The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, August 22, 1901, Image 3

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_#ald To Re More Thaw Five
Thom Now at Wark in New
What an Expert Says—Their Services
Ave Useful in Most of the Big Shops.
‘Several young men who had geen
i of her life looked at ber with
admiration. She had a fair face, and
her conversation was easy and pleas.
ing. As for tbe women—they noted
_ the perfect fit of her gown, her refined
| taste and her grace. She had been in-
troduced as Miss Willoughby. In an
aside the hostess had sald she was
from New Orleans. It was at a formal
dinner in a residence up town among
| the fashionable ones—if not the #00
wall, very close to them. :
Of course she attended several func
| tions after that. She became popular,
Then she disappeared and society saw
Bir no more,
| “YWhat has become of Mise Willongh
py?" asked one of the men of the
matron who had brought the young
“Returned to her southern bome
replied the lady, smiling.
ety soum forgot the incld:at. But
A resty excose was at hand. A poor
memory—a carl misiald—but H an
swered. And now the secret is out.
Mice Willonghtyy of New Orleans wai
, William L. Soyer. A diamond
had heen stolen from the
jonable residence up town, Wheth-
_#r a servant Or a guest was the thief
was not known, It was Miss Stewart's
Smainess to find out, and she Jid en
The guest, who was finally detected,
returned the jewels.
prosecution, The thief was the young
man who had asked for the aldress
of Miss Willoughby. This was one of
the things society did not know.
And tole all leads up to the subject
women detectives. There are nearly
HOO of them in New York City. They
are engaged in ferreting ont all knids
of erimes among ail sorts of men and |
women One night they may be in
the slums and the next in & ball room
It is their versatility and their adagh-
tation to all conditions of life thal
make them useful. Cleverness is the
that opens the door of saceess in
iis peculiar profession. Women have
shown themselves especially adapted
for certain lines of detective work. The |
style sleuth of the melodrama, who
back the lapel of his cont exhibits
star as big as a Greenwich Vii
lage Jdourplate, while he ejaculates,
appenrs at critical moments and throw
‘Hawkshaw, the detective,” has
cut of view. One most dissen:-
ne would gain fame as a secrit
pative. The heart must not be worn
pon the sleeve for daws to peck at.
“ln pertain cases women are fir
: to mon as detectives” maid
Captain Soyer, who probably employs |
more of them than any other agent
An the city, “They have more patience
and have 8 kuener sense of discern
ment. Then, it is much easier for
to gain admission as servants
or t& In houses than for men. They
are invariably honest and truthful.
They have a finer insight into human
ptire, are more insistent and the ma
ty of them are more industrious
than men. They are not good at ‘shad-
owing’ for two reasons. One fs that
ney have not the physical endurance
for such a task, and the other is that
they are more noticeable on thi street
than men. Of course, where force is
Hikely to be thn outcome of & case they
eannct be employad.”
| the large department and retail
stores have from iwo to three women
detectives in thelr employ. It is their
business to look out for shoplifters,
They can do the work much better
than men, for the reason that they are
ed Ia street attire and move up
and down the aisles in the guise of
" shoppers. Their usefulness was dem:
onstrated the other day in one of {het
hig stores in the centre of the shop
i woman dressed in a neat fitting
rainy day skirt and a stylish Eton
jacket was examining expensive jacen
at one of the counters
of the latest make and bore the un-
~ mistakable air of Parls about it. The
day was stormy and #0) she carrisgd
_ in her hand a dream of a silk umbrella
of a changeable shad: —something he
tween a purple and a hiae. The han-
dle was of solid silver énquisitely om»
bossed and engraved, (me hand wag
neatly gloved, The othér Was uncov-
ered. It was white and soft and the
rings upon the fingers glistened with
precious stones, This well dressed.
gentle featurid woman picked np the
laces and jooked st them critically
At times she had three or four plies
in her hand. Her umbrella was uti-
fastened at the top and was held in
the left hand near the edge of the
counter. The attention of the sales.
woman was sngaged for a moment by
Just then a modest
appearing woman [n black, with a veil
partly drawn over her face, steppiad
to the side of the woman with the
rainy day skirt. The woman with the
weil touched the other lightly on the
‘shoulder and said:
“Pardon me, madam, but will you
step with me to the manager's offite?’
~The woman straightened up. Her
face flushed.
“What do you mean?” she demand-
The veiled woman said quietly:
“Madam, you will please come with |-
me to the manager's office and avoid a
The stylish woman in the rainy day
skirt and the Eton jacket was a shop-
fter, the woman with the veil was
, house detective. Without anther
| incident. 2
TH | he safd to the woman with the veil:
undred of
sri City
young man asked for an address finge smt
| people eall them kleptomaniacs
police call them thieves
nate desire to get something for noth-
| ing leads them to commit crimes. They |
have made the women detectives in be
Of the goods |
oat by heft from the big stores the i
. ‘ Fd ey WREAD Rok Pred
: : | Commo No, 3
ts stolen by professional shoplifter | (ee.X
and 10 percent by the employes. New
York Herald
® Belln Stewart of New York—u
woman detactive, an operative for Cap:
There was Bo
Her hat wai |
r he had been
not ¥ A messenger
“As they entered the door
od the
“Have you sent for the patrol wag- |
on? :
Yes" abe replied. “it will be bere |
ina few minutes
2 sellow, PRY. ies
shelind. 00.0
BE ewan na
The shoplifter turned deathly pale, hi
gpeasped a long pair of chears that were i
on the desk, and made a clumsy dash it
tivtive was tob quick for her and tak
them from her hands. Then the de- |
factive opened the woman's umbrella |
af her thromt with them, but the de |
and a half dozen pleces of lace fell |
ypon the floor,
“0h. 1 cannot stand the disgrace of
sill my husbanag say?”
A boy poked his pead into the door
am. we Bave no desire to have you
1 That protected the store from a dam
The woman hurried Dome Boom... o.oo. ion ono
: She was pot a | Brrr Olin Creamery. oe
professional shoplifter. She was only |
ane of & elas of well-to-do women in |
Foca Winter pateat
‘ns fast as she conld
New York snd other large cities, Some
the stores 8 necessity,
steal about 59 percent. Forty pereent
i a
With & Warback Penr] Hanter.
“They were ordinary looking oon
| trvmen, attired in the up-river fash
in. and would have been passed up-
soticed by the casual obgerver, said a
will known traveling man today in
speaking af a group of countrymen
whom he met on a train en route from
vinued the traveling man, “1 was s1-
had Been in Arxanzas prospecting,
CBewsopee Bh
: ! Capon gam dest
|| “Patrol wagon comin’, sir.’ he cried. Fans—Pa. and Old,
The woman nearly
inanager said kindly, but firmly: "Ma.
The |
| Gres Pans per bushel,
CFotaroes Fa :
: : Capps Ohi, new, ooo
this!" moaned the shoplifter, “What | 5
Pean nnds
Frm awh est
ting y
Dairy Pradasis SET :
Preven Elgin creamnecy, : all w o use
Same 404 ERSUCH satisfaction. The
air becomes thicker
ger, softer, and more
s 1 wi jglossy. And you feel st
Kew York, pew
Poultry, eb
Frilts and Vegetables
Co gr1MBY
yv. white, ¥ ; J !
| {arpa ger barrels.
focked up it you will promize us ¥ou :
will never attempt a thing of this kind
{ again and siga a confrasion.’” :
It was afl arranged in a few moO Corr 2 red
The confession was signed. | Conn. mixed ie
SABRE Lo SLs ere
The |
The imord~
A Jeweler Who Thought He Was Dealing
| Prine beavy, 1300 5: 200m Lom, Ls
| Prime, 1000 to 100 ita 3
Mediu, 1000 To 1509 ibe.
TE hale
Pestelar, B90 10
Common to fe. oo
CKrwen, common to Isl
| Ceamenon to good fat bail 00s 3 00
fd = Fates mich cows, ewe LL
Memphis 8 few days ago, "bul, econ | uml =
: ; Prive medium weights... 8
tracted to them by their cONVErsation. Fes heavy yorker ssid median
and so joined in and heard & good +L
¢ krone plas abel
#{ lemrnad that the men were pearl PIR. Commu 15 goed.
nunters from De Kalb county, and they
P Bogle,
“Ope of the men, Who seemed to be : BAER vn cn enes ex
‘he leader, said he was a pearl dealer,
and had been for years but there was |
nothing about his general appearance
to indicate that he was possessed of
wealth amd this was mo doubt the on
prime reason for bis being able to play Lasts elippe
the unsophisticated counteyman.
«As 1 have said, the men had been
man. evidently thoroughly aequainted
with the ways of the world,
“My mmnptry acquaintances sided up
iike to buy a pearl
| Lal,
in Arkansas, where they fshed up 8
few pearls. and In passing through |
Memphis Hhougin they woud or Ba Bs 1a fair
market in disposing of a few of taem, | ¢ hooters as
Thiy chanced fo go foto a jewelry Yea, COMMON AUNTS one or
store owned by a fat, sleek-looking
willing, and my friend showed him u !
very pretty specimen,
wanted a couple of hundred dollars.
“Oh, Bo. sald the jeweler, ‘that's
too much. I could not think of buying
at such a price.
phasis be said he had a much hand-
for which Bab
view BAYER: :
And by way of em.
hae proovdest on a stendy and is!
sotmer pearl for which he only asked
He produced his gem. and my
country friend examined ft carefully
snd asked the Corman several times if
he really would take $300 for it. The :
Lo i hsewoniad aie 3 foal J Lis 5awih i §. od
jeweler assured him that was all he protiss bs held out of 8 larger hi.
Cpa than last year
asked and would sell it to him for that
| msevnt devnght are tmiproving, and the
“ATE plight” sald the countryman.
placing the pearl In his mouth and
drawing from his wallet a raii of bilby,
counting out $300 and throwing it 6p °
the counter with the remark thal be
wonhl take iL
“The jeweler at once turned pale and |
togan & protest that he Was joking,
but the countryman was firm and them | ne
said the pear] was not his i
the jewelir
but was left with him to be sold on |
a question between the jeweler and his
“The foweler
The countryman said le , 5 0 a
was not responsible for that, as it was | 0 (MANT
CUaksinn plan
| Fraew Winter Patent.
Breer reamery, exten.
| Boose Tenpsyivanin esis
a a :
| Loow-Stuta smi Foss.
to this man and asked him if he would | Busivess Outlook Gratilying— Steel Strike
The man wan
Unsiwm per Darel
83 TR AN
5. If it's coated, your stomach
CHIEARELP NIA | is bad, your liver is out of
43 RN trot
No ged oon 280 ook yOUT 10NBUE,
lll ow 4 pepsia, make
17 Easy to take, easy to operate.
i © 2%. AM dropgists. io
Fyrur cure your dys-
Caw No. 7 white,
: Woes roms Hirsetac hn ps ry Seaaufel 1
rush bil beds ark * Then by wn
Frovn--Patepts. ocean 1 5s N
5 a H i %
is non aes
it ; : i
iii i Bailoos Over an Ocean of Firs.
LIVE STDDK. oo Pats sorresnomdent writes that
o 1. ict Cibucty # | the avrapant M. Swreons, his wife, M.
Central Stoek Re liberty. "> 1 Obardon (General Secrelary of the
fast Pals Exhididon) and M. Binat
farchitedt of the Porte Momamentaie:
tad an exeling balloon trip between
| Huefl ard Beauvais. Passing thesis
| the clonds thes were caught ia a vio
& jerk storm. and when they finally
emerged into char alr 8 was &t a
RA a
Ti |
5 Be
| eraveling over a veritalde ocean
| fre, formed by vivid lightning fash.
Beauvais after hefng
Bp pearly 4%
Lao 1 BHOMWe Dnt ; :
dant yorkees ered with dpow. camsed the greatest
8 | wonder pong the astonished bab
| tans :
Pros beavy Bok. oiiivanns
{omnes to sar
Our Highust Mountain Peak.
3 | central point of an enormous od su
| pasxingly grand
| sted a1 the head
eo bee
wilers of the Suse
Lamin, good fo cholen, clippat
sommes 10 inlr, slipped
; of {ook ink neariy HE soar ago and
Yoni, exten. ar awa
; sina 9 Big
Yoo, prod to ohooh ooo iis A :
» Sak
the mount is present name.
so do RR Sa
Dyeing in as simple sa washing
« Prewax Faosizss Dyes. Sold by all
- :
EE aang
Puts Up Prices— Mate ia) for immedi-
ats Delivery Commands Premium. i
: 1
BE 2
100.700 tone of apples abroad mo a year,
Re Four ‘and one hall million people
RG. Dun & Cos weekly trade ro London's swimmingbaths early, :
AE BS SA nA ER ER Sa aiie) 08
: Xo matter what alls you, hesdache
The dstpibution of merchandise eancer, y will never get well until vonr
, | cups vou without a grips or pain, prodoce
the oat, amd ssey naiursl movements cost von just 10
¥ Fig ng © it Boalth Eek. {ase i
Grn th ese dmaniolig an 4 owt ta Yan CARETS LAR ¥ Cathar tie, 8 genuine, tap
fro ae long drouglit and tent Ee i in metal botes, every hist bins Word {
ginning to be reflected In & Argel U0 amped onit. B ety of fitationg. :
rail trade mo that Ga the gimater | eo i
A bit of per money has Deen din
factory scale throughont
in the west and southwest the pelle
Cwan exiled by them Balshaia- abst i |
: Hie tiret American to see and
. publish an account of iL was 8 Dros. |
| peitor sand W. A. Dicker, who gave |
Although there are 214000 acres of i.
erehardy in England, yet that conntey buys |
bowels ars pat right. Cascaners balp nature, |
order. Ayers Pills will clean |
your liver right. |
Bedght of 12.000 Teor, and Gey wer
les The serial voyage landed pear |
hours. apd the ball on. which wk cov. :
I Mount McKinley, with an altitde |
| 2.444 Teal, be the Bighest moun:
{pain in North America sod forms the
mounIaL nes ate
gma and Kuskokwim rivers in Alas
« Mount McKinley was known to the
Ruselarm who settled about the herd
washing when you
Crap condilions | eavered in China SW wears obl. lis face
in the territory most affected by the value ¢ 8187, redeemable in silver.
Srirx or Own, Cory or Torgno, |
Leoas Copwey. { #1. 3
Pas J. Caenry makes onth that be in the
senior partner of the fem of F.J inesur &
Ca dolrig basives inthe City af Doslada Doonty
wither las teen Hizhiy favorable 10
merle all distriers east of the Mis
senid river though rains ave User
teed the spring wheat barvess 3
wtiwl sieike hae affected prices exten. | aad Stawe aforesaid and that said fem will pay |
endarty wun sales for ime the mm of oFR RUNHHED DOLLARS for sac,
ste delivery. ln tt piste the ad: | aad swiry case of caTanza that cannot be |
BIE aenvetly, UTE pide Citar ale “ ity he tH or Sa Lo &
« Bas been greatest. while hoops | ured by the ase of Harn # Catakng CIEE,
els and bi re asi sal Bind Fasxx J. Cuessgy.
suclp aml bibs are = dat Beart te Befors me and subeoribed in my |
pas Orialiofs are bw erat = priomenon, thin 8th day af December, ;
wnrate revord amd in many | ens cA DISSE A Gimme,
iw sales are af private terms. Ul Sms
fidence ia steadily shown by placiag
rio a rOURIE prices
wis undoubtedly | bevn
| further curtailed this mom, but a re
vival of exports tenis to prevent ad
then grew indignast
and threatemed to have the connfry-
man arrested. and did send out for a |
policeman. but my friend waited tor |
the officer and stated his side of the |
case. The officer declined to make the |
arrest and then the countryman sent
Laws anid
one of his partners out after a lawyer, |
to whom he stated cakes and the
fawyver demanded that the jeweler have
bur without
his client arrested, but hae hesitatid,
and after a brief
consultation with the |
afficer decided to drop the matter, PRY | 4 10, :
5 . : 5 | and the ineroand consumption of
the lawyer oe of $10 and gathered | .
he lawyer his fee of $10 and gathered © 00 icin)
tn his 3300. which up to this time was |
ving on the counter untouched.
Ta kb
“The countryman langhid as he fin- |
flied his story, and told me that he : To
was Boing to New York, where he ox- |
pected to sell his pearl for at lest |
Soh or
5 if he chanesd to find a |
man who wanted just that kind of a}
1 do not know the value of!
pearls. but that one was a beauty, and
as my country friend is evidently fp |
on pearls 1 had no reason ta dant
the correctness of the value be placed |
{sant for AI
i during the
he Shiai Pie Fly Lusbels,
Marriageable women in Servia have |
' a queer way of announcing they are
upon it.—Nashville Banner.
ig the matrimonial market. A dressed
doll hanging in the principal winlow
of a house indicates that there is living
there a woman who is anxious to be |
come a bride.
curanirias. New Engziand boot and |
wor LACTOTIeN anv iI metively en
gael and ambifity of prices Te
1 pats dirgetiy on the blast and musins snvfacns
of the svete. Send for testimonials, Trew. |
Noaary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cara fs taken internally and |
PJ Cwexer ok Co Toledo, OU,
Rabid liv Droggista, 73.
Hall'n Family Pitls are the Dost
xicyn volcano Popwentapstl was
utilised as n source of suipnur mare than
4X) years agy
mains a feature. New York and Wear iia
ern kitopw are equally basy, Tol siors | Frey's Vermifuge Never Fails, :
complaining of show deliveries Thin! Demme For dlym it baa Deen the med.
is the season of greatest demaml for | jeins fur worna. $50. Drggiste and stores,
thers 18 a fair volume of 28.0 ent hedrh
business. but each year a decredie 0
appenrs. Leather sels
shanee in Foe. hile. FITSp= ently sured. No fits or nervous.
Wilghtly lower bids for hides Wii : Rows afer art a Ry a!
: EET Ce aig tt Nerve Grey. atthe and trontiss free
pusplav ent ae 8 rudd os bormrmmat
| There ave $0,000 il and bedridden page |
| pers hi English workhouses, :
Cryeiite i a mineral found in Green:
i Mrs. Winslow's Roothing Svran for shildren
teethiny, soften the gums, redices infsmma-
ton, ailars pia, mares wind solio, Boa bots
tonsds ta Barden the tote
wes] marked, although
x of posal
the tie
7 pein
19 okt TREN 1551
The Phoenieians and the Greeks were
Ct ag i the fret to pisos much dependence on
fede of | paval warfare
intend : is Eat SI
1am sure Diso’s Core for Consumption saved
thre yours ago das, Taos Boa
Norwich, N.Y. Feb IT, 10.
Enh TS
ols last | my ith
Lome, Maple 35,
Cag parte
So duninst LAR
Sond A
Ix. (OTP with 2a
a Yentr nage geal
INGER WW Dna adv ane
bat thore m0 sound amo
eth in Arlantic enports
Ins: foo weeks of 13578
arginst 437801 bushels
Pg Tews amd ARE bin heels
years sgo. The Beviih in a
pisition than ever before, planters
have morteaged less of their creep thar
usual and the banks will pot dmw ot
New York as heavily as heretofore
Fallures of the week numbered 108 is |
the United Sales |
The shipping trade along the Central
American coasts 8 ta a large extent In
als German hands
AS A Sr Re AR Se
ad wmbaaryeiy, SE :
. People who are not really dl<inst ngaid
and vadisposed will derive great benefit
from faking Garteld Healsche Powders a
wonderfully simple remedy that fond and
In Strassburg and other German
cities dentists have been officially ap
i pointad for the public schooly In
some parts of Bavaria 08 per cent. of
fool children were found to have
i de NSA eo, tp
ta Beating limes
an ATA
ww WEEE EN x RE RRNK Kk % A AX kaw
A x 2 Kk kK XK WK RR
erritory. Facilities are {W
i fhe principal correspondent
ta epmble him to obtain regular
piri from his arusiants Those ree
pis he tabulatos st the end of each
moth. supplementing the informe
tion thas ohinined hy his own chaege
viition apd Knowledge of the situ
sen, and the sonsolidated report Ie
aramitted to the smathdician Ab
Mongh there is no compensation sb
shed to the position, an average of
about 90 per cent of thew reports
Aonthly. Fidaing
{ocomotives Are Clumiy.
| There seems to he no pressnt help
for it. bot the existent style of loco
ssative i at best a chinisy mechanism
Phe crank principle must he done
wway with before 100 miles an hous
an be vesched for long journeys
towing is a stupid sport, because the
moovery retards the progriss of the
jwxat. The forward motion is ACCO
: plished by a series of jeeks. In 20
it oared boat the blades whould
sat enter and leave the water at the
. mme time, but should work in altes
| sation. The forward notion of the
_ sriink helps an engine, while the back:
wind motion retands it and between
the two the mechanism ls gradually
shaken to pieces. Ry sacrificing
trength to speed a rotary engine
might be but that would make 106
, | mjies sn hour at all diviances. T
igh speed of electric motors is deriv
ll from the rotary principle.
to England h Tg
me aver Ratha e200 00.
Ireland, of BZ 00
a iro
worplos of hirthe
Scotiand, 51,000;
Beans of thelr purity, simplicity
Mectivenem, Gerfleld Headache Powd
| present a “Perfect Cura” for b when a
va pair, | Wie inseitade and gercral depression restlls
| Ing from orertasing the usrvons sysiem.
1 Abhont pue-third of the world's eof :
Thorough Preparstory and Commercisl
Siournen, Leooles motions shadsnts sb special
Rooms Free Junior or Senioe Tear Cullege
ite Costes Co Rovins So Mant] malerste
wg, Edward's Hall. for tors under i% 3
Tre S8sh Year wil open Seplemmbir Lou,
imtalogues Free. Address Ca
Rev. A MORRINSEY, uv. 4 ©, President
| We want (oietligent Men snd Women
Traveling Repermentations or Loval Managers
sulpry Baw fo Fras bed all eupensen,
3 fide W :
RH > Ae miso
; CHL Pri #0 Re oa
week Bud COW ge woe the tne
Bewitant Rend warn :
,aiy ioe preieved. ale Dest 8
THE BOL COMPANY Philsielohin, Pa
. of
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x RE RW RE -.
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