The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, January 23, 1902, Image 2

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    me a smile, my brother?
BL kindly eye!
my weshnew
°R sky.
1 he. frmber.
tattered ft at
EL Por two rete
would ave reid ar
j1d4 =
§ Abby” i
Hix mind was fall of what this do |
1 ing would have hess had he possessed |
thr meAns Io oqrry ont his Jeving de
Winter's aver,
fon with brisk fontatens,
fthe last setlier's cabin on
5 soviinnd
sarwn-pur howl
-| before
Wout one fit a0 word o ed vi
Ww n't you give me. your hand. my brother?
Tet Sa wlore we part?
I: oad ghten ny joad of sarepw
rigaten mE eax ¥. pears
been able to do real well by
sires, The log cabin which was 10 be
hin sister's howe, would, be well knew,
he destitate of ail but the barest con
Deep in his heart lay the
fond wish to distinguish it by some
; spireinl Iazurs.
“Fraps I have nek yet before the
over.” he soliloguized.
The sharp pip of the oid sent hi
He pasecd
his way,
turned his hae on the rough char
| ings and stroek inf a hamier road
widelh penetrated into {he beast of the
{dense woods.
But 83 Le continuad hie walk
quick step was spddenty arranted. The |
| vehi of the wind, even fn Be angriest
nshing of the forest. never made 2
He that low pitebed, long
tn his life Jack Bad hessd
i the dismal yell but always under cir
citipstances ncloding na denser. How
“Line men In the bleak Nori conutry
hated the speaking creatures which
preyed on the few flocks of sheep
A sttack children or even 8 win
when enough of them came together
g Many a wolf story had Jack Ustened |
ta beside
were peiting scarcer ax the conntry lb,
Begr |
Fhe eawmpfire. The animals
fo peadually beens more seltied,
he Bad beard of cases in which the |
severity of (he season had bronght the
ely thisgs in packs frightfully mem
ibe scattered homes,
He listened with every senss on keen
Nis, it oak not the wind, Been
in the short monient in which be stond
still he could Taney that it grew louder,
that snarling Bowl broken by barks
ning rays of the reddening
a sparkle to the snow as
set out on his Jong waik.
inary took its last glance
world the moon arose,
a cold appalling to any |
thas the forest laliovers
0 other climate, and re.
nek, in bis Tirol sustained
) an of the house, was al
before on ap errand of
fn fully out of sight of
id all possible
: ing peeupane he paused
on nis heats Huson from the
Nothing to do with the hr whic h
his face as he carefully logs. |
the wrappings to gaze <n an or-
if colored glass set in brass,
for the adornment of the
: it's fine.
of i. There isn’t a girl in the settle.
that's got one like it”
: ith a miore sober face, ag
at the sun's rays as they
rough the Zines and were re-
the metal, he returned the
y his pocket, “it ain't up really
T'd ought to do for Abby, and
in’ married. Father'd 'a’ given
n° of a settin'-ont.
a got one “od sold the skin, i
] miEkine hg
roel taken from his hres: i
And Abby'll think no end
¢! All
ve been watchin’ for a Dear.
and yells, He looked carefully at the
condition of his gus
“Fm all right ax long as 1 bave you”
he said, giving it a pat 32 be hurried
on. Huredf that really In oa wolf
or it might be two or three of ‘erg by |
the poise othe wooper | can get to the
Huleomnb eleatin’ the better I'L Ike
] LH
He increased his speed to 8 ran, but
{the shortuess of brearh induced by the
extremes cold soon brought him to a
And in the dead bush of the for.
est the appalling poles came
distinetoess which brought to Jack
ihre drst thought of peril.
Not une well, of twa nr three, tut 6)
pack, driven by stareation
bBurrot of that ceaseless yoiil With
all his sivehith the boy pressed on,
toltrar adding spsed to Bix liane I
was for life, this raseé-be Bnew ©
well mow. No ganshot wend
with that park of yelilng demons The
pateties of moonlight were few and far
bitween In the dense shadows of the
trees, and with straining eves he
watched for the eurve in the road
swhich would bring him to HoleomU's
Aelearing Bay ant gulek breaths of
ihe pursuing enemy bees
£3, the
i guishable amid their barks and Howls,
Sack realiged that be had po
XNourer. elas by
id, an old by
gine disused ax a dwelling
conally lemporarily ovcupied
settler cx guaking thelr way farther
How ‘Tar be mich: find safery hese
hr could only conjecture, bul it was
something in the way of un shelter
The wolves were close behind ss he
dashed into the eabin, giving the door
a desperate shove aller him.
to fusten it. for the yeips tame
But there were friendly rafiers
ad with one leap Jack was
With bis head reeling, breath come
ing in heavy pants aud 3 falnmhess in
realizing the horror of his situation,
Juek grasped the thubers. They were
old: he could alinost fancy they shook
and swayed under him. He did wot
Elles i Pe
Ny thane
i foo,
trust himself 10 look below until he
Two or three tlmeki
{ ove;
| monotonous tivesthe shont, the exhil
with a}
felt Wimselt securely Po
demons. leaning,
that thelr prey, so pear, should yet
be Beyond thelr reach. Jack did pot
take a second lok With réeinrning
Dreath and steadizr head be broumbt
Bis sirong common sears 1 the on
sidering of the slination
“Howl zwar, you bras. You thi
pg Tope By gol pe sone or 4
dor’ you? Not iF ms oa woods Have
How pany of them wore thered
I Wontld they never quilt crowding in
81 that dear CA few pwinents ater
{be heard 8
pans The door had ut leagih been
puahed) ghot, and in ope of the feantie
fens x heavy old wooden lateh Bmd
fallen into place,
“Ah bere I ammolocked in Now
what sexi I wonder which of us
im dizgier when at length he ventired :
{a glance. There they wire, the hungry |
snauping, enraged |
dntl slam —— the fin
gnariiny Yoleow snd jooked for the |
Cving 4 add the grain _-
paris aught to mabe a good vm
would wisrve to death fret” he mut
termd. “Yon, shazbe” with
glapes at his fore. “for you're bungry |
0 begin with, apd Tm pot. Only I'm |
not so used to belng lwngry as you
Regaining bis gerve and self posses
with anxious eves He saw thst so
jong sx be looked well to his bold |
araong the rafters he wax in to pres.
eat danger. But how was he to gel
out? The cabin was built of logs
might work for days withoot nakiog
aby lmpreseion on is solid sides,
But above hiss, wibin easy
of his hands. was the roof. through
which same smi fwinkies of blessed
wmonlight. He soon found
Séther, then Snbebed wiih 8 thick fav
or ing of brugh. To biy great joy be
found that decay bad gun ty work
and the smaller saplings were ready
to orgmids ander a vigorous touch
ui others ware strong.
Field oply to show
Raid Fix foothizr wis precarious; |
with ane hand be ust continpe ly |
supers hmself
le never could have told of how
many hours of frightfully exhaustive
hor foilowed his conviction that
through that roof Isy the only hope of
{saving his young life. Onde be stopped,
aimnest Ih despair
Must be about fhar waddin® time
now,” Be groaned. Bis bead droped
wpof his free bBapd "And if they
knew mother sad all of "sin" At
i oagain. Aw at length he cogld pot his
esd oul 8 Dew lear was growing.
What if mare of bis plirsuers were on
the ooiside? Then there was pio belp
for him. Bbhelieyiess be would surely
frevze to death before the evoel night
wold be ever Better that than the
other, With bleeding baads, whirling
brain, every muscle on on #irals with
the Jas effory, Jack pulled hduesid
upon the roof and peered over its |
edge. No, there were no more, The
| glaring eves the gassing teeth, the
Bowie the pandeivoninm--all shut in
With mmewed sirengih. byrne of
blessed certainty, Jack sped Baek to
tHe can for help
I was a froile such sas woodsiseh
ancl a2 rarely coms to their
arating ph over the frogen snow,
the heen reilnli for the bunt
“Beswnh hardly fate thongh, poor
Bentea- Jie kin’ advantage of Tein,
shut in #0.” sakl ane.
Bot sentinient did pot preva, as
she alter nother of the snarling voles
wis husband.
“Seventeen of ‘em, ax I'm oa lv
man Jack, my ay, Jou be rich on
your bounty”
Bounty! Jack had mst had thee Io
ink of that-—of the Ove good dollars |
paid by the State for each ote of the
gly wealpe. And to think of all the
good things Be could do for Abby and
Thom olin!
“But,” he Degan. “it belcogs to all
of you~roa all belped.”
“Not a bit of it, bey. Every cent of
it goes to you You ost earned it
wih your Fife
* * -* & « ® .
“The weddin's all aver, of course”
said Jaok, fo hlmeslf, as late in the
aight. be Grew pear bog,
Bat po wedding bad taken place
Mother and Abby, with anxious Taos,
were siting over the fire, ats! he was
received Wilh a maak of anen are.
“Where's Hirao” was Jack's first
“Hiraw's gue back-he can
gol away olive x week, you Know a
Gove! And wih EL you”
“And do yea think there'd he aay
wedi hove without you, Jacke? And
Wwe ot Rnowin what might» Ean
TOA he weddin's put off Gl next
onl ¥
There was Hithe delsy in securing
the Bonnty af the pare county town,
Aust Abby relniesd tn sgeh a Ysertind
sat’ fore of the hardy voung hots
makers hal ever Ruoowpo-Ridaey
Dayre, lo the Chicago Record Herald,
A vaeable
ks off Lake iL]
inelude Bon |
ads, speariegel
roa se irted
vrrgaed Eel fously
PN fnew,
rE edt EE ee am A
Srvds of flu arrowhe
axbhowds of slate, Sing,
A0 eRoFmOUs masks of
sigrilar frig
siyie as
st hie paris TH
wba discovery
‘ the ex intense (othe neighbor. |
Laws limen of a pumerons
iS mn duet BZ tir sian age. The
SHER fan tis
ate, Satie ating the riaisaioe af 8 con
shlera bl wihteh niust have vith
wen wiped ont or Rav © nigrated to
other regions before atininigg any
higher stage of culture thay that of the
stone age —Lindon Standard.
% tribe,
tvs em—————
The present population of Ecuador
another |
be examined his surroundiogs |
reach |
that #0
was made of sanfivgs nid close toe)
Thay woudd |
carting wih bis |
drawbacks a
{ serves 8 onl
ithe earth would Kvieny
t town :
saw aud Aw
inn the |
ait of ot elas ansd |
18 about LI0UONG, including ludisps. |
To Food Wege :
A Massachusetts repler warily
know bow
a the Lull
game ime Keep them in growing coo |
Probable ihe heat pln wold ho 10
tat the Bay and foedd [t 88 2 slop in |
foniandticn with growsd rain
hay shoul! Le sfearmnt bat If
have pot the fae! es to dle TB pony
toting Rat wmitsr nn and afier tiv
fharong oly,
oats and clover hay
the averdge bor asd (hey
fet threw tie un day ax siucd
will eat up clran-- New Yor w Ba
Fons Fetter Thus Cow
SH Paw And fw average vesvly
© to gan potlilage of the ong
rd work in milking and
COMP wiih the ¥
d Ave more of riya
will foralsh thn fand fhe
profits Tram wilen will far sxosnd that
of the sow. The sevtret of ancosss
with poultry | in fait hal application
Gf soma
Eels % he fannot pais panty Hay.
ary ay wa ses sxhmples of what
can be done and though
failures, no cause san allways be fousd
Home and Fann
5 [oasw
Campurisan of Fay ned Pastas,
Des it pay to nse 4 pasture: that
¢ wi @ larger profit be derteait ftom
fowd that are givens
gue of g Basture oy
tf simeil Geleint hax?
4 nOnt
fomrnd, at or paente: 4 Leary thal atont
fonr times 38 moeh fod
tained from 4 meadow by gllowing if
to prods Bay than iy pasturing
which means hat four cows van he
Hep sn the fared aliens only one can
ha kent hy pastiring 3. One of the
hay, however la that ronsidferable in
far is
her tn pagnived in mowing coring and |
the |
storing the bay while the cons on
pastors perform the Wibor Also that
onrws given green fool ae pmsitavape
prodaca more mil in the sommes sea
then wid
in equal
dues svipy
is accotnortara where grass is consumed by the stock
Ean |
Loran get weeds that they Hike
wa Jie nee]
: Rhye
wnefnatvely the
wil] the sims and |
Eration |
eanld be ob |
wsing the nd for
i tay vise
ool colinre od in
dain hows
suwdast or placed in heaps ont of
doors, and covered with a foot of
chat or with giraw Charles Ashley
im The Epliomisr
Destraction of Westerns Ranges.
| Being born and rales) in the beart
L.of the range west of the Rovky moun.
Cin year the destruction of the feed
upon thess ranged by the mmenss
herds of cattle. sheep and horses, | am
: constrained to write a word regarding
tls destruction, Twenty Sve years
Sago the valleys and mountaiss of
| Idato, Nevada and Utah were waving
{ with ried grasses, encogh being pop
‘year to feod more Bead of |
atile than has ever bosn grazed on
ir any five vedars. provifing it had
fell ne stock
arin. Woe cannot term It destruction
turned io bee! mutton orf horseflosh,
: hut when the grass fx datén and the
, Tal i mi. a
trodden ont and the ground left
en ois destrartion. 1 have ob
4 that cattle will graze on XN
| Tange (rom gear to year and there will
the grass but with horses and shesp
it is not the case. Horses ent the
CRTR 10 the very roots, Mposing them
: i the Bat sun, and the roca din)
n genie methodn and no man |
Seep Jo mot out grass when they
(to ihe ange that they traverse. AW
I writs look spon Mount Caddy and
: grdar clouds of dist Hsing I
ha meuption side yon woald see
SoG sbenp In a drove traveling
: # the mousials in the cool of the
I morning eating their breakfast, They
nip a [ttle on this baeh and oa Hts
0 that one, while under thelr fest ix
being {rodden tha sol jerasmes, which
thes seldom toneh, This brand of
peep will trams and apron the gras
antil 1 beonoves toe hot to travel then
C they will te%e refuge beniath the
bri and trees until evening. when
Cibey will again begin Akelr mare of
destruction, treading su thousands of
favre of
grasy during one sanaher
This h
Santi] now the maastalvs and esllevs
in the searching sun. Nov seven a
| sheep can axist in many of these once
beautiful grisse plains PF 1. Feath-
coerston, in Practical Parmer,
son than if Rest on bay, and pust be |
given green food in sbms manner 1o
he profitable
Khelinring Tools
The farmer cannot afford to have
godt fonds and mac ine ry on his farm,
nuloss Be can a®ard
Lay protert then Tras the weather and
Be cannot spend an hoor or a
mee prisfitahly
ap. overhauling them and making rv
paire on them before they are HRely |
too be wanted again.
rowa and more expensive madhinery
deft oat of doors this winter will de
in valne nav than olieflnh,
Fhe loss would saore than pay the in
terest an the com nf goad Ball a }
tn shelter them in andl in many oxsea
exceed the faves on the farm If they
wera not properly cated for when last
weed, take one of thease fige dave and
gather them up clean them oll all the
fran work and paint all the wool work, |
| Never mind petzing a piinter to
the fob. Huy a can of remdy mixed
paint and & cheap brash. Use any
color that vou Hike Bur use it fresky,
f/Ot AF An ornamenl bul ax 3 PrEReris
tive of the wood &s the ofl 8 of the
fron. We beard of tao farmers who |
cwnel a’ harrow in parineralilp, and
thought it should be painted,
eontld not agres on the color Figaly
they compromises and one
his half Liack, while the other uaed
yellow ochre. We never Toarned which
hal! wore out fire. ‘While overasul
{ng ses that all bolts and puts are in
plase and broken purty mendad ~The
Winter Keep af Cablosgn,
Cabbage may Fug neg By any mot
which nearly excludes the fri He, pre
degrees of moisture, Xx i!
than if
resting on a floor,
legs protection.
thas to réssive 3 proper degres
molars. A omni way to
cabbage by the quantity 8 to
them ont in the groimd until
the end of November and then
and place them invediad on
provind, packed lossy tognt hey
Rada five or six feu Pa, oir ele
foot spaces bs Swen They mac be
thas left tll the proved is about to
frovze. when the earth betw is
rows, is dug and placed
nm the Inverted heads
thick, the tins nf ths
shame Ml
may he WE rr
Kao and
on tha oak
and we
ba Hikely
mx 1}
win? six ned
the poyer)
in nlnesd
Gif Fi
upem the
the work
by: hand
nracticalde. {tk
ground has very i i
A great ragary it as of
Snpatante fu phos the earth
times, making © mellow tao
deep in Forming a tedmeh or
to place them ino thug tho
earth is thrown azaing
the plow. The frost vans
the meilow sarth,
before very cold
In ooor
right on
a DiYvey
weather sets
: the }
§ tocoBave bulldtings
than In cleaning them © oo
The plows, har
spied pairs x
Bienes ly
Sk ge &
the heady with |
ot metas
If thr work is done
in |
the central part of the row may be |
Applies nn the Tree,
The rizk which speculators and
| denlors ars willing ro mike in buying
apples on the tree and attending to
wryaating and selling themselves
Pte the grows In large applegrowing
Fregions it ix rapidly hecoming the ons
tony Tor farmers to sell thelr apples in
and iF one stadlion the anes
tion of value and kpows how to cal
culate the earth of his feud on the
Dtreen It fe 8ogood thing to dispose of
Cthe apples in tha way The purchaw
ing companies are guaerally ahls to
puke hotter arrangemmia for trans
bation eeith the sailread companies
3 inlividual farmer. and they
wpioy a small army of expert
i plekers snd packers who accompany
them from one arcliasd to another
They can phtssquently plek and pack
apples at less expense than the farm
er who must depend dpon whatever
ho can arours (0 Lhe harvest ges
aur. Mare than (bis the spseniators
who buy the apples on the trees Know
sw tn dbateibute the products
The apples are carefully sorted by
them In different grades. It might
prove 8 pweful lessen Io any grower
Cn study thelr method Fipst,
Ceormme the choles applon for sxport or
the fancy city trade These are select
Coed with the pesatent curv and packed
earefaliy, often being wrapped in in
dividual tissue paper. For a barrel of
such apples a packer void ma he axe
pected to receive $5 and 38 In ordicary
ng. Vere tow farmers could secure
th pricos, The demand fa of convey,
: Hmited,
ta “find By the average shipper. It is
the experience of the men who make
a busines ui the anple crop
that B meenrs these aX
Crracrdinary prices
The grade of Tait
coprbee which usually represents the
grads called faney in the ardinayy
marke These apules are figs cEne
fails and packsl But not
wrabnsd ig pyper
Like way from 3 te 34 per barrel,
Below thea are the goml a
# Fito
C help
Yip Epes Bai
gg nf hae fdli
¥ bi aa
AL {
whivh sell
in oparksta wi
§ Fen : anrenial
thae mas
another grads,
wis ta oedinary
wed! fram $100 to $100
Barrel sling to market condi
Anything helipw (hess are
viii k
ir wd Lik Eh Fontes viper
: : the
this way hers fy
- apple ts gulickly sent to
factory when the farm
sod T 44
wil often Jo pay more for
the troes than the grower
it HW he picked, packed
it hiwasel! Sua as anid in
beginning, one mast know the val
of hw apobss on the trees. The
ape apeeidaters are not offering
fisr the frit than they
arp worth: it 4 for the grower to find
this aout--% W. Chambers, io Ameri
can Cultivator.
more. money
or they may be wot my
their natural position in low boxes |
{filled with earth dump moss. damp
to feed hogs on vloyier bay |
of the food and st the
taing, and havisg observed from year |
in foal on any good
tirtis damage done to the roots of |
DUT we
auld be transported to he soeng
han gots on from vear 1o year,
af fhe far wert Ue bros and bharven
CC inlrsdpienitly proves & prest boon
and the purchasers are hand |
{a ardinary |
They command all |
mad choles |
for about 22 2 baurel |
Never quit cortuinty y ripe.
Lokers ars always in the wrong.
Tie hook of Maybes is very hood
Who robs a scholar fobs the publie.
A pod companion
Butter go aloo thus fall into the
Fur a fying evemy | make a silver
: bridge.
The diseases & man dremds, that .-
Gives of,
Plow. or not plow, you must pay
Four ont
Whett 5 friend ssketh, thers I» 89
tonshrn ir
The Hobaitiing to one wrong brings
on dine he Tr
Fooly puke fashions and wile men
“follow then
Wewar of enemisg reconciled asd
met twine Dovid
A Blow frog a (rying pan, though i€
I domk mot hurt, K wiliins.~ Spanish
Complaint of Dasnsgs te Garments snl:
High Bate fram Cweretawding.
“) reget that in most chavolies Uiete |
in the moiter of Gearing the CORgrege-
Liss, mb 8 charcheoer,
xb of today may be able 10 eal
go epnrd for the comfort of the strans
gor within the gates. Maybe he i pot
aitogaiber to Binme. Maybe ©» the
fault, io part. of the
LF est ry
"iodm freguently squecsed ote &
pew built for Sve poopie. but wile
by crowding is packed with seven AL
thin: senson of the year men sed
WOME wear wraps to church which
MEE De removed when the attendants
{ enter the pow. There (5 00 sroaage
met jor their wraps
“Thi wecupants of the jew must sit
under the seal
“HE the service is one which reqivives
j frequent knesling and rising. the hat,
after ehviiroh, Jooks as if it belonged to
a Bromtway cxliby. I have had two
crushed and dested
“I am free to. ponfess that | do not
know what remedy (oc suggest That
matier, [ think, is up to the demons,
eldurs op veatrymen,
“1 den that Dr Rainsford of St
Geargite Is quoted as complaining
tendagon. May it not Se in part dus
to the wk of comfort in seating eo
The theatrical munhgers of the
spect than the churches. Because asl
vation bi free Lv no reason why 5 mag
or woman © should be
them, or why a man should havs his
hat Wichad in By the mus (80 the pew
“1 oshonld ke slag to say something
Caboat the woman who wesrs the
Biggest hat in her collection fo chhareh
But tha will come later. We should
| be grateful fer jhe service which pee
gules such women to get on thelr
“knees fresguentiy,
one car occasionally get 3 glimpwe of
the Fasten Tee Naw York Hun.
The Gorpal af r Betth,
“ay bes healthy is the aatural state,
and dames is jo nine cases out of
ten, our punishment for some indie
eration OF oxvens.
“Beary timed we are {I {t in part of
sty remaining youth which we sgn
hoadarthie or paesmonia, Is
piishedt ry a strenons effort of vitdity,
Cited of {le
ta Ave regularly, sidwy, with a fre
gallty thar stupid percons alone will
devm sainlal or secontric
“Blues sight hours in every 24
“Ventilate the rooms vou work and
slenp in Very few people sven among
these whi think they are well up in
munlera leas have any coneeption of
wall ventilation means. Even whea
my voids was [the only thing { had
in the world 1 slept with my window
while open, summer and winter, and
never pnnght eld in that way
“Exnntine setiousty vhur ng of see
cial oliigations) have the good: lense
that ibsre 8 | neither pleasures noe
profit In mest Hf what you regard as
exgential in Hat line. and simplify
vane gap iifp~nimplify it all you
comand warty ig the
and Bb
living brings worry.
main enemy of health
banpiness one fiendish mi
robe thar dost more to destroy the
heglith and happiness of mankind than
aay ofhar.
“Make your home a pleasant place,
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