The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 21, 1901, Image 3

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ttle tow is called Pike's Paw-
ian Villsl and every year on
ary; the flag raising a
celebrations held there. The
k has been ented to the State
H storical Soctet}
Jo neon lhe wife of one of
a party of prospel in 1871
ng thers. In
ecently, Mrs
of vandal-
a beautiful
! tn favor battleships of smaller
{lacement, of which tls Canopus (of |
¥ a park
i by the
fch the
¢ grounds
‘Hime we
! tiess. The output of the watches in her
“Well, po." said a
vk guess 1 am 2 nat Jon
Stevens Max upc. whom |
¢ order of Kaighthoas ben con-
ferred by Queen Viet beeme a
turalized British sol on Bpt. 16,
1899. He has lived liglan since
843, golog thither bec of th lack
appreciation shOWI the Inited
States government for famas in-
sntions In gunnery. Maxm, or
ir Hiram Maxim, 88 hist nw be
tnd, 1s not only an Lor ofsuto-
guns, but has Prtentim to
slectricity and other Ges of me-
yhanteal art. His times devoted
y to attempls tdect a fiy-
ing maching, and he Mant ne in-
conglderable part of bimous tor
tune in experiments Athis ine
A ‘his achievements Larical ex:
iment heswas deco in 3881
\ who is the man?’
by President Grevy
. firm of which he is
14 000 perions
thing required ah w
est automatic & gun
tleship. The new
60 years old and 1a an
” arnt hese
turns O°
ar from t
toa compl
Pritish 4
oi panes We
a Me.
Fierce Naitls Between Sea Moni fine the amount.
* Just outside San Franc isco’ L wpnera
ful ‘harbor, so often spoken of a8. ap ther check.
Golden Gate, in plain view of igy all your debts. Now I want you
saekers WhO , yeep aut of
in yachts and 1sunches, a fierce again, getting into debt you will |
2 vato leave.”
So whale, a huge fox shark and a S¥q,, man took tha chaek,
fiah. The battle jasted tal? an Lex and remodels
the whale, which was injured so ba ote
a ‘that It sank like a wrecked ship, eri
dreds of pleasure
ih place recently Dat ween
and ended in the complete
goning the water for
‘around. The fox shark was
tack on the whale.
alr and descended head
could not walk,
distance in the next 10
{ Xnow until recently what kind of a : Doable.
i . Burger blaze and shille
ago I got a pedometer and meastred :
i irack.
Lahip, the lalin
placement of
HI048 hesvier than America’s biggest “° ©
“iar. 3
{¢iver recorded.
i yalue
get) put of debt My
"| somehow or other 1 can’t get out”
ative oll
tpmasi le 8 than $1 000
sents Kansas
With Park
the jast 10 years, not counting, of
course, such walking 2& evsry man
does for pleasure or exercise and |
supposs 1 shall be good for an equal
record 1 was making, but about a year
piysell, and found that 1 walked tn
ralles a day for six days In the week
which means 3,120 for the year and 31.
900 tor 14 years, the time I have been |
(em the track, so to speak.
¢thers in my line who do more than 1
ido, but I am not keeping tab on any-
However, {i is
" : Lraloriens,
Theres are
ody except myself
agxinst the rules to be talking on the
By:by.” and the lstter
tier hurried along #ith bis mail
Rn Ne SAN oS eno SRS ly
Kagissd Will Belld Largest Warships in
the Warkl
‘The British admirally has decided
10 build two battleships, whish are in-
! {enticed to be the largest in the world
‘Phe Alstinction of having the largest
enormous dis
which 1s
reaching the
15.000 tons,
firmor-ciad vessel. These tremendons
British vessels will carry nothing larg-
Their batieries
will be composed ehiefly of these guns
(determination to increases the bulk of
ihe battleships only wis arrived al
: gpalogize for £82 fri 5 be AB
iir than 1l-inch puns
und of 75-inch and G-inch guns
sifter much discussion, for since the
dave of the Roval Soversign (of 14.150
tons) the admiralty has been inclined
12.950 tons is the best type.
Wateh Dasiaees In Bwiizerizad
Switzerland i stil in the walch bush
fastories fast year Was he jargesd
According to statistics
unt published, ihe total #x10ris
amounted to 2358406 minke] walohies,
34.088 000 3488. 00% siiver
walches vilie $7.506.200. BOB 2GE goid
walehek value $8.1§4.000, aad
jehronographs snd rvepesters, Jis0 800
{iirface by the savage assaults of the
Again and agaln was this
Kept up until the whale began to show
distress hy spouting blood. Finally
it spouted and then sank like a foun-
dered ship.
“ing by the collar x prisoner
Git be MA
An Incident Showing the Kindness of
the Great Chicago Packer
Perhaps "Phil Armour bad lesa
{rogblie with his employes than almoat
any other great smplover of labor in
the country. He was exacting and re-
fuired panciuslity amd energy, but he
always pald good wages and showed a
nersonal interest in the welfare of gach
one of his employes
1uls which he bad followsd, Ii is re
lated thar one day,
office. he found a pollceman
“What are yon doing here, sir?’ he
“I am here to gerve a paper,
reply, ¢
“What kind of a paper?” asked Mr
"1 want to garnishes one of your
men's wages for debt,” sald the po-
"indeed." replind Mr.
wis the
Armour. “and
then aaked the clark how long he
been in debt
t for 20 years he had been behind
a. nd that he could not cateh up
“But you get a good salary,” said
Mi. Armour, ‘don’t you?
an sald the clerk, “hut
iife is such that
got oul’ sald Mr
must leave hers
Eat you must
Arméur, ‘or you
Flow much do von owe!
The cltrk then gave the amount. it
Mr Armour took
hia checkbook and wrols out a check
There Is enough Wo
paid his
a 3 ASA
Ttalinny Soldiers in Slavery.
Italian who has returned
xipia decyares that
Fal from
umber of allan soldiers
wounded at
args ns
oO Were the
Ad, left «
that {3 to say, ¥¥ my
| Isms should happen to give out, I would
have to retire from ihe business | am
{1% 1 have walked over 30,000 miles in
i Now WEE GTENGhN gna
1 84 not
car- |
| Fm the best friend
hard work to marvy an Amar
| e8%
warships has hitherto been heid by
Italy, with the Sepanto nd her sister
Great Britain's two |
i projected Inrge warships, to be Te |
tipeotively named the Queen and the :
Prince of Wales, will be 2600 tons
f heavie an the Italian = a. . ;
heavier than the Italian ships man | mmtter with ¥ She He WE al
did he sav?
Lover Yuur pet
wi ite,
6.760 A
: ertun Sty ad iP.
: Nextorday alte
| Honore police station was entersd by &
He never per-
mitted himself to get into debt, and he
{ried 10 impress upon Lis employes the
On going into his
in the
Sone The
¥ erin fiat
Chinese shastados would be advisa-
ble. and Invited th
Carrival in an adineenit TOE :
| thus disposed of the madman the ser | |
| geant turned his attention to his vie.
tim, expecting that he would have to
Hethereupon asked To his
. the policeman Into hin private office
and ordered that ths debtor come in.
The man replied
I exn’t
gaid he, as he handed the
and if I hear of;
od hin life on a cash
| nish np
| movem
i Which
in the more The hodt, wh
foot Jong and kept Np 83 inchs tpt 3 parts of that country there Are |
; flrs! upng th Surery.
o whale, heating and biting tha teviad®
ftar several of those stinks
lie ‘whale sank, bat was forced to the’ Lo
are mosily
batlie |
* hired him by |
ch the Seid and gubse-
rs co MPONE NY PAR Ts.
Ronnd the chopping hovel ther 20
‘And ta ir ded
witiy theraw
ay Yen nesal
; Sager sted
xy ho sere, whi
3 y fond ir cha:
Ne wo Yess soread,
ir crmnbe snd erasta of Leead,
Cold potatoes, fried sail Bodied, :
Rerape of ban 1 have spoided.
Mix tine ap and chs them wenall, :
Ae jony the bowl they fall
Riv kok.
Add the ontwes! pad the
Pare of Mowdars ehicken pi,
C Murten chap a the dry
{Beery that's searly att
But then,
the atnl
J paves wpa kes enon,
Pepper, sult and water add
And here's sone hasd thar won't bo bad
dankie toil ped tebe
A Meas Resord,
the |
usa |
dan’'t make
Bat 4 man
Billie lathes
man. Crnicus- No,
ally owes a fot to him tailoy,
The Editor This story of yours =
The Author We ran cash |
by remedy that Just publish it, and
then iT be read
“Ray Jend me a fiver’ ” No"
You've often adniitted that
and I don't want to lose you,
Tommy Pop what is the noldiity
of Ialxr® Tomoivrs Popol suppose
ite when a titied foreigner finds RH
Mean Ledps
FOU mera
Mre Mugging -Do ron read much |
: ] Xo only the
pasts Mme HX |
Ye Boome to dine |
She Poor FPidn, (ie -What's the
and now tho dos |
tramp the oiler day,
for eave the ite darling las
Bejlo—Do you remember Bow they |
used to “spark” ghaly marriage? 2
Ida ~Yus, and mow (hit they are mar. |
riod the uelghilars sas
every day.
fe won
“He sal
back the adjective
The idea of
Frectite a Mon
Sag!” excinimod
“HH warrant von
da as Siach for mo “Indend, :
Bis young wife, "14 I gin
_Teastior The gentoles
a0 money, 4
“My fath- |
TAR Rhee Now
i Joa Bail % 7 en
money,” In what lenses wi
spsaking? Wilite (ih,
beanty! She is
set 0B Haut ya
when sin?
has L
aml fortes
Perent Kttrsordinary Ineiden! ia ss Pardes
Yolice dimtiaw,
Ap individual wanted by the police
just been lodged tn 2 it by the |
extraoniinary freak of chance
raoon the Marche. Saint
gaunt det rmined Jooking person hold
fe lice cap.
ture he had Himaelf elected. "Mombie”
the smatour
the officer in charge, my Lame;
Momble, the inventor of the parpetual
pen. When once vou Have dipped this :
pen in Lhe lak it writen forever; a AiG.
gle Sip. and you oan dupy with it the :
warks of Aletsandre Passman 5
foal my patent | made arr
with an English captatist
Chinese war benke ont my pirtasr pro
pred to sell the patent
court. | declined to fall
gapeestion, and my Horisbhoan
pony. Foriunalely,
Em by chance and hers hy
tody. Hingly have hig sent to
police sergeant saw at
kat he was degling with a tug
that the presenie ath the
in with the
man to await his
Mavicg :
soathe his legitimate irritation
astonishment the man mu
marked in a dolveful tape of
he kad pxpected he would be ar
ie added that 11
rely re
oe that i
rested |
had been bis inten.
[tion to deliver Bimaself |
and he bore
gion to
Bis ore it
he wax in th
matic, bug the
went ox
Ben teneed
ment for
A ghia
i KERR $l
Pre INE 3
ho Ras
chanen, |
Yio oe
5 4
Pail Mall Gazette
Remouvi Failed to Vices
When Remenyl, the famon
Ras AR Youngs man
B perveng 10 play
aR Yhyinial
at stating thai
from Kock
at began wilh
The viniin
a a
mt from Moss:
CPens years
than of m
; Bis maney's worth, ind
who sa! next to him,
glow Ba lays"
policeman (00
to the Pekin
nthe scents to work lt i
se lwmts aes bugle
Fimvae Bg pmeee J
Hopman Craiiame inne
Eno 4
Bo% - Fer B
Wear & 7 et 4
Warerwn, Ke
Piraggiene 7
Ball st star
SR Aron ¥
raves nf 6
by oadl Ty gai
Bali's Fur
an! fn rernRily, wets
ood # ad dente mnie.
be, The pe Nelzie. Sexi
sae Sats Frmg,
EU mim SH
A dnl throbbing pain, sccomoanied :
by a sense of tenderness apd heat low
down in the side with an oceasional
shooting pain, indientes inflammation.
ws examination 1 will be found that :
in of pain shows some swell.
Bis is the frst stage of ovaritis,
mmation of the ovary. If the roof |
ur Souse jeaks, my sinter. you have
xad st open why er thy tls same |
8 your own beady 0
on Be need not. you ou
reelf go, when one ¢
will advise
without irises. Write to Mrs Pinkham,
Lynn, Mass, ie tell Lier ail your symp
Bale ot par a Fe ;
from & wosmsn whe is thankful
avoiding » terribl: Zoperatic
“et wea we
clan _ mig a5 eve rtioa won bd
bosn reroenracnded
ts fry it. Alar maing
pony 5
Lhe. i heed
Severn Be
Creag. Ni
up, an d
Gg Wa wg
haw Fuld
Coron » cough ar oid 42 naow,
Comauers Comp, Be .
Epps Aad: SARE
4 ®. wre 3 b ory 5
carry out any obliges |
ght not to let
ids out the helping hand to yon, and
Jou without money, and
Le Si
Watch cur next advertissmant,
ing materials, in order to hide imperfections.
red, py a ia SS UT :
feverish palms, with shapeless ete aad
finger ends, this treatment is simply wor
and points to a speedy cure of the most
ing cases when physicians and all else fail.
; wp finger on both Bands,
gio er when | Gare Ak io 3
DE hy eat 1 fle Break and bleed, Some of my friends
wha ad wm 3 GF Bakds Wield BY: i thery Bad sch Bands they woeld Save
them amputated 71 others wowld say * thiry would sever work,” and more would
ten Joy in diovan, But thanks to Cutingn,
eafed all sffrdags.
Just to think, ater doct: wing there year, and upending dollar after doffar
Baz time, Cu beefing.) It Bas sow beta two years since | used it and
20% what woe Bands are. | ever lost 2 day's work while | pwn
# or doce, ad R fas t been oe at the sone Business, aad In acids, etc.
Cantus of Cuvee Bop Nile), to diences the sin of sraste sod
soften tre Bickmund ouvtels, CTTICTRA Clotment (Joe.
The Set $1.25 = ed
A Sevase Sey is alas wn folent ty cure the
HI, 208 BURA Win, sad Bland Momo, wii i Hoes of Rade. a.
Cutiears Ointment for preserving nor fring, sad bemutifrine skin, for
# Boke of crate, mnie snd ar Arak nist the St he he aku.
Sa Tov of waabes for uissraties weskneses oul fer mae sicative sutisepde por
og whieh readily saegost Me nmelives 5) oman, and “alle mothers, amd or on all
soain, amd hal of Un fart wad 28 ews. CETERA H5iaP renl ArSenie rep
“rtion dertyed Cros DETHOUN A. The great ska ine wl 4h the grammy it
Roade Mo sther foraipn or lonieetis pels sap, Be werer sx oene
Si Ber 41T the saoases pe he eller Baad wipd ancy. Thas le nw Swa's pared
108, A. CLANCY, 310 Nlootgomery St, Trenton, N. J. 4
» asin siimy (ehing Jalummation, sed irritsiion, sed
Shroagiesl the war NRCS AFD REY. Tone, Sade Prova, Boston, I. A :
sotening. wittenl ag, Ad sot ing ret meu and wore sands, Form al derrsi pod
purposes of Vee nating, bah eed wareesw. No anreunt of persussisn san indure hase
mnt thie seonn re frowhity of Bower adore. Nao ier medicated saan see prs. be yd
wy Pune, vie, Twas e0fR CRYTS, Lit BRET skin and SEexin suap, the
Jticura Comsieta Extersal and va Vent te Ey Huw;
cmd Ooessra a Ramat iter (556, to onal sad cleanses the Mond.
Millions of Women Use Cuticura
snsertng Trrstaztana, ainsi. s2d shangn, ne tos free or afensive perspiratiss 1g
wine ee ones seni 1X 4 See aT SUer set alli fir prvemering snd Jann he skim,
ba ocapared wiih it far proeording, parifring, sel esat fetug Be skin, sealy Bair snd
fudieg and geer abe roan fa Bee wart
game io play. But you can-
not afford to play it with coffee.
Know whai you are drinking |
Know what you purchase!
Uncover your eyes and see
whether you are getting
- or some cheap glgzed substitute
that has been treated with polish-
Look at the
package! Isalion'sheadonit? LION COFFEE is the coffee
of purity
# bit :
Sic wy contrib: Hi te
simely euthins
nd strength.
in every package of LION COFFEE vou will Hind a fu Ty
No houseker caps 48 in fact, no Win. man, boy or girl will
: cut a certain num
PACA AECE (which is toe only SRE
Try it once.
tlustrated and descriptive
fail ta find in the list some tr
5 consort and conrenicnce, and which they may
of Lien } Heads trom Nhe wiazpers of cur cone
1: in which ais excellent coffer said)
the greatest of skin cures, ®
have by