The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, June 13, 1901, Image 5

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    | jboth of this place, were marred by
Rev. Pithor Pierron on Tuesday morn
| ine at & erelack. The couple felt the
sane morning on a wedding trip to
| Buffalo and Niagara Falls,
“A esting of the Cambria county
oo bar sssociption held at Ebenshury Inst
om Refrigerators given away ai Mel: work electe] the following officer:
Ton’s Cush Grocery. Prowident b au
Leff ponies you are euming to Pat avi, Alvi .
ton on the Pimrth.
HL B Clark, of (learfield, was |
in town over Sanday.
© Fling “old Glory"!
to-morrow, Flag Day. :
lh foil i The of ntl Kinds af tobi :
and cigars at Rinkead's {be held jg
; i Monday, June 24.
~Od newspapers fo sale at thi " he poqmnanion ral far 8 Sich
office 5 cents bundle. Lael # Ustholo ohureh al Loretto, the
2 eats on Srovery has been (gif of Chiirien M. Schwab, i to be of
i738 £2 *]
is rey iE Sands
to the btn § uml Fenn lating |
Cihronghon if tie
ternoon, Jaly 22
Ebtenshorg the
Thao ov stion 2%
foi towing
stots 150i 4 vT,
the finest iparbie and will cost $6,260.
Tou ereani soda water, all flavors, Tt is expected to arrive at Loretto ba
k cents at the City Restaurant. fa weld at least. Tt will be one ot 8
| wx Collvotor Weskland ts Bustling | the finest tio be found anywhere.
P the delinquents in great shape,
: ’ section was visited hy 8 ii
«The tenet sight of six engines
connected with ane in wes will
i nessad on the Pooch Oreck railroad
he other day. The train consisted of
cars, and it required the combined
John Asheroft returned Toesday | [tot of ix locomotives to draw the
from & business trip to El Paso, Texad. ‘train between Viaduct and Gilliintown.
LJ. A Gleason, the Houtadale at. ~~ HBarey Dugan, the small pox pa:
to ney, was 4 Patton visitor over su: tient at Kaylor Station, is improving
; mii ining stantio Tins Dest BOE
what De for & week or 80 batk,
and there is no indication of the dis
| ane spreading. The railway station, |
i {which was abandoned when the na
hotel. Cheap for cash. Inquire at this: ture of Operator Dugan's disease was |
office. Lascoriained, i again in use, after §
“Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hartshorne ari | Sherongh cleanind and fumigation.
in Buffalo this week attending Ue big «1% the rave to become extinot while
ow. ane women hant for work bigher than
When you want rubber states, pie whieh God gave them? Its inf |
stationary ete, call at F. H Kin. nitely lower w ark What Woman's
kead's. Club or Woman's Column can matoh
«For & good shave, hair cut ur sham. | thie home which the wife and mother vane atten
call on Garfield Wilkins, Fins makes beautiful and sacred for her YQUEEN
| husband and sone? What are a hone.
~The best fice cream in town by the and manvises to a live ehild with iw oo og of $a
qu rt of gation, at the City Rea! {displed body and living soul 2 Ladies” |
i Hamme J arnal,
Hastings, | “Mew. Jumeph :
visitor tas 0X Congressman fro dn Deoosyivania, an d given
‘hae bought the handsome house of a
Mrs Omores Fraser, on Twentisth and fashic
HK. strepte. Northwest. The purchase fama
: Por Sale—A Tot near old Mellon
rE OR Hs
{har slo
i Gov sinor Daniel H Theopp, wife of the
was a Patton
Al work. puacantec by the Clear | Sp
A Barfield, the
davgiter of the late
; one time President
the Pennsylvania Hailrad: andl
: former wishes ber home in Philadel
0 Yerger, 4 the civil engineer phis Washington SOFUAPORGenos
v for Elkins, W. Va, where | Pittsburg Commercial Graesitte,
be will look op some coal lands. | President Charles M Schwab, of
A big crowd of Patton people the United States Steel corporation, han
went to Carcolltown on Bandas 4 awarded « contrart for the oon
cipats in the Corpus Christi cores glon of a jirivate palsce our, to be built
OTe ‘by the Pullman company. The car bs
Bryan's Commoner {8 now a 12 "to be the most complete the Paltman
bee paper with a circalation of over company bas evar turned out, asd wil
¥ fin advertising rate is $336 post, when conspleted, $50,000. Is wiil
“be of regalar length, seventy feet, sod
(will conta two state rooms, a dress. |
ing room, dining room, bath room and |
kitchen, iy addition to the regulae
| sleeping bairthe, |
Fits BB Bead, of Patton, was in
‘town Taewiay. Mr. Heed's name wa
unjustly connected with Lewis H. Say.
i der in last quarter sessions Conrt, with.
cout any reween whatever and the
~Dow't forget that Patton will ele | (ry Jury promptly ignored the bill
te the ever glorious this year With | ue to Mr. teed. We mention this at
: eslas. Dome and bring youl tpi, time in order to place him right
08 before the people, as some persons did
8, , X. Shook. formerly proprietor not folly anderstand the import of thy
of the Metropolitan hotel at Ebene Grand Jory's finding. He had no con.
: , has taken charge of Keller's nection with the case whatever. (lowe.
bel at Lock Haven. ; i field Pablo Spint :
1 you ‘want fine lmandry work, ~The time can pevér come when 5
leave your Inandry with W. BE IPro. business establishment having on sale
the barber, Mages avenoe, the 8 commodity which has a permanent
agent for the Empire Steam Laundry, Yaar, iH have no further need of ade
rand Mrs. WH OH. Ball, vertiong. A new pablic | now in pros
Winslow, Mink Mandi: ‘eean of being formed, and the enter.
so id Mrs. OH Winslow drove (prise of doampetitors is continually
Eben sbts on Satarday and visited | [reaching ont fur the peopde’s cnstom
; To increas his patronage. or event
~ Married f At the home of the. {Bold his own, the business man must
ta in Eider township ou
paren Ckewp hHimanll before the put and
sday, June 11, 1901, by Geo. Bodoe, mast a1 lenst nee ss much newspaper
Mr. Thumas E. Cartwright andl | Bpace as do bis rivals
: : Here 1 x cattle killing episode that,
‘beats the Palton recomd by ome: A
freight train coming east on the New :
on, Pa, fn May 28th. Any infor Ye irk Central recently ran julo 5 GEO.
ing the wame wid ba Of iw eattie ata point pear the “Hog
: d by Mr. Johnson. Back’ toned, kitting thers all. Flys
: tg fr By Peni %
A base bull clab from Westover | Dare en, ry 3
al : 13 Bisel ad Gi: :
mined ap” a Patton nine on Sab. Cetra on . . tended to.
. EIR E AER IRE PIRES Pini 5 3 |
Ba horrible manner. Out of St hcicttion wih tile Ee.
ths Jocal clab’ and by speoial nitthurities will settle foe the
@ refrain from mentioning
fo Mr= Tiirapp isn
Masons are. Juiiding A stone wail | Thomas A. Bex
Rave your cash register coupons
d secure i high grade refrigerator
3 of chiirge at Mellon's Cash
Dunes and Jacob Bandford andl!
Yeckiy Jeft for Buffalo on Wed
to attend $he Pan American |
Chea p
: Offes in
Na 12m, and
A dark red cow strayed ! : And
premises of Chas. Johngon,
Offic ou
amnunt of damage. There Is a special |
get of the legiiatnre passed ao
| yours ago which makes the
foe inspector Was 10. | opmpanies pay for all killed by
I: the ears in that eounty.
Jobin Asheroft apd danghler, ol
atton, Pik, are visiting in this city
and it is pot among the improbable
things thal Mr. Asebrofl will
El Paso bis home. He is superintend
ient of the Beech {reek Com & Cokv
f Chas. PF Pitt on Bovi 5 BYE | Oo, bat la so plegsed with this country |,
r. LauderMilch is the reprenihas he is considering leaving Bis old |,
. e big wholesile howe olf yome. Yesterday Me Aschroft closed
i Sout w big rial estate deal by which hei, again at
] ; becomes owner of the property where coo oor PR
ware Co s Was in re Tohtataws 8! Ennis & Slian’s cigar stand and billiard | W. Hodgkt
ole of days last week attending the rooms now stand. Work will soon bet
nual convocation of the | commenced to erect a large three-story, —Buabser
| Directors Association, of’
Saitin . :
Splisy, that
Aponan dos,
‘ia clean bill of health” snd ais¢ |
complimente the postmaster on the |
! it condition of His business with
Imex Herald.
SAID a atslish
oi rN
When | it comes to pric
tailor’s bil
Suits Here—%6 to “ 00
At the Tailors’ — $18 to $40.
| Good Building.
Shoes For Spring
Btioes for »
are pow ready 10 mest the demands of
Bo Dew SER
Stylish Men
have adopted “Walk Over’ Bhoes
Matting 12¢ per yard. And
all other goods
better than the be
TH E OLD RELIABLE the manulasburers,
Post Office
ikke i i 3
young fellow - one of onr
other day:
“My friends ask me
Wi Heh it
them at \W olf & T hompson's,
thoy ge :
clothes made them
14 lined fo £3 tn gy
bast gion
i CAD. YOu
Ar trimsaings and
Bring back
ont sutinfante ry give]
Have just
received this
a large assortment
k of new styles in Ladies’
wring is complete. We ask
tion today to our display of
QUALITY" Shoes, which :
11 Black
! bine hnished
“the best shoe in the and unhnished
WR pir
Also a swell
them the stamp of Fashion's |
Th fitting apuaiities and
1able elegance have made them
ove thers a trial and von will
| price ia believed to be about $140,000 DUY BU olher.
Cheap dobn
Store |
X ot
‘and seen IV new
Canned Goods, Etc.
XL i es ni
At Lowest Prices,
are uy ie
ce Bed Room Suit,
$15.00. JALTY.
grade of lame,
wh hy on
dag Lorie
in proportion.
loc ais a
apest and
Call 851
FE R T i 12h
; I wik in
gars of all kinds
shoo it ea ern 3 ¥ wil Hol
leew IF bn alanis
as the :
fature handle Fertil
ation Building, next door ta
Office Hours 8 8 me
loom tad om,
‘DR. 8S. W. Worrell,
Ofoe in ood Butlding,
r-Sensry Savpery and We Een 8 Spechalty
sii Willi reealb ra prove pt nites ion.
wer of Lang and Fifth
© Tollsetions promptly ab
Properties to sell and rest.
At 2 SE % : $1
| SY,
Pa Pre
wr of the BY
Ww ints rent,
ae 13%
ad 5 Arieanty
will tw of
Heo sav:
i had
a varpen.
Lie me who
iy BOR :
EOE Beh a
flog sale bY |
Hostnge: and C.
Laas, Patt £1.
ihe for and advertise in th
{building on the property. Hl Paso, | PATTON COURIER, the best paper
Northern Cambria county.
| 3
Flour and Feed
¥ BEYER OW mung iD
but order direct from
Boom Mo 3
Be, amd Mall Hats whieh we well
Now | in Full
y Our Store.
In. Ss loi £35 aka Pann Ba ¥ One new Hoe of spring goods
i 4h old whewic ba fisre 8 morn : into one new. :
that it with foes 3 big i saving 50 you. rae voumolf of Eo
prinnity a frm 200 58 per cent. We fully realize
Bot have ne £ ar thous goods at the present time,
yosa vig vals sind of the Hime yoo wi i have ose for
Just look over thew prices.
flannel, regmlar $00 Rind, now go at 380.
ana today's price only de.
os un famel, i 1Be, How rr
2 lwo | worth 284s AoW 15
Wi yards
306 5 Are i
Rs fanned worth 19¢. now Ro.
red Swill funnel, was 35, now 350.
rida sil wool red Hannel
3 Bitten ¥iirn, via SOc, now Ste.
wale 1 Ey Ae, £8 150,
50 Ih Saxony yarn, was le ent, now 4 for 35¢
1 lot wn! # water. proof coats, calne $2.50 now 1.25
1 lot men’s bine fanuel shirts, ‘worth $1. 50, we offer these at
1 lot Riches’ shrank fannel shirts for mon, worth $2.00. now going or
1 lot wool swedlers, the 1. on Kit at $1.25
1 5% £5 $60 ¥ 1.00
I : Oh 75
1 mid +18 =
! } “hoy 25 15
I ink men’s hn overshirte, worth R106, wa offer ther at 80.
1 int men's overshirts, worth The, now S8e.
1 jot hadioe’ wool walsts, worth $1.50, now he,
1 jot Indies’ onting flannel waists, the 75¢ kind, now goat 480,
¥ lot outing waists, the 50 kind, now eo.
1 lot ladies’ flees wrappers, eal vilne $1.25 now go at He.
1 lot wool hoods, the 30a kind, now 19.
I lot ohildnin’s boode. Lhe Be kind, wow Lie
1 lot Indies’ all wool altirt patterns worth $1. oy will close ont at de.
1 Jot, the 90x; kind, at 82
1 int fascinatom, wan i300, Bow de
i Be, wo 180
1 lot lading’ woul a Aderwear, tha naguiar Dollar kind, at 730,
Al Bh snderwiar will ao wt die
1 lot men's snd boys! “ipa the i Ste kind, at Be.
i ¥i £3 1k 28 El FER,
All wont hoslery at 35 per cont off.
All winter gloves and mitts At cost,
All fl boots asd anitics ul less than cost
LS % 4
Wea have 5 few pairs of shoes io odd sly that we think are hig valoos ow
* oar site is here It will pay ron to purchase.
Wa have sone very pretty things is ney spring goods for your inspection.
1 rrop in and see an 7 8
You res For Trade,
You can get
lated sugar for
purchase goods to the amount
or $100 of patlern hub
will wie gel one al the |
ive Th Boxes off How
Wo haves
moth a Brent baie
Eat Lik
‘atian §
in all Its Branches.