The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 21, 1901, Image 7

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    1 in the Role
or the Powers-An
Be Made to Germany,
Special). wok Be
: extra season of
¥ syolved from the
in China
. according to the
pill decline to par
belligerent operations
antemplated, hut conditions
pee sire 1D arise in
tates will be Heeply |
h cannot avolud
& seems to he uo
ostilities Are res.
fi cessation until the
becomes a thing of the
“along fen a suspicion |
ould be found for
ad tothe dismem
Ciavernment in
Ch an questionably pers
“and protracted the |
tons. but to those who
of the case there is
+ of the purpose
harsh terms and to
: ein as to
y ile for China
ispatches from:
of the European |
once plainly
fv owas
allies began their march
gone to stay, and
3 < is any sent
ring in thic county
or of Chinese
hh might result an
business whether
wy be held by the
the fast of ‘eur participating |
: the military opera:
# oecapation bi x
1 pune! ol diplomatic
which formulated
ue to any drir.
which may
we refuse
Rave withdrawn
apy we will be entitled
hax | on the = hegun ni
: pan
g : of Dr sieriig
fe of the Euro.
“He might
decline 10 take part
mts But, as
cannot maintain an |
irs LL
arian rite
the 3
a Na
William Hamilton. an Atlanta site
dent. billed Mrs Wilson, 2 vouthia
Lwillow, and then himscll in a wads mn
{the enhurhe of Atlanta
hive seli he set fire to the woods
holies were partly bared
{ of rhe Industrial Commission,
i Huteting mn New York
combination of ratdroady and cop!
| panies in the anthracite region
Pred King,
Heine ay Dyersburg, Teen, by blood
binds, and was baited fie
feised an assault upon a white woman
Mrs Nation has waned an addr:
the name of the Home Defer
Lahipses desiring to aid im
suppressing the liquor trite
bo Thee
tHE Son
{Dean Eugene A
General Theolo
1 hi purpose to ge al
Led, in whatever way
I John Keller, who was
wiyunded by Mr, Barker
Crentersl Attormey Wagwener, Lins
| Missonet Pacific Radroad, has advised
fhe company #4
burglars the grombs EIANETARCY
EMlers Ww he vo Have et wip DréaRing wl
Ceompany’s depots in Karisas
{Charles Saul aot eden,
eloped from Withamsharg, N.Y.
EL Bhston with his sunt, Mrs
Meyers, whi
$100 of her husband's uioney Be oth
were arrested
feaiah van Metre,
weekly uvewspaper in Wateriuo,
eluims that Pay Crowe, the alleged kid
Fpiper of yon ung £ Suda valle al bas
hose and condos seid to Bim
fames Hultz a wealihy barsner
Murion, Ind, Believes tht bis dang)
Mie. TR, ‘whe rye
Huis Been Kidnaped
Learge Johnsons
case of mistaken wd
(from pepitentiary
an eight years send
fooked bike Tom.
Mayor Van Wyck
Bill, on the gronad tha
Caan ernor oF 1h Sais
Loieer the New York cuy police
Dr William Cowgill, a dentist,
Paducah, Ky. was hot pewhipped
Mary Murphy, u servant girl,
sharged him wih winkiog at her.
The Morgan: Rockeleiier
Winkien water
Va. rxplod
re EET if
d wed nu
An Nerd
ge 21 .
toy tfvat
i Lid
thie editor of 3
ad 4 held tor ran
VEY 4a
«bar oR Ioan who
wt county field
Belore kithng :
The subcommittes on transportation
RE &;
investigate sel the
colored. wai teatie od te Ban
was striking the Bour, Mire
3 E
16 years old. i! fied {orth from the state hous
Carried along with her
number of professional
The crowd marched mn periect
pstlitary girder, the men und women fol
cif Hear
+ ntly disap ret :
way released
vetinpd the FPaolice
itogives the
Auden fal C puwWEL
hice station she was relen
Hy, and hurried back. ta hes
by ; Ca & = Ei
H Was the Most Destractive of All the On
staughts She Has Yet Condusted, and Gave
the People of the Kansas Capital & Most Ex-
Organized With Riffury Discipline.
Topeka, Kan (Spec al) Mrs Carnie
Nation put in a busy Sunday m Topeka,
aid as a result the capital oty has exe
perienced more genuine exceed
can be remembered hy the pdiiest
Mrs Nation hterally lied
ah thrilling episodes
Jedd in Baving the contents
a totuorioae somt smacked, broke
titer a coll sarap plant wheels 8 pam
SAR bine od
bein stored away.
shed them ab
meeting of men
Hise baw bad
ir eater and demnl
dressed a large mass ;
and women and was arrested {our
times. The last noe that the law fad
it hands upon her was when Mrs. Na
| tion emerged from the church where
tie mass meeting had been held
At 6 O'tlock just ae the hig hell an
the Uhh of the Aves dmplian tower
Natio sai
#t the head of soo men and women, ai
with hwichets, and axes, and
sioved an the joints of ihe city. Noo,
bisdy but Mrs Nation knew what plans
| die had laid
In the crowd were a large putober |
stadents of Washbarn College,
Some of the ministers of the ity & #
and brisife ss
towing their Teengnired teadier, whom |
they eeerised to trust wnphicitly.
When Murphy § place was reached |
the worl of demolition began
‘ Nation, brandishing a new hatcher,
headed the gaglaught. |
tion had legun the |
Hardly five min- |
gies after Mre
smashing. what — cece 8 well for
sished saloon was is Soap iete ruins.
Her work over, Mos
emerged from hg I. rd wal §
vested, Ishe went adonk with the off
per. followed hy
crowd that had gathered. Ad the pas.
pind figooooon for the Fairmont coal |
furl. and is negotiating for the Hare
Ant express renin was wrecked at Mills : ERE E1
Chiv. Nev, the Brenan and thre pas
papel g Killed and sis pores mjured.
The residences of Dr. Wilber Ho
ins and Mrs. J. W. Hopkins in Roan.
ike, Va, were tests syed by fire
Twa little girls
Xschang in New
{at her pocketbook and packages.
Ho The awry an Newpitt News,
awarded to Mrs Ellen
Wrrhingion, a verdict dpe $3000 Sax
res against
Ya *
the Newport News and
CO Point Haitrosd and Electro
; pany,
Judge Jone
rev etre Te a ge
1 i: dyed at hs mie mn Spring.
+ held ap Mrs. Mary :
ark nnd robbed her :
Downey. of
Cony |
"during the :
ation proudly |
her band and ihe
Washington (Special ws f30sstp abow
Cahiner charges 1s unnsually plentiful 2 z
‘this time hat if 18 largely guesswork.
| ports that Ambassador Choate 18 to a4 A
torn from Eeglind to take a cabinst
offer 3nd Guat ioine one ix to be ape
pointed to succeed Mr Choate as Amol
Bassidor are pure gussswnry,
retary Hav bas no substantial founda
Hesith forees him to reqagn he will re
siwin in the Cabinet
Antorney General Griggs will prob.
ably net retore enti] about the Brat of
April when PC Knox of Patsberg.
will probably seceded hon
The President does nol
1 ex net Lis
A report
citing Sabbath The Hatchet Brigade Was that Secretary Heat is th sndcesd
Unless. Mr. Hay's continued bad |
Pekin {By Cat
: | dersee
have 34
twa weeks ior an capa
“change any of ns ambassadors soles
SEEIE | OyTED whieh x pod antice
pated Minister Flas ris bas siready re
signed and Mr McCormuak, of Chi
cago. as aiteady announced, will go to
Ausra as the smicessor af Mr Harris.
Brakeman’s Plucky Fight on Top of a Bex Car
With Two Redbers
Cnicage {Specnal) Oh op «
FHEhit tata Wilam J Herrera
hraleman, ave battle wr two highway:
volver. With that one Bennett clinch. ©
ed They rolled and tumbled about to |
gether on the top of the swaying car,
each endeavoring to hurl the other
Hiram the tran
After a deaperate
struggle Bennett
sen from the car.
conliederate of the robber came mo the
L dered hirs Baconacines,
After searching Heanett
iy siall sem of money iy a miver
watih, it 5 supposed that the robbers
jumped fram the train and made their
Usited States Comat Insane.
Washingion (Speiciat). eign Adie
M wi the Ulpited Stree
the State Department thas the consul
there Alevander
insane. Hi has beon “aken fo the ay
i ultimate reCovery.
of & box |
car #t the riar end of a rasadiy moving |
One of the robbers had & re-
: eded 18 gating his adversary mm s
j position wheres he wis abies to throw |
At that juncture the
: fie is A re to ae pt.
the command will be red “ ee eneat
He saved his chonpanion and :
provided the French Lali 2 ne
in on sents with the brakeman struck
him from behind with a Bly and ren |
and securing
conwstate a Kell, Germany. has cabled
who hing berome
g wihere the physicians i
| the Crane
10 the isi ‘3
in {Special} —Orae man ii 1
is to live, and
ws a result FB
he ead |
the French commander ceceiviid let
: of wn and exp
ing & desire to know
can spare. ln bey Sa
. Lreneral Chafee
says: :
“Orwirg to the ans atisfacts ty
of the sotiations Phe prac
to cirronieindes rendering
coarse desirable it will 08 be
ary operation:
By tamard the
necessary fo resume onl
on oa Sarge seale. exon
It is not considered ty that Gen
General Chaflee and Ge eneral Yoseon |
eral Chaflee will agree 10 such a pian | Nasites Continues of
without Histruetions from Washington |
The French com rise
ee without instraetidns. C
Ww aldersee’ i contemplate afferin
first instance to Sie Alld Gapelee. th
with the arran emest, which Walder
see Believer will be he case.
An ase is expected $00
that the de Thon rol the | preps af ox
where the 1
expedition mm the
eal Years Speci oR. 6
Veekly Review of Trade”
Bess comtinges of good velop
: 3 pane of the country. He
5 ne imparian
ange In
ep: artment it is
¢ longer the situption fe.
prevent the saree the
preldeiess. a
rer: xx » fu she that 5 new contr
nied a
ha and ig 4 Asuds Aa