The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 11, 1901, Image 7

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i Crain. Yiour and Feed
on New York there bs developed i
what mizht te called an clevated road
manner, which ip the end must obliv
erate every vestige of Kod bresdin
Cherees I Lot us follow a man who has nequired
oe BREE RAY. it Ag : : a as | ;
Jwin was sick San y, His wife ap ihis manner, saz. frot i i i iy 7%,
| peared and condurtivl | the serch West Seventy second street, New Yor :
pregching from her Btabnd mates to his afiiee (n Wall Breet, At vine
11 was pronounced a cradiraide a «+ In the morpiug ha hinw had bis break.
Genres Chreissinger, a weslihy vier } fast, jooked over bile BEWNpADEr, seen
chant of Pocahontas Somerset PONT Bis ehildren off to srhond Kisssi his
was thrown from a rocdons hors and | wife meod-by, and steps (ut into the
whet Be (el on the ground the hors | handsome street in which he lives. He
heggn stamping him. crushing his skull | Is well groomed. Fis boots are Dighly |
#0 that he cannot Hey, { polisbed. his gloves are f peek. his bat
er |i brushed fo a glistening smoothness, |
PENNSYLVANIA LEGISLATURE. ! He walks ercetiy. with his head ap
: | and eves to the front. Hy sess the
THURSDAY. : personification of profporcas amiabile
An interesting dehnte was held io
ity apd unrufted content. He walks
the house on a Bill to repeal the acts | foward the elevated station. As he
of 1878 and ING which exempt pIABOS | youve the trains thundering along he
¢ [10d San EE Xee utions for rent | gquickens his pace. when he gets to the
> ¥ x 1 ae 3 i
pa eh took the a ier Mayme Lk opps. : botton of the stairs he Jams his hat Ehaxe Say
8 1794. Richard Rush was:in. ininjon that mule dealers were | tighter on his head and begins to rush | CUTTER
He served from 1814 to INIT seeking a monopoly smd a big major Lup two steps an a jeap. When be oo
. Henry [© jiy voted for the passage of the bill | gets to the ton he crowds to the win
Jereminl The original Guffey pallor bill was | dow for his ticket, ox throngh The
iN at arTney ge : pasvied on second reading in the house gate and reaches the platfarin very red
B the latter went Edwin M. The bik wild now he dormant for iw in the fare asi Wig Hina fal) af the |
as appointed. Wayne Mace | weeks and a conference with Somator he SE Battie Lvefy weaker man 1
RUtdrIey general in 1881 Quay ix expected before the end of that | Str = THA des ¥y or of ow
fu HL Brewster from ISS period. Other similar bills passed goo | Woman and chid must ge) out OF EY ee
{ond reading and all legislation on bal | WAY, for be mast be the frst on the | Bosren-- Ohio creamery,
g ‘Jot reform ix pow on the same footing | train, Sometimes he wm and sotnetimes : ae
The VoorbBess resolution peoviiing he 8 pet, for there are pandreds of PRILADELFHIA
for an appropriation of S100 for the grhers fu lik: di in thet very neigh. |
eodifieation of school laws, was RHI © porhiand. and they are all overy moth |
feria son, 1rving - So exactly the same
thing. HAE Be train he
. England,
for # mite
: pvt ot Ahotr | (1 oe nse plant
to this country.
LE Rew. WO F Congo Id
1 the Methodist Eplaopad
Hisnding Purchasers Cannot Aerd
Overlook the Offer We Make Hers.
Writs us To-Oay.
Selling pianos asd organs in the
usual way, thay is hiring agents 0 20
out and soll them with a team and
wagon, or by rail, ete, entails 8 iarge
Bil of expense which necessarily mast
be added to the price the purchaser
pays when he bors that way.
We want lo save you this espense
{and deal direct with vou, and by so
doing rou wil get an insirmment af
fant what the agent has to pay for in
3 Aw an example: We offer yoff our
Lo heawtifal RISO high grade, eabipet
| grand plane. 4 fr 00 in. high Freoeh
| wratnut fuish case, rolliog Ja Sond.
fC apd full extension music desk, 2
| apteed, for the small sum of $227. To
stool, sear! and inetraetise book.
Our peantiful KEYSTONE Organ
| that agents sell for SIG we offer to you
{fier BAO 00 with ston] and inetruction
(Bock. The beautiful Keystone Organ
in 8 fr 4 in high In Banduome oak or
Dowaingt ense fre octaves, 122 reeds, 10
i slope, double subdivided patent oo
tive couplers, lamp stands, and mosie
i cabinet, guaranteed first clase and
The above termes sre cash, hat we
will be very giad to sell these goods on
KS paypients, whivh we can agree
wt if you will write ne and will ship
them anywhere to Lood, reliable pes
; ale.
| Beferemces: Peoples National Bank,
4383 Wood 51, Pittsburg Pa
Ir, pastor of oi =n
Beech Crick Pn ate ct.
Condes! Time Tubla.
ie w wi
Dairy Peadant .
Mary “Priscilla arty.
Wiliam . Ren
raaitre, ore
per ih
CI pe Aecigiont
Buin Pa. nnd Dido. fret
Wrnlte wos Yaguiauis.,
203 EBEE
py es ashi,
XE ater Futony
« * cont hte Been discovers
rin of Jereiniah Gulden, Dy
¥. The velp was resehed
dh of 33 feet. The shaft
th water, which has impeded
hy the adoption of a motion to inde
The outcropping of coal tise
finitely pesipone sotion
Bown BH weed finally
These billy passed fins ih eorite an pas
rales Bim
hb “Rters
Yen Fu
he creek bank bed fo the Ives oo wir suthwrizing sehool hoards ini
we hundred Acres are GI ooo grant the wee of woe ont fronses For
se, and tis said the Reading jo 000000 ang aber Mrersry parpose
hax made 2 tid for the Tand Providing that there shall be bop
ihors ind ® Wriler Bouse at the Botton of SYeTyY whepus Ahr shin lr in
well on the Smith farm, about The anthracite region J vhost contuin
ox east of Washington, owned ing surgical appliagoex for nse in case
Anderson, were demolished of accident
Rion that i8 thonght te Rave
eatmed hy mosereants. It od
t the explosion was ¢ aused corparatioh laws
The bellers and ,.0 was snppried trong It pro
were tors th pieces and Mes for the sppointten! 2 i comnts
k sible. for bis ad
Lo olen a wax by RT Pe
| the others wha have to stand. Tpon Fiess at 5
men Wha frowns a8 ooo , ; A ogad ; : In proportion m
| though they had bis which fave Na 2 Wats i oA 3 Be i Hatt | Bowe fogr
were his And ll A | ; Shag Bar vs
[town he is a im 5
| fight any}
Finally his
Lrgshes through the fons avonde es adding
ta sleeiaral volew
Hotmdo has a larger pop.
o than any ober sinte. It wis
1 In ING Sah Dakots hiss
four vlociiral Gores amt a popular vote
f Sho Washington with four alee
“ roral votes had a popula vole of BL
Ln: Florida, with four slectorsd Toslon,
i msl om pepuiar sorte of Md The ay.
i to Broadway ss though there Were oa
t of teem rereains. «iat ta consist of nine members sdn | Prize waiting aim in that great Ulsmaport, Pa | }inuatien of the apparant discrepancy
by this Thers is female suffrage in
tative Patric RB. Cotter, of cated in nw, which shall exaniine the | thoroughfare. And there 6. In Broad | soadinn oy CRO bs. so ahs = ir
eat county, died st Har corporations within the state and re way be regains his serenfy. He read ¥ ; ) ae ile este . ithe £ islorads, Now York Sun.
wrday evening of uramic puri at the pest sexsi of the legis | justs his hat be pulls doves his wiht Buffilo, Rochuse & Pi
ter was one of the Jute od he reudiisien was adopted | sant he shakes himself together, and burg Railway.
fs fn the house. He by 2 vote of Jif 16 23 ih renssumen the look of well-leing which i -ig
for in the civil war, a ering: The Philadelphia ripper Will was |, when Be ttt his avin doorstep. : AG CONDENSED TIME TABLE
of considerable ability, and sent back to comanittes for amend: | lo a 0 nl arent courteous, quiet | In effect Fob. 1, 1001,
I a term as distriet attorney Heal The election provided for byl oY » ue ix pain Bl, AOMp nea 1 ; ORT worn
oKean cou ty i way BT years, the Bill will be held next November In. | 8nd mannerly. He leaves bis ofice 10 | Eastern Time 2 :
Renn ¢ i, He | tend of February. Dee as originally | 20 bome with the same self poise, But | i Tames AM AM # p M Pa :
intended. A resolution intredueed by | when he reaches the elevated raliway i Aiegtany | : oe PB wi 00
minons miners fn the LILY sr Crap, of Luzerne, requests infor | stairs thi same deel] which possessed in =
reek conlfieldl, Cambri, mgtion from the Internal affairs de ! hire im the morning takes Dim In band ; in
mbering about 2000. have paersaent regarding the application for | cog grave with him till his home street | & 3
! ‘by resolutions that they bi or granting of warrunts for palit | had 3 . See : ;
; 6 unless the "is renched. This is a very interesting
strike 4 Ap J6 untess i lands in river beds since January 1 ¢ in rar meetrtmalttan :
adopted, by the convention 1001. The resolution lies over for a 'TPe of UMMARBEISG Ie aopo tans. ©
wfited ar that thoe. A colt day, often sperniite as to how long this
huts been named to wait on the A pesolution by Mr. Pali. of Craw Jekyll and Hyde tasiness can be kept
ud peesive their reply. ford, providing for the appeintment of 8D Even in Stevepson'y story the
3 of Montville, O. is 8 romminter of five fo uvestigate the gond Jekyll was Snally lost in the
rebs ut way from Chardon to subject of capital punishment in 1B vidoe Hyde —Jolin Giliser Speed,
welnnd and East. and other states aml in foreign coum jg Ainsies's
hich i= how In opera: fries was reform Lo the Pon iow ob a
Te intervening div Taw and ord
hires other trolley
wy eomnecting nn : :
tusville, Cunbridge SPORTING BREVITIES.
Jaty. | Tha basetiall players have
¥ coal miners are hile practice,
rls ot Iaobe, . Rereni Thé London Dog Show to be held in
is ps Bones ; nt ines Ih al. Crystal Palace has 10121 entries
13 2b 4 ry ¥ : :
Soin oi Blocks for the cup challenger. Sham
CEL OC Frick |
ee Lait Cont A rock 11, will be wade in the United
plant and the ET States.
«plant of the Pons Professional cyclists made
$100.0600 in prize money during the
for years il year.
It Is pow propessd to open A moe
eourie in Havens, Cuba, conducted in
the American style
Oxford Yniversity
bridge hall a length in
brat rave, rowesd In a gate
The Association fentiail mateh be
; tween Ebzisnd snd Scotland resulted
£ wie Bint glass woke 4 fn a deaw, with tw goals each
FRM. Wilson, a Pittsburg | phe Country Cinb, of Brookline,
a. lett Monday for New Zen, Yass, offers Lanny far an anngal
w Be at ibe He pi - ol steeped haw. Yio SERBINE TXT your
| x ; ut + Bu a ol Roy Wirt Allis. 3 2 wl
Pniversity of Minnesota, Poker
otis or Fr peur the isteregdlegiate reoorg for feats of
: Crities teliove that ihe oi
in the Natiopal League will
aided affair between Boookisn
Tie angus! foarsament
teresllogiate Lawn Tenn Asse
Lwill be held at Philndelplia the Hos,
week of October,
Wilter Canip has heen minde omen
her of Yale's University oouncil The
rounell has fall charge of Yale's ath
othe relations with ether universities
The supporters of the English Gav
srnment profess to be surprised that
volunteer wherlmen should be so shy |
ot response to the mil for eight com:
panies for South Africa.
Representatives from five New Eng
Lierself in the Beavis | land eities met in Boston ami formed
of Twelfth street, atia temporary baseball organization ty
The young wolan was 2% be known as the New England Leage. © oral plants (hist are enitivated for the |
nd there Is no dont | hut The five cities represent teed were Man: | pose. ‘pd the nses to which It Is |
shester, Lowell, Haveruill, Bangor and | Purp man 3 Woh if 8
Lewiston. pat are 88 var qa as are Wonder
fal. For exampie, if serves for win
{dow lights, and for Laht partitions he
| tween rooms; {or making uliveliay |
| and lanterus. and for printing bank |
| potes. It makes tapwesiries when cov
ered with paste apd when oiled U
Bava ments ha
Tider rig
5 He
Wx ali WAY
3 burly ready
The resdation
Conrad Stank Yards Easl Liseriy Pa
too vanlify the wiate
Wan Up in oF hops
Exhibit Lite- Like Qualities.
Waoeda if they are pulled ant of 8
wn at a thse when they are full of
sped, will poines 3 degree af ogre for
the seeds which ix almost tarhing
| They will curl 1helr leaves upward as
far ax each ean go to caver ihe seeds
asd poate them from the sun fl the
ami. and aften one will dnd weeds
that are gules dead sup killed, whose
CL haves 2till are wrapped firmly around
Cothe weed] pends. No mother rouki show
taore striking devetion 5 death thar
do these despiasd plants. Clnelnneti
RE cach.
Frivoe mas wal iis
Eo etra BaF aa
i rae §
v3 W si rest Meomgnver.
Wont Bors RB
Fag HE”
Minnesota fans lands have advance
Led more than IF per cent during the
| past Sey Funes,
a i EAI unio
Meaning of a Muoel Ves Word,
"The ward or term naneed’ 4% ape
plied ro the work of The professional
P gentlemen wh & Tage the hundreds
sof detalis in :
& DUR gon
(day explained a
tlerk. TiR & new one
| sme yclopedlas
rented It yer
SE RR eal SR A Ae A
Pennsylvania R: firoad.
In effect May 27, 1900,
Main Sine
Ls ir 3 aE : SG Paros,
BL Rawk ber i ”
3 Ass vir
begun | Banteny! 3 mo
3 CG $
: Lkpown baak
atl Bones of the
Gr gdictislagrees has
It is bere, nWerey.
tar stay. For: Wry seh cies hinasions or |
Cpreaniations of business [nterosts or
Cerra 30 your want it thi way, ware
arranged by Whit Was Known as pro
Roteri parties
Lin interest four tow
Cand they were eailed Boon
Legnsnitation cngneetiin win the
matter ; the awvirs Ars
goat in any of
Demand is Strang in the tron and Steel Bus-
iiss. and There is 4 Better Tone
wen he Bay
X pve, IY ds
{aoa pons West wand,
4 ety eek are en
{8% xgsrvses, gaily.
& Pamse tigers
£) {ameton. #47
5 esr MA a Ax a, . week Bay.
Cambria & Clearfield Division,
api Parton eniiiwand, :
CHE al THE 5 mn arriving od Tresane
a 8 aL BES om arriving at Crosson
Lee Paton Northvwand,
x Na TM oat IAT no my sriving at Mase
#1 IA a me and at Ywen Campbell at
i a Nor Ral © pooh arriving 5: Mabad
| fon Wt 0 p.m, and at GlenCampbet] st TE
oy At Tyler. TER
LT fithex from Iw
purchasing the colleries and
wiped Teal by the Clean
f i} Company, at that place fin
defeated Cam.
the "Varsily
3 Foam Rined 7a
PER if
co peRR
i ta
= pres
{ tlie ti
: £2
past Tow
A 3
gislent o
lias Lh £5
£ hom
ipha NX
Readin s
: Philade
Wiest dound
Sd % 1 osEatian
3 Marke NY in
x o
INE race
vil. the colored aan wlus, so
o all thie wirnesene fn the case
be shot that Killed Alexander
at Stockdale, Washington
wo years ago, for which mar, ;
red ten, Jones and Ward,
i din January, bas been cap
nd ix in dadl at Washington,
are shout 00 Incorporators,
‘are workmen in tha
indow Glass CUwsapany,
1 to bpild a plant at:
: voneern is capital
d the pany will ein
Bugines Harn Hard § wal
regi Lames Nh
Heras Hale
there is
af the
pes th oi Toad 0m me,
Arrive Teal 3 >
g : . EE a IR
LA Emily xrepe m
‘ 0d 2 WE a
Toms of
: thonsas 11h
Say eras
2 wk
3 4, 4 pil
on Hk
CW Jel
fit elerey Liar ip re st Aoi i
feted wy i Fe hd Agent, wo bh BIR B
The Paper Plants of Japan. trails,
a Dass G8 Losing 4
Ive gualitws, owing ta the
L of European tel Rods of
The Kind nmiostly made
duces] fron the woud or
Shustown; Ebens
i doy efiue Nov 25 100
& Trrnuisl, €82
: : Won in, and
was 4a i, 3008 pe BR
ia tro ined
¢ mamafacture
Baw is pro :
bark of sev
be er of Hey. 1 J.T. Bris
TH ton, I ed sak
BR id §
Tima “fo
IN Froas
sochads ax
wi Sa
Wr care to and mam
seis, a wah
ts, §
Phila. atid NN.
Ise srt 5k
“hens Rueprind,
Fe ow 3 0
aby i 3 rR ail al
fest of Plate Nae
Voda odes andl resiidenoms
sein Aes
Has Thirty Palaces.
The emepor of Japan has thirty pal
aces to choose from for a sQmner re
mort. Of these, however, he bas never
Efoaves £ uy
wal a
Inigts PR
Era July
Se TRT Tle
of feo Helle
Gales Uf
wis IN Ins
Sw ears i
likely soon to be de
The company Is composed
capitalists, who, it is stated,
healing Tera
Prarie Lars a id
SR Urss ThdBR
operations within tise
in vecurred over
ings of 0. 8 shaft of the
ja Coal Company at Pitts
fan an acre of surfaces
Chowies of Tg have Bets
i and unsafe for habita:|
25 Cazes
or the at
Brie nl a —_
( i ¥ which it is
occupied more than three or four, and
some he has pever seen. He lives |
principally at Tokio, Spending a shart
time every year at Hiroshima. The
palace at Tokio ia aipiost an ideal |
country place. It is situated ao a vast
estate, whick Is right in the center af |
the city. There are hills, valleys, lakes
woods and the beautiful lotus every
where Los Angeles Times,
makes waterps
Feather may
! canting it
vat Saath
ted with #
1: alan serves
with varnish
for making pressed articles, such
| are usually made nly
What a Bitton Means.
Sa giitbix, dead. dao
Whillien that few of
sider F ihp
Wo a fe
i long wonld it take an ordi
In 1896 the free distribution of seeds
by the Government amounted to 0-1
O00, 000 packets, and Sow it has reached |
24.000,0000 packets.
i A Sn SA AAA No
The property of the Catholic mis
slong in Shanghai is valved at $2000.
ns an nS
In fifteer years a locomotive will
from 240,000 miles and earn $300,000.
The consumption of beer in Germany
has doubled in the last 20 years
| 400,000,
fricus person to coun
{ew yours perhaps Well yee
rate of [Ara minute--a vary
of speed and
days AN ny
counted In a2 day, ip a yew
hours 8
working days the scores smonhd be 14 :
would reguire 6B 12;
The |
of three xfore years |
a few months—would | L
the simple counting of |
the sum that trips so lightly from the |
tongue these days —Minnespolis Times. |
ami i
years to count
propliel’s span
apd tep--piinus
be consumed in
the full bibon.
Cordovan |
Has wars E
> 3 mak Rss $k
Dat Td has
wy 1a
a . :
y This Week
INS and
Bet ;
‘fein rite} au
wa Lh wl
48% 18
pr wi
2 1 aL
eps at Pirishare
Thirty Per Cent Are Dying.
Famine pnd tephins are maging
throushont the severnments of Kher
son aml Bessarabia and portions of the
pavermnents of Riefl
Russia. The mortality
of the vatire popelation.
is 30 per cent
have | ns
ace of
and of |
Werk Hass.
Buinlay Crake
& HH HK imins
awh Haveli, Witla
witha ds ¥ ¢
Tinadont, Bui, wid Baachoster,
ible, Prd tats, Pua sey,
with Hoole |
3 nb
sa povintendent.
The e eh safng dish is amng the
avin |
most |
ancient adjuncts to the eulinary de |
¢ partment
cient Rome.
and Taurtda, |
of all pativas 1%
demand at the grand
ruins of Pompeil They are exquisite
; = wurkmanship.
: feasts |
{given by the wealthy eoiizens in an |
Syme of these dishes
Bave recently wen found among the |
| Hunt ingdon & Broad Top Mt.
In effect Sept. 15, 1868,
saa tiiawinnd.
: tiantimmion
Saiins ab
fax al HES. m,
glint vey
pak at TIS p Wa
» Hunting
Aree Ig wl ML
reout Mr Dale
risa. Md.
Fe deniers ML Imiins or
Bm 10), RITY ny of Huoting
femves MUL Dau
Wi, arrsving ai
=, smandavs only
viingdon atl £35 pn
All trains makes elose sunpections with Po
HH. Doth wast and wast at Haat
Cam. MM. Gaon,