The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, September 26, 1901, Image 5

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    SAN So FBS ier nee WAS AAR aa
Wert were Bn Pittabary and suburbs
ng at 830 ¢elick sharp,
Lor ¢ ihe Bpiac eopak
{iit Ball's Hall on Tuesday ov oven:
importance i% to be transacted and a!
large attendance is desired.
.Haviog registered, the next thing |
{in order for a man who desires to vote
in November is to son that his faxes
wre paid. The law regoires that a citi- |
ren #2 years of age or apwards shall
have paid within two years a stato or
bs county tax at least 50 days before
velpetion, As the election this year
takes place on Noveniber 5th, the tax
must be paid on or before October 4th.
ir | lodge deape our charter for niriy
[The Bosolatinne A tepted try Twn Piiriotie
Frganiations of Patiom,
Adopted by Kill Buck Tribe 369, i £2
CHM condoling the dently of President
| MeR inley and condemning angrchy:
WHESEAR Our Ielovéd prosd
Lens shot aod died By the Baud
| Har Fat amassing,
Riser ven, That we as an American
6 For a good shisva hair cot or ahi.
p y call on Garfield Wilkins, Fifth
ld Be Parnell and Dr. J IL Yan
inst werk,
“Coanty Auditor ¥F. E Batons agrh
wi paced husiness at the county capi
tal on Monday.
LAN work guaranteed by the Clear.
Steam Lanndry. Garfield, the
Barber is agent :
tostant Eplscopal services will |
in Patton every tir winks
roto 6 From eoity, whe re
he was abled. by he serious {Hine of
sid dance will be held st 82
yi at Chest Hprings on Rat
arday evantig. flood music and 8
fd Lime gramntesd.
aron Wealsnd, A fornie: ¥ adidpen
asi - ik Arond ia, HE penar ay By
guaintances in town last wank
Besos ven, That we ange uur aw
# laws condemning
AE Saoret Oren Eons axon thin
funtivr 8 i
rand that The won
pabiishod in te Pa thie COURIBR, Wik
Hsnmport Leril dna nbd on the
socnrds of our Tribe,
Proms, AW Ba, §
Was, Morir, » Commies
Pata ra Hept LED, Peal.
ied. Porter Rayior Pos el
CAL of Patton, p ]
Dray Enns
WHEREAS Wa, the comrades of LE
Bayiay last xu Bas, LEER
row du of ALonent All the f
wl by Hebrews wire closd
Aha folatk In the evening.
£ you are tn peed of a new sult of
eu don’ lL Tall to see oor Dew Fine of
just pecs ved,
; Drxsmone Bros.
: x you want fine laundry work,
ye your laundry with Ww. E Pro-
tthe barber, Magee avenu {Ea
agen for the Empire. Blea Lani.
Vie grow in whieh be mood ahoalder
to sh uinr Wis
presen vilaoh £ih
¢ country and in defences of Wl
Ceiba. WER Havers iki y if Z
folds of oir
lori wie Gar may any
WHEREAS, | The Ax asin of our coms
Fades hes priebimed Jas seth iE on
Lehi badongo Wy an sR io shat :
disapproves uf aay form of governzaant,
Rodd ae an araeehast did pesasEi ale our
money and ain. | papers, between
a watering trough and Palion.
will [Please leave same ab this
somesde, Willem McKinley, betatn
Ba was the president of Bi etry
HI Fie a hE airy sateiend ir praise TVS Ww
ils Bherty and freedom, and which
ih he fall altings and i invite a
fu} inspection of the same Don't |
suit unt} you have seep
3. Bonn ly, Geo. E. Prindble,
Dr. HA. Beiti and
gheln attended a Knights of
meeting at Ebensburg last
since under the ataphon of
dA men of Patton haid at
and the instigation of such organiza
“tion and crush out those that now ex.
Spencer, editor of the Bar-
wo Sentinel, was the only citizen
irip county to sign thie call for
jon state Jsonvention held at
g fyanin’ day at the Pan.
n exposition has been pet for |
r 4. The original day, Septem. |
was postponed on account of
Amt A red cow, with white spots |
gs and star in forehead, about nine
d. Any information relating |
e will be thankfully received by |
oods, near Pardee No. 3 mine. | :
ot are looking for seasonable |
at the lowest possible prices, |
je pew broad-guage advertise-
e Bon Ton store on the
All of the prices named |
eaking ones and of inter.
fragal, who want the
B® mied hbo the right to e0joF, roravIiag
avowed principles of This wrrchiat ¢ ele
Wim by owas By ciscrad ion. bet
ResoLven, That we, the comrades of |
our goble deceased president, join
with oar fellow citizens in deploring
‘his untimely removal and extend to
Bis devoted wife a potoide s sy patiy |
{pn this her hour of trial, snd we appeal
to ofr connec, our legislatures and
our cungress to unite in such a law
a8 will forever prevent the formation
iat to the end that oor president and |
other public officials may go forth and
mingle with our loyal eitdaens and su
Joy their freedom and liberty in peace, |
free from harm and assassination,
Surely if happiness can ever poms |
from the beonors or trinmpbs of this
world, on that September afternoon |
Major Willliam McKinley well have
: been a happy man,
No foreboding of evil haunted him,
not the slightest premonition of dan- |
ger clouded his sky. His terrible fate |
was upon bim in an instant. Une mo-
ment he stood erect, strong. confident |
lin the years stretching peacefully out |
before him, the next he lay wounded, |
bleeding, helpless, doomed to weary
days of torture, to silence and the
grave. Great in lite, he was surpass.
ingly great in death. For no canse, in|
ithe very frenzy of wonlonness and
| wickedness, by the red hand of murder
| piel time and money and suffered so 1X ers bellow
: af thie workd, !
That all the love and all the sympa |
| thy! ecmnld not share with bis suffering. | i) » TH E-
! He trod the wine press alone; with nn:
faltering front he faced denth, with un- | J. E. KIRK’ S HDW.
failing tenderness be took leave of
fifi. Above the the demoniac hiss of
this nesassin’s buliet he heard the voice
‘of God. With simple resignation be
bowed to the divine decres and passed LL
‘on to that Gramd Army above, where L
wn all shall meet Bim when the general :
roll in oalied J
{ip0, BOONE, Commander
Jayes UaMyarin. 3
W. HH Beau. hafts, axes, ax
Ammunition, anvils, apple:
| parers, augers, awls and aw]
Creed of Chronte Dinrrhoos After Thirte |
Yomrs of safteriog. :
“1 anffored for thirty years with dis
airrhoda and thought I was pest being
cnr)’ mays John RB Halloway, of
Froneh Camp, Moa, SF fd spent so wire,
meds that | had given up all hopes of bitts brie eS, cits
covery, 1 was so fesble from the borers, brackets, boilers
afte of the diserhoes that I conid do
no kind of labor cotid nob even travel,
bat by accident | was perimittod to fio
a battle of Chamberlain's coli choles
and diarrhoea remedy, and 8 her tak
fier osveral bottles Tam anti raly ¢ re wd
af flaal tea, } &in wo $d a
te remit Hat I am anxious fhhat
fy pinot of all who aoffer aa f Saar
Bar sale by e Ww. Hodgkins, Patton, {
Cand Hastings Pharmucy. t
Native, poalers and cord.
The late Dr. JB Neanan's books
Have heen Toft with me fur seltioment :
All persons knowing themselves m
debited will save costs by nusking ime
nigeliate payment,
Geo Bouse, JP.
and 4.
rsiNation'| Bank
Patton, Cambria Co, Pa.
SETPAL PAID LP, 3106 100 10
Parton, Wie HH WA NDPORD,
Preaiclen) Cashier,
YE. 4 aa
Mapee A Ve.
~ Chop, Feed and Meal. paTTON PA.
Best equipped Mill in North
wen Cambria Conuty,
All kinds of Fancy 8 pring and
Winter Whaat Ploar, ¢ :
Pe iis
Middings, Bean, Oil Meal Baled Stas ; ;
‘and Biraw, ‘H al
Patton Feed &
Buckwheat Mil Is, Dinsmore Bros.
w J PERRY, Propet Lar.
Parnell, Cowher & Co.
AoA pEnie fare
Giownd Biting. Patten, PR 1
The biggest r and best selection
‘we have ever shown.
Dentist! = ~~
flies B |
Offs upstairs in Good Puiding, % DINSMORE BROS.
mm. Jo 8 p.m.
Dr. V. A. Murray,
(Ree in Arlington block, bext to Postales, !
Patton. Pa. All night oniis responded fix |
prenpEptiy. IHemase of That vr, ness wind throat
ihrem special siteation.
GEFUWRE HOURS Twa mand 1203p. Te
DR.S.W. Worrell, ~ (heap dohn
Magee Avenue,
'Ofoe in Good Building, Boom No. 3 + Store!
sa-Genaral Surgury and the Ere a Specialty. it
Our entire Stock must and is being
sold af rec ord bre aking Prices.
W e are positively going to quit business
and can save you from
TO 75
per cent on your GROCERIES as long as
the stock lasts.
These Goods il be Sold,
and the or portunity | S
«A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.”
Call and get prices.
Mellon's Cash
furnished tor all kinds gaments 1
wan . rmpossible for such values.
roohng, ctc
mbracing everything of the
latest and most approved pat-
: v | he was Hhramt from the full tide of |
reunion of the Surviviog ot- this world’s interest, from its hopes, P tt C
of the : i eAYY | jt aspirations, i its victories, into the! TF @ on Courier,
i and 188th Inft'y, Pennsyl- | oi ble presence of death, and he tdi 3 5.33;
Volunteers, wiil be held at Sun op quail, 3 Promoter of Public
Oct, 8 “and 5. John Gantz, 8 Not alone for one short moment Audvertising Rates made known
an ‘of the Heavy Artillery, Will i which stunned and dazed be could application.
m Patton, and. will be ac | give ap life hardly aware of its relin: oo
spud y his wife. quishment, but through days of deadly Reu eb Somerville,
ovat a indeed to W. W. | jangour and agony, that was not Attornev-at-Law,
for fow bunches of as nice Jess agony because silently born with ’
it was ever the pleasure of clear sight anil calm courage, he looked PATTON,
; to taste. They were into his open grave. What blight and.
y Mr. Strattiff himself and ruin met his anguished eyes, whose Office in His Good Building.
from vines but three years old lips may tell, what briiliant broken
are considered a little short of plans, what baffled high ambitions, GEO. BOONE,
by horticulturists. what severing of strong, warm man.
- Pierron delivered an hood's friendships, what bitter render:
onli will receive promt stiention. You are wnvited to call
Land see my new line of
on >= Canned Goods, Ete.
; At Lowest Prices.
Flour and Feed
Also best grade of Lime.
EW etirhing done Correct
3 .
ly 11 street scales, located
directly in {front of store,
mon at 8t. Mary's R. C. | Ling of sweet household ties. | Office on corner of Lang snd Fifth FERTILIZERS.
on last Sanday morning on the! Behind him a proud expectant na iAvenues. L Jollecticns promptly
’ Wm. McKinley. He tion, a great nation, a great host of |
ave an slognent tribute to the mem- | | sustaining fricuds, a cherished and
: dead martyr and paid his
in no uncertain | life lay in his. Before him desolation |
sermon has bevn | most fa-
, | shaken. Mis countrymen were thrilled | sents per hour for
om instant, profound snd universal fetarer, Box 18, Phil iphia.
tended to. Properties to sell and rent.
| salary for an intelligent man or woman |
and darkness! And his soul was Bob in cach town. Permanent position. 30
time. Manu-|
at- | Bs
{ will in the future bamdle Pertil
| izes of all kinds, Farmers wishing it
should leave orders early, [will not
Lniog Sends ih we Wha $15.00 to $18.00 a y Weel Iror isin stock, Sus orsier divest prom
tor OVEer-
pp Eee or oA
[is assertion is proven by
+. a" 3
continned custom of those
orice pure chnased
of numtenal 13 the
of good wearing
That which has
the making of
brat Cory excellent. Styl
Estimates promptly 5505 and properly tailored
: price hitherto
fin work, spouting,
‘Special Reductions
During August.
Don't fal to call
and get the Spe ccial
. NRREI Pri ~e¢s for this th
J. i CORDELL & i0., hl. F thse
{th Ave., Wolt Lk
Furnace work a
spec alt Y.
Jue oz
and furnish Dp gctacies as A big reduction
low as #1. Lens can | in Shoes.
be exchanged
We test your eves Free
We have several odd lois od chitidren’s
ard Missew’ shoes that we are closing
within a vear. Olt al prices loss than they can be
’ : bung ht from the manufacturers; also a
: few ladies’ oxfords, THe and $1.00,
Qa tialintic ; i We have men’s and boys’ dress shoes!
Satistaction guarantee :
action guaran teed | latest styles, guaranteed all solid
- {leather for $1.26 and $1.30 and men's
VEY PAE ER xb 4 ga i { *
OF Money rag nded, naning shoes for a1.00 All solid
lather. Call and examine stock.
. EL. Miller,
The Patton Jeweler | PATTON, PA.