The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, November 28, 1901, Image 1

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. 1 : . xy
Susan Koontz, receiving; Emma!
Zimmer. 2
Peter Naproos et al, larceny, Dasiet |”
A. Thomas.
gi Ream, attempted felony; H. Y.
LPR MeConnell, defrauding hotel
{ keeper; Joha Hstep,
Dravid Lingenfelter, sseanit and bats
| tery. with ictent to maim: Michael
» | n he List Hungarian Gayansky. :
From Patron Wit we reed George W. Bharkey, larceny; Jobn |
Tors Almost all the Linseed dn t Plointer, !
ated. Lymen Wiss, lareery A, Heals
Frank Kine, frand; Albert Lapert,
I James Alexander, larceny: Ernest
_ponvene af the oh.
8 ¢. Prosecutors | winam Hardy, false pretense; Goo.
witnesses must be present
: T. Bmith.
thé ease in which they ar ¢
is presented to the Grand
Fred Bland el al, aggravaled assanit
and battery; William Watson, i
: Commonwealth vs Bonivant Steigar, |
ing cases will come before malicious mischief; prosecutor, W. 8
| Confer.
i |W. W. Bailey, libel; George M. |
awealth v8. Norman C. Kis Wentz.
y ; Molile Neumer, abortion; James C.
| Barnes. :
| John Estep, larceny by bailee: F. 5. |
i MeConnell
Abe Gallabar, larceny by ballee;
Lena Ager.
Emanuel Haas, aggravated assault |
and battery; J. H. Wile.
John Berrish, assault and battery,
| with intent to kill; George Bertreson.
M. K. Piper, pure food law; James |
Bd Cowan, pure food law; James
| Pomst
WW. M. Haupt, pore food law; Jaioes
W. J Weaklank, pure food
| James Foust,
Anthony Werner, pure food nw;
"1 James Foust.
wl Jane Lehay, pure food lw; James
. Foust.
| George Fockler, Jr, pure food law;
| Jacies Pouast.
F. H. Learn et al, pure food law;
ames Foust.
F. B. Custer, pure food law, James
TL Properties tos hve Prisposed of wt ihe Cour 3
gi Himine on Mondsy,
"_ Bheriff Eimer E. Davis bas adver
itised the following properties to be
"isold on Monday, December and, at 1
o'clock pon
“ ; * The interest of James P. Shade in &
: Di ment, assault and battery’; {jot of ground in Barpesboro, DAYING |
’ thereon a stable. i
ammauit and battery: The interest of Mary Jane Herzog
: iin 50 acres of land in Cambria town.
ship, haviog thereon a plank house
| and stable.
| Tne interest of Susanah Heisel in a;
Lot of ground in Marysville, ( iallitain |
| townabip, having thereon a twostory
dwelling, state and outbuildings.
wi The interest of William MeDade in a
Lot of ground in Tunnellbill, having,
_ thereon & two-story frame house,
stable and outbuildings. |
The interest of E. F. Bpencer in v2
"| acres and 19 perches in Read townsiip. |
| The interest of the same in 25
| perches of land in Head township,
Williams ot al, malicious wis | adjoining the above, excepting and re
i serving four lots of ground. :
The interest of Frank Glasser and |
Philomena Glasser in 62 acres and &
perches of land in Elder townsbi a
ing thereon a dwelling house, barn
{and outbulldings, excepting therefrom
“1 5 mores and ¥2 perches.
The interest of the Beaver Dam Coal
company, limited, in alijthe undivided
half part of all the coal, fire clay, oil, |
i: gas and other minerals in White town-
' {ship as folio ws:
No. 1. containing 222 acres and 155 |
No. 2. containing 143 acres and 30
* | perches aud allowances.
No. 3. Containing 83 acres more or |
loss together with one-half all the
| props, mine and tie timber and the
ny and receiv. | privilege of ingress,egross and regress, |
with right of mining, boxing, remov-
tang: areeny and receiv ing said coal, ete.
3 Walters | The interest of Jobu Mills, J. D. Par
angall receiving; James mM ish, administrator of John Mills, de
ceased, James Mills, Annie Milis wid
ministratrix of James Mills, deceased, :
Jacob H Weaver, with notice to Cath-
erine Weaver, widow of Jobn Mills, |
hea 2 in 41 acres and 100 perches and allow:
“Bittoger, Pceiving; Prank ances of land in Clearfield township, |
: about 18 acres of which are cleared, |
Bing: unlasfol purchise having thereon a plank dwelling house |
| and frame stable, minerals reserved.
If you want bread, buns or cakes,
| go to Patton Bupply Co. They handie
| the Heess bread from Altoona ~hest in |
the town.
~Patronize the home print shop |
We are better prepared than ever Lo |
| turn out commercial printing of ail |
: ds an at prices that can’t be Supe}
Cots this grasa was Girt pron af at
Be Poitier Wen In a fever ard Plistiy Coys
fentoad Fino Beall Grouse,
Patton's foot ball bam went Gown
[to defeat after a hard seagge at Eb
{unsborg on Thursday by the wri
Caeore of 3 Ell (The conniy sR Lean
feast four players from Ebeosburg.
The Bras Bail restilied in oseither side
Moving anid when He Was dude Pal.
bon was withia tea bot ol B
Mont af the joi SVG Was done Gn
Pansbnes's territory. To the hall Dab
P Reamer was Gnioriuaale caouRgo
Shave Bis bot neo baowen an bbe sine
JER, bat Win Bonnell was SLiiese
fala wad frist tip an excelent Rain,
{in the second Bail Patton was not in
iit to any appre dabie extent, and alter
| Boezer had bis jeft ankle sprained and |
| was com petied to ret ire froin Whe game
| the boys fost beart and allowed their
oppunarts fay genre a Wouchiawn, winoh
was all the souring dane in the contest.
Patton was cluarly oulciissed and
| has no apologizes to offer, but weak
like another chance al the sxe aggro
| gation aller Lhe Ww sanded mwnbers of
Lehe tesin recover sufficiently to play
Following is the hneaap of the teams:
| Ebensborg & Position, Patton 0.
| Qottiemyer felt ond Yeckley
| Hiartmany ofl tackie Mitchell
| Fessler tefl goard Fi gery
| Brown enter
{ Herstibirger right guard Beezer
| Bolsinger right tackle T. Mitchel
Anderson right end Reamer
{Evans gaarter back Seite
: | Cratic jet half Yockiey
Wii Elder right aif Ciliece
Cri fullback Noonan
Touchdown Fader, Prashie pani Fr eof,
'q M Bentz, of South Fork, Time
keeper M. Dr. Kittel, Fag, Time of
halves: Fifteen mints,
| Properties to This End & of the Conaly That
Uieanged Hands Resontly
J. L. Spangler ot ax to T. A. Doug-
i bas, Spangler, §1.
T A Douglass ef ux to J ship Bitters, |
| Spangler, $1,000.
Witliams Hartzog et ux to Peter CU.
i Cole, Usrroll township, $1,300,
¥ sceiwior Building and Loan associs-
jon 66 Amanda MaosSehl, Ashville, |
Robert Graham et ux #L ai to ory borotigh
| Chiristoff, GArroi township, #27 nant
HF Bartonet ax etaito a Kom
ervitle, Patton, gi
Kenpedy Crossan et 8x 0 Mike!
| Btrolio, Barnesboro, $24
wr B. Cashing, by treasurer. to J.
Leech, Barpesboro, $i
> W. Jeech ot ux to Mike Strodlo,
Barnesboro 5, $1.
Mary A. Mannion to Andrew Man. |
nion, Sasquebanna township, $i
Thomas Getting et ax et al to Jas
1. Sheehan, Clearfield township, $50.
Anria Crosager et vir to Chas K.
Miller, Eider township, $800.
W. H Roddaet axet alto Dr. GF.
MeDonald, Gallitzin borough, $750.
Michael H. Nagle et ux to Peter
| Able, Hastings, $100.
LL € Stiner to Mrs. M. G Work Gal
litain boroagh, $550,
Spangler Improvement company to
| Jokn Krog ot al, Spangler, $355.
John J. Dietrich #t ux lo Gustave
{ Bennler ¢f al, Carroll township, $225
Cw Sisreroank, & Dwelling aud Harber
Step |) had are Consivmned
A fire at Bpangler jast Wednesday |
abou noon resuited in the destruction
lof property veined at about £3,500. Ii
| atarted in the residence of Richard
| Weotherson and was not discovered |
aatil the upper story was all ablase.
The flames Were sou communicated
Lo the bullding occupied by Max Schiff:
man as a store and dwelling, and in
which Andy Kuzgima also resided; and |
: Petitions to be Presented to|
Judge and Commissioners,
fi Rewpmyibie for the Mave jo Traustey ant
Bd One sii Fhave Che Uounty ibid a
Never Erne Patines Haein Many Shgnwrs |
for Both the Po eet
The following petitions, which are |
self ex phasatory, have been dircuisted |
this week hy Councilinen Mot ‘ormick |
cid Rave bern nomerousty signed!
To thw Honorable, the Comma
ars of Cambri county.
The petition of the andersigned res
dents of the borough of Patton
respectfully represent:
That the tounty bridge across C est
Crank on Magee avenue, in Patton |
‘day last,
| porauga pear the P. RR depot, is ep: ‘hav C the uj i-to-date stutt of this Section.
rely too narrow to mest the require |
ments of publ travel, and a Lait
the fall width of the street 40 Gat,
fissehed at said point. And thal & new I Neckw ear. Sweate
bridge Is greatly peedisd soross Littie |
Chest Creek on Mages avenue, the oid |
one boing greatly decayed and danger.
ous to public trivvel
That the oid bridge across Chest
Crook would mest the requirements an sweeps the snow
4 bridge aorose Little Chest Uresk ah
the point toys pamexi, We the refore
afraid tip say so,
At the time. he
We have an u
A man from (oalport said to me on Mon-
There is no use talking Bell, you
was looking in dur show window at the
. Shoes ¢ and MuBers dis splay ved there,
Well we know it. If a man has a good horse he isn't
Neither are we jifraid to talk shop—no one
from our sidewalks but us
date store. A bang up big stock of
sek you to construct & bridge of the fixings in this line and we want viout to know it, you who do
widih of forty fest over { hast Drewk,
and move the old bridge and locate not come here.
the same over Little Chest Uresk on :
Magee avennr. :
To the Hotorable A, V. Barker. Judge
We sell a lot of men’s suits made to order. They fit as
| well as any suits can fit. The main point of this thou ught is
sf the {ourt of Quarter Hewsdons that we save you from $4. 00 to $8. 00 on any suit made
{anbria county. iy
he petition of the undersigned, in- by us. We se 1
the best people in 4 counties clothing to At.
hans of the bx ation, Ye . .
stants of the borough of Patton, (uo we cell you ? Try us once. We will gain your trade.
wvonnty of Cambria, State of Pentinyl |
vanis, respectfully represents: That a
"hridge is much SeAtigext over Little |
fo Cots ee vise KRY STONE Clothing and Shoe Dealers.
Roe AVENUE CTTRSoN anid © reek,
six hundred fost west of Fifth pi i
in said borough of Patton, the abd
bridge there being a wooden bridge,
| and so greatly decayed sud damaged
| that it ix onsafe for public travel, and
the creek bed too deep to be forded;
| and that the expenses of erectiog sali
bridge would be too heavy and burden
some opoti the inhabitants of said
Your petitioners therefore pray
your honcrable Court to appoint
| proper pepons to view the premises,
| and to take such order on the subject
ns Is required and directed by the Acts 4
cof the Geral Assembly ih such cases
made and provided. And they with
ever pray.
| County Saperiptondent he Rerigiint, sad
the Teaehers the Daiiors,
: The Cambria county leach sors insti
tote adjouimed sine die on Friday af- ge
ternoon. The principal features of the | I~
last day was the presentation Wo
County Superintendent 1. L GIbaon | gee mas Tree
of fine gudd watel and chain ana &-
ark of Li esteem of the teachers oft on
the county’ x
The presentation Was made by Prof. Cases, [te
8 M. Beuts, of South Fork, in a
speech highly complimenting Prof.
Gibson npon the work he has done =
during his term an superintendent,
which is now drawing to & close, this ~—
being Prof. Gibsou's last county insti =
| tate. Prof. Gibson was astouisbed,
Directly Opposite Bank.
Santa Claus Head quartes for Dells, Christ-
Candles and (Ornaments, Christmas
Cards, Toys, Books, Novelties, Perfumes, Smokers’
Goods, Games. Notions, Rlocks, Albums, Totlet
= Call and See the Goods.
Hodgkins, Prop'r.
but thanked the teachers most heartily | ZU Wi i di
! fur the handsome gill.
The auditing committee in its re |
port showed nn balance on hand from
ast year of $50.79, receipts this your
of §1,144.20, making a total of §1, 1236.
99. The expenditures were $1,191 Ww,
leaving a balsnce in the trdasury of
Mending Their Ways.
then followell quickly the building
occupied by (. H. Lantzy with store
Land dwelling] then the shop of Barber
| Nuttall. By herole efforts the dwells
ing house of Joseph Wyland was
saved from the flames and the tire cop-
I trofhed.
The first two buildings mentioned
| wers the property of L KN. Rodkey anid
[were vialned ab $2000, with bat a siight
insurance. The other building and.
barber shop were the property of David
Lantzy, of Hastings, with a probabe
| ¥aloe of from §700 10 fox, with no be
surance. The other loses are estimis
ted: RB. Wetherson, household goods
Li Max Schiffman, store goods, £300;
H. Lantey, groceries and confection.
ery $100; Anlly Kozima, $50. None of
these had any insurance. The total
joss was from $3,200 to $3,500.
The fire is supposed to bave origi- |
inated from 4 defective flue.
Whose ¢ OURIER are you sending?
failing fa the duty of handing the.
The noticeably nearer approach i
panning on schedale time made of late
‘by the Now York Len tral is said to be
due to governmental introvention.
Bamor bath it that as mail carriers
matter committed to their care with
due prompiess, the N.Y. U. waa
called ug, or called down, by the post
office department amd have mea sched
their ways, We anand vouch for the
Ctputh of this rumor, bul the reform in
Pruning ia tease bey ond a doubt Pall
ipsbarg Ledger,
So re PN A TI Ng 1
Phere of a Kio.
SBarn--To Mr. aud Mrs. Jas. Shes
han on Saturday--a daaghier.
“Born ~To Mr. and Mes. Win, Mon-
EN'S Suits, latest styles, at
$6.00, $0.00 and $12.90.
IE N'S Overcoats, in all the
Aewest eens at $6.90,
b.¥ QO and 8 “ia. #0
1 Overcoats at
$2.40 and
: Hats, in all styles, at
&1.40, R100 and
Shoe at
te it on Baturday a daughter.
~Born--Tu Mr. and Mrs, Stephan
$C “hurrels on Sunday a daughter.
{ is this your paper?