The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, September 05, 1901, Image 6

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partments extingui hed the Hames
{ Special) The latest de-
the Venezpelan-Colom:
viz, the withdrawal of
“of all the Colombian
& in Veneruela, has increased the
of officials here that the relations |
two countries are still of a
character. In diplomatic
specially the condition existing
pn these two republics is viewed
Liem. though their representatives
without any recent information
Hl throw light on the situation.
withdrawal of the exequaturs of
is a decided demonstration of un.
fess to the country they repre.
Jeaves them powerless to trans:
is. Such action usually
‘a declaration of war or a
stilities, In the present in.
Hows the withdrawal of the
minister, Dr. Rico, from
Bogota. The latter's depar-
owed a stormy scene in the Ven:
cabinet as a result of an effort |
dent Castro to give Dr. Rico
rts. Dr. Rico's subsequent
entirely voluntary, but he
on between the two
als of the legations of the
terested confinue hopeful that
¥ be averted. The Colombians
the people of both republics are
ip any was and that the present
¢ due to the machinations of
ith personal ends in view.
epatment has been advised
the battleship Iowa from
oo, for Panama, where
spatched to look oul for
rests during the revolu- |
on the Isthmus,
a (By Cable) —Later accounts
seent engagement in Batangas
between gape H. C. Hale,
hment of the Twentieth In-
vith the insurgent leader, Gon-
v that it was more important |
2 t considered. Many dn.
and renegades were scen and
: commands in English. |
racias, two officers and fifty
killed after an engagement
points to the early cap
nder of Miguel Malvar,
r. When either event
raction at the Minnes : :
: He made an address at
the fait and was banqueted at night.
H. Burd Cossell was nominated for
Congress hy the Republicans 10 fll the
vacancy caused by the death of the late
Congressman Brosins,
George Carter was held for the grand
jury mw Nocfolk, Va. on the charge of
attempting a criminal assault on Mrs
Ella Jeffries
Miss Louisette Tavlor, a davghter of |
| the Confederate General “Dick Tayior
died at her hone in Pass Christian, Miss.
A passenger train colhded with a
freight on the Schuylkill Valley Railroad, |
Cgiven over Labor Day to the sors iri
sthur with his chief of toil, who paraded the streets 1Rooo
taf, called on the adjutant general in|
near Spring Cry Phoenivville, Pa,
General Macs
Washington tiy pay hig respects.
Theenas Brightwell was murdered Fric
day night in Appomatox county, Va, by
Lottie Robertson, a colored gorl.
Rear-Admiral Sampson is reported to
be quite as well at Lake Sunapee as he
had been for the past six months :
"Milton Evans was shot and fatally
wotnded in a street duel with John Cun
ningham in Shelbyville, Ind. :
Israst M. McColaster, who was acting
as peatemaker in a fight at Piketon, O,
was stabbed to death,
burg to Richmond, Va, met his long:
lost sister there by chance.
A mob of negroes in Southwest Vir-
rinia followed a party of whites bent on
yaching a negro who had probably fa.
tally wounded a white man, and the
negroes became so threatening that a
sheriff s posse had to follow and disarm
the negroes.
In a collision between two ferryboats
renming between Philadelphia and Cam-
den, N. J. there was i panic amon
the passengers, but no one was injured.
One hoat was badly damaged.
A party of five young men and wo
men, out rowifig on the bay, near Ex.
more, Va. were thrown into deep water
by the capsizing of their boat and barely
escaped with their hives :
Large sims of money are being trans:
ferred to the sub-treacuries at New Or.
Jeans, Chicago and St. Louis for use in
moving the crops.
General Ludiow's body will be cre
mated and the ashes buried at the Lud
{ow home on Long Island.
Vice-President Roosevelt was enter.
tained in Chicago and reviewed the
naval militia of that city.
Thomas Brightwell is said to have
been murdered near Springs Mills,
Camphiell county, W. Va
Wark was begun at Newport News
on the armored cruisers Maryland and
West Virginia, : -
Two men were killed at Krebs Sta
tion, Pa, by the txplosion of a powder
mill :
C. Simmons was fatally injured at
Evansville, Ind, by falling from a bal
Chifiese Minister Wu continues the
lion of society at Narragansett Pier.
John Deehart was killed at Ross
mayne, Pa, by a train,
In Irony Borough, Manhattan, Len-
hard Merget shot and wounded Mrs.
{ Frank Schinwoll and attempted to shoot
ten-year-old |
her ‘husband and her
ealously was the motive,
Adolph Osterloh, for 20 years the
* German consul in Richmond, Va, died
‘at his home in that city.
He was a nas
itive of Bremen, Germany, and went to
The headquarters
ould be Manila snl |
Each day shows an |
id surrenders and |
saffected district,
lly assured and
will be represent.
The New York
~Advices to
reports of the
y have been
presentative Sea. |
presems ata county in
attire, has letters from friends
parts of the county advising |
ports of people starving
nded. There has
“while some have
crops for their own |
¢. the better classes are will
d able to sustain the less foes |
5. This is being done, rendering
unnecessary, Rebresentative
Keays, 00
© Accident After 8 Wreck.
“on the Schuyinll |
Jar Sy City, near here. A num- |
if pee were slightly injured and
al cars were wrecked, One of the ]
ht cars was loaded with cans of oil,
h exploded, setting fire to the train,
ing City and Royersford fire |
je the wreckage was being removed
he track one of the cars slipyed
rrick, killing George Gra |
ring City, and injuring three
fist Held up the White Cliffs
: Cyclists
Heania mail doach, wounded a passen- |
red thie mails and opals valtied |
£1400 $7000) and escaped. |
vil Governor |
essed a French play, |
to: Spanish, which -had been |
the Pave} :
‘an’ insult to
will be on a grand scale, 30 warshiy
raking part in the Dg |
tracydipary precantions are being taken |
Be sr | to insure the Cirar's safety during his
{Special) —A north:
New York
Lior him to retire |
| Unionists are opposed to the step
Andrew Carnegie has given £10000
| to build a town hall at Motherwell, Seote
eatre by a.
is entitled
Richmond m 1866,
] Foreign.
Munir Bey. the Turkishj ambassador
to France, returned to Paris and held a
fete in honor of the Sultan, whereupon
he wits ordered to leave France imme-
diately. Turkish troops are Hoting be- |
‘cause they have not been paid, Disor-
“ders and military uprisings are reported
in Albania and Macedonia. SL
Marie Josephine Eastwick, of Phila
delphia, had a prelinunary hearing in
the Guild Hall Police Court in London,
on the charge of forging 2 railway cet.
0 = i
tificate of the value of £ 100,000. ;
Prince Chun and his suite left Switz
{ erland for Bertin, Emperor William hav-
ing decided to waive the ceremony of
katowing or prosirating themselves in|
the iraperial presence,
Dr. Krause, former governor of Jo-
hannoesburg and a prominent cial of
the Transvaal government, has been ar-
rested in London on a charge of high
treason, he :
The French representatives of Con-
stantinople went on an excursion to
avoid participation in the exercises in
| honor of the Sultan's birthday.
Many laborers are being discharged
| from the coal mines and industrial es
tablichments in Germany, owing to de-
i chining busmess.
Interference by Russian agents with
the British trade routes between India |
and Eastern Persma is stirring up the
British. The London Times says the
British government must speedily des
cide whether Russia is to be allowed toi
estaldish itself on the Persian gull
The French naval demonstration at
Dunkirk, which the Czar will witness,
| befell the family of Wilbur Alexander, 1
maneuvers. FE
stay in France.
bat avord engaging the government
While Colombia has troops on = : 1 0
Ling Wilbur Alexander and his son, Wil-14h
the Venesuclan and Ecuadorean iron:
i tierh, the numbers reported are exag
ber of French journalists
rom office, but the
Foreign ministers in China negotiating
wace relations with China are anxious
¥ >
that the protocol be signed so that they |
may retnrn home.
The First National Bank of Chicago
hai $74,000,000 deposits and the shares
are 3067 bi
The value of Mexican imports were
$55,000,000, and the value of exports
The gross tonnage of United States
rallwiys has increased Bo per cent in
the last ten years. :
Exports of wheat since July 1 have
heen 57,280,000 bushels, as compared
2% B88 000 bushels in the same pe- | DANS
fo Upon)”
d of last year.
Lane, who came from Lunen-
i bur Alexander, Jr,
bi . ner.
7 La Savow. a new ship of the Trans.
| atlantic Line, started from Havre for
She will bring over a nam- |
| ander took hig wife and their son and |
Lord Salisbury’s family are anions
| Or the journey home Mr. Alexan
The Parade Was interspersed With Many
Bands. The Best of Feeling Prevailed and
There Was No Disorder. With the Dis:
missnl of the Parade There Was a Oenersl
Exodus to Ress Orove
Pittsburg (Special) --FPiiteharg was
strong in celebravion of Labour Day.
The interest, owing to the Amalgs-
mated strike, was never as great here
as this year, and in the procession were
worknien from almost every trade in
this great industrial centre. The parade
started about 11 o'clock and was in four
divisinng, The first division was made
up of the Amalgamated steikers, with
President T. J. Shaffer in command. It
was one of the largest divisions, and the
strikers were greeted with enthusiasm
all along the route. A feature of the
arade was a long line of industrial ex-
hibits, illustrating the active workings
of trades and manulacturng business.
The parade was interspersed with
many bands. With its dismissal there
was a general exodus to Ross Grove
where a reunion of the allied trades of
Western Pennsylvania was held Ad
dresses were made by President Shaffer,
Simon Burns. of the Window Glass
Workers’ Association, Wm. J. Brennan,
George J. Churchill and others.
President Shaffer said in part: "We
fook about and see that the original
command to humanity, ‘By the sweat
of thy brow shalt thou earn thy bread’ is
etill true: but many men are unable to
earn their bread, despite the fact that
they ire willing to do so. There are
times when they are not permitted to
fulfill the command. They cannot earn
their bread because they sre not prop
erly remunerated for their toil”
St. Paul, Minn, (Special) —W. §
Cox, editor of the Brainerd (Minn J
Arena, was kidnapped by three men
taken into the country and tarred and
Mr Cox and a friend, Fred Stout
were calling on two young ladies. The
four were sitting on the front porch when
three men with false beards and punted
faces suddenly appeared and made Cox
a prironer. The men drove two miles
and halted Then, while one man held
Cok, a second covered him with a revol
ver and the third took off hs hat and
poured the tar over Bis head and shoul:
ders. The men left hum to find his way
back to town,
The probable reason of the rough
treateaent of Cox were alleged attacks 10
the columns of the Arena on several men
in Brainerd, :
Be mati ot avieti hac
| She Was Ouly Fifteen, and Refused to Marry |
| fahorers alwo wire cremated
Lt an car from the rear also was harmed. bat
Philadelphia (Special) ~Lucia Pas
| 15 years, was shot and killed
by Carmini Picardi, aged 25, who aiter-
Him Until a Few Years Ober.
quale, age
wards killed himself. Carmini and Lu-
cia were sweethearts and the young man
had frequently urged the girl to marry.
Her parents feared she suitor, but ob-
jected to their daughter's marriage at
such an carly age. :
Picardi visited the house of the Pas
quales and renewed his ymportunities.
The girl told him to wait a few years.
Becoming enraged, he drew a revolver
and shot her three times. He then
turned the revolver on himself, sending
a bullet through his brain.
Tarkey Would Arbitrate.
Constantinople (By Cable) —The Ot-
aman government 8 smd to be sound. |
ing Germany with a view of inducing
her to arbitrate upon the Franco-Turk
ish controversy. It is not likely, how- |
ever, that Germany will accede to the |
proposal or that France would accept |
Sultan Abdul Retalistes.
Paris {By Cable).—The Matin SAVE |
that the Sultan's first retaliation against
France is the publication of an irade
withdrawing the concessions and tax;
French religious |
exemptions irom the
community at Beyrout, Syria The
French communities at Jerusalem are
algo taxed
Albany (Special) —A Frightial
4 large contractor of this ity. Ale
raphtha launch exploded on the Hud oe
" ji . es i % 3 a SR wt RES Es go xe pviile anil 3
Tie Liberals in Colombia hold vari | son river at “The Abbey,” a mile and a
pus: towns and districts an Colombia. | hall below this city, killing Mrs Alex |
Cleveland (Special) — With the break.
ing of dawn Sunday morning the resi
| dents of Cleveland locked upon a scene |
of devastation caused by a raging flood |
While the entire city was more or less
affected. the great volume of water vent:
ed its anger over miles of the eastern
periion fi the city and raated ao amount
of damage appriotimaling $1.000.000
From about 5 0
cinttation of 48 inches
all previons records, thie wmearest age
am an}
Coit Ean ¥ Inns
The overflow was caused by a ter.
rific rain that commenced to fall shortly
nearly 10 a'cinck
ing to the weather officials, wag the heav-
establishment of the Government burean
ny this city, Over 40 ytars ago.
a miracle, as the stories of thriling es
capes from the water in several of the
principal residence streets of the city are
told :
The surging walters spread over an
area in the Fast End nearly eight miles
{ong and a mile and » half wide
East Madison avenue Great volumes
of water poured over from Doan and
Giddings brooks down Quincy street,
swamped Vienna street, rushed ower
geet street, rushed Tike a mill race down
incoln avenue to Fuchd avenue and
then on the Glen
of straw and almost incredible damage
was done 10 streets and property.
Shocking Collision on the Great Northers
Ralirosd at Nynck, Most. .
Kalispell. Mont (Specal) —Thitty-
ern Railway passenger train No. 1. at
Nyack, 30 miles west of Kalispell None
of the
talities having bien confined to employes
of the raircad company
The wreck wis caused by the break
ing in two of a fren hit train on the steep
grade of a Rocky Mountain foothill. The
rear end of the freight tore loose from
the head end, dashed backward down the
of the passenger train which was faust
car attached 10 the rear end of the pas
intenident Downs He and his son hirk
and their cook, Henry Blair, were in
stantly killed
from Duluth Minn, to Jennings. The
were killed wholesale. Omly 313 were
taken from the debris alive
Fire immediately following the colli
those within nanaged to escape when
the collision frst occurred,
consignments of valuable freight.
er Ship lo
More Big Goshers.
the week iast closed nine gushers were
were completed
Hegun Not less than 20 more big steel
tanks, having a capacity of 38.500 gal
tah to soooc gallons, have been come
Jk in the morning |
{until 2 in the evaning there was a pre- |
This exceeds
proach being in 187g, when from 735
foro Bis pomoon July 11
Constitutions] Conve
RE £
3 Bat
William MH. Humt, of Montana,
Governor of Porto Rico. SE
When Governor Allen left Porto
Rico in the latter part of July it was
generally known that he was leaving
or good. Devers] times betore he had
tried to give up the office, but each time
Gemersl Wood Eipressed Satisiaction wits | he Adminitration had persuaded him
fhe Work of the Cosvestion fa His.
Opinion, it Will Be Seven or Eight Months |
Before the Catan Government Can Assume
Complete Control of the Island.
through Wo
post of duty
after 2 o'clock, tarned into a clondburst
between the hovirs of 3 and 3 ori
and then continued with great force until cs
The storm, accord. |
“1 was forced to leave Havana' he
ssid, “about ten months ago on ad
st of my health. 1 had & severe at
otal fever, but two months
4 4 Maine hss braced me up
jest that has visited Cleveland sifice the
o ¢
That no lives sere lost is little short of
Wwonderinily, and 1 feel quite like an |
ther man :
“We are remly to turn over the gov
ernment of Cuba to the Cubans waen.
Lever they are ready to receive it he
continued, discpsding the politics] situa-
ton of the idand U1 suppose it will be
{ gaven or eight months at least belore
the government is organized. They
will Have to prepare Toy the first miec- |
tion. and after it is held an interval of |
This extended from Woodland Hills |
avenue to East Cleveland and hack tO
Cedar avenue buck over on East Pros
nearly four months will elapse before
the second elrction is held, and ater
that comes the organization of the gov-
As lar as the United States
is concerned, we are ready to turn over
the government at any time
“1 think the Cobans sre very well
satished with the condition of affairs,
iti spite of runiors which we hear from
Park Place, where
houses were undermined as though built |
and the convention adopted the consti
tution for the island, and I see no toom
time to time of discontens, They elect A
ed their own tonstinutionad convention
Fig Cu 4
place where Go
: When
f+ thers i July, however, © wad
not thought that he would return. On
July 23 it was announced that Haunt
world supceed Goversor Allen to the
* IeHomgh the formal apprntment
wpde 3¢ that bioie 8 kad been
se tire that Judge Hunt
war Alen,
catnn with Al
intimate with
ssiand. and was
« the reins at the
r Allen dropped
an for 3 while longer
roll able to take
The pross
& I a regione as the A syxiem
is pleastuenble to the Administration,
and for that reason the decision 10 XP
print Judge Hunt was probably reac
Business of the Government.
The coinparative statement of the
government receipts and expenditures
during the month of Aagwst shows the
total receipts from all sources 10 have
heen $42.304.125 and the expenditures
$10.151 477, leaving a surplus for the
month of #604268. as against & de
far the snonth of August, 1900. of #1
441 The receipts from customs during
the present month amount=d to $21-
462,171, an increase over the corres
onding month of last year of nearly
soooon, The receipts from internal
rgyenue were $22036078¢ which is a
Ming off of about S4000000 as com
pared with August, 1900. From miscel
laneaus wrarces there were received $1.
805.160, as against $2240525 The ex-
tracted dor, and several of them are
now under course of construction. {in
for complaint. : :
While the xland may mot have got-
penditares on account of the War De-
partment this month amounted to $5.
ten on its feet, so to speak, from the 320613. & decrease of nearly 36.700.000;
war, it has inn measure recovered Last
| year the sugar crop was about Han 000 |
six lives were lost and 13 persons were
injured in the wreck on the Creat North.
the cane at present
tons, while this year it will be more |
than 600.000 teins, or more than double
that of the priceding year Lantle pro
gress has been made in refining the
siigar mills where the machinery was
x $a 4 7 AEP jk : 3 Bea Yk
assengers were injured, the fa | destroyed during the war, as the mils
which kept ruening are able to grind all
Lwill be rebfted as the necesity anges
The people are to 4 certain degree pros.
perous, and I feel sure that good times
ar in store lor the sland Considering
Call she penple have passed through in
mountain and crished into the rear end
pulling out of the station at Nyack The
senger was the private coach of Supet-
Woold Rather ble Than Go ts Berlin User
‘The car just ahead cone Present Conditions ]
tained #6 Scandinavian laborers en re ;
the pat foasy years, they re very w :
off and the conditions of affairs wi
Cassie YO) Fv ie pee
Lng Hei
Berlin (By Cablej It 1s now wry
doubled. accnrding to a dispatch Ub the
loka! Anzeiger from Basel, Switrerland,
whether Prince Chun will come 10 Hero
- ya : lin to make formal apology forthe MET. | fing A
| shot, guickly destroyed the private caf, FHT
| cremating the bisdies of those within
der of Rares von Kenteler. Members of
the sxplatory msaon says:
The flames were quickly communic ated
to the car abead, of rather to what reo
mained of it. and the bodies of 28 of the
oi ird
He InTe
The fire:
f continued to spread through the mass
of debris catised by the destruction of the
dozen or more freght cars and ther
“Linder present conditions, we Can
never go to § Je windd rather de
than accept them
It appears that they
16 Prince Closn's atvtendar
themselves before Emperor Witham, in
invasive 3 refogmition of
The following information 11 givin re
garding Price Chua's speech tp the
iid German Empreor. Prince Chun intend.
Beaumont, Texas (Special) —During |
broaght in. This 1 decidedly the big
| gest week in the history of the Sekls |
During the momb 1g spouting wells
: | Several miles of pipe
| line have been laid, a dozen large stor.
age tanks completed and several more
‘give the cate international mporTance |
ed to say! 0
regreds that
: fed 7 Way the
Berlin goverment dictated the fnliow- |
ing form: Chines goverment |
begs pardon for the murder of the Ger
sister, Baron von Ketteler :
“hineie in Basel are trying to
‘by emphasiziig the fact that one of the
he whole, the month just closed as
hat is marvelous,
Smoked 8 Pipe Over Powder.
witnessed a development in this feld
Detectives Wha Worked on Bullion Cases
Altoona, Pa. (Special) —At Munson, |
| 5 mining town north of this city, Eman.
ing powder from one cask into another
wel Rinus, & German miner, was emply- y
announces that the reward of $2000
at his home, when a spark fell from his
pipe into the powder,
which followed wrecked the house and
The explosion
| hurled the Rinus family in all directions.
The father, miether and two children
| were terribly burned and mangled
containing the nanh
orcurred, souttering
in every direction
i Mrs. Mdexander
of sk
§ Miata
sander and her httde davehrer and barn |
a hornble mane
The accident was the terounation
£1t 3
a day's outing on the river. Mr Alex- ty
¥ 1
daughter for a trip somnh from this ©
Fle ran the launch into
Abliey” The
was taken ih
a side cut near “The
{ faunch was tied pear the shore. The
Cdn] 2 YCATH oldwwent 15 give some
medicine to his father, who was lying in
hs stern of the launch. The boy car i:
a bi BAA ids speci es
Danish Deal Reported Certain.
London (By Cable). ~A dispatch to a
news agency from Copenhagen says the
| new Danish Ministry has decided to ac-
cept the United States offer of 16,000,
aco kroner (about $4,320,000) for the |
Danish West Indies.
: May Make Salisbury a Dake.
London (By Cable) —The Birming-
ham Daily Post says: “King Edward 1s
likely to confer a dukedom on Lord
Salisbury at the time of the corona-
DE ony
the fiver to %
the wite apd daughter were burned
Mr Alexander and hig
y burned about the :
evedd My Alexander wi
Beant Cie
Another Yictim of Explosion
Philadelphia (Special) —Mrs,
Van Schaick of Hightstown, N. 1, who
was frightfully injured in the steamer
City of Trenton explosion, died in the
House of Correction Hospital, “the
twenty-sixth victim, so far ax known
The work of raising the boiler which ex
plodel was began and is proceedin
slowly. Divers expect to find several
bodies under the boster. There are sull
four patients in the House of Correction
Hospital, one of whom, J. W. Hastings,
of this city, is in a critical condition.
| dignitaries selected for aoe 1M WAS
made 3 barpnet hy Et
while another has the cross of the Le:
gion of Honor :
rh 4 fo AB ESN
Will Be Compensated. i
San Francisco (Speci) —Prendent |
Ralston. of the Selby Sowing Works, |
which was offered for the arrest and
conviction ol the thiel or thever =
stole $80 000 worth of
on the night of August © wil
paid as such, though the ik
others who were instrumental
ering the treasure and sending the r
: ot gi ws CREE Can SE
ber, John Winters, 10 a4 wil be bb
epoPRid * 3 3 a oe wo 5
4 erisa. and the launch was entirely
¥ compensated for thet Rervices
Winters $
BT ed
3g Mow, 55
Carseg Rk Rewards Bra ve Miners.
en & i
the recent Door
May Lysch a Tramp
Weeping Water, Neb {Special
tramp lass Satarday attomple
ous assault on
of Waller F
west of this town Ab
called his mother, whi frightened
tramp away Monday Or
father of the child found a ir
sweriag the description of the oe want
ed hiding in the quarry here, and com.
pelled ham ar pistol retuen
home with him io stihcation, He!
gave the name of 1aneell,
te, and
3s years oid. i
The other mulls
‘this turn af trade
the exports from Cuba for the period
sot particsterly |
mor fHReTR
shoes the ort
on account of the Navy, $3.040031 3
falling off of about Seoo000. The pen
sions for the month reached $13835.033.
an incredve of abont $60000 over the
corresponding month ast year
interest payments aggregated $2. 463.096,
#3 against $1170.08: for August, 100
ek :
Change in Cabana Trade
Some figures relating to the export
and impor trade of Cuba for the first
seve siths of thie year. as compared
tiilar period last year, indicate
grat radicii] changes sre gomg on and
that the United Stages and other North
Americans countries are the sufferers in
Thas it v3 shown that
mentioned this year were viiged 31 £34.-
Gio ah
sane perl |
far the ali = worth $20.
Hp RL7 Ri vet Sraont gee for the
correaniinibing period in 1900
; i froven the Ulnsesd
inst S4140n0%3 for the
hile the mmports
cont and
can countries 136
a shined
Ran dunia
¢} preceding ; sd an the saber
we Co
Important Tressary Decision
Mr Tracewsl the Comptroller of
the Triaiun #4 3 demon
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