The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, November 14, 1901, Image 2

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    or SAI i TAR BFR aR nd
graye Apother Letter, Tels of
ips She and Her Companion fave
Putte] Yricks of the Brigands
5 i pron Hie
ates gave the Yio seinls
Basey | in Core antinople, foe the hr st
pune) ar at the embassy
upon the Ottoman minister of |
wefik Pasha, thus tor
lomatic relations
of the vessels of Ad
yadron, which left the
stand of
armored cruiser Anviral
however, ‘will go first to Pho. t
i mies northwe st of
0 con afterward rejoing the
RHO ei
Letter From Mis Stowe
By Cable). From
sen sodived from
foe en i’ She, ah seted Amery
REY, dt appears that she §
ry 15 of her bard experie
artitiede, Inegetting heesels in
for hee companion. Mme. Talk
fo.e0 not dare to comiplam
te which they are sph
— finds the coifisesnent |
se und the weather extremsly try.
The tone of the Yateat lptter received |
tom ber is hopeful The brigands, vy
the letters in plases in Macedonia
nd delaying their delivery, seek to
rente the anpesranice of being far dis
guvernuient © wtinaes
aegotiations, with the
er of forcitg the transierence of |
xk the frontier,
st Tower, Minnesota, With im
pressive Ceremonies.
Didtath, Minn. (Special) ~In the
presence of weveral thousand people, dx
odd from the mining towns of north
Minn waite, the first McKinley mon. |
wment in the United States was ao
hed ad deditated at Tower, seventy
north of Dulmh, Senday. Gov.
Van Sarit sod members of his
nomber of State officials and
itirens from various parts of the |
+ were presint. Gov, Van Sant wis
Sneakers, and he pard un
fae patriotism, revs
he sturdy mine
4 the money
. ence was
sive features ol
ment ta wanple shat 8
th On a pedes y of co
ere and cost $1200.
per Shows Up the Horritie
By Cables. we The Daily |
atively surveys the concen.
camps in South Africa, with the
Ll piratively wor than any
rica of Asia can show. here |
ng to paatch it even in the mors
os of the Indian famines, |
stern and other epidemics have |
ended with,
tics are pros: ced in proof of this
government's advertisement for
for oe camp children, setting |
© tern of employment will
one year certain’ is prominently dix
ax evidence that the authorities |
Antention of ending the ‘whale
ractson of human life”
he Daly News urges all humane
Bot to wait for o jeial reports, but
: an the camps being broken up |
people distributed among their :
: So Sp —————r san
Preferred Death to Disgrace.
ville, Kr. { Special) ~- William
a salesman in the wholesale
of Zinsmeiiter Brothers
ed suicide hy swallowing carbolic |
comironted with an alleged
of $1000. He said that two
g at} New Albany, Ind, his
make good the shortage,
ember of the firm was tele
to New Albany, Simpson gok 1
poison, dying in 15 minutes
Ss Bhd a
: McKinley Order of Narses.”
, Mass {Special} — The nnrses
will submit to Governor Urane,
airman of the State Commission on
fev Memorial, a unique plan 22
the fund to establishing the * Me
Order of Nurses”
the Victoria Order of Nurses is in
TL i, HR A Hh DN lr FUE
Killed the Gil tie Loved.
i Special)
Kidwell, aged 21 years. shot and |
his sweetheart, Ada Thompson.
16 years, and then ito] wrt
te ciuse for the tragedy 1s said
o be the refusal of the girl's father to
How Kidwell to visit his daughter and |
tion to marry him.
i ti ma) roe
Bank Robbers Active.
am, 1. (Special) ~The Bank
tham was robbed of $1300 by
who Plew the safe. The rh
escaped on a handear. which they |
d after going 1a miles, and all
of them is lost. Congressman R
the exclusive
{ pany has increased its capital stock from |
Children Die in Flames.
A Spe fal) {<= The farm
iller. twulve miles from
‘ed By fre and) two chil
(Ps Cable) == Fh :
The idea 1 to i
¢ McKinley order in this country |
Morgan Harrington and Robert Tay
by Walter Bailey. Frank Peoples and
another man whose name iv unknown
killed and Taviar mortally wounded
The poles of Atlanta, (a. arres teed
tH Alexander. a colored employee of
the United States Government, on the
charge of stenting 84.700 from the satchie
Fad Maine Stevens RET Bayingaer
¥ Mix Kate Ness atrer 3s iy 3
Yo oele. Pa. Wiss field sre dot
én the
feir Florace
Fer girls an
bie ¢xpliminn il
vy. Uhemeral
Early Fergason, cololed. who waeaped
from the codnty jail at Salen, Va. was
brought back with a rope ted around
his neck.
Va. was burned to death five being CO
| municatad ty Ber clothes from a lamp.
& The charred FOI of Bowngs Frabs
Lney, colored, were found in the rams rf
the Habhiston B riding. i Rachmeannd,
Dr Charles M Smith, who belonged
16 a prominent family of Winchester,
Va. died at his home, in Franklin 1a
Cotambia Univeruty authorities deny
{that w chair in that institation has been
offered to Minister Wu
! pscaped from the stoekade near Leaven
Caworth. Kan. were killed and the other
two wounded in a fight with a passe
The five men bad taken refuge 1 a
! barn.
CA secret ngriedt into the death al
fre. Mary FE. Gith and Mex Anne
LOerdon. alleged tn have died of poon
adpumistered ty Jane Toppan, was bey
gan hy the coroner at Busaards Bay.
Governor Hunt, of Porta Rico, res
| porte that the SUgERr sl pofies Crops
will be heavy Fifty th 1. ehildren
are now attending shee sohescds, and 200 -
Loon are unable th obtam sanstiviny
James Callabun was found not ge ailty
of petivry, thus being acquitted practi
cally the speoma tome of enmpicty
the Cudshy kidnapomg
Mrs Arehitald § White wile of thin
president of the National Sait (omy
ny. shpped, on her bathroom foesr and
| tiactured her skull
Viola Render. aged 1% years while wn
‘a rage. wk strychnine, near Martins:
burg, W. Via, and died from ats efi
i The Elis Glenn case has been tried
(to the Supreme Court of the United
John D. Sarninghamsen, 3 German ¢d
| ior. died at Fort Wayne, Ind, aged %2
Adolph F. Kraus, the sculptor, died at
he Danvers f Mass) Insane Hospital
Ihe battleabnp [hmars will be sel io
Algiers to test the new steel dry feck
Admiral Sohiley has accepted an ve
tahon 1 go 10 Nashville in January
Anhark | Benhady, an aerohat, Was
killed by a train at Chester, Pu
{nl has Been found in Sem ‘th county,
| Virginia,
Fire in Bradford, Pa "caused 5 Joss of |
$1 0000 police arrested in Su Lonis Laura
Ballion and a man named Longhaugh,
whos are believed to have participated i
| the express robbery on the Great Morth
Fern Ravrond near Wagner, Mont
Fifteen thousand acres oA cual Hands
Lin Hancock conmnty, Went Virginia, and
{in Green wownship, Beaver county. Penne
ed Stares |
| sylvania, were add to the 1
Greed Corporation at $23 an acre.
Melvin Wenentale, 18 years old was
stint and fatally wos ded in Hanes 1
| Pa. by hiv consin. Harey Mlle
did not kpow the gon was
Telephony companies inf
Pennsylvania Wave been unaed into 4.7
corporation, to be known as the Comber
{as ad Valley Telephone C Gespany.
General Urite-Unibe, commanding the
Colombian rebels, says there 1s no inter
national war between Venerpels and Co
iomibia but a struggle betwesn the Lb ;
eral amd the Conservative partion ork
both countries. He 13 willing he says |
Ct accept the protection of the United
States at the tsthmin
Sir Harry Johuatom, an an address
the Royal Geographical Sonety, in i
don, upon bis explorations in Lge
sad that, ay a result of hia study of
pigmies, he had concluded that they Iu
no special language
The aduiimistrative coved
bstration tribunal will
{ague November 2 to
Boers’ appeal against the ruhing
South Afrscan war 1s nol §
vontts conderabon,
The British Soenth African Ce
i tion Company rejected the ohm
« Frenchin aR, Munn HT Wanton
“ooo for alleged deportation from
Dr Deuntoer, the
fave not wel bern an $i
States, although negotiations are
Earthauake shocks oo
Pata. and the people
\ United States Uo
| Rn, in reply to Miss
Curged the bryan: to
duce then denands
amon gubmoriied
government will nol
The French
that the Solan of
te all demans, and it ts oo
{two or three days Adny
Coase 10 fceupy Lhe
cof Mitylene
The Liberal
the town of Tu
south of Panam
| diers prisoners and
Yuan She Kai
Shan Tung. has been
ceed Ja Hung Chang
tive Be
The Burlington has hauled
| pounds of wohl out of South
this season,
withdrawn from the Bank of England
{ for shipment to South America
‘The Commercial Pacific Cable Com
$100,000 tO $1,000,000.
The Argentine wheat exports for sea:
son are 9.200000 bushels as against
fi71.000 bushels, as against 22,303.000
| 70 705,000 bushels last year; corn. 37.
lor were attacked near Fayette, Misi
Knives were used Harmon was
Mrs Mary Hearn, of gBuens Vista,
Three out of hve of the canviels who ;
Rullion | amounting ta £113000 wad)
to Science.
The Animal First Given Tuberculosis and Mins
King Is inoculated With Infection From 1
i Dr. Bursey's Statements Are Trt
A Trained Nurs: Becomes 8 Martye |
Rear Admiral Bradford Presents Some Tater
esting Facts in Nis Report
Washington, [3 € (Specialy, — A
wriking iHodration of the growin ii the
American Navy ts presented in the single |
platentent iw the annual report of Kear
Admiral Rr B. Bradiord Chief of the
Fauipment Buresu Be the Navy, that be
hpent $2.275.011 last fiscal year tor ag
ae {
wr ton
the Health Authorities Say He Is Liable
to Criminal Prosecution.
gers taken
expeeh Bg 1h development
51. subse £hin
Cw he er herself for the eres Rc)
tis, has form abe Seed him froom abl
possibile blame hoi ald the oposite prove
“js he the CA 52, Fad the salbnect Bi
yielded hersel f uvnlantariy at ss pr ei
Lis that the Brooklyn department ¢ of Hye
oard of Health would have proceed
tceday that the official ¢ Fands are tied.
Wile of course, there ih no game ay
ing the fact that a ceriam Hanger 1%
eased fi the sul Bipot we Sart], | br. fHarne
fe remembered fat the dere appoar
Caen tE veg Peraganiiit
nt x sok
HE Pri Kesh % the
: \
satraent and, &% she bse Aiud
x fn:
and poisevoed of a splendil s
i bh Pik at hry fur
or several veurs Dr. Barney bas bani:
fed his practice to didchses 0 the chest
anvil Bas Be says ef wean
the treatment of are whe 1a
ite earher stages. Ir ix that fact, he aay
which emboldened him th make the yi
ferred refuel 4 tis treats
avetit will be efficacions in immedatel
expected |
hinge, 3 pute with M, Paul {ear Bussmann anv
Ege aggravated fie adenosis he
bit shonld hey
s hasedle 1 ge
han wha hasten
Ayla 38 37
be a mevwer!
Erne nest
Tegara hg
general CREP
an her aster
pt heen Tie
years id
Carries a Samar Stronghold After us Long
Straggle Twa Americans Killed.
Manly, (By Lave) Advices from
Catalogan, capital of Sarmar Paha, reo
port that Major Lattietan | yO Waller
taciced a force
feentnas. 3
being wed
rst day the natives :
& 1
¢ pha
ype Waller sawed the atiads ge
fier nu desserate engagement carried fhe
Cand BOTY preps Beg Crearge 5. neh and
EA. Klowan, of the attacking force gd
oF Hilisonow were kitted Maar Wailer
destroyed 70 Boanes
Coens er mavieth Yas saan 5% ders fiir
Bididmg the purchase of hemp in the
isiand of Leyte. All the 3 4 beyte
fe sof a0 tra ;
it P dvi be Supers tied
in Ose Place Toey Wiss $25,000, in Apother
They Take $5,000
Darien, wi {Rpeciall — Robbers
iy ? #0 i“ Go ao 5
wade an attempt 0 loot the Farmuors
foiled by an
wrec bed and 1
hors were
securmg any
contents carried
avsed residents
ing, oat in tune
bimst ther escape
$5 000 for 8 Shorthors Cow.
Wonderful Lesp by a Horse,
cago, (Specisl}-~At the Hore
* 5 Fox 3. gor ®
Shs here a the Coleom the high
sper am. i fay geidimg,
THATS Ghd ad 1s amie In gh, oy need by
Howard Willette. 1 of Ww lite Plains, NK
jumping horses. Hetherbloom cleared
‘the bar at 7 feet 4%; inches. The pre-
Sey several years ago
5 ars sent &is
theory thit
denied thir there wisk
to the patient in hee :
¥ oy water Fie Izu coast to
{Mare Island, Ca Hermie. where it carne |
Cinth o ory Ww BE his {od ar
i average: 4 the same my: PY
against Ib Barney. bur 8 was declan
| pete sitp
dur LE i Fras the rep at 6
: . Lite i
AE das reside wn Bro it pat] UC A
ance of Thee taberealns syrmprots | 0
* i
Eye} Fis CHEE REN sei
pragic tirmay have
Cgrnwant. Ge i toy
Y broke the world’s indoor record for | Si
vious record was made by Rosebery. |
{who made 2 a jump of 2 fect 31; mkhes |
{in competition with Filemaker in this |
the preces
; pears ago the
WEEE 3 od {08 fds Tony
Til peat I]
Aq rai «4 He
rokoliaina and
Maxi i and |
, $50 per 4 at present.
Bang io flay
be Mare Fadund
Hat two large eam
mit tis Wah his 2
Lh en fay
HELA Brie: rig
POY aA new
same Arie
Me # Eee?
ed 4 1 Ho
port or customs of any
roy's Death
Pekin, (By Cable) =A violent die
ister to Ching. over the Manchurian
Treaty appenrs to fae & heen the ime
ate cane af the death of fa Hi: %
I fie chs spl Wate £¢ song thy
1 Japan for 4
neanent FREES te lee Ae wa nf Ras
sia A fortght ago the Japanese Lega led
ig] sessed 4 wpligd le £55
asttine nf the
teri of the Ire 'y, aril thefeupon de
manded that ney plenyatents 4
Cries offuhaliv ia) before them the text.
busing the demand vpon the allegats =
that lapses interasts were mvodved «
avy chasge of the statay of Manehariy
The (Chinese plenipotentiaries refused
to comply with ths demand. Thereupon
the Japanese government from Tok
worse ated wth the Reaver ie PELE
and HG diced them to teh thes influence cy
a t ;
rer certain maul
of the peo
ey to mgn
3 4d (3 e treaty Wh the
J RISIeT EO other {MONET R anil a
Sry interview envied {i Huse
ang went frensse 18 3 ratent passin
smut Re S08 a :
Cte aetiihaste tis " the rerexariion
Wesel iy stern
Peansyivinis Raitrond Company, Ht Is Said,
Will Spead Millions
/ A Spesial] {he Pennsviva
wy has in contempla-
argedt mm the country,
sory Base been tax.
sromerty from Thirteenth
x i; i a phi
fared afeEeta Gel wern L.
far the purines
5 : a $in q
sprigs that ine
red and the
the Siva of ¥
faery Sigo000 000 ang
riven wei TREE
vated 3 Eas % %
vants Hail id { pany ir
cently, will make the tosal $i
The ‘Maccabees Detaication.
wt Haren Mich, (Special)
if {"haries ir ha Asa,
af the
the Maccabees,
Twieviag Postat Employe.
M. g.
Hapa? .
sv. has
nicataon from
remainder af the Frenih demands
write Between France and
therefore. be Teg arded BA re
a i AAS SO i SN RA
To Prohibit Biverce
Atlanta, Ga. {Speciali~~A bill has
heen introduced in the lower house of
the legislature prohibiting divorces an
an average of $201
Escaped Convicts ey Kansas
Their Pursper,
Mad Bren Cocfined at Fort Leavenworth.
Mrs. Wooster Fainted Durioy Excitement.
RE a
Ponelia. Ran,
| Shawnee sounfy, were captured at Pag
frond Tonka, By Twa oc
"| caped oonvicts from the Fort Leaven:
orth Midinary Prison and Jedd prison
of a sun nn Wiwiter
toh were lightly wounded
Ars Wooster and Shenff Cook
Cowen held hefiee ©
{be make ther cacate ;
At 210 o'clock in the afteraoon seversl
Hing vicar Palme learned |
without requiring them to pass the mens
farm Bows
thar the convicts were in the aeighbor
Cdawd Flasuly Bb EMI B a Fated
With tare? :
DRE Tl aes ‘Ssither gud thee wey
wie armed, aval they weep unable Ww
s Imake 2 1 Paver Sheriff Conk and
: Looming upon
5 8 he z
fiessd wend
wahiiig them
shevngh a wah
bar and fan nto the
A Ba
Eopeka for avsstance and
in the haw 3 Janlang the
non 4a reny aroaind the house, C5
! darted th i
ints Thistr Aros
Shers® {ook Wik srderet to give np ot
ee mt ne distant day will be discarded
nn parr of A soldier's snmpment.
bre pay which ie Degaty Wilhame
by thi had pieached the oases and
Centered] 8 it hence what had haps
A Violent Dispute Caused the Aged Vice
Chie AF the convicts todd Sher {ook
dighitent move looking toward their cap.
tare. In the meantiue the policemen on
the autaude Bad virrounded tive building,
wake tse move lest W
fesse Hand-to-hand encounters are
Cher water airaid Ie
Tanks ard Withiaan ad suffer
Pls after exacting & promise from
Slrer # that he wonld aot peraut
{4 16 Bre on
¢ frightened farmer, his
wife anal cobpissive Sheatf before
them the osstivwts ba wired hirtwern 8 core
ines oof fi fase why pao td Have cap
: tured ther and i _ the vabenad
Tri The Sheriff in torn had exacted |
SrcAnide eigen the pribicit that they {
pisielel not molest the te and they :
: line attive for many vears. and who ®
3 cided ubile divtanes
5 Seri He
dow w the track the convigtz suddenly
Lh tsapprared sheough a hedge fener, hid
img the otbeess a pT ia farewell
Ber amd di 4
x Ra # id 2 ak g¥
the Pang teow Sav 03 Lek fH af ox
Boilie :
Wise Ww ith
c Hebahio
He Wun done
oR fatition.
SCENE PEROT AT Bo ruployed Lay
s waamessitiom grotiads, 3g weed the Ma dhway
ii hy
tlre g
sae ore than
Ruy vara
carding Bouse
Missouri Farmer tadicted, Charged With
Misgging the Mails
SF fosss, Mo, (Spetind the Feds |
of grand iury imdieted Dance] Lever
a Uren ooanty fan:
voy a eRarge
he mans to delrm pi
mgs scheme wis a novel one,
yl § wery whet ews
ised Lever £454 Ly
: {Special} — Sheriff
CL Conk mad Deptity Sheriff Williame, of |
for several hours uy the farmhouse
escaped throvgh a line nf
fren faneka to reinforce the |
Lier win budly wonnded by one af i
wi when ke tried to fire on
| dev changing the regitlations relative to
ax a dield | adimsiion to West Point so that the
retorts and elle they |
g gh the open door, intending :
Lf snrOrise thes wf thie rer door Bar oe) moorporated college of university.”
instead of this the con 4 had gone. 2
pee the Bestves and the ofheer almost fell |
{fe r the sper. As they |
My 5 © Meals pr i OE Ee :
ark ; and foar
. irr halt
who |
Siretary aot is ery much
preparing hs annual re
the delay in receiving
the Philippine Commission,
Ihe posnmission’s report, toget
4 kpeciil envoy sent to the Phi
report on the banking and currency
: ditions of the island, left Manila on
Arms Seired by Men Trying to Guin Liberty.
Farmer Wooster Wounded Fraitiess Effort
to Regain Custody of Two Prisoners Whe
sport Sheridan. Two weeks ago
heridun broke down in Japan and the
Warrett was ordered to bring her passen-
gird and important mail. A few ¢
ao the Warren broke down, and
Hancock has just sailed from Manila to
gke Ber place
These accidents will prevent the
if the Philippine Commission, as
thie report of the special representative
ciserenny, from reaching Secretary Root
ii time to he used in bis annual
Mennwhile be is using such juformation :
Luk has already been prepared in the
rin of Insular Affairs, but it is I
that 3 supplemental report will be
by the Secretary, cotering the Phibip-
pies and based upon the commission's a
Great Change at West Polat.
Secretary Rost Bas inst issued an or
feidentic Board nay accept camlidates
gibi are graduites of gh schools of
atudedrs of colleges and universities
tal examination proscribed by the De
“he important paragraph added ix:
The Academic Beard will consider,
"find may accept, in lieu of the r
fhental entrance examination the proper-
sitested examination papers of an ap-
fiointie who receives his | appomtiment to
4 gible compet five examination, or ES
Jiropery attested certificate of gradus-
an from a public high school in which
{her eraarse of stody covers the range of
phiects heretofore prescribed for ¢
wk ales, or a properly attested oo
{hut the candidate is a regular student i of
Sword te Go Next
Army officers conader it as probable
Juit the ornate swords sors ny the serve
Thee swoed is believed to be of little
Linse ns these days of ong distance fights
imp and serves now httle other purpose :
than ns an emblem af authority.
dear fe would be killed of he made the | ale officers m the South African cam
| paign have found the sword often ham
oi pered them in tattle, and there have
heen few, if any, occasions where ®
is used as a weapon of attack or de
phooght to have passed away with the
sven of smokeless powder and :
snail arms The cavalry may continue
65 pee the sword, but there are so few
geasans for retaining if a% an um
of warfare that it 1s regarded as hikely
to be the next arm rejected as obsolete
‘The Pension Burea is investigatn
frances attributed to De. Mary ¥
a exoarmy nurse who has worn a
alle ed wn have spoken of ad execution
if Leon F Crolgowr as a murder,
the {on President fimadf a murderer on
ae cont af his poliey 1a the Phill
Special Examiner FC McLaughlin,
of the frension Bureau. is at Oswego, N.
: CXL ewvestigating the case, and his report
Many iixiibitors nd Exhibits Already on
will be kept on file a1 the hurean here mn
5 o Congress mn
1 call for it Come
flak 4 he Bac no anthority
5 seid he a Bue that Congress
gapht do wo if nt desired.
Wants Less Duty on Tea
Secretary Gage will probably recom
cmd in Bis annoal report that the duty
on ten imported oe, this country be out
The duty is 10 cents a pound In
tose the unporfations of ten amounted
to Aprory pounds, valoed a $ia5a8
ie ih 5% TPR fad auty 5 $8.130,307.
The importarions £1 he fiscal year
aded Tune 3 Igor, were BoRoB 433
sauwads. at a value of Sion 876, on
Clelieh the duty was 3RoNobgs
The Sor retary will wreae that the Fn
: artstion results man mferior grade of
st the Phila, i
: ait thir revenues can very well afford 10
hoing sent to the United States, and
fone Sq o00000, or Ball the duty now cals
Christmas Gifts to Scidiers Free.
Secretary Root bas tweed the custom
ary order sus fing the operations of
the local mest faws wm the Plulippines
ed {Cuba so as to per HE ander reasons
shbe comadits sand the Free nnor tation to
Che islands of packages and articles
t ad 4 hristawms presents
for soldiers aml sailors and other
United Grater emmloves. The order
vel eh rakes effect ivmeiiately, will run
ail January 13 next
Failippine Cable £ tended:
(en. A.W. Greeley has received a
cabiegram from M anils amouncing that
thie stands of Masbate am! Panay have
hnn cormected by calde toes expected
CrBat thas cable wi ii mater wally Sanist the
CANBY Gperaiions in progres 35,
yoo bra
Capital News in Geaeril
Samuel Gompers, president of the
Amerean Federation of Labor, protested
UE gy the President against the arrest of
Cl Sawrmgo Iglewss, wha wis wat to Porta
| Rico by the American Federation to
afore mstitution should
organize the workingroen of the island.
The baaed of visitors of the Naval
Cservatory recommenis that the head
a civilian of
high rank mstead of a naval utheer rem
| porarily transferred to the place
The Secretary of War ordered the
og guthering il 3% board of ofters GF Oi
sider Important comneeted with
an :
2 Lie msi iary addi
Fatally Hurt in Football
{ncn ats, Ohi. i Speriall. — Twa
football players were probably fatally |
hurt an games here In the game
tween) the University of CUinannatt and
| the Hamover (Ind) Collge. James Kirk: |
patretic. left hal hack if the University
’| of Cincnnat, while making a tackle, had
| his spine myured. and ix reported to be
Lina very seris condition Loita,
| Runck was also carried off the Geld dur.
in the game between the Newport Xav
| School Runck was leit tackle of the
ere oa batter contest £0 ng on for
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