The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 10, 1902, Image 4

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    : : A woman yr poor and 3
pinched in feature #0 marked wit
ad ab | made Buk oul Sewspa ™ ‘ for sale at his : en :
Mt. Washin ton: the our at care and desperation that i nad per ee
Lo springs, a he striioal deposits feel glek ta look at her. was holdin : offie.-5 cents a bundle : : tebe)
something nodir her shaw! and waits | . ed a
Glisten in the sun’s rays with all the | og nervoucly until he shogld hase an, —
ever presenting a scene of varied
charm ata awe inspieimng wonder.
The accomodations on thix tour will
i necessarily be limited, and intending
| tourists shouid apply early in order to
‘tion, and all inguiries regarding ac.
| commodations should be addressed to
Geo. W, Boyd, assistant general pas.
wenger agent, Pennsylvania raitroad,
y Broad street station, Philadelphia, Pa.
ing Instrections.
bos avec more ines of vor
(Iog on the Proadway ears. She had
evidently Spent Ber youth and middie
about DuBois | Age i the rural regions, but dotibtiean
i an B towns, is : she called old Trelupd hone. The cone
foedsl. There are
; { ductor. who differed little from tha
three Alstinvt divisons Nelong. rest of his kind came through the oar
% ; place. ealling for fares. The old woman Behl
bor usion ot Sr out ber hand in which a nfekel wie
| tigheiy eltehed, thes drew It suddenty
{pack ax if abe had nade son mistake, :
“1 want mv ‘rosa frat” she sald no
. rich Footing diners
. please,
ont his hand, densanded “Fare,
| "Ng receipts, Inde” said five stolly
Ceenductor. I'N have ol ‘have your
| fare ™
“My son told me Bot to five up any
| money withont getting 8 ‘reste ” in.
1 sinted the old woman stoutly.
® and Paris clothes profferad the Assn
body gat receipts,
{ “Bee. I pay my fare without one
7 (abe mid. giving the conductor a dime
"8 and the woman a reassuring suille,
But the woman was Behlorn
want my ‘resate’ she reiterated.
1 The send notor mechanionlly held out.
"La plea! to the kind indy of the Paris
gown, but she shook her bead, nodded
it ward the old woman apd sailed. |
swayed through Colin square. Rho of
so, | the Ppesate” shook her head grimly,
i settled herself back in ber seat sod
oe held on to the nickel, detormived sot to
| relingaiah 1 without the noce :
knowledgment.— New York Mant and
t Rxnress. —
: Pine.
; Catherine obtained ioe from
e| Prance and, In 1543 an act was
el “That wo terson shall pt to ai,
| Any pinms but only saeh #8 shail be
Bouble bonded ail have the igp le sob.
© i Hi fered fast to the shank of IE ni 7
well simoithed. the shank well whistpes :
Sl hymn of thankegiv- the petits well sort film} canted and
| sharpened
Al thi tiie ont pions were wade of | cashier had asked Blogs twice maid
(brass. but nny were alo made of
: in, with & lense surface. Frame sent
‘A Wrge number of pine to Fogland
Baill about the year Jou
se plows king in Glonesstershire. Bo sue.
_eemsful was his venture that be soon
hus = i (had 1000 persons working. Theo pine
wsmocistion, tobe Bimde ot Btrond were Geld In high re
July 7 to 11, 10a | pute.
the Mn mhsylvania Rall In i836 plumakers combined
y , founded a rorporstion.. The tr
i WAR carried on a! Bristol and Birming
I bam. the latter becoming the chief
colors of the rainbow; and the goyeors, |
secure reservations of pace. A de
talled! itinerary is in course of prepara- |
| The ora Lady Insinted Upon Follows ;
The old lady was not veed to travel
The conductor paid ne eed: but,
“But 1 wnt my ‘resate ” sha repeat. )
Jie Lind lady with the sweat face Pk the face of a woman as that of & |
er | aoce (hat it was “ul right” that mo. The law seems to he based on |
“p :
in this your ane John Tishy marted :
hed Bis braosaction
Walt og her
} Burrs” he gD
at tise word of peroission
vu plone was produced frotn T
the shelter of the shaw!
renlied the woman,
oe in her throat and an
pager lock in her eyem She elutehund
the money tightly and ran Inte anather
| Create, poor as herself hut Donen
‘ber troubles in duller fashion. She
had a baby's cloak. never costly anid
much worn. on which she wanted ty
barrow money, the same sum as the
other woninn Bad asked for.
The man who had been offering no
dimmond felt uncomfortable.
Himes as mach” And, selring the mon
ey, he horried after the woman who
had just loft the shop He was not
CEiven to acts of charity, and he felt
awkward. the more wo as the woman |
shrank from Im as be sccnstad Boer.
"1 beg your pardon.” be began. “but |
Bere's 85 1 have no nse for, Perbaps
from him.
“Por your child he said gently,
“My ohild i= dead™ cried the woman, |
with a queer sob. and fed inte the .
Iabyrinth of alleys and hywiys that
shelters so much wretehedness -- Now
York Times.
Carions Meviean Laws,
They have some ory curious selmi
pal laws in Mexico. For instance, n is ;
twice as much of an offense to moth
(the ides that & woman's bent
Goes ber a great injury. cr
There is another curious law. "a
person should De wotnded in wp or
counter. the punishment to the offend.
or ix fixed by the number of duys bie |
ti hus to stay in the hospital or |
under a doctor's care A line is Axed |
At 40 days in the way of a general div).
won. If the injured man occupies mors
than 40 days In his Fecovery. the pen-
ality doubles up.
x 2
An Tmpudens Fraud.
Ap Impedent fraud was perpetented |
upon a Manchester bank by one of its |
customers. who opened sn sovonnt
(with some few hundreds of pounds {
The oun, after a fow weeks drew two i
| thecks, earh within pound or so of |
his balance. and selecting a busy day.
presouted himwelf at one end of the
* sounter, while an sccamplies, when he
Aw thar his friend's check had been |
| ranhed, mediately presented hin oven
10 8» cashier at the other md. Both
enshiews referred the checks to the
She seems to bw in 2 {
to the mas behind the i
“Pow mech do pon want? queried 1g
the anmoved paw nbroker monotonaass |
Having moved to our new
(we are now better prepared |
than ever to do all work ini
the Fisher B
location in
this line.
We are sole agents for
Cambria county for the cele
“There, | :
give me 350. The stone's worth four
Brooks Oil Co's
Gutta Percha
Roofing Paint.
Estimates cheerfully made
“No. no™ abe cried. drawing farther for all work in our line
the Home
Bak ery,
lon is her beauty and that to mar i" oak
Sat sfaction
Try our macaroons.
Fa ancy and wedding
cakes To Order.
Fifth Avenue.
ledger clerk. whe, thinkisg the snie
"right” to both cheeks
| Were never Faught.
: Clothes ana he Man,
It a Filipino enters the Louse of 8
Eoronesn lUving in an nnasaning
wary. be will not beliove that the Eo
yopean is wither wealthy or aie. and,
althongh his ma. ser way be
it will not be Lumble. On ig other
band, 1 Be visits sn ignorant man
who Indulgs In great splendor. be will
At obee become exesedingly respectiul,
Mr Phelps Whitmarsh, who in The
The thicves
F104 oY
“ly Teams to haul Paper Wood ni
Teams to Log near Lilly.
For fall 1 partisnlars address.
Over-Work te
near Ebenshurg.
SEE ad ww
Teams to haul Lumber near;
Glen Campbell,
A aha
Ce a
ey Sues ar
&m 2
#1 Phits & Beuato HH
ro Wilko Ge o£
POR ar
® yn via in Ph So 3
3 Huntingdon § & Broad. To op Me i
Hin ofthot Nov. » 1901,
HE is x hid sonnets nt EE ] :
sel, Pa | Boy NOVEMBER 17, tn
| Ponte ive Willa
Si Helio with igh
Hunirplion. ah
center. In ITTS prizes wore offerod for Outlook given his experiences in the
"| the Brst native made Pins and needles ‘SAAS, telly the story of a wealthy
"In Caroling, and during the war In 1812 Provincial visiting Manila for the first
| pins fetched enormous prices. Hime, who asked to be presented to the
. Pios vary from 34 inchen in length #overnor general
to the small git entomologists’ pin: . hey be reached = puince, be
: i Weighing about an ounce. 4G ound the governor taking coffee on
park, hi # ice ~Siood | ‘Bis plazas, dressed comfortably in a
white eutton ute. The Filipino re
Eggs for Haiching -%
13 FOR $1.00.
The Following Thoroughbreds:
ak ames
f inkibethis Triiadelphin.
ee 54 dl Sp Srnbun
A Lucia Dectaton,
“ Pittaburg Johnstown, Eb het 1s :
burg & Eastern
| ondinmed Tone histe in her Tune 8. i
Tre Piyn mouth Rock,
Silver Laced Wyandotte.
Black Manareh,
~~ Brown Leghorn. |
Highland Pogltry Farm,
Parron, Pa.
Oysters in every style,
Meals served promptiy.
Give me i call.
Open Sandaye.
F. D. Dunlap,
present. i
Upon wnteriag the thronerpom and
Heeling the geseral tu full woniform,
murrcanded by Bin brilliant staff with
the acossworien of splendid tapestries, |
Inced nabers and all the pomn and
splendor of these Spanish finetions | :
the province] grow juke msl. kneelin 2 4 vegan
in deep basility, exclaimed: yy PATTON, Pa.
"This Is indeed my Fetieral : Oo Nee | in the Good Bullding.
Bo Impressed was he that the fol :
lowing morsing he seit & pair of hand.
some horses to the pulls a 4 note Dr. v. A. Murray,
fthoe tn prtington hw, Bent be Patan.
Reuel Somerville,
To Phithebunyg,
r engaged in making faces at her. a 8
pill ols for each “how ean you do: 0?
m Ibe “Oh mamma’ answered the little
girl, “1 was trying to smille at you but |
y face slipped, "London Answers.
: son Free. : “Mr general, yesterday | liken
you |
After two solid tiours of moon) fal #0 much in your usitory of 29) sid that
sami nointerrugtion she thooght she | 1 send rou this pale of Horace, but de
bad him. *1 admit that you dre the ‘Bot use them when you dreus in»
| Pernwood
; Haaney
a To
Si Hi pati on
Ts Hamer.
Ad vend Sirutum' ' Nutles,
whieh vad
dotiy 20
" jo BRAY, fr
mt Hy wes, Ba.
os HH
Maret hit, ies
— ony, and an
all of the highesi
Po Vm FS eh HA
Trying It vu the Building. NreinK Sir
3 4 : : LaF ARD | ie (04 ii
on fortable and Sonyen- ACCIDENT | Sl Jin
the best hotels. During RAWAL BNTATE AGRNTS
J : faitling, atten, Pa Plume No
Miss Susie Wentz,
Ra HEE oF Music | ;
15 Solin tuiiding. Tonciiing Bones |
an pew, Paeticatsr attend 3
400 Elm Bolding. LE
WW 1 { ik .
Sa m by 3 m., and th At Umoendn Mille with Hi
| Sweetest” white guit.” Le
“Yes roo * she wh pared. 2 H A SEITZ
“Rye the oe Bas forbidden me pee
win,” he added ~~ nn ok
And Hoghweatin moon retired be Markleigh- Your offic: svems badly Denti gi
bind a eloud Philadelphia Record, Svumsesd up. Have you ne jasiter? ; | ;
Gielen i Barkleigh We base ohe. but since Office np-stair :
Be became o faith curist be has bews | flee Hoare. eo 4
a 4 viowith BR OR ienin lead
An astm fae ares fhat Jupiter giving the office “absent treatment m. to 3 p.m, Sp,
a the mand 000.000 y tr t Those ot was 34, Baltimore American. Gil Lidia Te HE
at com ears ay 0 oan rev So ih, 4 ie
5 ng the necsasity Meniber back 34.000,000 years wil un me GEO. BOONE,
modations at derstand whit this Deans. | A story first heara at & mother's knee | a sa
Ye hotels, ; is seldom forgotten, and the same may | 4 USTICE OF THE FEACR.
walk a mile without may. oe Said of sther things received at a | Office in Good Building. C Hections . :
3 than Souple of feet Chics | ! mother’s knee, which will readil> recur : | promptly at sented 20. Properties te Ci fo ah a {tae a . proper Bes
5 a te Bi (to the reader, alae News. j and rent. 7 : 3 = | Plans 74 wire recy tain given in uy ni i
i 4