The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 11, 1901, Image 5

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    a El A SE AER ree, em BS
2 ait Sad Se tl the fitadss of joi
~Sasatias is sige.
Is this your paper?
House cleaning is due.
~ Refrigerators fren at Mellon ye
JeAttand the box sbeial Feidiay even.
: ing.
Frank Zentmyer spent Sunday in
~Refrigerators given Away at Mal
Jon's Cash Grocery.
=H. E. Barton made & trip to Clear: |
finld on Wednesday.
~John Boyce 1s on a visit with his
brother at Windburn.
«Get your pictares framed st the
_ Patton wall paper store,
~Bd Weakland advertises ogg for
batehing in this issue.
«A fall line of all kinds of tobieco |
and cigars at Kinkead's,
«Mr. T. J. Scholl is visiting her
parents at Carliste, Pa.
Joe eream soda water, all flavors, 5
: cents at the (ity Restaurant,
iuDr. H. A. Beitz has returned from a
> week's visit at Freeport, Ps.
Mrs 8 M. Wilson, of DuBois, was
. a Patton visitor on Saturday.
"| Reuel Somerville was in Pittsburg
0 aver Sanday on legal business.
“Will paper 8, & 56 and 6 cenis a
roll at the Patton wall paper store.
'wMrs. H. BE. Barton returned from
Clearfield on Wednesday evening.
Ott Petit, the insurance hustler,
wae in the town aver night Tossday.
Jost received a large stoek of wall
paperat the Patton wall paper store.
| FOR SALA fresh cow with calf.
Call on or address WwW. 1. Perry, Patton,
| ~The exavations for the new M. E.
parsonage ware commenced this morn-
N. Randolph Seeley was visiting
friends in Clearfield county over Ran.
— When you want rabber statops, |
tationary ate, call at F. H. Kin-
| Por » good shave, hair etit or sham- |
poo call on Garfield Wilkins, ¥
. Tc boat lou dos In town by the
deh, quart or gallon, atthe City Res-.
A Ladies’ visiting cards of the ist
le rata ot Ws cfics for 5 cents
: hiss 8 Gioldetein, of Portage, was a
guest at the rewidencs of 1 Goldstein
‘this week.
: Howard Dobby Dinsmore was vis
iting prospective relatives in Gallitzin
aver Sanday.
| The bank, postoffice andl the public
schools otwarved Good Friday as a
Tegal holiday’.
Mr. aml Mrs. Wm. Wilson, of
Williamsport, were visiting relatives
here lust wenk.
~All work gusranteed by the C ear:
Garfinid, the
: Lp J. Deitvick was visiting rela.
tives and friends in Bamesboro and
‘Spangler over Sunday.
LwMilier's Shoe Store bas a change
| of advertisament in this mse that will
repRy # careful perusal.
The Cojtmier costs jess than two
gents a week. Why don't you sub
: meribe and stop borrowing
Mm JE Parnell is quite ill with
typhoid fever. A trained nuree from
Pittsburg is attending her.
we Abe Goldstein has been confined
to thm fits this week suffering from a
mevere attack of neuralgia,
wir. 8. Warrell has moved his
offen from the Cinod building to the
room adjoining the post office.
. A=Now is the time to plant dpring
advertising, and the Couper is the
best meting to reas the pe people.
P.O. Bharbaogh, of Carrollton,
drove to Patton on W enemy and
ie made the CoUuRier office a short call
| «The regular semimanthiy meting
of the Patton horough council will be
held Monday evening at the nat
: Save your cash register coupons
‘and secure a high grade refrigerator
fre of charge at Mellon's Cash
: i John ©. Myers was called to Coal
port on Monday by a telegram an.
nouncing the death of his brother, who
resided at that place.
~The A. O. H. of Cambria, West
_moreland, Fayotte, Blair, Somerset
and Armstrong counties will picnic at
Idlewild on Angust 1.
~(iroundt has been broken for the
pew office building of the Beech Creek |
Coal & Coke Co. at the corner of Ma- |
gee and Fourth avenues.
«~The Sunday school classes of EC.
Brown and E. O. Hartshorne wire de- |
ghifully entertained by their teachers
un Good's Hall Monday evening.
bert, the barber, Mages
spots on back and tail. The dog's tail
Tat Bia aes op FIDL sven {
ug for
Fe Good's Hall Friday evcving April 320 Ploture | amine, Paper
| idGeo. BE Prindible, superintendent Be = Ap
of the Patton Clay Mfg. Co. is in Phil-
‘adelphia this week on business oon
nected with the company.
: j beng went vot Ha A.C
futher, whe died the anne afternoon.
Phe plumbing establishment of the
‘J.C. Harper Co. has been remove
from the post office block to up stairs
poms in the Cornelias butlding,
Jf von want fine lnundry wd
Joave vour laundry with WW. KE
agent for the Empire Steam La There is "Llothing,™
Frank MeCinre and Prof BI
Myers ape ssid to bet bieoming expert
sgn artists and incidentally playing 8
nrean trick on Attorney Housed Rone |
“(rood resident properties for sale
Lon eady terma. Also good ints in hoth
'bosiness and resident portions of the
town, For particulars call on James
—~z pomplete line of spring gods
has just been reevived by the Kirx
Hardware Co. Learn all about it from
their new advertisement in another
~Baturday will bo pay day with the
Hooch Creek Coal & Coke Co, The
rponey distributed will He considerable
ore than bas been customary for
IF sae is merely to be alael
Tyros? te another
and Economy Id fully met
Lge Male
CL wie time past
{67 - A white hound, with black
was cot when quite young, feaving but E
ten inches, Finder will please no ify i ———
Jos. Mertens, Patton, Pa
ab does not mean expensive clothes If prodoced onder favorable
conditions. Good Clothes can be sold at very mpderate prices,
and then, again, there are clothes
one thing To appear Well
ano mnel wear Good
In our stock of Spring Soils, every regquireinent af Fashion, (nality
Oar materials are purchased from fret hands, iu Tirge guantition, and
made hy the most skilled niles and onto
o Clarrients are sold at prices that only Large Bosiness
Aone if Mandl Bxpense wil justify,
Many oe Styles of Suits on ote counters, Frosh to-day.
$5. $6. $7, $10, Dpwird.
A visit and a close inspection will satisfy you that thera's “no place
like oir store’! to bay vour Clothes,
Good Building.
~1f you are thinking of buying a car- GG E r = EA DY
pret this spring it will pay you to post
the new advertisement of H. 8 Ruck
in another column, He has just re
For the coming Spring and Summer,
| eeived x handsome new line but it 1s not iid to get ready-made
Sapper will be served at the Cath
| ote fatr on Saturday evening. A bean
clothing. You will of
course want a new
bake will be an attraction on Monday suit. We can ha be i 1k 3rd Ha fit VOU up
night and Hight refreshments will be
erved Taesduy and Wednesdny even in a way that will please you and in keeping
wBx-Congressman Hicks, of Al Ww ith the time S.
Yoon, was defeated on Satardsy for
phatrmin of the Republican county
committee of Blair
Jones, the editor of the Tyrone Her. 3
The COUNTER is prepared to pub.
fish the annual statement of borough the pr ic e, while
snd township soditors, The law re
‘ (yaires phat the statement must he poh. : ‘made aoods,
lished in one newspaper io thelr re >
spective district,
“Shelf Emptying Sale’ is the cap durability.
Suits, $18 up.
Ss 1 h C
: ion of the advertisement of the Patton
Supply Co. in this isewe. Prices are
| (quoted that will be of interest Lo every
ieonomical buyer in this section. Read
lr if you want to save money
CLR A Kinsloe, who has conducted
{he Bitaminons Record at Philipsburg
for several years, is about to leave this
region and go into business in Phils
Heiphia We anderetaint hos plant in
tor wake Clearfield He pubiioan,
Mew Joanoa Kreldier fins returned
trom Patton where she spent hie win i
ter with ber dasnghter, Mm A KE
hema, who Reobmpanial Ger
mother Bome and will and i hee
hore with relatives Mil Hall Plows
~¥ditor Spencer, of the Barnesboro
Sentinal, wan in town on Wednesday
Land a weleome caller ar thie offices :
Mr. Spencer iw one of he odd Lime
pewspaper men of the county and 8 ust rece ve ol
pentienan who hotiors his profesdon. »
A completenew line
Lois Doll, the shoemaker, had an re FO YRC - “ATE |
are going to carpet
Easter display of flowers in his shop
o thgt ivale flv onaes BY 1
window that rivaled those at sid * that room this spring
| Phipp's conservatory io Sebeiiey
Park, Pittsburg The ovnire pass
wasn wn handeogie speriman of potatos
#alkart fiche in full Bloom
don’t fail to see my
Ahr. Boone has talien the agenny new stoc k .
(fr the Exar farm toon embracing i 1
harrows, cultivators, mowing ma. A fine stock { f old
chines, hay rakes, elo. Farmers in
peed of anvibin Hy ha PAE gt AF oo ola ff J
= Carpel sampies tor FHUS
sive pioney by sapenitiae Me Haase
: Sehits cheap.
Mrs Joseph Lyoan, of Mages aves sa on
nae, et with a serions scoident gat
Weel wl Bike Et mp SIeat 3 A Wea #1 A ) 1
Back staldrw &b vr oheand i Eine | %
| Esnner she #l np pos: sil Beddow te Z
at Bi Sb hae Era vee] ' ' j
bg iLL
§ Saow will Lotd a Tair in - TH F PATTON
Pasmer Avenue £5
Za = 5 5 = wt WALL PAPER
p reparation
wavih post i cpestold that the affair ;
will be something out nf the ordinary. E
It will be worthy of a liberal patrobage
Abhay 5
43M. Babinson, the Aciooss ar We have the OSL compl cle
; 5: 5 ¢ yas 1s VW: 11 re N
ehitect, war in Patton inst Thursday 10IE of itl DAper In atths
evening: He has opened an sffoe tn ern Be am hr 13 Over @ h 1 nd red
Cand will undoubtedly reieive il
Pittsburg and located in rooms 38 and of the latest patterns to select
| 39 Dalimeyer building at 314 Fourih
from {ar Prices are lower
avepue, and will move bis dragghting ;
than the lowest, rangmg trom
rooms to that place. The move Was
made necessary by increased business 3. 4, 5 and 6 cents per roll.
in tHe western part of the stats He Also 3 nice line | of Hall and
will retain both the Abwona and Johase Thole Papers very low
“town offices.
~The annual box sale given
the auspices of the Booiil nod
' departments of the Ep wort
‘of the M. E. church, will
have a fine lot of
Pictures and Wall
1901 at 8 o'clock. The Literary ealfer ine and Paints
dE 3
a EH =
tainment will precads
The Patton
The boxes will ba solid as before
Faoyse aun bes
for benefit of ba tg fan
ohurch. Bring your lo
‘enjoy the evening. This tnvitadion
general, and no special invitations dee
FISHER, Propr,
It you.
a specialty. o;
Wall Paper Store,
Our assortment of suitings and trouser-
sounty by Clade Ings contain all the newest shades and de-
signs that will be worn the coming season, and
not so low as the factory
cheap west in the end,
‘when you consider appearance, comfort and
Trousers, $5 up.
Call and See them.
And the Kirk Furn:
ture and Hardware
(0 are Now prepared
to furnish you wit
{ar Flag es
{ ;0-Carts,
at record - breaking 4
} Now in Full Blast
Our Stare
In order to make room (ot our new line of spring goods
and clean up all old stack before moving inte our new quarters,
es vr ix offer you such barging in thi falowing poads
ty von. Avail youssell of this ope 5
3 war 35 ta Bi per cent. Wa folly reatise
hut you will not have aes fir these goods at Dae hresent mie
hat the prices we are golag to name should being von to this :
money saving ule regardless of the me yon wl Rive ase for
thar Just nok aver thaae prices,
B00 yards all wool conntey flannel, regn tar $00 Rind, sow poodle
100 yards all wool dross Hannes, wrth 40, today's price only de.
(200 yards Persian Hantel, wis 150, now 108, :
dr yap wel Ange wont worth 3h, now 150.
04 ¥ inning Manne worth Ie, now Se,
8 Yards ah won red tari flannel was he, now Ue
50 yards all wad pid flannel
50 1h do piy millen yarn, Wai Sie, now Mie.
Heat oak ie one Ja,
h Raxoany Carn, war 100 ie isd & frye Sas
Hs WwW west proot Son len paine BE Gar que BESS
ae lana saris, 8 llr Hess a Te,
R Banned bhovis PE Ab oe ERE A iE jg at LON :
i rh ass
% ai
1 2 boys
i fot men’s heavy ovemsinvia Ww thy % oa. we offer thom af Aha
1 lst men's prnrshirts, worth The, now BSc,
1 lot budies’ wool walsls, worth 81.560 now Sik
bobs ladies! cating Baonel waists, Ue 100 Rind, cow £0 at 480,
1 hat anting wallets, thes Me kind, now 330. :
1 lot ladies fees wrappers, real vale $1 25 now go at 74
1 lat wool hood, the 500 kind, aow Be
rr 5 pica? % hoon the Me kind, now 11a
1 iat inden’ ail soo} skirt patterns, worth 81.00, will close out at 73e.
1 ot the We Siva] at Ads
i int faseinutors, was Sle, now Be
jo 2 tH ose, tt 18a,
{ bit ladies’ wand auderwear, the regmiar Dollar kind, at 30.
All Sx underwear will go at 30.
1 aboen's sad bog’ cig, he S0e Rind, at 3c
i > Gi iy +4 tile
Al wwcstd Boslery at 29 fer cant uff.
All winter gloves jad mitis al cost,
Ail fit boats and arolice nt leas than tat.
Wo havi a faw pairs of shoes in odd sises that we think are big values. If
your size is tere it will pay you to purchase.
We Bave some very pretty things in new spring goods for your inspection.
Dirap in axed see aa
Yours For Trade,
uh oa cl ia
hich 1s guarantesd,
prices. Complete new
stock in all Lines.
line of Hard-
ware. (i:lass, Paints,
Oils. Ete. as usual.
We have taken the
Agency tor best Bug-
gy on arth
I inest line of stoves
in town—Red Cross.
Summit. Ete
Kirk Furniture
& Hardware C0., e0 aoone
AM: gee Ave.,
When m need of
Co all at re ————.
gr Drug store.
Dateveet pall on time de poeia. DAT .
} Ferrin
A. E Parns, Wa HH SANDFORD, es
me ry iy ; r.
Firsitation’| Dauk
Cambria Co, Pa
SURPLUS , 834,000. 143,
w SOF waie FOE Ri
tw ampable 15 Ue
fia uiie prom pl ans
run propery
Deni st!
Office on corner of Lang and Filth Offiee in Patton Building, wexi &
President Chsliivr
: AVennos. Colledtions peianplay ade Post i ies, {tow i: re:
j vended to. Properties to sell and rent {3pr, and 1 p.m. to 5 p.