The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 08, 1902, Image 7

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the trom suppressed men-
s and it effected wy entire |
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aches in as way places. 1
Lhe 8 Componsu] for a few
sowed. 1 gladly recor
aE Pinkham's Vege- ;
to everybody.”
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ammedan siipwiecked ar the
£ho. desired to trapserita his
watersoaked copy of the
in ap enduring form. The An
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their own eslanation,
Sid of the mane!
are pmade fa Fra
of female | isbor.
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ous, as tisk cannot reach
an rrh isa Blood
gen Produces £igh
site in curing satareh, Bond
re of ints which 1 BOW
all a milan nem
pasting ut aie op
@ upon spother, thus
the filth and germs of disease
» propagated in the very absorte
ying mass of fopr pasie, paper,
is, ate ;
ed santiary costing for wally,
Oetan aye: “Tide §8 a very im.
: ; as it sosts Authing to
e ninrming anread of smal
Brey may le due 10 uuSan-
Mauer, of Ard
slary, says: “My
homas Hand, lias been a great |
ieumatism in the ba
3¢ dant four years, during
as employed many diff
reatmen ahtained no relic
wo sticks, and was in ay pain
“induced hint to procure a
St. Jacobs Oil, which he applied
; “and marvellous
: hi
i ae HR RE fara
; : three]
ta Fare are
Trae Test of a Cow.
A Dbigh record for seven days is not
1 iiwars ‘a goed one, so far as showing
the actual value of the cow is eon
corned. The true test of a cow'ls the
ntber of pounds of hotter she pro-
duces in a year apd its cost. The re
sults for 8 single week may be from
excessive fesding, with extra cost for
labor; bt such cows, however, are
usually capable of giving good results
for a mouth or year glso,
A SR be
Potash In Pinot Growih,
nt sald that tobacco contains a larg
cer amount of potash thap apy other
wf our cownion crops, or about forty
paris in a thousand, forage beets or
potatoes |
mangels thirty five parts,
Iwenty parts, sugar bests eightech
pris; clover hay nineteen paris, beans
thivteen parts and the cereals five pats,
To this we will add that the cereal
pains of 8 well EEAWD crop nsnily
show abil four tus as mich of
patazh in the straw as in the grain.
thive oa the sivaw le the hogvr re
gE tWeny Ove Wy Thuly paris of
| ptash for each ene howl paris
i af gran, beans and peas reepite mush §
rare a Ehatostall than in lie R
faded the pet i 3 the walk
5 very reals since, Ere no |
d find that my entire body is
shale om Ro &
1, hist LL
i tol pp RRVOR :
tor cigar muking when | O98
notash BB onsed than when | Vel ; >
i ain Furano and Heme,
x ar sone of the chefper piades
are gael Uh corinin vail the sulpinte
also produce « a butter g ‘
While on others there doses fol
seed to be much differences iu resulis.
1 Some of our sandy soils are well £ap-
pliad with the silicate of potash, bat
there We appirenily a Creater diflvrenes
{fa the ability of different plapis to
{separate the potoah from tue silica or
to use theo (opother, We nodded more
“ Investigation la regard to the use of
! poiasl, bat To oean reat assared that
Vi dead dredly it dors not evaporate
{leach away or ceange
1G BL uaa
able form The Canivator,
Mixed Gruin and Lut Bone,
‘My experiense with cut bone for six
years {5 that the vent
be obiained Teoom nny Book, either lg
« {the show room or Li Wilag the egg
haskell, without «LJ ean be ted with
benefit thre times a week. 1 usunily
allow what 1 ell a spool! bandinl to 9
balf dozen binds at ofie thoe, vt in
easy to 10] alter a Little experience
how meh the fowiv need. Most of our
be clive now shave thie Done, | sud
pcan ahonhd be Taken bo paving bose in
the macikine wo that the knives at
gerass lpatend of lengthwise If
cut leopthwhee, splinters, and some
tinies long, sharp fiecss, will be found
aml gobbled by the fowls. And ihe,
iH continued, oven Hf good ress x fed,
twill surely produce crop boved fowls,
ol IF fresh bone is not 10 be bud, a spb
Letitute of bent! sorap er bed nes
Cwmaixed with corn, outs, middliogs and
Phran for one feed wach day, gives
good resulis. Usually the soraps are
not used mere than three thes 5
take int Werk, Fowls must gel two feads of
is taken tntesualy, and ri :
he blood and mucons Fittuce, i
sound grain each day besides the
grand feed, Dut it nosed wot be nil
Seorn,. Mixed grain gives best reaulis
With regard to utiiity and fancy, 1
e | aware found the finest show birds
In my yards to be the best utility
ibirde. This talk about cross breeds i
Is all bosh, Of course, there piay be
some who may get the fail end of a
pure breed nearly exhausted for want
uf care. From such they would not got
the results expected, hence, wouid say
pore breeds were ns good On the
other band, where such are intelligent.
i1¥ bred and properly cared for, they
Cusually make the ideal fowl both for
show room and market.—~Taowmas Gog
git, in Poultry Farmer.
Pointers That Moan Progress.
A good farm paper in the Louse Is
Ble bank stock that pays a dividend,
or rather, perhaps, like texted seed
that yields sixty or a buadred fold
LAR ti eX DeTiene a Last avian 3
1t is the experience of the best farmers, places tn the
cundensed and In convenient foray for
our specinl gaidance. When yon pot
an yer wheat crop do not seant spol
Lispress this upon your memory in
big Jetterse 1 romember a lnvie
of wheat that vied about Lair
| It should, beg The dag Wad
trusted oa Loy, and be oenrel
the seeder too low. sind of x
tatang of wiles: way poor.
ly pies Ww ig, ng and resp
the farmer i E
sevkitite will nots
er xe, Doth of myself and neighbors, i
have concluded that in seeds at least,
bargain hunting is #n expensive luxe
ury~¥. H. Sweet, in The Epitomist,
A Device Far Catching Vermin,
Get a common bax, remove the top
and one side and put them together
ax At eo snd fasten with a bluge as
af 8, Fasten a spool, ¢, tn the snd of
a board, b, and pall It to the back of
{the box. Then bore a oveloch hole
about six Inches from the otiom of
the Nos, fi ad at ho eat & notch in the
ontslde of the end board © Sharpen
gio moat each endl. The stock, 1 4
stinuld be twelve nei Tone, notohod
Fat KB, go oas to Balance in the hots, The ©
rid, 1, should bo pointed and the ond
fd and pointed, Fasten un ®irng
to Have the wiring short
3 #0 that when sf the door wil
olen, about eight hnchesn
of any Kaul on Lo Whon a
Cbrahinit or other pest stifles it he witl
i by moving it #3
vir will doo
be nasil on
& The Estation of Craps,
The land gives the greatest erope
Wien the farm is foteed to yield 19
Hest capacity there fs taken from
the soil those oletnents that priacipal
iv vanshitote Ud riches or fertility, nba
niaeas the soil fa provided WHE ma
torinis containing those elements of
fortliity br will ip the ¢Horse of Um,
fal to tenay for tie labor and capd
Pore in Ms coitivation. Many
farmers dre aware of that fat, and
tee bargyand manure sod commercial
fertilizevs in onder to supply the des
Gojeney. The favre have within
their power, however, fhe meng by
wither fhe gall enn fe reruieraled and
ity. aba every enter.
ake 9 Advantage of wel
ving hie farm
est degree af productive
x of pote sysiom of
wer od CTOpN I BOW tons gered ek |
ceati gid farin hig, aha experi
oe fexcivs that nothing will equal a
iy, in provortion to test, alibough
fuickss weihods many be sorted 15
i the expense 8 Boi 8 matter of cons
atin in the work.
is mot diiouit to gndersiand bow
thin of wrops benefiixn the land, for
wats, he animals, differ In 1belr
modes of ezistence and enpacity for
feeding. When on Beid i cooypisl by
ier Her growing or matured evol,
whey nlowed uiter ar fad to sloek on
the farm, and then returned to the
farny in tise {org of manure, adds addi
jotad plant food to the soll Bile
fer] to animals only # pordden of the
eres ia roturped, hit when the whole
crops is plowed under thelr toe quanti
ty la lsrge. If 6 evop of dover is Keo
valuable for plowing under there ix the
advantage of the sod dud ross adding
wore fertiiiiy to the soil, Clover is &
crop that demands both me asd pots
ash, aod requires but little applied
fltrogen to minke growih, but by shad.
ing the endl ound utilizing the free
nitrogen of the air, assisted by bacterin |
in the sell it reiurus to the soll more
nitrogen than do twee crops to which
Bitrogen must be applied. As clover
fakes from the soll considerable lime
amd potash, wheg the erop ix plowed
vnder then hese mineral elements are
in letter esndltion for use by the
nex Ton. ¥ willie a larger propoction of
aiegen ls also left in the soll than
exist] belore the lover 3 prown.
Expe viene hos taught farmers that
and corn sre capable of filling)
ratation, asd Bence on
rime there 8 4 Eusiein ul potas
tion Ly Cwwisteh seni, clover
Ged, 7 heat god oorn
srawn When elaver is
2 Rosia Bogs A Fw ap 3
[as aH on iam Intended to destioy |
LoD O%eL
SE ih Or
Bat far
£ hil ator
And i ere Bon poaed thine to oo
Ehriug uh he worn out subiest of
fresh sect have #0 neighbor wha! ;
plants 3 i gal * tio | vest of lnbior is gyvarer, yet the we ln ;
i Wie of ORS A erin . :
Stott oonas nk i o hie 5 fares mere oopiplately removed. But no
totebecpoy Thad a lates guantiy ef:
} 2 ge guaniny of: tation can be sald to bey
be offered far wlow |
onion seed
the regulse My wmeighbor pur.
| Gnsey fram bind, snd after waiting
a propy time cobtisded that he bud
planted feo erly, sud bought from
the saxic lot of seed nnd planted again,
Hr the thind planing be porchazed |
seed from oyellalie dealer ar the
Custonary pit. But insted of hay:
ing an early even ux be had planned.
this bb panting put. him several
weeks beliind the latest of his ueizl-
Lore. 1 onee planted a lot of expen.
sive greenhouse seed in the same wan- |
and after waiting about four
8 for them to germinate, discov
i the curnfisid clan that. while
Borer er, that dows not im
sodize Wind of crop that requires
the bv, such gs carols or potatoes,
while fo some conntries, such as Ksz
land, the rotation alse ipchudes the
hurdling of sheep an the ground. tap
nips and rape being grown for the anh
maiz to feed off the land, Fariers
should not, therefore, use a narrow
systety of rotation, but aim to employ}
4s many crops as possible, as the land |
will then suffer less from loss of plant
focd and the fertility of the soll will}
be more easily taintained. ~Fhiladel
phia Record.
Tn nearly every street in Japanese
tes is public oven where for
rilsr aver the spool ay oo spd lt >
i : not then ride 40 Bowdag
i ps 5 Syme, near Adela
Hiatt Pam Beach, Fla.
ire Posi
ro station ot Craps In antainiag Tarte
va NEY
SR kindy
8st. Louis's x American Leagne ball puck
cost $40,000,
The front Haiiing
Isiand was lsgaily open
There will be no spring ¥
the Passaic River this year
A puatlopal exhibition of males and
donkeys 5 to be Beld iy Devlin
The date of the Aunapddis dared
tiuh eraw vie this year Bus bern Bred
at May 24
Manley Thurstan, a eatohier of the
New York baselall team, has only
three Bagers ou his right hand
Arfangements have ben coinpleted
for the manufacture In Americ of
regalia 4h
prominent French type of agtomobile.
An effort 2 to be made by the Pox
Hills Goll Club to bring a tesm of
Britinh amateur golfers 10 the United
A horseman just returned from Eng.
and sys American Lorves wil have
Hitle rhance to win the Grand Nationa
Pitcher Mattbewson hirs had consid
erable trouble with his pitebing arm
this winter. aml may be of litle use
to thy New York Ciab his season.
Afsert GG. Catler has won the New
England bllised «han
ianE, heating Maxiny 3 2s
jopsterl be oa grad foal of 160 tn hr
Bobby Walthaur, the bhidyele rider
has rofuvet an offer of 2000 15 oo 1a
cParivand face) lle sail har Be owe
Bol Zo nnloss given BERKEL and be Wil
#ocup to he
Hite Fat) RE
the Wet HOT
fa will Ge
hoe remarha bls anealay rae
nee ine fae Bord that at Onka
: a Austra
held ier BE Marday, This
the stake hiomey Tar the single
te finned to aon RIA 0 and
here Wak otis sleep 80 worth
: L3G
when the farmer provides plant fords |
Hhesally and rotates the eros growin
A AAA 1 OE Ae J ri ro
srs Admiral Hewey,
Joziph RK. Wood, Prited Regtes Altar
ney for the Recond Diciion of Alaska
haw peatland
Duke © harles Thee tore of Bavaria :
the cud
Torment |
Prive Hen
Anierivan cay £5 fhe Bai § i he wor
United Stag
REESE ob 34 .
Aboer Meh biter, # the » EAT
BUR pretasaar
ao Be wil wid
iad tli Prva
tin Hatin
darkey inh to we
i thew} shy the first py whterer to
op ly ine HE
if PNA apd ix
al tw 44 ha
ET Te teres
Hie private we
126 persons,
Gionieral Low Wallace fs
Tuxurinos amber s den”
an writer, It
wn In :
Oriental nase.
fhe large oon,
* sul decorated.
reat ror “tn ‘newsts.
Noratter what ally vag headaahnlo smn.
eer, vou sill sever ped weil ott your bounis
wre oul Baht. CascsrErs help natars, sire
vou without a grite or pals, produce say
Dataral movements, cost soa ast jHennty to
Ria getting our Gealll Lack, Cascamers
X Said pl Usthasrtie the sntiae, put apis metal
boku, very tablet Hine 6 Ue stain pod He
it. Newsre of imitations,
Cancels are the only animals that cannot |
Many “chen! {hilldres Are Siekiy,
Mother Gray warend Powders for Chilipm,
need Ly Maditer Oras a nun in Chaldeans
Hon i, New FR teak up ohde in otis,
etre Feverishness, © duels, Stempel
Tromiiea Toathing
Wages. J Ce Naan ple madied
pee. Adidevas Allen = Cima La Boy N.Y.
Po tarmBany is to expen §35,00 on mE |
, + ly teeta gare
Fiai's Care epnnog an fous lphily “ius ad
Fae eel spe, or CO Basax, Sad Thied ;
Avende, Noe Mine $d
220 Tul is wd
“1 suffered to prribly and was ex
tremely is for 12 vears. The
doctors said my blood was all §
turning to water. At last 1 tried §
Ayer’s Sarsapanila, ard was soo §
feeling all riznt again.’
Mrs. J. Ww. Fiala, Hadlyme, Ct.
' Nomatter how long yot
on Long
adobe from what he knoe af West from Louisiana, in a eller writes at
§ Tl Washingien, I. OC, says the following
“pf Perupa, the patlonal eatarrh fem
Hoary W hire, frat Se emir of The oe una, th Raza arch
i t Toning, haa :
Sintes |
those who are in nedd of a catarrh |
remedy. 1 hasbeen commended tn
teed [remedy port tenlariy effective in thr
Prlrad |
£ taveh 4 2
#0 peiards noone of cntarry 1 a conn
hu Rind since thay : :
pate ar oa tine,
Preval amd 40H soany way poss]
ri ant Destroy |
oA B Fag :
§ have been ill, nor ho
pd py fs
take for purifying and en
Hon. Das A. Growvener, Pe pt 7 Aus or for the War Departinent, in 8 let
Iter written from Wankington, I) C. say
* Allow me to express ol ratitude to you for the benefit
, | derived from ane bottle of Peruna. One wee
~ derful changes and | am now as well as ever.
i of the very best spring tonics it is an excellent catarrhs remedy.”
In a recent jelter he says:
. has brought won
Besides being one
“1 consider Peruna really more meritorious than | did when
Ewrote you last, | receive numerous letters from acquaintances
all over the Country asking me if my certificate Is gennine.
A Conrrestman’s Feiter. !
Hon, H.W. Ogden, Congressman
“I ean conscientiously recom
mend wonr Peruna as a fine tonic
td all arpand pgand medicine to
me buy people who hive sined #4, as a
sure of cabarerk. For those wha need
rood caiarrh medicine I know of
{ moshing beticr '—H. W. Ogden.
Provident Roos toli's ecepiane a of |
Treat Catarrhh tn Spring,
The spring ia the time to treat ea
iter waiter of ten
Feat Your Eyes.
Birang eyes are sald to give their
passsrsor hth please and cond
t dence. while weak sve That feel anit
alnly Rive no |
Roser for ta those!
be into them. iborests the
bo gh them if dpi for a min.
in meme vogvenient
BE 2% a) 3 wo
Bot and fired fre
to die Bat on the for any length | :
of Time the gain 50 the evea ka Wasi of
Pds La the whale Bb ry HWoipymense
England's War Expenses.
The army estimates saved in Eng
and show & grand total the year | 4
; : ine
bitgr Wore $2 PY ERE ;
men are far the ovis
ee pnd 206350 (be war
entimAates. of which:
i regained for war, show
snder thin head of $114.
i with lal
fine of the Baenon Ayres nswspa
pers Das a vonsgization room id which
the poor can get musdical aid and med
Wins {ree
[invariably answer, yes." ~«<Dan. A. Girosvenor.
of Peruna is taken during the early
(apring proathe the cure will be prompt
cand permanent. There can be no {all
tres HS Peruana is taken intelligently
rduring the favorable weather of spring,
AR a sysiende eafarsh remedy Pes
Lrana eradicate catarth from the sys
tem wherever it may be Joested. IR
cures vrtarely of fhe stomach of hows.
eld wilh the same certainty ss catarrd
af Phe hail
If you do pat derive prompt and sale
sfactory resulls from he ge of Pe
rina write at once fo Dr. Hartman,
ovine nw Mail sinlement of your ode,
aud ba will be pleased to give you his
valle advice gratis,
Adidreng Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanilarviom, Columbus
rik SEE os
Ad J TOWER €0. Bo TON MA. ”"
Put up 1a Collapsible Tudes.
A Fabwtitate for sod Superior to Wastewl or my
bother plasty, and will ok Uhister the sul delioaie
skin. The pain allawing aml curtis Jos Rise of
Fo thus aril Te are wondered 13 will op Tas bathe
Lk pmo red have Tnednchie and solation.
Won necoaunen:d as the best and ssloet externas
| roanterirritsat Know. shee 4a an sternal oenedy
© for paine tn the chest sol Sons loasnd all thasias by
1 meaard ete ssl oaky © anplein
A fetal will prove what we old Tor 8 and 8 will
| be fowl 5 be fnvainabie In the Bousehald. Many
prcipia my “TEL ia tho heed of afl your precaestiine
Prion BS cenis af all deaoeisin, oF otier deal seg
ar hy teamidingg 1a a nou 20 ua I 3 oalane SEP
Cthe wae 2
wie Will seat vans a nba by peat
Wry Aftiin Anrabd tee aver 21 Be The paid unless
piow pur Dall, we stisrwisr ix ak
Lamesa pe
T wiil SE cu ame Lip
8 3 ¥
Pin ou $8.08 Anyel $5.30 sh
Maan 5 the i Bust inane, incladin Naren fateat
‘ na Kid, Carona Coit anu are a tee at ¥
8, a, & oy
* Beaver Fails.
7 Stites Street, Mew York Uily.
nme sor a
sed Ripans for several:
VOUS DY my general prachice as af
first-class extempore remedy bor |
late dinners’ distress, and have!
catried them in my vest pocket iv’
thar j1ttie paper cartons. At han
ques and at lodge meetings | have
pillen passed one to an adjacent
At druggists,
The Five-Cent packet # enough for an
iedinary oveasion. The family Hottie,
1 vents, contain a supply for wa year.
C Great cataligse, w ARES ft An
donee Rate reioe,
Af don Tesi of YR
Crush He - ein ef n sur»
eerie) Hn
3 Wiper Aulb bax