The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 20, 1902, Image 6

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    so placed as to indicate the exact Ait.
1a! | terence in. time between these places
and Panama. As the dial revolves the
arrows indicates the hour apd minute
{in a dozen cities, while the black band
gives Pana: na time,
v to the estabiiiment in
¥a., of the first free school
riean soil the citizens of that
’ town arcanged an elaborate
mm for February 12, when the
Syms Eaton Academy, the large
erie public school which has Just
pleted, was dedicated in bonor
¢ § tan, and now Elizabeth City Conaty.
\ | Virginia), & tract of 200 acres of land
jand the milk from elght cows for the
purpose of endowing a free school in
whith the youth of that day, resident
of the county, night receive a free ed-
ueation.” One month later Thoinas
Eaton, another philanthropist of the
period, “patented” 2570 acres of land
decreed should be devoied to the school
fund already established by Benjamin
Syme. That wax the modest beginning
the world, and 10 the memory of these
Syms-Eaton Behoollionse a8 it appeared from 1842 to 1841)
0 Virginians who first made
8 free education of all
in this country. Nearly $500
go—as far back as 1634, to bb
e-Benjamin Syms willed to the
f Eignotam {later Keeoogh-
| public spirited men 8 menument bas
Just been erected in Hampion in the
shape of the large and completely
equipped public school referred to,
which kas been named the Syios-Ea-
ton Academy.
cKin] ley Monument, S
Site io Vash Wastin Cemetary. ar Cd
Canton, Chip,
38 where the body of William
will eventually He and above
1 be reared the memeorial of
e of the United States, is in
5 section of Westiawn Cem-
‘ald, when he first bebield it that #t
was “the finest spot out of doors In
“all the world” The ound rises in a
gentle slope about seventy-five feet
from the little stream that Hes at ts
feel, and curves in a silane graceful
sweep to the east. A carriage road
lies at its base at the edge of the
water, apd another one mounts the |
It is §
hill and circles it at the back.
proposed to use about five acres of
the mound its very best part, in fact—
| Which will give ample room for the
i stately tomb that will be erected there, |
wi cn THE
ton, Oble. Without a ques.
the most beautiful spot in:
ey Bepator Charles W,
- ao Indiana, one of the trus-
Kinley National Me
raising |
for the serial tomb,
Jack was wmaply the
the Roosevelt family.
ck Roosevelt, the first dog
He has no pedigree, but
se is hisplayground, and
51, the Blue Room, the
a and, in fact, every
the White House, even the’
om, receive dally visits,
the Smportance af his po
and fur the spread of gresnsword to:
relieve and soften it
body of Willisia MeKinley will He fn
the pubic receiving vault, where it wos
placed on September 18, the day of the
| funeral. :
HR ko SOA rH 5 ST nl
with one of the many persons who
daily seek his confidence and the pers
mission to pat bis bead. In appears
ancy Jack is anything but prepossesse
ing. Once in a wilille he accompanies
for a drive, but he Is not over fond of
driving, and generally bolts when her
Sastizge comes round. New York Her.
rds ema EPP
ot every three persons in Berlin,
ly, one has a saviogs-bank ac-
ar, ore hi ten of every
CL amb ra i SRA NAY 5
at the head of Back River, which he
of the greatest public school system in
{guns Yost 1nside Sandy Hb
| England asd
BOWER watld Have anethivee fa Xe welsh :
power would have anything for de with elally preserit
Bubaenuentiy oilherd were built
id {a FILE h i
{navy fovented a
Until the memorial tomb is built (he :
Misa Alice Roosevelt when she goes
y &n under
Aristotle and “Pliny had some
en: | hazy dens about the employment of
na and other centres, as veel] ‘#8 in
Panama, Arrows are drawn upon the
divers for this purpose. King James 1.
marine atlack, and once risked biz roy-
sl person in a descent in a boat built
by his order. But the credit of produc.
undoubtedly belongs to the United
Soon after the outbreak of the war
ine boat known as the American Tur
tle, because of its shape, was oon-
structed by David Bashnell of Conneo-
tient. It was made of oak staves
strengthened by fron bands and the
“erew' of ons man entered it through
a mankole in the top. which was closed
scuttles. through which he could see
on ail sides. The operator sat perched
On a seat in the very middle of the
vege! Lis head In the raised cover,
the tiller under hiz left arm,
pallors, or “pars” as
called them just In front of him
Bekipd him, and on the outside of
the vogsel was attached, Knapsack-
a charge of powder. which,
ty wariong sceounta was either
er .
Fhe iv
PE wpe
line to a sharp serew whisk protruded
the uoper propoiier.
The program of atlar x was for the
"artle” 10 be Wrought below one of
our men-of war,
tuto her timbers from within the vou
sol, nnd the powder charge released.
the doomed ship, the “turtle” would
retire {oa gale dlatance and then dis
sharge the torpedn by means of 8 long
line contested with the trigeer of a
gunlovk placed within it
flr was curtained to last for
winutes, and g very shart vizit 1a the
surface would replenish the
and an air pump.
One of these enrions
neRrly succeded tn
Eagle, a British ahip of
aeatrovisg th
Fulton afierward bail
take thew up. They
were exhibited in
in hat
on Fulton's plan. French ap
ran Aw IY romsipe
to induce gorernments to adopt their
craft without success, In. 1855 a Mr
8 diving boat invented by a Mr. Phil-
lps of Michigan in 1550 It was sixty
feet long and seven foot six inches In
During the civil
constructed a cralr
fry fest
he screw phaft
ed the David,
torpedo affixed to a 15-foot spar.
February, 1884, she attacked
Ceell overwhelmed by her
J Kran.
i Admiral
Gown tarpedo.
Plongens In 1863 bat it
» yond the experimental
iealled the “Fenlan
; on the Hodson river bot wan
! fasture. Fraw the enrly 8s, howeve
long strides Barn
; perfecting srine
pe. Anothy
fa 1381.
hs IY
i A He
| Nordeafeidt of moe
dy shiny fF
£36ns ar as :
built several for the Te
ment, patents Pree
seve wonder
while here in one own w
and buliders have been
bdeus to practical
In 1533 the United Stated
ment 30 aside 3 oa of mune
sonsituation of an experi
Out of the plans of a nurs
pelitorg the savernment sebctad thy
gent in by Baker and Holland res
Ively, and finally deeldsd to
of {he jatter. Holland's winging don
sign was clpbiv-fve feet lobe nnd b
8 total disp
boat has
latest test
5 wy
ri ASE
since Men Improved, the
being a stay
eee Ao IA Mn sr eg
Remarkable Fossll Cusren
the world exists near the town of Kem.
| feet above sea level
) : and, no ® Blasting being per- |
of England was a bellever In sub |
ing 8 really practical eraft of this kind
for American independence a submar- |
by a brass cover provided with glass |
and |
| the bandles for turning the two pro- |
the inventor
{and threes miles a day
i abit (ha
FJ and
fram the top of the vessel just abate |
the serow serewsd
This would then rise into contart with |
Zufficient |
thirty |
| Witnesses In Maryland Coarts Ragulred
stock by : :
praft very |
cmarine corel, but could got po one to
neither |
Inventors and other Americans tried
Delaney of Chicago, took to England |
war the confederates | ii :
Ar the ¢ 4 yin {the University of
: TTP fk covered that a galv
i: propelled b sod-turned cranks en |
i propelled by hand tures i Anke on | motes the grow!
biz boat was call. of guinea pies
Bhe wa red wip f IY Ba oa
Bhe was armed with g | xpertmented with,
and |.
wrecked the Housatoole, but was ber. |
i Raat
Freveh | fled.
marine called {eo |
got hee
wag launched
made divided
rane Bas i
i resets wad
{they know how te bulld
mess 18 an inberitames of the Herres. |
i «offs though all the aficted are not!
Ts wilked to a
Race Rll
CpAtiing thelr
se fhoRe |
had |
larson af 188 tons. This |
of fourteen |
hours under water In New York har
C nel wrapper having many Seep pockets.
| together with a pair
| which the poor dear expected to slip at
One of the most unique guarries in |
ties of fish.
split into slabs broken with sledge
hammers. and thrown over the hank
ton the shale fl
Ootied Sates. wid wos decided opon
After long discugalon hid the somites,
by hand. When the slabs containing |
the specimens are cut and taken out
they are very moist and have to be
dried ont to about one-third of thelr
original weight After the drying has
| proceeded far enough to permit of the |
cary manipulation of the material, the
tossils are carefully cleaned by means
of special tools devised for the pur
pose. Many of these fish fossils are ax.
ceedingly beautiful, avery bone being
pisinty shown In the outline. They
rank as the finest specimens of fossil!
fishes yet discovered,
Avernge Man Walks Macy Thonemed
Miles Wetore His End
How many miles a man walks in his :
itstime depends, naturally. upon how
much he walks a day on the averages;
but the man who walks the lsast cov
ers A vast number of miles before he
i dies
| like a heavy wooden case, containing
Sone men wall two miles a day,
some four or five, als soine as many
as ten. !! 3 man walks two miles a
' | day and lives to be thirty years old ha
56 pounds or 200 pounds in
THis was connected by a short
will cover 21.990 miles. At the sam
Age 8 man who walks threes miles a’
day will have walked 32350 miles. Al |
: The ald seal of Forte Rico, ranted by
ast in going |
hotise, the office, the shop, |
and in going to and from the cars, |
ete. Mir
MOR every man walks letwesn two
A man who walks five miles 8 day
finds that at the age of 30 he has cov:
ered SL750 miles and Bt the age of 60
From this should,
WARE albino to
Over toward the SHH lap New York
Slhwmply to AfNirm.
The Bible will he
Clreult Courts at Baltimore, as
gto courts
was signed by nite
The order states (hat when not spe
4 the Constitution
of the United Hiates or an set of Cone
Po Eream the form of wath in the United
c States Courts sball be the asme as fs
presoribed by the fave of the Biate of
P Maryiand (Acta of 184 chaster 15).
Under the new practice the person
making oath will hold up bis right
hand and
gctence of the person fo be awoen,
Heretofore persons taking the oath
: have been regu! :
red fo xizs the Bible,
Eleetricity se a Fatiener
A member of the medical faculty of
Michigan has dis.
Twa cages
pigs g
ante exrrent
5st these,
21x 16 the cage
The gaines
ail eXartly ihe same
unEh one of the cages an ©
rent ans passed day and
other cage wae lh 80 way elon rin
For a stated period the animals
in huh ages Were fot with pracisely
+ B%
2 wi Ha el lectrified
doin hin] duris
HE por vont moore than the
sew. I as a
: 3
vines, elect
fas WET fe
The Berreshol Fasmity.
There noe ei of the pres
five of them
are it al, ha
bots, Blind.
Une of them
rE oa better and,
33a Yo wan ¥ Bia V3 MR
2 said at oRn Data
gna day to
ith the
ight aend
They are
hevrmeg fu} Al it the
Ene By pe thaches
Hl Ae AD
Ie presant gendration is blind,
. - i Mn sir
Took W rong Yrecantisne
Tha arary In tol of a Bogton woman
who uved nearly all of her
ina botel, with a constant antiol
anil fear of fire, Every night she pl
gn 8 vhadr beclkde the bed a thivk 8
of shoes ints
the Brat alarm. All her valuables were
i within hand reach, and no fire depart
_merer. Wyo. at aa elevation of 82001
This quany Is |
ment ever drilled for a hurry call with
‘more assiduity than
| seman, who was finally drowned,
- strietly
speaking, be wubtracted the few months |
jor a your when he was 8 baby unable
to walk, but the result would not be
aflectad materially,
Now, the circumference of the earth :
a1 the equutnr ls only 24.899 miles Bo
therefore a man who at the age of 60
has averaged five miles a day since he
Wilk har walked enough
miles to Nave encircled the earth four ; : ;
was eoheddered, bnt {tf was regarded
We and have a good many miles Jef) ;
’ One of his |
‘aa lacking in arthitie effect
cearavels waz found to male a striking
effect above the shield, mand It was
dispensed with
herealier in administering oalhs gener. :
ally in the United States District and S ashiington woman, and Almost simul.
been the praciice for some time In the
An order tn on rect Ovid Sr
in the prewsace of Almighty |
1 God solemtly promise or declare” to
tell the truth, exrept in those cases
wherein this form ia not practicable of
when it shall appear that some othes
mods is rsore binding upon the con.
Lor dumbidodia wil]
the BRT i
pe Faved that 3
sone to th fate
au food frome Ahly j
evirie beel™ will |
t |
music for
of the ehilifven |
this expectant
roto RICAN corr OF. ABMS,
1 about the pyiddie of the sixteenth
eninry, presented three jeading feat
ree. a rock in the acean, Be lamb of
| St.John and design of the Spanish flag
(nud castle.
Tha shape of the «deld
vas retained, and also the rock, after
si remodeled 8a to copy. with some
Agyeraiion, the contour of the leland |
BE If appenss to the vogager before on.
tering the harbor of Ran Juas. Behind
the rock 88 shown (he rising shin
Lhe choice of a erost presented a dif
fienity. No heraldic anima; was sug
gested a8 having a peculiar local sige
aiflennce encept the yen iin whose |
present popularly ihe Government is
frying to sanprew. No siutliable tree
was suggested. The bust of Columbus
Concerning a motto the commiitee
[decided that Spanish wag out of the
oesticn, hat English wan sued
Rnown tongue that Latin was chosen,
Many mwottoes ware submitted, bot the
sevenaful suggestion came from &
taneously from Dr. David J. HILL As
sistant Secretary of States. It ia from
pers Juxx oritar” which,
means: "A happy day bs
& Palr of Damb hells Connected With al
Io the accompany ing ploture Js shown
8 novelty In apparkius for the exercise
nf the muscles, combining the Spplies-
tion of the electele enrpent with th
har uditeg ¢f Tel lan clubs or dumb]
The § a vertu
pli a1 fan rif shaped
mnxcies while ssernd
lain tlist the ane
te 1 Ue body § ad
Bug with the clube
le : Smund of great
ig thsi CRE ats an
doles while in mot thus
aie Shar
Li Ian
n uo- |
He 3 s Zap the wenslit ius
= % 5 colapelis ¢ or Lhe
be | tubes 1 ust the a
The wires ara of sufficient
: by adjusting the
diding dord of the induction oh
which adapts the exerciser for the ose
of children or adults. The patent on
Oma has been granted to Alfred
Dison. :
wHesLeo £0_crut cues.
Wer Tt :
Professor Eulenberg, of the Talvent
Lo of Berlin, has invented a very inge-
nlons combination reliing and walking
chalr for fovaiide, as shown in the as
comopanyiog ilustration. The crutches
jare 8 providud with spring § beartags, and
can be adyiated | 0 as to ft any person,
The zante Is the case with the galle-
hur. The whole mechanism of the
combination ebalr is very simple, and
the walking chair can essily be
changed inte 3 rolling ehale wisnever
the patient desires so. All wheels have
indis rebbor tives; the bars ave of steel,
aad the seat of rush braids
Foosoemy tn Gloves,
“Mon pride themselves on thelr wae
perior efanalny.” says 3 well known
yavag washington matron, “but it Is
without good grounds. Take gloves:
for fnstames. Youn buy more gloves In
a year than 1 do, and you are not wells
gloved Dall the tine. You put a pais
on whet you buy thems and get the
fingers twisted. Aa a result, they never
look, well, there is a sttaln on the
sragis, they rip, and In i few weeks
they are thrown sside, sailed and
spoiled. Now, take your fret lowcon in
glove economy. Buy good gloves and
have them fitted on by the elerk.
It is the first fitting that counts After
that they will 20 on all right :
“Never wear the same pal ton days
In avecommion, Straighten them out at
night ani) give them a rest for a day,
Four thpes a year gate ap yoor
gloves znd have them cleansd and
presepd for Alteen e¢enta x pair. You
will find that your glove Lil will be
ent fn two. But always get good
ghiver, I Bought a paler of reindeer
driving gloves in Londen four years
ago.snd pald a guiness for them, They
are stil ser alii When they are
sodlend Tout them in a basin sad wash
them with seap and wales, and they
dry out ua good as ever —Wasitington
rbrviomoseesiros sinc
yh Yuu
are Wy
rr »
or 3%
4 wkd
ou a wy
po Tay
. ave
oa “ a Y
oo NG: 1"
TRE amen