The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, January 23, 1902, Image 3

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    = and the YeTy necessary
fe skirte that have come to
~The shinple style fHostrated ex.
the fact that tucking is not |
able to the realization of a
able waist. Ivory white pean
f good quality is here charm
combined with Irish crochet lace
corn colored satin and trimmed
i bands of the silk piped
i black panne velvet and stitched
«lige, tassel ornaments Bnish-
nted ends. Velvet helt closed
clasp. The lining ix fitted
bust dnris centre back,
: and ‘shoulder seams and
rant under the plastron that
in the right shoulder seam |
$ over on the left. The Dlonss
‘bas single pleats laid af the end
shoulder sean and is cnt away
Beck and fromm to disclose the |
{ wihth
! hieh reach
Cpiderable aire
Inches wide will ht repiived, with five
p | oigttn yards of facing eighicen (pches
wide fo make as Hostrated,
Culonisl Shoes. ;
The Colonial is a favorite model for
a house shoe. It Is zuillless of Freoeh
Beels aud bas dg enficientiy broad sole
extensions Foagning all drousd
foatire tx we Broad,
with reniral
point and Border FHitehing Unlonial
hoor invaviables have a boekle of cons
Eeualle dr fe sguare
soem? wi brome as
ur eng or aval
bro alisringuishing
ARE lotieas,
and abwavs Is at
tong. never pound
Por ordinary use there is
shoe dn doll Oxford kil for
ATISCROOR WoRE oF evenings you bave
the Colonial of patent eather. with
gilver, git. plekel or bright sliver
The Season's Favored Colors.
Bisck, Black and white, amd some
very delicate and beavtiful shades of
gray and brown are (he favored colors
this season Ow full
pinmes on YiHiting and | promenade
hats, with matehing feather boas en
Fiandsorme Velvetoan Costamen,
Louis coats of velvet and separate
waists of velvel will be much worn:
{tien shirt wakax of velveteen in dark
whades are velfeved of thelr plainness
By a vest of bright color or white ma
terial, giving a sharp outline to the
Girl's Long Coat.
The comfortable jolig cont that closes
to the neck In a favorable sive for cold
wenther. The stylish example here 0.
instrated by May Manion combines
with this feature the triple capes and
A A SE 3 4 a Scr pS RS
; bie collar that volls
The basque Yop.
| aay be varied by the omission of ope.
two or all three. Dark red kersey
feloth ia the material chosen, the oiges
being smartly tailored with machine
| stitching in black sad smoked pear!
hottops close to the double breasted
fronts. Hat of bieck beaver trimmed
with soft loops of red Liberty satin
ribbon and black tips, The fronts are
«stylishly loose (8 Box style and join to
ithe backs by underarm seams that
with the centre back curves becoming.
iy to the figure. wide revers roll back
above the eclaning and the peck is
fnlsbed with a turnover collar that
The sleeves |
{are in regulation coat style Sniwhed at
closes invisibly in centre.
the wrist with roanded cuffs. The
capes fit smoothly over the shoulders,
and may be included in the neck seam
or folshed separately and hooked on
under the eoliar, Coats in this style
may be made from any suitable woo
| fabric, velvet, corduroy or cheviot all
{ being fashionalie.
To cut this coat for a girl of eight
Fecrs five yards of material twenty.
one inches wide. four and a quarter
twentyseve n ches wide, tro
three-quarter yards forty-four
es wide or {wo and a half yards
two inches wide will be required.
FIRO0 feet,
a Colonial
finffy ostrich
reach of the dogs.
{ paw thin, snd came
3 fear
there i= only ono town deserving
| same Rrasuolarsk, with a populetioy
i of 28,000.
in the explosions at Vesuyins in 1000
fd Professor Muttoueol sg
thnntor that ono, weighing this iy
A “unlgne specimen of archasainge™ |
—an died Belleved hy I Goetz of he
Berlin Erthnogronhieal Museam to dite
from Debween S00 and 1000 B.C
been unearthed in a feld pear Lands
A hares buver in Northwestern Kan.
gas has adopted a new plan of buvipy
horses. He pays so much a pound
rood drivers are quoted at eleven vegies
per pound, farm ors ten eerily,
ordioary plugs five conte,
In Labore there 18 or wns, 4 massive
building made only of bricks apd mor
tar, ht the Batliders. whe erected if
noah 00 BO umiliestond thely
business so well that the fabric de
find the efforts of four
suocetaive governments to rethnve |
India, fon, can show plastered build
ings white and shiue lke marie apd
fx smnoth amd polislied as glass.
One of the most enrlons plante in
the world Ix the toothbrush plant, a
specion of creeper which grows in
Jamuiva. By entting a piece of the
stom and fraviog the ends the natives
make a toothbrush, and a deniriee
to mse with IU is prepared by pulveriz.
fug the dead stems,
It bas been computed by geagra-
phers that if the sea were cmptind
of its water and all the rivers of the
earth were to pour thelr present floss
into the vacant space. allowing oth: |
ing for evaporation, #1 O00 yours would
be required to bring the water of tie
ocean op {o Its present level
A panper in Yarmonth, England. whe
dled recently, had in his Bouse han:
dreads of rare books and prints. valuing
at thoosands of pounds.
regularly in receipt of relief. Evi
dently he had spent cvery penny he
enuhd obtain an his hobby, as receints
for large sums from Parle book sellers
were found smong his possessions,
i ———
A Brave Baboon.
The analy mammals whieh thorogahiy
noderstand combination for defense, is
well a8 attack, sre the baboons, bot
Brebm, the German traveler, gives a
charming story of genuine
and self sacritiee shown by ane His
hunting dogs ave chse to ou fvaop
which was retreating to some elif,
aud cut off a very young ote yehinh
TAO UD ONto § rock, only just ent of tse
An old male mbopy
abone to the rescile
Blowly and deliberately he descended
erossed the open spuce, and, stmaning
his bumis on the ground, showing his
teeth and backed by the Turton barks |
of the vest of the baboous, he discon
certed apd cowed these savage dogs
climbed onto the rock, pleked op the
baby and earvicd him buck safely. If
the dogs bad srtacked the old patyi
arch, his tribe would probably Bave |
helped him. Burchell rhe naturalist,
after whoa Bovebiell's sebra i» warned,
let bis dogx clinse a troop. The baboons
turned on them. killed one on the spot
L hy biting through the great blood ves
seis of the peck, and Idd bare the ribs |
The Cape Duteb in the |
of another,
old colony would rather let their dogs
Bait a bon than a troop of bBaboone
The pesege of the infant ehacwms,
which Bren saw himself, is a re
Cmiarkable, and. indeed, the most ipcon:
testable Instance of the exhibition of
fourage and sell-sacrifice by a wale
“Any account of chimpanzees would
be incomplete without a reference fo
Sally, the most edaeated of her order.
Bally, wha lived in the Zoo for over
| Rix years, learned to count perfectly up
to alx, and less perfectly to ten; she
conid also distinguish white from any
calor, but if other ¢olors Were pre
sented to her she falled, apbareutly
from color blisduses — London Times
Great Tusk Goes Visiting.
‘A remarkable specimen of elephant
y= fUsk seven feet six inches in
length, apd weighing 175% pounds
bas been dispatehied from Londo for
exhibition in the National History Mu:
seums, Kildare street, Dublin, where it
will remain 18 loan for a year. The
#ephant to which the tusk belonged
was shot by Dr Graham 8 Powaall,
of the Upanda Protectorate Service
The beast possessed osly one tusk, the
other apparently having Leen broken
off in youth. According to experts it
ie the fourth largest tosk knows, and
cerfainly the longest ever secured Ly
& white hunter ~London News
Kitchener ns Rip Van Wivkile.
A letter dust recelved feo an ofions
In South Africa wavs that a subalter
i a rvarieature of Lod Kitehe
ERS wn Yan Winkle lending a centens
A stall wo
ta KRitehoner, and the
one of his grip smiles and
ring sehdier up a kKople
rer showed
else of av
“it soap poly prevhecy, bat,
RBA CY We will Bang oi bere
Ard that ase.
we wil”
Fie subalisrn was
teri uatil sesured
had at asked for
unit we
ar duty is to win ag
that Kitehoy
the artist's name.
From Tomsk to Ir Kutsk an the Bile
rian Railway, a distanee of 952 miles,
| gave a
of Inys were thaw as Hoh ol
required 810000 horse power to eject |
fen hele Maree,
i foes
46 ONE y
People of Paris Receive an Acesptabie London Bakers’ Bill Less by $55,000 a
New Year's Gift
M. Millerand minister of sommeren,
sud MM. Moogent naeltnester general
Weje New Years arosent
gaia of Paris. Fragee
the wtion
ors nr Ses cif Teraneny ma
vin thie capital will
: A rare i 1 i
ims 18 A
Grey Snead cared edi
srs fragt
“sxe eet
? 13 Al
eons ise American
foyer y fnveipn
fre nol Te a Tir afer
fav iat
at 5 4 FFA 5E Four go fey srry
! } fright
» a
Roos Fo £8
By wil &
§oam ad
pp hies
Poa Rh
Catass " Exinnt fe Cured.
With Yow seniiontinga, us Rey prpnat
thie went diene { atarsh Ha
sonstiTu kin Hiwemae aed in
yi memt take infernal di }
tarh Lore fakes her ¥ and sor tm Hive c
Iv sm the hile seul Imnonite stetaee all's
Catasryl Cure lo not a goeek medisiss 10 was
presoritivd by ons of the beet physicinrs by
this conntre % rears, and vob regalar pres
sepiotion. is ward of the beat tunics
Wmiwn cote bined w & the Last Blood purifiers,
Acting Hire Uy on the sousoos surfaces. The
perfest combination of the two ingredients is
what produces such wondeelsl reelie in car.
ing eatarrh, Seg] for tentimoninls, Tree,
¥ J Ourver & On Pro = Toleds, O,
Bold by Drogyiste, price 7
Hails Family Pills are the best,
A sea ane rte taken pes "i the Virth of
Farih in ved and Aourshed in cape
Shite upd 1 1
Best 1 Por the Hawets:
Xo miter what alle von, headaches ta
canesr don will sever got well until vour |
| beomeln mre pnt right Castankrs heip nature,
eure you withent » gripe ov path, product |
foul von fost 10
| oem to start getting your health back
He had Heed |
alone for many years, sod bad beim |
iA BEINYA | morte nis
eaners andy Oathariie the wetinine, pat up
In metal hover every Dlidet has OCC
viarapesd on it Beware +f imitations,
Al Fibers af Afr WA TRE aa
fe § ome hel nrean
pi ® rar heat
FITs verun: nentiy. erred. Retin or servons.
moms after fiver dave nee of DY Bline's threat
Noves Rustocer. $5 triad botitie and trontiee fev
sr RB. Ke EK, ig. FBY Arch | ;
New fe land ‘s meres
tralia $35 £5
VS Ei iy
Korn Winaicow s¥oothing Hye ap 2 for eliildven |
teething, roller the gums redooes infarmmn. |
Shon ailwyy fein, cures wind 2alle $e 8 Botting
the feesl Uabortant
New Aeaiaad hone 08 90 nbd
Pie ¢ Care tor © smamytion ia oan infallile
r Soagheand ens. ~ NW Sawer,
Oewan Grows, XJ. Feb, ma,
8 Per Vorgalagibre na
SH ahaa tidy
The Handsowmest Calendar
of the secsnn ln ten colores ix
Bess {on ely sheets, hi inches reprodae.
tions of intings > ed ¥ Monin faned by Gen
aval Passenger © Chienge, Hib
atk kb Br Pan
receipt af Sh cen ;
Geperat Fasanger Ager, Chicago.
Ir oo umssailv the unlucky perein was be
Revs ; FTE b Jk,
{dave of the winter,
cided that from Jaduary |
the |
viene |
pert, i
Phils Pa, |
pepo 5 Ags
joun a
: Cherry
begntiful ©
Week. »
Bread is cheap, and the poor ot |
London will have one pahlem the |
engl (0 salve thronght thee dark. pidge i
Throughout the |
Letripoiis the opaters or fourpovnd. |
made of (he finest white fiony,
Shely aed $144 fovineriy, was sol
41. il
Gs uly Shed the nuartern,
undo and the Nast
iki he kehold fread wad as low
Rd per fourpsund jos! The Lone
yon pach day
an ie fogal ta
CRT OB on day in lion
or a total of nesrly
Ko Te Teme 850
went Hn th 5%
Were naiket of
AEH vig 18GLE there
prices. the dusters
wi ARKINRY dn Averngs |
al then stood |
guarier, agnins “ohn
Fanee Bros
do met alter in price and these |
heapelt olan of buns give
bakers a hiasdsome profit. when
LE han £52 # 18 al present,
FH reid
A Texas Snring That Mat an Asciian
Haro Aciompaniment.
A sloping well ig ons of the natursd
tiosities of Tesan In fine weather
a sounding ike that of an Aentinn
harp ie given oot by the well, At times
the sound js clear: then it recedes
as if far away. aml then it reaches
the car very faintly. These chanites
ake place every few miuntes, and
with preat regularity, With an east
wind blowing the witer in tha well}
gotn very low, aud the mysterious
snug is faint A strong wost wind
ofses the water to rise and the sonpd
10 dpersake in volume amd clearness,
Holore a north wind the well plays its |
wildest uranks. The ®ater rises near.
¥ to the top of the well which is
aluiat 60 feet Jeon, and gives ont wild,
weird noises
Ste BA
y :
nsumption for many years. A
last she was given up to die. Then
she tried Ayer! : Spent. Pectoral,
nd was spec :
Chery ng you. can : take
| It's too risky to wai
until you have consum
tion. II you are coughi
et a hortle of
Pectoral at once
Three sees 2c. Mc. 31 48 dtr.
& Hii iad
ad, and
It afifieted with
Wenh BY en ies
Failed t Do for or ise A
LaMonte What W
{lished by Lydia E. Phi
stable Compound.
“Diwan Mux Piximas i=l was §
; wn owiul state for nearly three )
with a eommpileation of female troutiles
weno prrte good white which theoe phiysicinas caliod by dif
~ fereat names, but thy pains were all
1 dreaded the | »
monthly periods for it meant south
of days in bed in awfal agony.
iy made up my mind that oe
doctirrs were guessing : and hearing
from different friends such good me
ports of Lydian E. Pinkham's Vege
etabile Compound, I tried that
Lijess she day I id. for it was |
dawning of a new life for me 1 ®
five hotties before | wos cured. :
when they were taken | was 8
womnb ones nore. Your ar Compornd ig
certainly wonderful f my
friends have used it since, and nothing
but the best do I ever hear from
wie." Yours, Mansriz L. LaMowrn, Fs
272 BE 3st St. Chicago, iil —
Lorfelt If abeen tertimontal iv rit genitive
H Lydia E. Pinkham's Ve
table Compound could cure
LaMonte— why not you ? TYR
and see for yourself,
Mrs. ce. Adds advises silt Wo
Cr 4 nth
Pm up in Collapsible Tubes. er
A Subacute tie and Superior th Mustand of mg
othe plaster, and will aot Blister (he wmond | Cs
C] skin The pain slaving wud carte gus ites of
Shalt wrt le ire wend. 14 wil) stop the tothe 23
Ne at rele Baadne te and weletion :
Wo nevinnnrend (1 00 tha Dest sol waleet suterunl 3
adanlae-drritan: basen, deo se sn sxieenal tanedy
| 1 oko in 1h clvet mind stomach sod oll riomatie,
Baur and goaty opie
A orGd will proce what we clades for a :
De fond bo be tvatnabie 16 the hensahald
Pople may TIL BE Lhe beat of alt your peoneralions®
Prien, 15 conte, a2 ail draewsais ve ler deal
Cot hy mami YhIn wnoant Me ue 15 pontine Shae
Cw wl med goes x tah by mail,
Wor srtiede shal be arviesied By the public wiles
tut slip curve our labels an gtlerwios i 9 80
eine |
35 Sate Surent, Now Tork Gin
Hr Seber
of Syrup of Figs 1s due to its pleasant form and perfect freedom from every
objectionable quality or substance and to the fact that it acts gently and truly
#8 a laxative, without in any way disturbing the natural functions. The
requisite knowledge of what a laxative should be ard of the best means for its
production enable the California Fig Syrup Co. to supply the general demand
for a laxative, simple and wholesome in its nature and truly beneficial in its
effects; au laxative which acts pleasantly and leaves the internal organs in a
naturally healthy condition and which does not weaken them.
To assist nature, when nature needs assistance, it is all important that the.
medicinal agems used should be of the best quality and of known value and Syrup
of Figs possesses this great advantage over all other remedies. that it does not
weaken the organs on which it acts and therefore it promotes a healthful con-
dition of the bowels and assists one in forming regular habits.
Among its many
excellent qualities may be mentioned its perfect safety, in all cases requiring a
laxative, even for the babe, or its mother, the maider or the wife, the invalid,
or the robust man.
Syrup of Figs is well known to be a combination of the laxative principles
of plants, which uct most beneficially, with pleasant aromatic liquids and the
juice of figs, agreeable and refreshing to the taste and acceptable to the system,
The quality of Syrup of Figs is due not
only to the excellence of the combination, bret also to the original method of
martifacture which ensures perfect purity and oniftrmity of product and it is
in buying, in order to get its beneficial effects. to note
the full name of the Company —California Fig Syrup Co. ~printed on the front
when its gentle cleansing is desired.
therefore all important,
of every package.
Louisville, Ky.
San Francisco, Ca.