The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 03, 1902, Image 6

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    come to a ; top ol 1
rerdict of $10 damages
cand the verdict
will leave 8 po Tot of so-
fos Behind It. The wives of
r en. who carved the Toust |
: superior alts over those
: bands merely cleared away |
York cnr, ol course, is
+ suid to the guard
| this carriage.”
ie He found soon most owent
Ten jossnn :
ok POR bis dart outied,
raightway bade his soul
Take uy the task begun,
Nor paused until the goal
Gf Bis desire Was wih,
After ply . Tron
Theres, al Lin po dur,
Thrice pivrione ke ob
Thaw, with here
And is Ber outete i“
Toe shining gifts of Day,
athe OU ampanion.
This was the secon}
bad made since jesving Trissie and
pi ane had got into the carriage;
and opened saothor voll of
By well
shawls and rugs in
fig novel
DC Buddenly an uprar of tongues
arose on the pintiorm; the disor Wak
fered open and a Pont woman stom.
by another |
behind came x
drove of children, all sersaming, pues | atl
LE px if 42 had
bled through tf, followed
Regzine a big basket
as to moth and
sig. 2nd smeared,
Ringers, with some sticky black com
pound which they were devourisg
‘Beatrix gave oms glance of horror {
began to gather up her scattered :
nd beg as p i mags of remorse
oh} Bop I Sant Burt yom |
“You must find me a place”
FF ennnot help 16 ba muttered: “H
118 a carriage for ladics alone; deboll
i these are ladies alone—the train fs
| oe there is ne time” at
mts wer was oid or).
For answer Beatrix cast her rugs
ani bags upon bim, and soatehing up
Sor umbrella, books and dressing case,
ti ends her way through the soramdb |
i) Hing children,
i places at the windows, and deahed out
{ upon the platform.
who were fighting for
sounding; evidently there was no time
to lose, the guard opened the sear
sat door, threw in the bags, and gave
Beatrix an impoise that propsiied aer
s | the entire length of tae carrings
_ {other jolt and the train was off,
Beatrix was aware that the was be
# | ing steadied upon her feat by & strong |
arm, the arm of the man whom she
had caught a glimpse of sitting at
{the farther window. and spon whom
le sho and per traps had descended af
warm ‘bere, don’t you think?
1 bups you would like to have your win.
A iter the manner of a whirlwind, Stam-
4 mering
slio sank upon the opposite seat and
“Mille pardond, monsleur'”
endeavored to regain her composure,
" iher natural color and the dignity
which befitted a young lady travel
i ling alone. There were three other
“parsons in the carriage; two gleepy
{looking women, past whom she had
1 shot without apparently doing them |
any damage; and the gentleman oppo |
site, who was now reading. holding
i & large hook quite close to his face, |
“1 This gave her a chance to examine |
Beatrix was ninetesn—and distnaly
He was all; aot too young
*nlea” looking, she decided. His
gray tweed clothes looked Roglish:
thie scarier fez he wore by way of &
cap suggested the East His grape?
{ Yes there was the bag of golf sticks
ang the foiling bath-tab—se must be |
: ® He?
Beatrix tad Just reached this con |
{clusion when the book was dropped
and ths stranger sald in a very agree
able voice, —
“I beg your pardon, it ier very
hy | GOW raised.”
Beatrix xusented with thanks, think
: tog she would lke to ask hum how
{ bo knew that English was her native
{ tongue.
face; it was a delightful face, with »
She stole & glance at his
i | rave, kind smile that stowed very
ey in PEE cable lines
rs. Cable cars were used
¢ best that is available
g superior can be em-|
costs considerable to do
and only people In a rich country
Is, in a lecture delivered
fore the Royal Institution, |
, made some statements which
widespread interest. He
the amazing searchlight
which has brought out 50
the remotest past were cnst
future, by seeking for operat.
, We might tell with certainty
sppen. The man of science,
will believe that the events
. 4000 are fixed and unchange-
with the exception of man and
) dren. He believes that the er
f the earth will change “until the
‘drag bauls one unchanging face
get toward the sun”
: at great men are only.
bulongings, scattered by her
came to her ald so paturally and sim |
ply that It would have been fmpossi
ble for the greatest stickier for the
it, but it Is the sure way to |
reflects the Baltimore Amer
5 iv.
& {freat many fauits—eoh. I know BY
sides, and
He holds,
_| white teeth, and a nose that might
| have been supercilious but for a lit |
the frregular ripple in the middle of |
eyes was injured’
But what a pity that one of his
It was closed and
the eyelid drooped. She wonlered i
her were In the army and had lost an
eyo—~perhaps under “Bolan”
Presently she began to collect her
aud again her visavis
propricties to take offense. Refors
‘i bor various parcels wers recaptured
atl reduced to order, they had
laughed heartily over ber misalven
"Here's your umbrella,” he sald
fusing It up from the floor, where {t
had fallen
for a charge.”
Dia 1 charge? sald she,
“Oh, well. you Atnericans are so
tmipetions. don't you know? One ex
pects little things like that”
» You Americans!’ How Jdid you
know that I am an American? 1
thought 1 spoke beautiful English.”
“T'm so
“Why, so you do, | assures you. but
=dhere is something—I can't exactly
tell what, but you have a quick little
way with you, and yon look different
from most English girls 1 know—and
~=and-—you must be tired of hearing
about your boots and your gowns."
“I don't know that we are evir ex.
actly tired.” almitted Beatrix slow
“1 know what you mean: we have
shy sighed. “Bu! we do pol let pur
skirts hitch up in front or an the
wa always make connec
tions in the bark. How frivolous that
sounds!” she thought “He will think
1 am one of those dreadful free ant
| easy Americans he has heard of who
have no manners and will take op
| lepths that wouroiled baw them.
stop the train }
Boa. |
trix congratulated Berself wnat Uncle
! George's fee to the guard hal worked
gloss the
tof a mise |
By Helen M. Palmer.
Bho baried boreal?
solved to be very diund
tare. 4
A abhower had arisen: the raln wus
hoating in and ir was Becexary tis
wind LS
of 1he inferragtion and sized
Hoto make dorse remarks apon
country they wers paising
Ag he lay down her bool
3 +
“You wers pald for |
| scarcely feel it now”
: assure her
Tha whistle was
Van Duser, whom I have
meariy 80 many as your
game by when you canfon
£8 lo SL EOT Chee abs
har sitention,
Wis right eve wasn
it wm Almost mae lk pra Ed YR
her, although 1 eff! droped a Hr.
Hy Ew
bap gir
iv fashod upon whe met
bw hig speoch abet the umbrella
“Your eve gia stavaniared,
very much!”
“It wae nothing, really nothing: 1
a2 if she wore going to ory.
“But I right Lave put your eve
out!” whe gasnel
“You might have Jone many
with that deadly umbrella Hat you
didn't—plenns don think of it again”
he pleaded
“How good of von!" she murmured.
gozing at aim with admiration
“May I pak" he resumed after a
moment. “whether vou were at Shen
hord's some weeks ago with tha Van
"Yeu" she said, “Mr Van Duar
is my uncle; 1 went np the Nile wih
Bira and mv aunt Wore yon is Calro™
“Unfortunately | reached thers just
A% your party was leaving, I met Mr
often son
at home In-er--Engiand. but 1 only
Bad a glimpse of the rest of his party. :
1 was sure, though that | remembered
you. I am—er—8ir Hy ugh Chester ™
Bo added alter a pans,
tioned ma”
So Sorry that we missed You as we
pan on fou in this way?
“It's wncommonly
me” i 3
“ Uncle George” ~ ha gueried with
& quizgical expression.
fn a Hgat
“You see he thinks so much of
you,” she explained
bearted burst of
I am properly presented, and you'il
‘cheon. Here's where we stop for
food--xnch ar ft a
“And you wont think I'm ome of
those dreadful American girls wile
background and just stram around
having a good time regardless? There
ars a few specimens left, but wot
would lead you to cunpose”
*T won't tall you what [ think” Nhe
Cdeclarad, “but 1 abonidnt mind tell
ing Uncle George ™
The long hours flew by In discus
sions of books and peoplifor they
found some acquaintances {n compen
~=38d the egehanee of what Peatrix
called “views of lite” Together they
laughed over the queer dishes of thelr
returned from a smoks at the nest
stop, he found Beatrix
watching the risisgg moon,
"Please, whon you next
Americans” sald she-"yoy
CHAS US How, you know:
nded ne with
the outer harharians
the hahiy
They are pot all so
spoiled as I am: 1 confess | am ape
to do what 1 like”
“T don’t thisk I shall judge
American girl by you” sald Sir Hag,
Then, alter watching her a moment
“Bince vou are speaking of vourself
don't you think you are rather a per
- verge Hitle person?
Las dimples ™
“Is £7 sald Beatrix
more abour thar
Reform club;
3 it ' pE
It was amazing how much they
found to talk about; ope stout sll
lady got out and another got in. but
12 bo tourists appearsd to interrups
their tete-atete and as the
and the train elirabed the haighta f
the Semrpering Pugs ther worse
“Do toll mie
deliahtiul Patitiest
I am #0 interested In
right Gall
the deep blue spaces of the sky
Willng the valleys sith a mystery of
siivery light and gandoy
da ft $s HE a
Bir Hin i drow the gre
Pver th
af the gli
2 Hupertinenog
ng Ba. Ane elie
radisnce they gazed into the sha. bye
in ths i 1
i Ber face in the great disk of dewy |
petals, framed joa stiff rio of plerced (7
Ltrs, with
Z the chareond a
It padden re
: I'm not ay to Iv
+ have hit Bim when gone made hor vie |)
[lent entry--that was what
pieasant—-fioy |
with that weetcbed umbrain? |
Uncle George would pever have for
] given
and they
“Well then vou aught to Tee! that
let me take you out to get some lun. |
keep ‘mommem” and ‘popper’ in the
apanions Heay. |
pave fa
tant 13
lg A
i pain
{11 announcement of the price. The
3 t FEReteeL gy a great : yw
5 Land of : Stlailes nf Mahagony arth ny Marh aw
4 1 Frulin Ra: he i$ KE %
pace hu it wirack the ranks below,
“it geen like x dream” sald Bea
A gigh,
silenes in wh
Beng th Begs ol 1 E!
mpd. “and | shall fen Ti YB Tat
singer oh voyapn when | arrive in
Penna with thie” Ang she bharisd
seiiopnd pase
Hienaa? Of cotran:
thers, and your
sofing you snd isl
{this Journey sv
people will ba
5 rian about
‘hee adden aa if to
Raver rin abont
Anded Sh
Easy umbreld
Wr erer good Tou pay be about |
i. Youre it
And eho
yon now?
+ | brown eyes anxiously to hiz
“Oh, well. of courses there ix the
i bunel of Sowers fon”
cdreoning her even fn
Ba Bastenad fod
for her evebrows weirs |
drawn together sand her lips wera |
i quivering. and altogether she looked |
: he can tell that 1 hava met vou
‘lrg sorry the journey Ie over:
Am nol going to tae FOU Bow,
| PY
Caos hal shinlen
into the big
; looked gt each other and fount it har)
(to leave the memories of the
[crowned by the poetic charm of the |
Lie rhododen.
Jrome. which abe #011 hall
He stole a plates at her and Bin
$a Hilo ronsclonsly |
oles was steadily
when he next synis
“Ome poser knows exactly how to
nt 1 want to aay im mores ging than
“You said Pagtrie softly
“May 1 come tomorrow ha urged.
mr To ghee sald
It was midnight when they drew
hustling station: they
| moonlit algae
“They will be here In a moment”
: Beatrix thonghbt., “ihe boys and Unols
“f don't zap |
pose Mr Van Duzer will have men |
Archie. and I shad be going home |
and yet, In 8 war. 1 seems an if i
; belonged here toe ™
5 “Bat of course he 4i4'" she cried,
“He talked a Jot about you, and wis
As for Sir Huzh, he turned sway
when the door opened, and her poo. |
ple seized upon her with kisses and
Isn't It odd 1hat | should Lap
| BY the photographs of stage and music |
: : rs : , Phall celebrities
makeshift dinner, ang when Sir Hugh | the autograph of ita original,
{ley Magarine
damp place
dwn greetings Fat thera was an
| instant when ie caught her hand and
pressed I
0 ‘and they hot
"But supposing | had put your eys TeeR!
whispering, “Tomorrow
Anew that fomorrow
"Forever and a day Waiver
#38 A Hin a Yd,
QUAINT AND curious,
ad the |
it drooping Into |
; 3
enuing sersell Tram
Ey RE 2 : slserver might
{plies for a nding wool facto
the wolf possession wich his earnest.
"1 sal! be delight.
ad and so will moms Joan sure”
wo shall soon |
{ cus iv epshienwond. bot ir all Hes there
i seemingly
i be a furgutinn i
1 chiipos
sria g Tho i
L eomna
& ix a great ad.
Jong and five feet thick, and was the
Hirt pleca of the wood that 1 fave
| choles wood fs all cone, and thers is
I not epongh to be had pow to supply |
Wasps may often be observed Ae |
tacking from fences, boards or any oid |
wood the fires witch they afterwards
manufaciire into papier mache
Matwatchin, on the borders of Rus
Ein, Is the only city in the world peo
pled by mea only. The Chinese women |
are nol only forbidden to Hive in thi
territory, but even to pass the great
wall of Kalkan sad enter into Mon.
golia. All the Cainese of this border
city ars exclusively traders
The Hawaiian (slands must ba ®
i reported that one
‘Monday night at Pakaikow it began
to rala and the next morning at 7
¢elock the gauge showed 11 inches
Im five Boury at Sanpaloesos the gauge
measured 10 inches At Papaaion, in
24 hours, the gauge showed 40 inches
in the city of St. Taouis. Ma. there
1s & certain hairhressing saloon the
eeliing of which is enlireiy covered
Tivery likeness bears
| step fadder 3 Invariably kept in the
pensgively :
shop In order that doy patron may |
the curious ceiling at close
| quarters if he #o desires.
dla |
the time has
been opened
a not Kay that |
the Amerioan itl a8 her travels ia in |
talking a doven hours ea |
8 streteh ih the Pon ;
jen sends der
“It's not a “had weapon |
Even your dims |
phe i 1 Ix > Tain :
ple Is in a place where go one else | as local do
i kinda of glass detiva was uillieed in
i the man ture of the pavement. and |
The full moon wad fioodiag |
and |
in Puris, that has
to the is paved
with glass It wim thought that the
surface would he glippery. but an th
LRIrary proved to afford an
excellent sid for Larges, and will
nok Te ard Bith. All
A mirest France :
oul ay fie
it has
the inventor of the process 8 sanguine
of iis adoption on a large scale.
The [ndinng of America wers gen
erally Polviheists, or believed in a plu
eatity of av Home wers considered
thers Wis one ‘supreme God, or Great
Spirit, the creator of the rest and all
creatures and things. Him the
of New England called Kichtan, They
believed tial good men. at death, as
Deended to Kichtan, above the heavens,
where they enjoyed Jeparted friends
tang all gand §
went and knocked at the gate of glory,
4 faut
hing, that bad men also
Kichtan bade them dapart. for
thers was no place for surh, whenes
thay wandered in restioss poverty, This
Qn preme Being they held to be god,
gad prayed to him wh
{ sny favor, and paid a sort of acknowl
: rien ment to hiny {oy plenty,
Daly by the » alt
¢ fost moslip of the tongue may franture o |
Weve, what do you think about |
A slp on the lok may fiadt tars a leg
and ai
. ¥et they believed that |
natives |
wor they desired |
of war doliestin
i thin, about omivthirtieth of ag inch,
! Ling were remdrkable.
2k you--you are guicker than wo |
are And yoo may le maehing at mee.
| intel
| determloed by Its marking and free.
but 1:
F : FR eold ie the rotigh. as you see them
May I coms to see you In Vic | bore there is # big elment of chapee
fn thelr purchige.
to tell by the gineral look of the loge |
| the marking wihich shows on the ort
ehie ts apt th coptinpe through the
timber pretty correct )
fooled once in a while anid thet ts one
of the uncertainties of the bosiness,
was the king of woods aod be was!
pot far wrong. It fs certainly the most
wood was designated is San Domingo.
was the Dest thut wus
ago, also, but Il was found to be ois
-#inex, but is
It is from Mexico, though, that the
there Is ne mote good mahogany and
Oulped in by 8 few. That Ia untone.
; : wicnPRiIcED LOGS ™ new York |
risge windows, accompanied by 8 | :
dn fd
Eontnaniier Lamber ¥ ren Mare Ba
prnsive.w Fine Weoads Hard to Corton |
SrosRewoad Dinvresy of an, 3
In the hmnler yards fg
nt Rivnr. hatireen Fi
aivhe He Lied Up in rough. une
Belper lanse punibers of
HEY Hag. An loner
‘rake theses to bw sup.
gg |
sroereieent to learn
Ser Are the
alae sepals in the Horid in
thelr pouch form, for that is what they
£0 tainly wold Be
ame x
There i mbtiogany thers, aay quup-
thy of #4; eleny, Black Sea walnet sid |
sngnssded anil Dedten Br
air ns thoupd It were the!
owinrt ofl wikis plone,
See X vir val tontle. oes | |
J Thiet at te the wud
ak Pay will be worked over
en a1 dade to Le most bean
al wosdwork that tone can buy,
“That ote Big log that those work: |
Emon are carrying fs worth $2000. sud |
I have seem 2 log of mahogany ouly
8 little Invger thin that which way solid
for $d Tt was twenty-eight feo!
sestly ¢
VO shen.
“Protiy pond price for a single stick,
fen't ty
ing, though. and ie coloring snd mark.
That s why "
Vromght saeh 9 hgh prtes
“Malogany is like dpmonde” be ton.
The valve of each stick in
dom feom Bawk When the logs are
“The expert oan fudge them only by i
outward spreatinees, snd most be slits
whether they are sound and whether |
plete. After a good deal or wXperl-
etn one Is ald site up a ploce of |
dy. bat we are
MBomeons once sald that maloguny |
durable on account of its Bardness snd
the polish that jr takes gives It a right
It isti't what it gsed fo be
“Thirty years ago all the best of the
from the places In which ft grew.
ever cut and
sitained 8 great reputation, but ft is
aimost jmpossible to get mow. The
part of the dettand for
“Tin texture was the vory finest and
the coloring superior to 20 ather.
but tf all sreond growth, smallcr
then the oid mabogaty and much In
ferior to §L
“Mabomasy from Ceniral America
wan scid bn large quantities hore yelirs |
and straight grained, and now It lias
practically stopped consing fo this mur |
ket. Nowadays we got the wood fom
Cilia and Metis,
Ibe Cubln product comes In small
of good texture and hand
great markets =f the world are fiw
supplied, not only with the best nia
hogaay, but abo with much thar Ix
soft. though mich Detter than {he
old South American product
“Many peopls have the Mea flat
that all that i» cot now {s soft. This
assertion Ys the outeothe of individuni |
experience In procuring good or roer
wid; those who have recelved the bast
grader pronounce the Mexlean wood
Bard and DBeantifel in texture
“An Impression also exists that ma
bogany ia expensive and only 1 be ine
The facilities for procuring the wand |
and the <devidps for mdueiog it nm
Inmber havo zo Improved that is cost
today eormnnres favernbly with sone
Aan woods, oueh as
“Phe cont of working it fu certainly
RU greater than any of the domestic!
waedn, Ir Dots Dettar than the
mastic artivie, though
The process of veresriie ix what
mes all tie Bard woods expenaive, 4s
tile wark costs as much us the Smber
In the rough. The wood ls cut very
Si &
TA layer of plug is placed aver the
wacd to which the strip is to be ap.
flied, after which the strip 's Inid on,
smoothed down by Imad, asd then
clamoed betwen two hol presses, or
canis, as we call them, I takes sone |
time for the glae to dry.
“Then the clomips are removed, the
wood sandpapersd and seraped and the |
real work of polishing begins with the
application of filers to Al the pores of
wood and make it smooth. Then ale!
most endless rubbing has to be done |
to develop the polish.
“Ir 1s a long process and ospensive |
for that reason, but ne more costly |
lo the case of manhogany than ary otner |
wend. The average cost «f miabogany |
in the rough lu fram $130 to $2 ala
thousand feet. 3
“If you think mahogaty is very ox- | p
which wu import from: BG
fth ana Ten iy ;
Pexpedsive ay mabogany.
Sehr, tlie ovat
It was a perfectly sound |
Yar She bu Feat ee ordings
railivis and
: ings,
| still get the wood from Ban Domine
to oaet, §oentersd the room hastily
{ paing with the eurrent;
“aut by nature herself Xinslee's|
i azine,
she stows her age.
duing nothing and we hate 1d
Pman for werking away instead |
{the missionary,
as A. and i fully sw ih
ealozing. It is esd but Hiese; how :
on peshunt of Tm cost
“Hatin wood 8 prodoet of the 1 Fost
as mweh as fos
wad, fon This a beantifel
ew wood, which
“inatish 4 own ook de ales Billy AS
At p
it ie megnbe Ag (be supply is lanl
awe rentnivling the suttiug of §
Siw vary dedeotive, and tole Teel
BR vest fnouat Bp.
“it nat fhirty conte 8 for 08
jor. spd the waste pinkes the road be
Wows 6 a prost desl nue
ir fold mie recently that Be at 4
guanticy of English sak is the | pew
home of 3 milionnive, sad tht tf he
toe the porfect plovos had | peo
of the woud
gonial 16 F1 a Tone
"It ls oone of fhe ust bheayrifed
oosls we Baye when polished © 8% te
bet & fad 8 rich deep Teosin Por
| contains many
i histales,
“Elamiy is all going out Desa de
ear, Bk ibe
in? of gray streaky whieh sna
“Very little sarle maple axed hens
dupe, und Rieder mane Booolip
Lively cheep for oa hende me
It wile in De roneh for ten
is aimed
ine sd oud
ot dw RY
Loot and Sepenrs cheater they wjet
8 be ethers. Walnut hme pone
Phe, ton and Bas given way io na
welt and gonrterad oak, ask, cher
A nl Bile,
“hiness tenk word Is Another
AX Ther pial x ¢ and shu, TREY Sa
I fe used] very axle vedy,
pial 0d
ehutet ts won made of feo oaud §
1 Bnow that it cost ig Gove
HT Pretty penne.
je Diritieh Adiiinaliy tues 2}
adanttr a7 thle weet for the feel
of the British warahios, avd © ul oeed
sommonly on the swell vachid for
bateh cotahizgs. pfs BR
the wotther cxeeileniiyc,
TIiat fw the most expensive Iw
thas I bone af? Reale wood 1 fuess
It i= imported from the north { pars
of South Amerien In Joew weikhing
from ffiv tw 00 poumde and conte
{ from fey to twenty Sve conte a Hann
“It he very hard and wien polished
{shows a grain mach ke the mark
of x snake skin. It ls wed ant
walking eides and Tor Taney
Risch Sena walnut costs a Inf
from tlirty dre to Afty cents a
#0 You sce that mabeziny i fot a
expensive, after all apd ax 1 sa
fore, it is frvly the King of all wi
~New York Sun,
Iva omest liollers of sceideot insan
aner collelen frequently put com
pants physicians to peadioss fonbh
by ohvindne darvage for Bidinr pus
which ander the law entitle thm ©
wlbing. Some deliberately prhetlion
fenad, sym 3 parsivias quoted fn the
Atlanim Jevraal apd pretend ti have
nails whet they are sound 1 jevery
A few days ago, says the phvdichan,
owas snamoned To a hospital to ex
amine 5 men who protended tol have
bad bis bearing raslly destrordd by
the premature explosion of a biget, |
Piaf an iden from the start tht Be
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Rivers Which Traverse the Oeems
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TT Mere Opinion.
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