The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 08, 1902, Image 1

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    re Be SN hb
by a Falling Tree sad ®
pally I Imjued.
oe Sogligoon is the Case
mas 3 Whe cot the Trew ‘wad Bis Eee
rad 1 Bi Bled ut SE Law ropes
Allison, the well: haces
; aod Anal} | arrier of Be.
Bh he ied ° ow hours inter,
2 friving # team, bringing ibe
Patto a, when the accident oe-
oes Chest Urork from the oid
- He was brought to Wwe
the office of Dr. VA Mur
er remuved Lo the residence
Rhody. where he died at mix)
Ser, of Sohmsiows, WES
Tr FE A Rette and
Dec ¥ = ung teeting my od]
Lim $0 term. An
: the facet tat Lhe
the road aad plac ¥ him in 8s
morning al S16 i elock
ww. ber and her tone
Mr Allison was shout 35 years . of oh :
worse, her dosth tele ex
[any tine,
Sister Barlisra was ef
age and was a native of Hust agion i 0
county, this state. He bad been mm
Oambria Ban fora din rE ia :
i and Inter engaged § in Fh baie EE
(peas He purchased the Hols Rhody ship. and 1 th foe Rlowin, ir
of Chas, Rbooy abonal four yours ago
aid ham eondacient the Game BVEY Soe.
‘He bad the sonkract for carrving
the mall from SL Lawrence to Patton
and return for about two years past
fund of Inte had been doing the work
: Sownebip, and : eight hildven,
Fonngest hatng bat six efaks oli
Harry Allison was a gemal, compan
jonable man, whe hig 8 best of frente
‘shroaghout the north of the ooaniy,
Hl wi norirely Fear ;
festive; ; Min « virtnes si out promi.
f he Bad them
Lin como wk ¢ of te human
ewioy are BW irereds
oF frou dd wie
susivess $iw WIERSSTED
Pk Flos ne Floss Pruabet Font ERaphi fi
ie the uel
rountey PEFR 8
Strack bit an the sight side |
§ Ten stat Bt date’ a iol be
however, and o
Patton wilt support & good tear if
at the yr proper effort is made to conduct it
dips the peal, along safe snd conservaiive Phuen Pd; Ww. A 4
sisters: Mary, wife of Philip H og,
of UCnrrolitown, Jostina, wife of T. x
MoMuasters, of _Martinsiurg,
rity | Josenhiue wile of ©
dr. if Csrraddtown: Peter
merit; Mastery I ci Swine of
{Orphan + sexlom, Lowell, Mass.
Yaa Arte Sip and Bae. ©
Her father, Paul Yahoer, died Now. Go : 5
Rs Defoe by Twonly Yolow :
Tear Malia Bubisird- Ry Ee XN E
aeeR, prinsipal of he
schools of Eoensburg. -
a Rand to bea oli
Foy taken
ie el
gn hut aii 0
he had ime A
ot she following etiid-
{ Johnstown, vad
flo sis stated that be ines, As to its benefits thers tan be Mrs W_O. iti ot Ciadlitein,
or hehrd any out
He was yutional
er saw Ne foreigner out
and so teatified and also
0 coming with the team.
o town
J story
array and Major .
him to bring the
" aud pend a doctor. A.
fled to visiting the scene
4 stated that the
hen In diameter
Alon, wis 8 dead
of the tonal road
told of ‘bringing All. | i
; wn in bis wagon and stated
i out the man who cut
lo Mr. Mellon saying:
Squire, is the man who i
now, Slay who was sup
e chopped the tees down,
t for and gave his testimony
4 ve Sharony, an interpreter,
be was working for John Dan.
nd that the latter told him to chop
tree OWE; he wanted it out of thie
8 afraid I wold blow:
gue toi to stop hafote the tree
fll 8 statement that was in
r ‘some “time and then 1
t in a verdict charging gross
se on the part of both Par.
no question, and there ix no one wid
i will be benefitted mors than the bos
(deceased st Ubest Springs. The thse
ness men. As a drawing card for peo.
ple from outside towns it ls without a
peer. The largest crowds Palton ew
‘entertained were here io attend bait
| ames, and they spent money here,
ever) ; prrchass: of & worth of goods,
‘ | mont, a well a% 8 drawing card for the
The Pian projected for this season a
‘Yo organise an association and acl
shares at $5 eheh, 8 TOANY 88 oBn oe.
dispowed of, but not less than one hun
xl This would give the manage
ent $500 to start business with, in.
‘clone the ball park and erect grand
‘stand and bleachers. While the divi.
| dends would probably net renke any
individual wealthy, at the sued time it
woald bi the best investment Lhe bus
fees men cond rake
There are a number of men is tuwn
who have Agreed 1 to “sake Soy or five
rv pay or
The s sooner Lie fa dove the Bett er it
will be for all concerned. The season
is wide open now, players must be
signed, santa, gnaper snd board of
directors elected and the time to Yget
in the push’ is the present.
What do the basiness nen, Who w il
be the real beneficiaries Susucially.
think of the projet? Let ow hear
from vou
The Domb of Sida Barbara, Taree
spd Sidi Ueowws hag
ter Barbara, 2 5 By & nna is
your or ber ae.
Dscpatnd | wn
in St. Mary's
took the vows oH
She tanght in | thie
: Asan inducement to trade here ie
merchants could agree to give an ad.
mission ‘ ticket to the ball ground to
The funeral took plase Tuesmley
afternoon froen the late home of the
guies were in eharge of the Ebensbiry
eilge of Odd Fellows to which be be
longed. Interment in the Lloyd oom
elery, Ebenshury.
ike 41 Haalicgs has Prewn Setiind- Cae,
erative Rare ka Palion. :
The strike at the Sterling No. % mine
#t Hastings has been settled. A aon
ference way held by J. Lo Mitchell, the
operator, at that place Toesday with
Presideny Gliday snd Vice President
Wiison, of District No. 2, President
‘McPherson, Secretary Treasurer Mo
Taggart, Vice President Sinclair, of
sab-district No. 1, sad Barnard Rive,
National board member. X projonjped
wemion was Bed in which sll mestioned
took an active part. The conferusce
lasted frome Sp or to 10030 bom Wile
iwhich It was atnpoanoced that Mr,
Mitehed! hand sigan the soa ;
sleige was of.
A maw mecting of the mivers und
dasorors !
4 Pires
woe of fn
crssing the ad visabil Ey of starting a
CO-DpRTative store. * Tie plan bas been
under advisement by the labor | ters
fiir some time ast, bat no det
wedion has ag x CL fbn
most in favor in the formation of wn
stork company 10 be chartered unsler
‘the laws of Peansylvania and the
stock 10 be sold to anyone who wiale
Preaidens John Mitchell,
MW. ol AL bal a farther
with Pre
. lengths spesch.
3 permease.
WW. H Sandford, of this place, moved
to take up the question of the saperin.
tendent’s salary. The late law on the
Tema Snnvestion with
Al Bis point the only real excile
ment of the conpmtion octarped, when
aimpated 1 the salty of the
Mr Leahy made the serve ie, |
bat it did oo goo snd the work of the
convention proceeded.
Om motion of H 8 Eadsiey, o
| Westmont, the convention desided fo
retain the temporary secretaries aa
subject was rent, wad in avcordanocs
therewith the salary was fond a8 81 416
per anon, oa motion of Janes Camp
bell, of Hastings
Nowmioations for superintendent
were thew called forsnd HS Endsley,
of Westmont, «(®ered the name of
Heman T. Jones Harry 5 Betgler
was sominasted bv HM. Trout, of
Adams township, The voting wa
vive vas, and 157 Ballots were cast Or
done, to 187 fr Beguder
The Puticn director wee divided
in their pha Masses. Langhe Muormy,
Mellen and Hobbard voting foe
Bender and Massrs Sagdlond and
Tower for Jones. Ther ave ity thie
sehiced districts § the coaniv, yl Fiche
of the vite of Joliostows, with 318
i aed aid were sot exept
Rweniy i
he Misniage of 4 Papua Foidg
Hastiogs Laat Werk
A very preity wadd
tml fost. Wednewlay
Borgent Mr
‘Hetisgs, when
Mary Paterh
to Jarses Hanter 0
Mr Hermit
Xd at & Boma Ein
the bridal pasty left fie Palion,
where they will take pp ther fatuis
eesbciance, The voung couple are well
. kaows, amd Lave the good wishes of
«Mail ordess for Job printing receive
many frionds in 1 oir new sphere.
and see how pertetly they fic
For almost ¢ years we have worked incessantly
build up » good 4 Cash, Ose Price Business, and we ha
succeeded © bey ond sur own expectations. You may ask
Wel our store is aiwavs moted for the bestg
3 goods, most complete stock and fairest rices for li
3 given of any . % orthern Cambria.
oe B
A AR TASS aS rs op SAAT ak
r this year. We oifer you
&8 zo apd the hand fh
suits at poo, 811.30, $12.50 nd
wine and see you
soon detects any little thing
wrong with a watch. If your
has that tired feel ng. it heads
the attention of our repr
‘man. We can restore the
most dehslitated Watch or
Clock to strength and useful
ness. The removal of clogged ™
dust, the repair and adjust ment of wheels
and the regudate
Shel A aw Sh avrsed
an f the 2 entire SY REE will LOL COST mia.
All work guaranteed.
Eyes testo] by the celebrated Hatiowespic Test ©! aud glasses ones
Sited. Leow changed, free of charge, al any thos, In speeiadien sold
phat oval 22.00 and over,
Jeweler and ¢
You Are Fine Looking,
We are the Cenlre for Bats.
¥ a
Eowill wash, and
‘Nufangi Pants.
Hundreds of the Be SER pL
wear thao, Just nade ; CORA al
She was careful and prompt attention sb the | __Sabeeribe for nd advertise in the
on taken Back to Carrolliowa in Decem- : Cov RIER office. Send in your ordors. | { Patton ( COURIER,
MIRKIN & KUSNER, ‘Good Building.