The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 30, 1901, Image 2

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    ; as densely populated as Bel |
It would have 1.084,
mes-Demoernt the name
na” comes from t the Choctaw
= old aL Maseach like the
he beech and the canoe |
y | 0 pug nose.”
on the part of {he farmer.
it fs pot the creature respot-
army, and the mothe
who was pearly blind, was
led to make out as weil as she
During the recent cold spell
r eripple son pearly starved.
she complained more bitterly
usual against the conscription |
hich I compelled ¢ the younger son
I the elder who, 5 he case of
g a widowed mother, i3 exempt.
ent out to get some work, aud
she returned she discovered that
bad killed himself in order
ther might take his place
the fawily aud til !
1 eon not. ath my fran, i" was so
Omiya fragment, vet enough to know
a there are times when earth and
heaven meet;
Moments when all of heaven sess bo
olden sunsets nf the vanished years,
¥ radiant Huslios af the porn, i
e show as oli, through mists of Blinding
tears, Co
The hah that beam a Little urther on.
tf vomid not hold my dream; if
It crowded dll my fresent cares away,
My heart wan hhe a heavy -bnden barge
Freighted with bliss, with joye that
might not otav:
I tried in vain to span, to catch, to claw
That overflowing rapture of delight,
But vimeombike, it Boated from my grasp
And left me in the darkness of the sight.
1 cannot, pind my dream: it was eo brigh
fraught with dazzling ra disnoe to me
In threw 4 glamour o'er my “wilderad sight
And left me Blinded hy my eostaey,
My longing soni sxeryed in vain to soar
Bevond the shining path of sn and
But all too soon abe languished ne Jwfare,
Pasting anil worn,
I eannat tell my dream: it was so ewpet:
And yet bi such as many hearts have
Woven with tender remaries, replete
With words of Jove dropped in the years
; BRO.
A fond terens 2 dear, familiar tone;
A gentle whisper and a Jow reply)
It was but these. yet are not these alons
The all of love and life that never die?
= Chwago Post.
“{welf to be called by a nicknatse,
£ | good joke if be fell in love with you.
| Betty. He's a right good fellow, if
i meet the forioer.
‘brother's ofiition of that”
oy oi swinging ily
back and forth io the haw. |
ok, “1 wish my friend. Elmer Fen
Jey, could see you.”
Betty sat up strajght and manifested
1 0 new Interest in life,
i Why? she demanded,
| "Oh! because,” and John sighed as
Lit the topic was not attractive,
| “Because what?’
“Why. nothing mich. Only he says
lie is sare that love Is a delusion, and
that his own ideal js ®o high that po
feird conld powsibly come up to Jt. He |
ways be doesu't know how she arongid
| look, for looks are of no consequence
my how, bat thers are some things al
which be dois draw the line”
“What are ther, pray”
“One I8.” and John gave a tremen-
Hous yawn. “That she will pot have
“Oh the vecnpart of the hammock
tried in vain to see the tiptilied en
of her own small meine,
chuckled silently over the success of
hia first shot
“Well. what else?”
| “He says fhe musn’t have red hale
Not even the slightest tinge of anbam,
because red-haired peuple have such
hot tempers.’
Cladeed tt sharply. “Anything more?
“Well, Hs funny, but he says he
tonldn’t Jove —if there is such a thing
#s Jove—a girl who would allow her
instance, he mentioned the quaint,
there must lie ‘something radically
wrong with a person Whose Iriends
‘would persist in calling her Betty lu
* | stead of ber rightful cognomwen.' ”
Through kalf-closed eyes he sur
+ | veyed the effect of his words. Betty's
cheeks were flushed and she looked
prettier than ever.
“You're the biggest tease!” she maid
him to see me If he feels that way?’
“It would be such a
be wasn't so conceited, It would 4d)
{him a world of good to meet & nice
Lgirl. And you certainly have taking
ways, If your nose does turn up. and
your hair is red. I'll bring him around
after tea. Deo your best for him, Bet.
© “1 shall Bate him, I know. But you
may bring him” and Betty. sinking
| bck among the cushions. spent the |
remainder of the hot afternoon In plot.
Hug agninst the stranger's peace of
regarded mankind. For women he had
‘mo leisure, reganding them as “airy
‘trifles, changeable as the wind,” Be}
tween his brows was a straight litle
frown, which deepened perceptibly as
‘bis friend remarked that evening:
“Ob, by the wey, Fenley, wy cousin |
1 Betty and her little brother are visit-
Jog mother just now. 1 want you to
She's the folHest!
“| girl 1 know.”
~ “Betty?’ Fenley lifted his eye
‘brows in polite deprecation. "I dis
“1 know, old fellow. Bot you'll like |
this one. Everybody does. She's just
splendid ”
*1 would rely more om her little
was the
quiet answer. “The small boy is apt
to be a pretty good judge’
A few moments later Fenley was
shaking hands with the young lady
‘in question, conscious of a vague feel
ing of surptise aud bewilderment. He
SAW a sweel, were face from which
roo. (unt the
Iy. He saw, salt, fully |
Lair was ris:
that color,
1p De sure,
undeniable hue The
jndement In trivmnh.
wae 80
behind her prison |
{things than I do be said, trying to
! lak nneanoernal
Lf her good qualities,
Bony alone, and after a few preliminary
remarks, sald casually:
3. “I suppose you're fend of your sis |
ter, Johanx?”
as he watched his |
: dah,
iiss (33;
| finished,
stately name of Elizabeth, and sald |
with indignation. “Why do you want |
against me”
“And then 1 was sure my husband
Fenley was a tall, thin young man, |
would be generous and free-hesarted,
remarkable tor the dignity of his man-
‘pers. and the gravity with which he |
wee, wee little bit the other way. I'h
‘like the name, and 1 an not partic o
Jolly’ glia”
"Al his ® racanacived ideas
hi seatiered by a few glances from |
& gird 8 bright eyes
ment coolly.
“ire awlully pretty,” replied fancy,
wap she has a pug nose”
“1 tike it after all”
“Put her pane 9
betty,” ury
“x deny Little paDw,
her. | deo wonder what shie thonght
of owe”
ft wax wonderin how mapy er
raved he made ta hls fricod's honag,
deeper Impression npon hi 0.
§ does Jt mean wien you
certain person every
day, what
dream of a
Bight 7’
Morton stared at hin
“Mean. old fallow?
that you're in love
reents. “Yon know more about si
asked your
who does it, and I was just thinking
it wax guier.”
“Queer! 1 should think so, Bay, Ei
mer. who is that fellow? You'd better
tall Bim the ease in desperate.”
Realizing the gravity of the sitoa-
tion, Je had gane to seek recommenda
Betty's small brother for confirmation
He found John-
Juhtiny sniffed contemiptuously. Cer.
of small boys rankled in his young
the moment.
“Girls ain't po good at all” be de-
dared. ernieally. “Won't let you do
anyihing por go anywlherok
{here wasn't nope”
| This grammatical condemnation, be
wodniooe, shoold bave
heart with joy.
unworthy of so» angelic a sister,
Rix weeks later Fenley and Retry
‘were Walking
the brisk breete had loved the girls
hair and made it »til softer and gof-
fier. Heor: of steel condi bave re-
Betty lstened fn silence,
many objec
ing words,
“There are & great
rl ge
fectaced, adding hastily for veracity's
very plesst kind, I think.”
“And my balr Is re
Betty cruelly.
“It Bf real ral
ty color,” faltered poor Finley, won
dering why Le longed to Kiss the soft
“Aud my ‘name Is Elizabeth, and yet
people will call me Betty, and there
must be something radically wrong
with a person like that,” quoted the |
girl serenely.
“It just suits you, dear” he mur.
mured, yearning to kick lis absent
friend who bad so basely betrayed his
confidence. “Oh, Betty! what a fool
a fellow Is before be ets 3 Blee
“Well, those are the objections
full of fun, asd you're pot that, yeu
“Cioodpess, no!
Joke to seve my life” in dedp regret.
could care sick eats”
mere idea.
apd you know, Mr. Fenley, you're 2
afraid you like to save niotiey.”
Fraley looked guilty, He felt a
acksowletasd his culpability 7 et
of Kriow I'm ort I
The dark eves twinkled. |
she said gayly, “bot I'll try hard”
marry me?" he asked. ;
“Three mouths from today,” an
“Oh. I know we're foolish, and every
ot ou
should care. 1 havent any d
You bave tao much.
a pair of dark eves looked out frank |
| agre: sient The Lag des’ World,
the prertiest shade of |
Lut of au nomise
nose, |
Covadie Sign Artists.
The matiers of he vig and
tip-tilted in the saticiest way. was an |
these disadvantages, the giv was dain
tily prefty. conscious of
charms, and conscions, “OPeover,
Fenley, the dignified. Fenley, th
cal, was Suveylng het with
audacious ppg: aud yet, io spite of ail | :
Ser hair is red” etd bis fodg- | y
| independent Order of Odd Follows Elect |
Ti just su'ts ;
Each times Bertyv's charms made a
“Slorten. he sald to his friend ove |
Why, It means i weliieh *
Fen ley meditated for a few mo |
such 3
“Thai's why I
There's a fellow 1 know
Bat his companion had dissppenred.
ton from besdquarters, fo apply to
tain senthing remarke on the subject |
breast and embittered his views for |
1 wish
ing directly In line with lis own old |
fil:d Fenley's |
Instead, strangely Youle
tnongh, it created fo hin on strong de-
wire to shake young Jobuny for being Fix
Swede pained Berger, were planting |
a belt of Brhiuing struck amd
netantly kiiled Berger and the hovse |
Catrarhed To the plunier ang lore the!
LRhoes off the fear of Noif aod burned
y the hair
homeward in the moon. i urs.
They had been out rowing, and
#isted no Jouger, and Fenley, who bad
Plong before acknowlsdged the reality
I of Tove, poured out his passlén In burg.
tions.” she wad demurely when be had |
“Yur instance, | have a pug £
“J1-=it jen't much of a pug.” Feniey |
YAnYWay, pug ooses dre tae.
continue) |
It's an awful pret. |
went on his tormentor. |
“There are several against Youtoo,
You're not at all the kind of man I
fancied I should marry. 1 always
thought he would have to be Jolly and
1 couldnt make a
"And I thoug'it he would be a doctor |
and knows jots about medicine, 0 we,
“Gracious!” Fenley shuddered nt the ;
“I can’t bear to have cats |
The horrid thingy make me
“But | i Bet ody . mig
rake me better—change me to swt:
| yourself—-if you'd only try, dear” 5
“I'm afraid you're too old to change,” :
Feuley could hardly believe his ears,
“You ean you will-will really
swered Betty with great Srecpinece 3
one will laugh at us—Joln nest of all, a
But since we love ench other in spite :
fagits, I don't sew why we
gauay :
a A
State Secretary Stabbed Wih an Um-
brelia- More Oi Found.
Young Garland,
slrer. Mawthors, 819
Isaac Baughman, Mount Union Rs:
Annetia Busididk, Franklin Corners
= Sarah Baver, Knox, 8%
Kine, Levehburg, $5:
Conpelisviine, 30 Jesse Hodge, tiuy
Mil, LHe Sabie FE. Sndth, Canons
Lister, 88: Eather Ratiizan
Calis: Rabun
Jase MM.
Admin Shivdiedd
Carl TwBoli, atontonn x
The Xi Cornpany,
Clay. Farnave
affiliated whith the
| Rreel Company af Ameriea
from HO Frick, for 82102 (ny, A fract
Lof 3b Dr i“ a1 Riair station, Mlegheuy
county, The Mrnaces will cost in the
selghbarhood of 3.000.000, The sicks
will be 10 fort high and 22 feet at
| diameter a1 the bexh They are
{be completed within 15 months
CP wenteatwn election
adelphia have been jwiicted
grand lary,
“unlawfully receiving yotes of persons
whose names were gol upon the as
ressors’ lst, and without reqairing
proof of rl Hh fa vote!
afcars of PRL
af the November election of 1000 and
the Febranry dlection of 1001.
John Kerry. aged 61 years, a well
known resident of New Virgins. Mer
cor county. died as the result of hav
ing two teeth extracted,
moved two of Kerr's ner abt
four weeks ago, at which time he was
pnable to step the flow of Blond,
Loris wer of no avail
The state grand hxige Imiependent
Order of Odd Fellows has elafted 1.
H. Mackey of Willlvomwpor
gel secretary, he
Rehakah aleotod these sficors Preyl
Mrs, lLasra Oakley:
W. Beach: secretary, Mary No
While W,
seunty. and bis farm band,
olf one wide of hiv head
oo The salaries of
heen iperiaesd BH each:
hela, Mi Pleasant, Natrona, Patton,
Phillpsinry and Port Alls,
salaries of the posimasiers al Mon
fal. Ponisgtawaey aml Eldred have
Deen inereised $000,
The Forest OF Pampany
ington bronght lo a well eight mile
wear of that place which is flown
aban: 4 barrels an hoor,
recent years, and
the flow will be ue
Af Oil Clty Joe Carasianion, an leat
brella fn the Bands of Gaetano Anlst]
during a fight, The injured mau died
at the bospizal later. The slender stow)
point of the pausual weapon rie
Eva Ariston, alias Miller, an ak
Teged shoplifter, whe escaped from the
recaptured, wax sentenced to the pen.
and tive monthe
Because he 10k offense at an order
i Colarosxi, a laborer at the
Pennsylvania slay works. near Free
dom, shot Engineer John MeCort bee
low the Heart this morning
Ix inn erftical condition, Colaruna} |
y in Jail
Owing 10 smallpox in he
pounty prison, the Cumberland county
commissioners have granted th nae
of the connty jail for the inearcera
svold the rivk of | 3
1 like to spend. oo
You lice to save. We're exactly oppo |
I'm sure we'll be happy, Kilmer” |
Amd Fenley gave an ecstatic sigh of T
Pensions were gui nied last week as
Momdvilie thie
£24: |
Fiza beth :
samuel leh,
Butler, 8%;
| Fabia A. Wood, MeConnells Mille $80
purchased |
Lhe fouiiny
tw |
The indictments charge
The offenaed
are alleged to have been committed
A dentist pe | 2
"hy <leians were summoned, bat their | *
i sanliters of
dent, Mrs Anna RB Cogwelll vice presi |
warden, | ]
resedation. Ww
af Wash
fan, was fatally stabbed with an une |
trittod the lef eye and entered the
drentiary for a term of three yours
A, H. Rodgers, a|
companion, Was given the same sen-
Metort |
tion of new prisoners, in onder to 5
: Shug. the Rfse En
; . tl plekpockets fre
publle places for [anlawral .
Providing for He “abmainn to thei =;
vate of the people it the next gen |
eral ele
to the Constitution lo
) nie the neq
of voting muchdnes at slot
A hill tH tie i) HHI Drone ing rail Ly ERE
road eompatiss from «iling liqoor on! &
PEPE WAN over.
The vote wad
weaning or pavier
swhelinly defearail
G2 ayes to S1 noed,
In the Hose the Corny I to red
solte the warrants lesoed finder the |
act of IN Tor lands ander #1 i
of navigable sirsame and is E
Bil alvin justices of the Beste the |
wnine rire 4% are enjoyed b
public were reconuidered and tai |
aside for the present.
The Senate bill empewdring wuraty | & :
and band companies to brie suir ini Bm
in which the bond his been | $45
Sprevel, pivsed Ava
ring an
701.10 for tap pRYIICD
expenses of the state
fext Twa years passed
in the House in the {
Wil contains an
R171 000 in for p
pl, IL
Nnif of pear Chellange. =n
the postmasters 1a Go
the following Peansyivania cities have
The well ix Ihe
see of the Bes! souk In Washingion |
it is
Westmorelnml county prison aad was! 30
dian the proqosed Arsendment 1 |