The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, June 13, 1901, Image 1

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    | the attorneys intereste
| for those which could not be »0 de-
el citinimn, fa a Democrat and |
Neff is a, Republican. :
A petition from the Iawyers was
presented to Judge Barker asking him |
to dispense with the usual session of
Argument Court this summer, which, |
Y | according to custom would fall in July.
| The Court replied that while some of
Y | the taney before the Court at Argu-
Hh ment might easily lie over, there were
0 | so many matters pressing for 8 settle-
"ment, and the postponement of which
| would evidently work inconvenience.
to the persons interested, that he did
ot feel like moceding to the request.
de ferred a session would be held. in the |
HE tion for mine ihspectors in Pittsburg a
few weeks ago Mr. Williams and Joslab |
jo Cainbria county men who passed suc
cesfully, and, as sabseqaently noted,
i which Mr. Williams will have charge.
week bugloning duly 8.
i Joseph wan of Viskomdate, 1 now fa
3; | re-dnguged for. pext term with the ex-
v | district has been for
| AM the mines along the Cambria and
| Clearfield division of the Pennsylvania
riot, th Sixth, and some from the dis-
{toona. To make up in part for those
"lost, Mr, Evans will oversee the mines
| on the Somerset & Cambria branch as
fur sonth ns Rockwood, dit Williams |
has been for some time in the employ : Manufietaring a pared of ground | | gmests
{of the Lackawnnns Coal & Coke com:
{pany at Vintondale. In his new posi-
pi ephone pole and Mr, Fox gnve a quick
giderk an the lines, allowing the horse
clesir the pole, bat the buggy wes |
i recnived several hrolses,
#pector of this Sestian.
Patton is no longer in the sixth
iminots eon] dmbaet. Al oe
pew inspector appoint
person of Jos. Williams, of Viniondale.
recalled that at the examina |
T. Evans, of Johnstown, were the two
Mr Evang district was reduced in size.
railroad have been taken from his dis.
trict to the oust, forming a pew ond, of
He will have his beadquariers al Al
did not file un applivation.
rdnted Pemeilings
| Prahy, Perialuing 10
Poop! e whi Pleo,
Jes Fox, of Chest Springs, who
118 car shifter at Flanoagan run mine,
met with quite s severe ajcident at
the railroad crossing this morning.
He war driving and the horse and
buggy were standing near the tracks |
when the New York Central passenger
train started to pull out. The horse
commenced to back into the tracks
when Christ Boeger gravbed the ani
mal's head. Tt nade a plang for a tele
big Fourth of July
tweed boyvond prradyenture
*Lmittees ave dawn to hard work and :
hosting with & vim sad deter i
i that belakens the higeest kind of |
| ohwervance on the nation's natal dey.
raapped onl thit presages one of the |
* President Dell st 9 o'clock snd reports
{ F. Lehman appointed chairman of the
fae Ertanany ; The shafts and one
wheel of the rig waa broken snd Jesse |
LAL the meeting of the Patton
borough school board held Tuesday |
evening, all of the old teachers were
ception of Miss Rath G. Rieder, who
Her place
© will be taken by the prinpal of the
| Rende township sebools. Salaries will |
| pemiyain the same except in the case of
| the tw primary teachers, who wers
advanced from $40 10 $45 per month.
The millage wis made ns follows:
School tax 13 mide, interes. on debt 51
enix, bpilding 2 miiile, 8 total oi m0
audobn Clipe, Jr, the son of Yoetr:
ance Agent Joh Cline, of this place,
wan operated upon ai the Memorial
Hospital, Johustown, Fridiy evening
for hernia, Ur. Joba B. Lowman per
forming the work and being assisted
by Drs. W. 8. Lowman, B, E Long-
well, Frank Bebill, Jr, and John Fay.
The bay, who is thirteen years of age,
in in a gritical condition, but is expected
. a tion he will get: a salary of £3,000 per |
© year, with an sllowance for contingent
t expenses a
- The Low Fare Offered by the BR &P
Ratiway Co.
. i Railway Co. announce that commenc.
iy er: John
gh Sownslitjy farmer;
Johnstown, tean-
Gallitzin, carperi- |
Elder township,
unkle, Uppor.
mer, and Job
sppointed Chief
Two petitions
_ Ome paved q
- { $7.10 for the round trip. Tickets Hmit-
‘ad to 7 days including date of sale,
i each direction, on sale every day
round trip.
| {three days ingluding date of sale, good
{{inrn in either direction.
| lgg June 1st the following special re-
tdioed rates from Punxsutawney Lo
A: Buffalo will be in effect on secount of.
the Pan-American Exposition,
tourist tickets will be on sale every
bi ‘day at $5.60 for the round trip, good
| niturning to and inclnding October 31.
r | Tiokets limited to 15 days including |
date of sale, good only for con! tinuoas
passage in each dircetion, on sale!
lgvery day during the Exposition atl
good only for continuous passage in
daring the Exposition at $5.50 for the
Special excursion tickets limited to
only for continuous passage in each
clirection, on sale Tuesdays only dur. |
{ing the Exposition at $8.75 for the
round trip. Returning these tickets
ill be good on all regular trains leav-
‘thursday following date of sale, but
will not be good In sleeping or chair
For time tab-
Jes and further information consult the
jsearest agent of the company.
The Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburg
ing Buffalo, prior to midnight of the
| leave Patton at 5:0 PHL, Mahaffe)
Brom, Oil Co,
(Kerr, A. E. Patton, Geo. 8S. Good and |
‘AG. Palmer had ‘been prominently 4
= Thp interost of ibe Patton Wonden |
and a tenement house and stable in Pat |
ton, taken in esevution at the wit of |
John B MeKelvey and Heorbet BI
Shoemaker, receivers of the American |
Wonk Working Machine Un, was sold |
0 Hogh Gilmore, of W iameport, for
$900 ad the sherills sale at Tbensbarg |
last week. ’ :
Charies Perry's store of Chest
Byprings, which inc tudes the postofiioe, |
was broken into Friday pight and rob- |
bed of goods valved at $150, From
the pastoflice stamps valned at $0
were taken. Caroency from the sto y |
and postoffice, amonating th about $40,
was also taken. :
~The report of Assessor Jobo Bom-
epville from October 1st, 1800, lo April |
| 30, 1901, shows that there are Wi schoo
children in Palton boroujh between |
the ages of § and 21 years. The voting
list contains 720 names. During the
period named there were 81 births and |
18 deaths.
—~Anron Weakland, a former resi
dent of this place, lately located at |
I 1rvona, is building a big livery stable |
at the new mining town of Arcadis, |
sind will move there this week.
Mrs. Dennis Nolan fell and sns-
tained sesious injuries of the leg on
Sunday by reason of a defective side-
walk on Six th avenue.
ped WS
Exenrsbon to Paiton,
The New York Contral has arranged
to run a special excursion to Patton,on |
Sunday, June 18, selling tickets at
very low rates from Snow Shoe, Phil. | |
ipsburg, (Clearfield, Bower and inter.
mediate stations, special train arriving |
at Pagton at 11:30 a mm, rndurning
and famlies be especially invited to visit @~
Jeged parliamentary lapses and at the |
| same time scary a competent head of
drawn on the treasurer for it to help |
pay traveling expenses
all conveniences
Everything § in + Good Shape for
® the Big Celebration.
| Hein
TWH Dautinger Ipetneted wx Lirstor of he | }
Sony Ren Satie and Ww Poros
Wil Fariiah irvie in ARGitlen Toa BO i
Chmras Char,
Comps | 4
The tips ffl mucessn of Patton's
fehration Bs nee |
The com |
An enthusiastic meeting of the differ. ge :
ent committeny was held at Good's gown el le
Hall on Toesdsy evening and work: Any thing and Everythi ng
best events of ile character ever hdd |
in © Jambi comity.
The gathering was called to order by |
in Hot
‘Weather Clothing.
from all the cotpmitions heard and on |
dorsed, Abe lotohinson was added
to the fantastic comuaitiee snd Chan
same, vies M. M. Nolan resigned.
HL Dinsmore, chalrman of the |
music commities, reported progross
and inquired how much cash would be |
devoted to the hiring of banda He
stated that no definite arrangements
bad been made with any musical or
ganizations as yet, although negotin. |
tions were in progress for al least
three good bands and a drum corps,
and on motiem of W. H Denlinger
$150 was ordered appropriated for this,
Thos Graham, of the commities on
sports, reported that his commities
was hard at work and woald have al
good progam, Mr. Denlinger, of the |
executive committee, offered some ex. wn
cellent saggesiions relative to a public |
meeting and argued for & good choras |
choir, which would embrace at least a
hundred school children. The school
yard was suggested as a proper place |
in which to told the xércises if the
Mr. Denlinger
ir ign $0 denial ou.
creditable display by the Denlinger |
On motion the secretary was in-
structed to extended an invitation |
to all the socketion in town to tora oat
and participate m the parade. Mr. ge
Lewis and Mr. Bell, of the finance ®
commities, were present and made 4 oe
report of the amount of money Siready >
guaranteed, :
Mr. Denlinger resented a motion to ee
the effect that inasmuch as Hon. Jun ge
Cures the Cause.
Use it for Neuralgia, Rhenmatism, Sprains, =
Swellings, Bruises, Burns, Seif Joints, Ete, Colic, ==
Cholers, Dy sentery, Cramp, Toothache. J
adentified with the growth and pro- i g
gross of Patton, that they, their wives @
the town on the Fourth of July as
of honor and the secretury wis |
| requested to notify them of this feck.
M. Lewis moved that W. H. Den
linger be selected sa orator of the day
| and the motion was seconded and
[carried with a w hoop. Mr. Den
linger made so ra ineffectual efforts
to defeat the motion, bat without :
Lawndl. The cloture rule was applied,
L debate wan shat off and be was com
pelied to accept the inevitable, The
selection is 8 most excellent one, as
will be testitled 10 by all who have
{ever heard the gentleman orate.
I. 8 Bell was chosen chairman of
: the parade committee with power to
‘choose four associates, on motion of
| Mr. Denlinger, who embraced the op-
| portunity to get partially even for al
Yours fur ¢ com ort,
Manufacturers and Sole Proprietors of
Magic Cotigh Cure,
J ‘Toothache Drops.
Corn (ure.
a very important committee.
IW. Hodgkins the chairman of the |
{ fireworks committee, was present and
| promised the finest display of fire |
works ever seen in this section. An
appropeiatt on was voled for this par-
No excuse for being hehind the procession of fashionable
we that we are displaying this seastm are so easily reached in
The printing snd advertising com. price that the neglecting to appear in the proper make up! Is,
mittee told what bad been done in gnough to brand you a hack number.
| that line and the special advertising i :
| wagon started oat Wednesday morn: | A $10 Suit, a $2 1 at, a 75¢ Shirt, a SOC Tie, a
83 Shoe and a o8¢ Suit
ing to bill all the towns in the sar |
‘rounding territory. An onder was of Underwear
An adjourn. | W iil convert the seediest looking individual into a reg
ment was then taken until Tuesday fashion plate. We want to improve your appearance and
avening uviess a special mevting 18 (willing to divide profits with you in or order to get your |
‘called by the president in the means
time. | pl -
| i We make a specialty of Fine I ack Suits, $10, su 3,
» oo yn & : 8
Two nice respectable gentlemen can | wha ia Ble 5, $ad
| have nicely furnished bed room with .
and clean wholesome
»r board and home comforts on East Ma
VE anlad.
The beautiful Snits and attractive Furnishings