The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 21, 1901, Image 8

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o ocrupation im the world requirss more perfect nerve Soren snd physical
peniyihy thax is demanded of ite members by a modern fire department.
: RE yhis branch of the public service must be ready nt all bours
or night, and in all degrens of heat, cold or exposure. to anawer
t phils, and protest 1ifs and ~ roperty. At all fimos they must
and a clear Brain. {shout this we waonid never hear
and rescue periormed by them. Nothing in
{ike [ir Greene's Nervara Blood and nerve
s stromg wiatement, which we publish herewith,
are by those who rely om Dr. Greene's
a disense atlacks them. or they get
in wo rany at this season of the year. There ix no
n tha world whieh will ward off attacks of the fatal grip which is
ant, and there is nothing which will drive it sway so quickly
y the body as well after the 0. us this famous remedy.
, hows Yddress | is 24% Lisoolm St. North Last, Minneapolis,
a . great believer in the ‘wonderful
Blood and Nerve Remedy.
will fret up sirengt
curative powers of Dr.
it has been used in my
restorer and general
beneficial results. It
vied As a health builder,
that Dr Greene's Nervurs Blood and Nerve Remudy id the pre-
» Seine physician, Dr. (ireene. who ean be ronsuited sbaalotely
ther by mail or calling st his offlee. 35 W. 14th Ne. New Yor!
Copnult on is absolutely {ree of char If you cxnnot eall upon him
office, write bim a letter, teiivag ail t Jove case, and you can be
i a. Remember bis ad ice
Ly free.
A Loon don | fon nad deck fared that of
i Fron children i age un
. shoot Board dora, R00
| 2lwayk al
4% hexith resol
ot Ponte tens
oo and wf Fi
RE = #3 I
q the de
| who pronou Ww
ane Bae
aata Potram
sr wil Biers a8
All gaods ars al
Dryxs an they oo
toi. Bohl by at
Where $i k Weising $ fast
: Paid ta Gold fir a cam of Cia
turn We SABDOL oure wih our
: na Caturrh Rive San
cond Trisivta, Eras hy
it. Beam ples md Bows
{rprosnodon free, Prijs $1.00
oe scicve vou Hie the Natural |
by nature bersell and dis
acd cow wed by every
No mcd os rs oc world
Mineral Lazitive Water, provided
covered moe: than XN years igo
Stig a the workd:
ty over ower sue Bont of te vost mess :
from whoa we hove testimonial, as the safest and
Laxative Water known t) medical science.
Its Action Is Spuvedy, Sure end Gentle. It never gripes. :
Every Drugght 26d General Whelesale Grocer Sells It
Label with
lof the wind in the branches of the roc
tower court having held
i Iaaations,
ereased ;
Piro S51 ODE Is ge. a
headaches quickly and will have 1 we
{ {ialan
rite bhealthial steep.
| mim pie Berbe and cannot harm,
sttemils one of the piblic gh schon
1% ¥
Ede nord
Poree, ¥
| 18 and 35¢.
Silence gn Supreme.
The most lonely highlands of our na-
fjonal territory are the sparsely wioded
Sierras af Western New Mexico. The
clank of the wood cutters’
through the steepest glens of the Eu.
ropean Alps and Southern Alleghanies,
but in the Sierra Mesilla. west of El
Pause. there are valleys where the iin
sound heard for days
of marmot is the only
habitant of these solitades, and rarsiy
tegves its burrows beldire goon Binds
are extremely rare. though a silent vil
sire now and then floats scroes the why,
03 ifs way ty the favs labyrinth ot the
Inds anapnits Press,
pines is the only
together. A kind
Thre iv a Cimes of People
Whe are injured by the wat of coffee. Recently
© thors Lag Doon plaond in sll the grocery storm
| u new preparstion called Guars-,
made of
sf coffee
are grains that nkve te 7
it withaal
hea trot alisate stomach rersivew
dite, aul bal few can tli 1h from coffee. It
dose 110t cand over i ae nich
drink is wil ed healt
15 i anid 5 oe,
{fu “0
Deon 3
& sariet 10 the effect that
ferider whe Batys stock to feed
wo nan wierchant ithin the
mexnin iH i he
sessed for taxation parooces in the same
way thal a merchant weld bie assessed
The vice cite 4p on an appeal,
A new Jaw in N
hibits the holding of property in
ax echoes
hidden ony
the 1
sade and cannot be ase
rile is not 8
Danaleiing and
yeprs and years to find a dye that
ne Lplusive piehemy.
: appointed
eve Hamoshire pro |
tate by game clubs whieh are aot n-
seporated. It alee provules
at the State shall hold ia trust 00 PU | pinned galing In some other dyes |
in his:
© use all n
: an 2% ei of
Lamers amity Medteine
in Sedat -
. in ecemary. Acts gen on
Cures dick headache.
i 5 aLins af mote
Seunty, Stich, on the record
Fa, of
Gg wee it in the world The nun
fof Fores cultivated 1ast your seas Lo
£3 and the total yiekl of peaches was
be spifreds hpi ag om
Michigan crop
came nex wi th
Pest Yor he Bowes,
X an Buren
the en!
Prtiney Ro Sage ely
satiral bodies of water hoe |
Bod & | ei
ou st ws Teper, :
Result Wns That He Found Just Wha
He Was Alter,
‘Fhe for salesman was holding a
av his arm a very handeopie spect
men of what nppeared to be a Russia
sahie wavs the Washington Star.
vay wonldp't think, he sald,
af temper, would you?
FE odie know that
sable kad a bad temper
tho oastomer
“Wane knowledge ia not always to
he relied on.” laughed the salesman.
funsian sable skin.
ix a red fox. and thereby, so to speak,
hanes a tale’
The cnstomer asked that it be um
dn New York City)
the Hussian
ot responded
a good deal abog
ather furs,
would transform a red fox skin into
a Poacsian sable, ag far a8 appearance
wint. All his efforts were Bugatory
and void, aw the lawyers say,
waald not give up the search.
dav less than two
hriey aver his dye
He thought
thy he had it sure. bul he was
ogice more, and,
gory to say,
{teal of some kind in it that he had
he did kpow about, and
Lglnlenes he knocked the bottle against
“om box aad broke
him madder than ever,
| wird he hurled the broken bottle and |
contents into the disap
the |
dbs remaining
pointing dye pot,
its neck
Then he left
| place. and when he came back, much
ve to be thie greatest prac.
iin the idly
panier in mind, behold, thers was that
| stat wonder, and he began an imroed!
more than hail |
ate investigation, Just what effect the
| chetiteal or the broken bottle had on
the dye he tonld not tell
C Apnhkrent
and be hastened
Xa mattsr what atls you, headache to a
welt wat
Cancannrs p
a grips of pain,
eunver, you will paver jet
Poawels are put right
patire, sare you withost
jelp = Was no tanger rad fox
| nui
rodurs susy natarat movsmants. eos you |
amt 10 cents to star
baok, © ascannrs Candy Cuth
enuiine. pat wp io metal holes,
ot has CCG stamped on iL
wvery tab
0s FERS bE £118
the jaan
Sun the Ceterarde oniy
or but shou
the State gover
per Lent Piye dust
I onent has nearie dog ed during he
pighy years
» vid, bil:
Cores Mendnches.
writing Your besith
", the
Beware of
tind heen offects
fo ry Aa
When the far was taken out
Neither wan it
in it
fs Rasstun sable, hut
with the anexpocted chemical he hit
the right thing. and the secre
was his. Today he is converting red
fox skins Info Hussian sable for 1300
Maine inv
is needless to say Be
i poor at il
iw pest gat fring
Russian sable
ful and expensive far. but this mite.
L Han in anit ak effect
| four Years as the genuine thing, and |
§ ay
A Ourfield Hoadsehs Power will ones
geet. Thess Powders ares
| wi are positively bariloss.
sd hy
iar x 5
rey aiapte 4 15 thie Ps YER =a
3 rin are unable tor slap
pad mervous tekw a Garfie
bad fier |
Sve for three or
en’t coat anything like as much,
Cheaper furs that look as wall while
they last RE expensive onds are morn :
; Eatisfactory anyway to the maiority
sf surchasers,. because styles change
+ prt penple want something new once
, Ina
ecitative than even the |
and are rontiens
Hesdaelie Pow. |
it will woothe anid iat the serves and
y¥ ars made frome |
malicenian who is 8x
3 yagi 147 pounds
wmches high,
ty ane 6 eal fot nehes hig
© Wh een hae ta work hand, grinding
Phe Toot we orowd ato it ‘
funy by chewing Beomu 1 # Pepsin Gui,
Make te Wore
A years
mn kaha
4 trol HE,
fran 1 BD
Curier's Ink
TN imrgest sain of any ink In the world,
I Deane * aE est Lak LEAL Es De Lhaaie
A £34 yi aE kN sight shy 0
hort «3 = lea ith, by
¢ ney
sb Coherks and some
af the physician in charge of the
{trace of the infection remains
3 iirty
while if they can afford it
a qe Sec
The Plekies Test for Mops
There hak recently been an opidem-
fe of maumnps among the school chil
gran of the city, According to the
ya of the health department a child
ned return to ae hoo! until hd has
rowoversd. Every afternoon has
Broiteht to the health department 105
4 sonngslers,
withot If is the
sties 16 examine these applicants for
fons Bille of health and i any
the force of the health department is
(mull, and sometimes thers is Bo doe
tor in the office for an honr @
Cer pifiee
8 fame,
on mothers
works a hardship
with their children
he muggle touchstone by
die Chyrigsa, puardian of the aut
might herasll test the appli
LE ariin
Dagt reas of imfdammation in the
ed F BH 0 Fs or, :
Xe anaes Hadi
fiance me
“isa btag ars the thing” sald Dr
“If a nerson with the slight
vail lands takes a bite of anything
| sharpie sour, the face in instantly cone
SN a0 ony
Frey's Yermifuge Never Faille,
Jeenres Forfiv i bas been the fumlb
icie Tur worms, x. Uriggiots aud stores
i are it
ws Care for Done amp ton
pha ad d
ua fad.
Bors ans
Fry tirnin-0N?
ay Se slow You ef Hama
Try Genin=0
A yor
i of fra
wpe Ry
ir, hs 1 un
of Macha sv Jawa t
grains snd the most
i owathont distress.
1 i dour FRE ae
Heater atoning ah
5 Shae FE af ooffed
ERY, ald by dl grocery
(Conghinz Leads to Consamptinm,
Rio # Pulgnin will wor the congh al ones!
3 Lo @4 ARIE
tlt Trev,
Gu at onus, dolar
The : it {an :
nity oa run shot and shell
izes. which some
in extreme cases the pain is
$6 a bottle of mixed pickles was
to the pharmacopoeia of the
ix 4: rd ine shat ker ; H
| fon
bp A tS
ed wingld Be a goed subs’
Now when there is no doctor in the
yd office
up the ap
Misu Currigan lines
far certificates
jiges with the
child taken the picky
healthy child sheaid,
achonl again; hut
pain, then he cons
%t home
it the
« y
Steel Hails He. Hollesh
af st $
igh ay iE
with hea ih
Ti 3
tor what
3 By
rer resi
Fron shape,
has Geen
ami so
recetent | LH
oli Tails
re Boi i i
Berd VER
* 5x
sitet Ehreee (vob
that after a a
in the capacity of
gn much fir
they are today The B
fastened to the steed ff
ordinary form. hold br ¥
through the upper flange Lic
3 oh ideks B33 x
ion they
Rp us
wb ¥
tip hy of
sin lE
m helow
solar wid indirectly due to a loss |
autitul definition of home was
| given by Lady Aberdeen in the ad:
| dress delivered by ber before the re
| gent meeting at Toronto of the Na
tonal Council of Women.
| guest, in the tones of the ithildren, in
reo pornpled the
aplosman. “Hives a furrier, who, Know. |
the dyeing of
songht for |
sought TOF | out wore measnre of
Wo cannot describe it, bl we recom
nize it at once whon it is present. and |
no house can be trials a home with
pend just honses where We. Can cal
heartily and sleep well bit we wan!
tall of rest and peace aod |
| beauty and refreshment
voars ago, he was |
pots seeking the |
I am
he lost his temper and
acted in A most unseemly manner. He
Weld in his hand a bottle with a chem |
This made |
and with a bad |
wi ire a
New Orenpattaw for Wimen.
A new field of emplisment for
women has meontly sprung up, but ba. |
ing subservient to Damg Partune'
whims, it may be of snly
charsoter. It is the arranging end |
making of guaint chains and necks |
“What 8
it | that indefinable something that makes
| & home: that reveals jtself in the
| books and pletures, in the arrangement
| of the rooms, (n the prepaiation for a |
the extiression of husbands and wife?
We do pot
# temporary
laces. A pretty one purchased from
| an English woman was composed of |
pale Hiue and emersid grosn Venetisn |
taade intermingled with others of ars |
| ger sine. At night the bends Hight up
| wonderfully and wre almost indistine
guirhahls from real gems.
was made of rough, uncut and beauti-
fully polished amber No two chain
are made alike snd old gems and
irinkeds are introduced int them. Pale
| turquedse and coral are particularly |
pot which caused his spe |
[are made of Venetian
Bit oa very |
strip of fur on.
| quite extiget
Sa ——
Maft chains
heads stoang
pretty for vouug girls
with twisted gold braid,
Tha New Large Wiles?
Small waists are #aing out of fash
They are doomed soon to le
Broad wales are hence
Another |
{ ¥lnd and motherly. showing 8 wonders
into It. If the latter defect
firit. the other followed with a
nels and regularity unbesu
gestive of clock work, There was the
yoting mother who experienced this
trouble in an infant's robe, and Ww
on the third setting in of the &
forind that it trrned just half around.
“mehe little soft arms will twist any-
way,” said she at last, and jet it
But i won't work that way
srownaps, and many a bodice well in
Jimnd has been turned over toa Areas.
maker to complete just because of
thix difiealty, Sure avoidance comes
fromm following this simple niles
Plas the inside seam of the sleeve
trom an inch and a half to two inches
forward of the walst's underarm seam
he exact dlstance desends on the
wie of the wearer of the bodice, and
is the dimensions given are, respects
tively. for a somil and for & large
wiigmar. it can be determined very
rendily. The rule applies
from ~alico to satin, from infast’s 19
te bride's gown, and the result will
as satisfactory as could be gotien from
the highest.priced dressmaker. go
Time has dealt gently with Mrs. U.
4 Grant. In appearpace she is
afily “elderly.” In her manner she |
ty] simplicity and naturalness whea
forth to be the fashion, and in their |
It was on the | 0 us be sung in versd and prose.
and after a iittle ox xperimenting |
ism beaut
| tain
| gown are now called.
Doctors will rejoice at this, but the |
indies? Well Ie them think of tie
sveriasting quoted Venus of Medici's
waist apd they will become recaneiion
{8 or that is soon to be,
bax BW
| otis stops to think of the artificial
Soephere in which she has lived ~
She has recently been engaged in
silting the finishing touches 10
jmrnal af her trip to California
1104, Jeisich she intends 10 present a8 8
Year £ift to her daxginenin-iaw,
Mre Ulysses Grant
“When | am in the vein for no Mra.
Grant ssye. “1 write with Brest ease,
Niy eves have Tailed almost entirely,
| however, and spectacies being of no
| assistanes. { can't read what | write
I his makes revizion dienlt, and [ de
begut!ful Josenhine's waist and of the | dine musoy overtures from magazines
| ahd newspapers for articles. My
1 ight, too. deprives me of the pleasure
This expluine the present rage for
the Josephine “boudoir gown,” as va
it is made of
sof Indian cashmere, gaihered on lo
the waist as high as possible. Japan.
ese ilk “boandoly gownp'
Fashions for Brides.
It “all the world loves i lover,” oer
it is too, that ail
| women are interested (no brides and
i tronsseanx.
The interest that is Le |
| df going ints soelety, which 1 should
very much enjoy. It is embarrassing
not to know people, and so 1 accept
Ao invitations, Still, time doesu’t
| nupe heavy upon my hasds. ‘Ma
ends the newspaper to me every
ia silk yoke, formed like & bolero, and | !
a soft Japanese scarf is tied around |
are alo |
"fashionable and lovely nt the sage |
womanly |
| stowed upon brides in ginersl seeran
io he never failing.
| of the present day is, however, & much |
| more sensible affair than that of old
: Young women have wigely come to
| the conclusion that a great mistalie
wag that old fashioned idea of having |
| a thorough outfit, even if by =o doing
some with swollen |
Cand worry.
The trousseny |
siorning, and I knit and take drives,
and loi! about, and Nellls and I pias
| patience and other games of sards,
Mrs Sartorie and her nil
gil at home hero ars only two spare
sooms. The house {8 not elaborst 3
| furnished. Mrs. Grant having used Tn
Lf just what she happened to have
vihen she moved in four Years BRO.
AD ohiects associated with her has
| tand, except his plotures, which sre
scattered everywhere, have been
pinced in the National Museum
| Washington Special, in Philadelphia
. the hride were a physical and mental
wreel from the consequent [WLgas |
womin who has not devoted sll the
Dr. |
Hn yesterday bethought himeelf of
which Miu
te laving in & supply of clothes ag
otent to last her for vesras, The oud!
{ginal nurpnse of 4 trousseay is in it
self an exoellpat one, and that a bride |
shoul start on her married [fe with a
Those brides of year: age :
Lara aot to be compared with the pros
ent perfectly healthy, contented young
i Hlecard.
The Daughter's Pines, =
After a young woman bas finished
er school education, when she takes
tor place in society and enters on
br kingdom as the princess roval of
the home, she discovers that she need
Lave no sinecurs, Without the sights
| simt interference Wilh her mother’s pies
jogative, she May assume a pumber of
weeks and months of her engagement | | lesser and larger cares, which have
liitherto been borne bre the matron, on
{jiided. She will relieve her mother
Ii much of the formal correspondence :
| ipeidental to pocial intercourse, will
| sufficient amount of clothing to Inst
for a twalvemonth,
| tion:
‘clothes for a yoar shead,
{ toaaily.
small, as the case may he, put in the
and |
merely what 1s secessary for the sea
no one can ques
hut it is ng necesnary
inrge or
when fashions chinges #0
A sig of money,
hank for
the wears expenses
gon of the year when one is married |
a great improvement oan
the old way of basting (in rnfas
iden yer |
Car Dia, using tne aeediop
dees away with the irregular arrsage- |
: pen
thin ot
purcirsed at ones,
Sewing Hints
is a8 far mure |
Cpraciical plan. Hag per i Bazar. i
gown | nl
phe a the
© A teacher of sewing wriles to the
| Boston Cooking Scliool magazine that :
vyery Ureh
3 $y 2
are ts he sewed by band,
ruffle 10 tho garment
3 os ao
ng vertically sina
the gathers
of the gathers dften seen on
All bButtonhoies ir Hnderweny
have a bar on
wall ag on the meide snd
wey will tear out and
outatde us
ruin the
# Be oy
theap de fhe
¢35TyeL Ley
he hom
und wenr
{ af gar
Te of the addping Io
f anid
togather anid
wh the facing and hen to
met. Many pisepie [ell the facing ab
the top amd baitom: the work naka
petty done by the drs method and
the gar
| then is one Jes felling to be made.
wend cardson the seversd orrashms
when they are DOCOSSRTY. write and
newer invitations, and attend to the
ro hue | rarious small conrtesies which are in.
Pisum bent
an families who maintain
riendbaip with others in the same
r neighboring cities, Servants ususi-
i adore the daughter of the house,
nd receive her suggestions with a
ready segolescence not invariable
when they fall from the Ups of author
ity If there are younger children thes
anghter ali in their supervision, aod
comeade and confidante of
| her brothers next in age. What she
may be to her father dupeides almost
wholly on her tact, unselfixhoess and
tt sweetness of manper and disposition.
‘ Pathers are wont to hold their daughe
tore tn very tender regard: to accord
them many indulgences, 10 deny them
ar ping, ind ;
fe, hear
pothing in thei tia
When a father 2d
in rsiditin
Phig | (BE ihe hurden and the heat of the
& RY Ly
possibly carrying a heavy load
of business anxieties, and losing the
. etastleity of vouth. his daughter muy
Cather person can,
Con the selfaame plane of age and #x-
give him something of sympathy, com
nanfonship and pleasure which no
Her mother stands
perience, and has too great a roaliza-
sion of the difficulties in the way; the
taughters ignorance natural to her
and her youthful ontlook, =ive
art immense Pathor
: he the closest of
the SRukiter an alegd to
good of both —Colller's
the mutual
Mea. Ps Option
Grimesn— What an observing woman
cour wife 8! Tatlow was way across
Cthe room, and she spied out at once
‘hat ope of the battons wae off Kia
Pilgnriic—Yes: but all the hultons
might be off my coat and every oils
i garment. and she never would find
in the matter of buttons she
far sighted, you see —Boston Tre