The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 24, 1902, Image 8

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    New ork Comtral Spocial Rates. Foi
ce During the coming sommer a large
amliy od es vers » he number of conventions will be held in
Pennsylvania ‘the West, many of them on the Pacific
rates anthorized by the | i const, for which the New York Cent |
tinenta! railroads on account. ral will sell excorsion tickets at single |
annual convention of the fara for the round trip.
tacational association, (0 be | gre ¢ the following:
neapolis, July 7 to 11, 1902,
ad the Pennsylvania Rail po Angeles, Cal, April 59th
offer to those eontemplat- Federation of Women's clubs, Los
noe at this convention an Angles Cal, May 1st-Sth.
ty, under the direction of National Baptist Anniversaries, St
wr personally condvcted tour. Paul, Minn, May 20th 2th.
im, not only of visiting the National Convention Travelers’ Pro. |
city in which the convention Stective Association, Portland, Oregon,
d, and participating in the Jone 3rd.-7th.
of the convention, but Imperial Council, Nobles of ithe |
the Yellowstone park, | Mystic Shrine, San Pranciseo, Cal A
wmeible onder ordinary Jane 10th 14th.
Bupreme Lodge, A. 0 UW,
ve we park} is never more | jjand, Oregon, June 10th 20th.
Young Peoples Christian
Among them
AA HN rt
t Tnjon,
trania raiiroad will be | Jury ind. eh.
fullest 86 OpparTaIty S of vi. | Biennial Soeting Enights of Pythian, ;
| was given for the atisck on the Enstille
Grand Lodge B P. 0. E, Salt Lake i
| toinetts wore hebeaded there In 1798,
Cand it war the scene of great rejoie |
: Ty, Usab, August Lath 14th,
Trokeis will be sald to the pablio as
leave New ¥ ork and wel As Lo delegates to above meetings,
Satarday, July 5, and re Information concerning rates, rontes,
Round trip conditions and lunits of tickets for
covering ail necessary expen. these fom ventions, ax well as for simb
the entire trip, including od a maetl; Mu thme to time, may
Pp dian sleeper, will be sold be chtained of New York Central
f $150 from ail yetate on ibe kel agente
peak Madey oo Flime,
rate will be $i for tx peglent coughs and colds even
Rates from Pitteburg i 1 he Sh ifs Bach 5 aften
‘above. : vB San Just Pees
il nse a» sprcial train ovey | POOP A dose of ( os
ip, with the exception of Minute ough eure will remove all
vs devoted to the tour of the | danger, Absolutely safe Acts
; Wages and the fue hotels one Sore cure for coughs,
throm apd
Erronnt Fg
i bay ¢ oO Dawson,
ad may 4
Tae iy ; 4 :
1H Selly HY went te
i Dyspepsia sure
and f hase tf taking HI my fread
satisfaction. | never found #8 egual
TRL for storsach troable and gladly recom.
pie sea (Tend Bin hope that | may help other
; sufferers.” Kodol dyspepsia cure cures |
all stomach troables. You don’t have
Kodol Asapepsia curs digesin
. W. Hodgkins, Pat
£5 Pharmacy,
He stn nit 3
: bo chet,
hal you eal
ret fiaatin
ul Red ss} | Poamary mead Atrongih
: pire wonder, are desirable You are strong and
comedations on this tour will vigorous, whes your blood is pure
¥ be Bmited, and intending Many nay most womes, fall to prop
apply erly wn order 16 erly digest their food and so become |
e- | pale, sailow, thin and wesk while the
gourse cof prepare. brightness, freshness and beauty of
% rogardiog ne the skin and complexion depart. Rem.
id be addressed io edy this unpleasant evil, by eating
assistant general pas. nourisbing food and taking a small
nl, Pennsylvania rallrosd, dose of Herbine after vach meal, to !
: wiation, Philadelphia, Pa. | digest what vou have eaten. 50 cefits
at OC. W. Hodgkins.
¢ od Rar Rhenmation.
ase Chamberiain’s pain | The Hest Bisod Porifier,
houmatiem are delighted The blood is constantly being puri
relief from pain which fied by the Jungs, liver and kidneys. :
eak ing of this Mr, Keep these organs in a healthy condi
io, ays: “Some. HOD And the bowen regular and you
had » severe attack of { will have no need of a bisod posses. ]
| Por this purpose thers is nothing equal
to Chamberlain's stomach and liver
| tablets, © one does or Shem will do yoga
a hamberlain®s Dos 4 blood hier of ex, 25 cents.
They recommended it #0 {Samples free at CU W. Hodgking Pu
Tt I was ton, and Hastings Pharmac) ¥.
f all pain. 1 have sino
odd this Hiniment to many of | oe
~ vie is ony ‘with me any it fever and agne. A dose will asaally
i stop a chill, a contivuance always
for muscular hen. | : :
ody 8 “loores. Mr. Win. M. Stroud, Midioth-
Vian, Texas, May 31, 1988, writes: “We
have used Herbine in our family for
| eight years, and found i the besi med.
hot in 1 gine we have ever used for Hn grippe,
inde of uote, bien | tru es, | bilkons fever #94 malaria,
Harbin {aren
ins, Patton, a an d Haatings'
BH vetite st
" Ting and ce Nove * hess and const
t DeWitt's, Beware. of pation. Your hea sith ‘will suller per
A 1 suffered for many manently it vou do. DeWiti's Hithe
| & sore caused by a gun shot rarly risome cure such cases. M B.
0 my left leg)’ says A 8. Ful : Bmith, Butter rout Mich says: DaW He's
“Ht would not heal it le early risers am the most satisfac.
: ve me much trouble. I used all tory phils | ever on Never gripe or
of smedies to BO purpose anti Cale Dagsea. «WW, Hegel, Fake
DeWitt's witch hazel salve. A 100, and eine, Pharmary,
ebely cured me? (O.
yy Saver the Loved rae.
Fatton, and Hastings
Mrs. Mary. A, Viet, Neweastle, Cola,
writes: *I'believe BallanVs horehonnd
syrup is saperior to any other cong
afflicted with sciatica, medicine and wii} do all that is elubmed
© Bud, 1 awaville. Sedgwick for ll, and it 8 so pleasant to tuk
“going about on critehes My Bile girl wants to take it when shu :
a deal of pain, 1 was bas no need for it. Ballard 44
5 Ballard s snow liniment SYTOUP Is thie great care for all ‘paimo.
1 me. I used three 50c bot. HOF ailments, 250 He and 31.00 a1
atest liniment [ ever © VW. Hodgkin
ded if to a number If teoubled by a weak indigestion,
al juxpress themselves as be. | loss of appetite, or constipation, try a
now walk with. {few doses of Chamberlain's stomach
to perform a great gud fiver tablets. Fvery box waranted.
or on A the farm.” 20, | For sale by CO. W. Hodgkins, Patton,
and Hastings Pharmacy.
Bapreme Court order of Foresters, |
: historic :
ioeitotior was erected In the “reign
of terror” after the doath of Louis
C Pines Logix X
: home.” ®338% a sopthers pan
Lede of mine,
day when He saw BN coarimnous ratte
§ wal
Cpe Badd,
5 own Lavike aff svnier of
b mewdte. and # fain
Ceominctar ax be took 8 gus;
{the condisctor Banded bavk 5 eens
“asked If my little hoy wax 2 yours
old, and 1 said po, he was 4
fully by refusing te stop the car for Advertising Rates made kaown
despite the vigurons professios
YL stane prehes rige Into promisenes, The
CRrE, REL esr
Ch ancestral gals, the powers of fae
cand the Beler these wld gods reign
absurd snperstiiions of an Inferior race prsedy the best in the
for Haury wmorlist will andy he
‘mg wih people of the
Lever da
- prior
| themselves before custom gels posses |
. sion of the eld. — Mechan's Mouatbly,
Thre ot]
world to the grand and imposing |
“square of Paris, the Plave de In Cop |
gorde. Om one side of Bt Is the Tuile
rive. on ibe DP poRits wide the Changs
Elysees and on a third the fiver Seine |
In the center stacids the olwidisk of
Luron a magnificent menolith of red |
Egyptian granite. 74 feet bigh and
weighing DOO pounds. This sbelisk |
was one of two of the same shape and |
size, erected in by Rawe
Ces the Clregr ai
Ctemrde of
oo 2 Bh
pana of Egypt
i French governmetit, snd in 1898 §t
was rey
| the Place Ennoorde. The re
21 position In
neval avi wre tio noon The now alte re
quired an cutidy of MOLE gad the
employment of SW awn the obelisk
being travsphsied to Frages ina ves
sel bullt expecially for the purpose.
The Place de in Copeonde 16 seb in
iarereet. IF was theve that the
i501 pater desler will pot het igi
Cc W. Hodgkins’ Paton Pharmacy.
X VE sind it was there that The signal
C arefu lly
¢ ompounded
in 178% Tous XVI and Marie An
ting in 1848 when France was pro- 0O0D R G
Colatmed 3 republic. The Place de in ( D U S,
f Cpnoorde has slan beon termed fhe
And at the right
Yoasd Place de lg Bevo!
i Rattiennnics Potuon. Phat’s ch 4t we Ave head.
“Yess aon when | wiv a hay at rT 5 a EeR
who Hved sesr Ment
tonsry and Novel
geapars, wis oul ob hiv plantating one
thon a specialty.
Hastings Pharmacy,
OOM Reh fee Prop.
wEvcdelaond os Tuvteawy of a vol.
He selond a hor (ving sear
Ly and made #8 bas st the
At the sume fine " ruck ant ald
stron ne DECORATING.
Fe t : 4 § ehistiy wu BAS RULE LAV 30 xe ® Ore enous,
of they hoe b
Yip ehurwed where sow of fhe virom
Bad oxinded
Sat Ladd
Post Ofoe
Aelilrome §
T3 § Fe ;
85 the ok
3 a eae
nek pipe HO Daron INGER. Ta
Two nnd Fanr, and
Twa? demanded tie pe ra
the wonmsh whe had bust
8 place ob the troller,
“Na. four” ste replied
Four fares were rung
Geo. Simmeisberger,
"That isn't rig” {
wornan indignantly
" sho {
"You sald you wanted to pay for rt notice.
- four.” retorted the trols ¥ omplayes
“1 didn’ denied the warn, “You
pose Fil have to pay for Bim if i008 the :
rule. but | dow’t think i's right" At Commercial Hotel, Baru-
The remainder of the sentelior Wis ®
fost in the discards that fssied fram | esboro, every Ther raday
the throat of the enraged mdactor.
who thrust fen pennies inte the out
Patton Courier.
Promoter of Publicity.
Cmtretohed Band and retired to the rear
platforin to relleve his feelipes more
any one for ten blocka- New York application.
South Sen Saperstitions. The greatest alg - DIGESTION.
In the south sea islands the ok
are sib very close to present
heals iungs and stops the cough.
Cathulie Fade,
udien af Sg
faith whivh the mi joniries
have sep Un village grecns the
The pople are wi Lag ih their rehurch
chureh bullding on Satarday, Monday,
| Puesday, Wednesday and
April 18. 21, 23 33 and 24.
hyn mn n%enia
kepohdefs. But tn the jungles and on me is seared all who atiend. The
the waters be Samivan goite forgets furs conducted by the ladies in the
past sa sufficient
ture, and In Fis domain of the hunter Unguniitded suocves
elean whl
Ying cir Bildes
Ika wrapped in spotieas ho
of the
| Paint
Ma ALAS BAY Dot sssuise to Bam A Feuiimemtad Poo ORF Bagh
they as untulared sav cusbler hamberiain's
wives Me
on, Fagland.
shasny Bavaey, of
perio CaueRsian reese he
weving o © opractioes whi
ber superstitions, but which
br believed noe
bey abe Lavi
mart $rto bronehitis for over ix years,
ary te Bel are thane confined to her
thee Foods and jul
sires: i Divioad They
in pracy ole Ween the dav
Phe ALY,
CAR PORN RoviaToa a Cael Far iil | > 1 HRW Ans [Aine VRE eG &
oa Baodse dew Bae of tepe fr gee in
a a : : Puli
Cantons Jugusnqas Langaage, :
Pag Henle fests , FIA Gear warty
apenas, We
fruits t
wind Te
bw hia
leading &
Sos ietheg tos wry rior Tu
wise bead !
that the anlv law For lay
ew of custo
we ate todd Til
English mow
protonn Ti fer oadl
gate devin,”
igidde the sun a
that we
but otis Bas aot
bet wil the soo a she e es
Forgan vise 7 Er vig 1% i
Ye Aooel 0. I? eH will jek privstag CE
Fo secure the adepuop of a Give ns a trial order
2 | 2 3
name reformers must bestie
Subsribe for and advertise
| Patton CoUsinn
J All drogeine and dealers, , Se ar eh by |
LANGHAR FED. CO., Le Roy, N.Y, |
evclained the |g Ryn and Hauling done on |
Foley’s Honey and Tar
ryan Ro OL :
will hold a fulr in the old |
Thursday, |
wii te served and an enhuvable
guarantes of the
warid for bron.
i has saves!
Bean a
x worn Artie iT dao i WI OW ae will i. WW, :
dying, Pratt gaat Fast ings
$e &
ay ss
work (urned
4 Fete hin 2. vy and
3 daph tale
2 dong printis
printing because you
¢ £ Mit me and
mercial wining and turn
out on work that can't be
excelled anywhere for the
price or better. Why? Be-
cause we keep the stock,
employ experienced and up-to-
now workmen and pay partic
ular attention to promptuess,
Our mail order business is a
feature we look after carefully
and are glad to furnish esti-
‘mates on a minute's notice.
Bill Heads, Note Heads,
Envelopes, Statements, Bills,
Dodgers, Cards, Checkweigh
Weighmaster's Sheets,
Paper Books and in fact any-
thing: from a Milk Ticket to a
Multio loved Circus
i in your work to
v4 :
never regret it
Be parr TE ret