Wash
cu, Coals, August 20h. Vath
Tickets will be sold to the po
hy | welt as to delegates to above mest
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dstriot, Fifth Hoformation concerning rates, rou
slreet, Pitts lconditions and Hmite of tek
: these aventions, ne weil ax for
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a lady
med On Mus. 3 1002, thi By
excursion Shokets cath
all the principal Wome ;
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saved Wey Hife
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Rm MER sion Hail of October 31 Tor
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peated the dese aud Try the new rensody for costiveness,
wy shore Chamberhiing’s stomach and liver tab.
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The Konan af fhe Yukon River,
There bs somthing pevalisr abotit |
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A cough is not a dines but a s¥mp-
Ons Mints cough ure wilt set you!
right. Sure care {ir coughs colds, |
seenp, grip, bronehitis, st throat and |
Childe. Few it hme Mine
: re is the host sough | medi |
eine § ever weed says JH Bowles
Groveton XN. H. "1 pever found any: :
at preted so safely and
and antings Pharm racy.
Yor Those Wha Tavs om Farms.
awed Ballard's sucw finiment; always
in a dandy for barns 2 Those who live
i pwpecially lable to many
accidental ar and brojses which |
Hodgkin, Patton, |
Dr. Bergin. Puna, HL, writes: 1 have |
heal mpldly when Ballard’s anow ink
ment is applied. Tt should always be
kept in the house fur cases of emer.
geovy, 5e, Boe ard $1.00 oe »
Miss Wncatioe Nownan, who “has
heen A preat suflerer fron masonlary
rheumatism, say Chamberlain's pain
balm is the only remedy that affords :
her role. Mos Riiswman is a wach
: ohel pesidert of the village of
Gray, X.Y, nod nuilken this statement.
for the beteflt of others stnsilarly :
afflicted. This Hnivent a for sui by |
LCL WL Hodgking Patton, and Hastiogy
Ph srmacy.
Wanita thor thy Fomine;
¢ am had fo
we find
Makes: New Ne
|New Life.
’ Tones Ye the Whole e System and
¢ Fou doe: will sot supply you,
5 Co., ie Roy, NN. ¥. i
ow, Hodgkion Paton Pharmacy.
Carefi lly
C ompe IN Je ed
And at the right
price bi ol
Fanoy Siationary and Novel
ties & specialty.
. Hastings Pharmacy,
. M. Schaeffer, Prop.
hy wd
Over 12 years axperiEes.
Peat Os Address, HASTINGS F
Calisetines promptly attended to.
i Be i fyws
x Geo. Simmel
Cte brother, what would vou have yo
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Sobaigr Well, 1 guess To ave the
mies our snagdtling sels 1 owaully
fod Wo
Boarding House Hassor,
Lapdindy (thremteningivi « UH give
Foul 8 pass of guy oid one of Laos
days if you re pot careful
Bogriles-| gens 1 can sta Re] it ir "t
The Sreatest aid te DIGESTION.
rid ves we |
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wed Sesion He. ar sont By :
That's what we are head-
buarters for.
As much im job Printing
as it does in the Individual,
That is the reason the wheels
a the CO RIER office are
Bo Bm Ek
; dnp licate #
i Fine, Wey FR aa : 3 3 nting
* thi r people
Bane yet
the st "Kwek.
pranting gat os because you
haven't given us a trial. We
x ity of Mine and
Commercial Pri rinting and turn
i good work that can’t be
excelled anywhere for the
price or better. Why? Be
cause we keep. the stock,
employ experienced and up-to-
now workmen and pay partic.
ular attention to promptuess.
Our mail order business is a
feature we look after carefully
and are glad to furnish esti-
mates on a minute's notice.
Bi 1 Heads, Note Heads,
Fauvelopes, Statements, Bills,
Dodgers, Cards, Checkweigh
and Weighmaster's Sheets,
Paper Books and in fact any-
thing from a Milk Ticket to a
Multicolored Circus Paster,
Send or bring in vour work to
And vou will ser
Ada era